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Business Development Quality Control

Oceanside, CA
January 29, 2024

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Leslie Gaines

Carlsbad, CA *****


Motivated and focused Cell Biology Lab Specialist with 12+ years of progressive experience working in biosciences and laboratories. Holds two bachelor's degrees in biology and health sciences. Expertise in data analysis, laboratory procedures, lab equipment, quality control, research, and following or developing SOP's. Makes informed decisions quickly and changes direction easily based on shifting company priorities. Ability to understand and interpret complex data. Manages stressful conditions with ease and thrives in fast-paced challenging environments. Work Experience

Cell Biology Specialist

AnaBios Corporation - San Diego, CA

June 2022 to October 2023

• Process human tissue with responsibility for receiving, inventorying, preparing, and slicing lung samples. PCLS used for research

• Manages daily QC activities of a small group of employees using the Asana app

• Prepares solutions and compounds for the experiments, plate and incubate, and QC slices for viability

• Obtains images of slices using Metamorph application Bright field and live dead

• Uses the Fiji Image J to quantify percent viability

• Perform QC, s on fresh precision-cut lung slices (PCLS) lung slices repeating at 1 week, 1 month, 3 and 6 months

• Surgical procedures and tissue collection activities involving human organs

• Cell culture, assay development for PCLS and internal R&D

• Drug testing involving effects of various drugs on prepared PCLS

• Maintain detailed logs of all work-related activities and analyze experimental data

• Collaborated with business development team to track and deliver required slices as top producer of PCLS for purchase and pre-clinical trial research

• Research/read scientific journals and documents as needed to gain knowledge about lung research

• Tissue culture and tissue processing using the Vibratome

• Alamar blue assay to determine the cell viability and cell proliferation of PCLS (Percision Cut Lung Slices)

• Prepared Power Point for each lung lot with photos, slicing parameters and percent viability

• Prepared certificate of authenticity for each lung lot and provided to Business Development for sales

• Selected to attend Translational Research Conference

• BSL 2+

Scan Coordinator

Sprouts Farmers Market - Carlsbad, CA

May 2018 to January 2022

*Performed accurate price scans with great attention to detail

*Effectively communicated cross-departmentally and interacted with shoppers to ensure a positive experience

*Conducted weekly audits, and hundreds of end-of-month price changes and promotions

*Left position to move back into the science field Laboratory Technician

San Diego, CA

February 2015 to January 2016

*Responsible for plating microbiology specimens and setting up for sensitivities

*Set up urinalysis, prepared and tested blood and serum samples for testing on a variety of analyzers

*Ran various bench top tests including cryptococcus tilters blood typing, blood crossmatch, giardia, heartworm, coombs test, fecal float and parasites, fluid analysis with cytospin specimen accessioning, and emailing results to veterinarians

*Ordered and sent out specimens for specialized testing, calibrated analyzers, and performed quality control to ensure accurate results

*Worked with a variety of personalities with polite and effective communication

*Position ended due merger (becoming Ethos) and group lay-off Laboratory Technician

California Veterinary Specialty - Carlsbad, CA

August 2013 to November 2014

*Prepared and tested blood and serum samples on animals for the following departments: surgery, oncology, critical care, and internal medicine

*Conducted urinalysis, slide preparation, and sending out specimens

*Maintained inventory of lab supplies to ensure efficient processes

*Performed QA and maintenance on all in-house lab analyzers

*Performed blood typing and cross-matching for post-op surgery and critical patients Microbiological Laboratory Technician

California Microbiological Lab - North Tustin, CA

June 2010 to June 2013

*Received specimens, aerobic and anaerobic set up of specimens, set up MIC for interpretation, interpretation of MIC for veterinarians, and wrote up reports for veterinarians

*Conducted some fungal analysis and microscopy for the purpose of the preliminary result

*Performed daily chemical tests and gram staining

*Ensures proper calibration of testing device

*Assisted with ordering supplies and answering phones Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology

University of California - Irvine, CA

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

California State University - Northridge, CA


• Laboratory Microbiology Microscopy Medical Terminology Problem Solving Observation Skills Anatomy Physiology Collaboration Time Management Driven Critical Thinking Communication Quality Assurance Strong Attention to Detail Reporting & Documentation

Continuous Improvement Data Analytics Research Adaptable Resourceful MS Office Google Suite Biosciences Cell Biology Cell Culture Microbiological Microbiology Tissue Culture Assay Development Clinical Trial Laboratory PRE-Clinical Calibration Critical Care Oncology Slide Preparation Office Medical Medical Terminology Collection Typing Answering Phones Business Development Time Management Laboratory Technician QA Quality Assurance Quality Control Continuous Improvement Staining Inventory Ordering Audit Audits Plating Data Analysis Problem Solving Data Analytics MS Office Documentation Medical Laboratory Maintenance Marketing Analysis Microsoft Office Fijian

• Utilize Alamar Blue assay for cell viability and proliferation (2 years)

• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel (3 years)

• Laboratory Procedures ELISA, Pipetting and reagent preparation (8 years)

• Research & Development pulmonary function

• Clinical Research


• Physiology Knowledge

• Aseptic Technique



Work style: Reliability — Proficient

November 2023

Tendency to be reliable, dependable, and act with integrity at work Full results: Proficient

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