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Software Engineer C C++

Los Angeles, CA
January 30, 2024

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Scott E. Simon

*** ***** **. #** ****** Beach, Ca. 92651


Summary: Thirty six years experience in embedded, real-time, multitasking firmware development.

· Embedded, real-time, multitasking, medical device control software development and support.

· Qt/QML GUI applications definition and development.

· C/C++, Python, Modern Coding Patterns. MISRA compliance.


· Data communications protocol implementation.

· Low level hardware device drivers. PID controllers.

· Complete FDA documentation implementation.

· Complete project life cycle.

· Architecture design and optimization

· Certified Agile Scrum Master

Languages / Protocols:

Q/QML, C/C++, Python, Assembly, Java, Javascript, HTML, Pascal, Basic, Fortran, Lisp, TCP/IP, T1/E1, LAPM, MABP

Hardware / Operating Systems:

Linux, Windows, Unix, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, pSOS, VxWORKS, PowerPC, Tornado


Multiple IDEs & debuggers, In circuit emulators, Protocol analyzers, Logic analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Debugger, Subversion, Git, ClearCase, PVCS, IAR, Keil, Jira


Critical Software Solutions

Embedded System Architect 8/2023 to present

Expanding BLE capabilities and added new characteristics of wearable ECG monitoring device.

Refactored existing code base to more maintainable, simpler State Machine format.

H2Scan, Valencia, CA

Embedded Firmware Engineer 9/2022 to 8/2023

Enhanced capabilities of large transformer, hydrogen sensing devices.

BetaBionics, Irvine, CA

Embedded Firmware Engineer 5/2019 to 9/2022

Developed wearable device for monitoring and controlling blood sugar in T1D patients.

Fusion Biotec, Orange, CA

as Member of Critcal Software Solutions consulting team

System Architect / Embedded Software/GUI Engineer 9/2018 to 5/2019

Created highly efficient device architecture while implementing multiple IVD medical devices.

OrangeMed, Irvine, CA

Consulting Software/GUI Engineer 9/2017 to 11/2018

Development of QtQML User interface for patient critical medical device

Zoll Medical, Chelmsford, MA

Consulting Software Engineer 6/2017 to 8/2017

Trained engineering team on CareGuide development.

Created processes to transfer tools and source to Zoll systems to enable further development.

Promenade Software, Irvine, CA

Consulting Software Engineer 9/2016 to 6/2017

Development of embedded firmware for control of a medical device.

Helped debug and repair prototype H/W.

Designed and created algorithms for complete control of device functionality.

Sotera Wireless, San Diego, CA

System Architect / Principal engineer and team leader 11/2015 to 5/2017

Supported Sotera Engineers and other contractors interfacing to the CareGuide Sensor which I created

Examined Test data to diagnose problems and recommend solutions for Sotera engineers

Avenu Medical, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Consulting Software Engineer 3/2015 to 1/2017

Modified first generation device to alter behavior based on real time surgical catheter conditions.

Developed complete UI, state machine and communication protocol for second generation device.

Sonendo, Mission Viejo, CA

Consulting Software Engineer 9/2014 to 8/2015

Development of GPIO functionality on GentleWave Dental device

Created RFID reader/writer application for manufacturing to manage disposables

BIT (Source Scientific), Irvine, CA

Principal Software Engineer / Team leader / Project manager: 3/2009 to 4/2017

Organized and lead teams for development of multiple medical devices.

Designed and implemented user interfaces for multiple devices in Qt/QML.

Direct customer interface.

Complete product design and implementation

Created documents required for FDA project development

DTS, Hollywood, CA

Senior Software Engineer / Team leader / Project manager: 2006 to 2008

Organized and lead team development in C/C++ of DCI compliant player.

Created real-time embedded security manager in Linux environment.

Specified h/w and s/w requirements for next generation all digital theater player.

Contributed to architecture of Media and encryption key distribution.

Mobile-Mind, Watertown, MA

Senior Software Engineer: 2005 to 2006

Using MS VS in C++, Implemented custom GINA to allow Windows Login via smart-card reader.

Expanded SIM card functionality to comply with European USIM standard

TV Guide On-Screen, Bedford, MA

Senior Software Engineer: 2004

Implemented in C++, Linux Port of customer APIs to simulate Linux based platforms.

Lead Linux integration effort for OEM developer to create new PVR.

Brooktrout Technology, Needham, MA

Principal Software Engineer: 1998 to 2003

Designed, implemented and tested embedded firmware for Power PC based - Voice, Fax, Data systems.

Developed low level drivers for T1/E1 interface chip and cPCI bus controller.

Developed DSP and other resource switching for real-time, multi-threaded Telephony system.

Compliance tested and approved telephony cards for use in the US.

Created GUI application for users to validate their configuration and apply it to their system.

Compaq/Microcom Inc, Norwood, MA

Principal Software Engineer: 1994 to 1998

Using 8 bit and 16 bit assembly language, designed real-time, multi tasking, embedded firmware for control of network managed modems.

Designed and implemented backplane management protocol for control and event monitoring of router data ports.

Created new modem products by extending universal code to adhere to new hardware platforms.

Created protocol for parallel development of products with OEM.

Updated router product by modifying management protocol to function in a shared memory environment.

Increased throughput of LAPM protocol via dynamic packet resizing.

Summit Technology, Waltham, MA

Software Engineer: 1992 to 1994

Designed, implemented and tested software for control of ophthalmic surgical laser.

Created, performed and updated alpha test plan to ensure FDA approval.

Increased marketability of system by adding new surgical procedure capability.

Drastically reduced software validation cycle time by creating universal configurable software version.

Designed and developed Windows GUI application to create required software configurations.

Designed Windows GUI application to monitor pupil drift to ensure accurate ablation of cornea.

G Tech Corporation, W. Greenwich, RI

Software Engineer: 1992

Designed, implemented, tested and installed software for control of national lottery terminal system.

Created and implemented new lottery games on a new hardware base.

Created new communications system between terminal and central site.

Motorola Codex Corporation, Canton, MA

Software Engineer: 1988 to 1992

Designed, tested and enhanced software for control of data communications devices.

Provided greater functionality of DSU by redesigning more space efficient user interface.

Improved customers’ knowledge, confidence and satisfaction in product by isolating and resolving

problems during on-site visits.

Education: BSCS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ma.

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