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Finance Manager Admin

Adis, Tigray, Ethiopia
As per organizational scale
January 30, 2024

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Temesgen Assefa


Addis Ababa, Kolfekeraneosubcity






Date of birth

21st June 1974 E.C



Marital status




1st July 2017

Title of qualification awarded

MSc ( Masters ) degree in Accounting and Finance

Name of university

WolaitaSodo University


19th July 2008

Title of qualification awarded

BA degree in Accounting and Finance

Name of university

Arbaminch University


05 March 2004

Title of qualification awarded

Diploma in Accounting

Name of college

Unity University College


Mather tongue

Oromiffa - Understanding, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Other language

Amharic - Understanding, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Other language

English - Understanding, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Computer skill and competency

Competent with Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, power point), Programme ( MGP )



May 1,2020 GC

Name of employer

General power plc

Types of sector

Admin and Finance

Position held

Head of Finance and Administration

Main duty and responsibilities

• In-depth understanding of cash flow management, balance sheet, income statement, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping

• Hands-on experience with budgeting and risk management

• Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting models

• Proficiency in accounting software

• Solid analytical and decision-making skills

• Able to work with minimum supervision

• Supervisory and technical expertise in business systems development, internal controls, policies, and procedures

• Provide regular financial reports and interpret financial information to Managerial staff while recommending further course of action.

• Advise on different financial activities and provide strategies that the company should take

• Analyze costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results and the company’s actual performance compared to the business plans.

• Process invoices and follow up with clients, suppliers and partners as needed

• Support monthly payroll, process government taxes, track and reconcile bank statements and keep organized records

• Manage other teams in the company

• Complies with federal, regional, and city financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements, and advising management on needed actions.

• Generate different Finance, HR, Sales and production documentation

• Prepare year-end financial statement and balance sheet for external audit

• Prepare fixed assets schedule for calculation depreciation and inventory valuation and counting plan for preparation of financial report.

• Prepare weekly cash flow and control cash balance of the company.

• Manage and supervise the accounting team (accountant (payroll and other) and junior accountant (cashier and other))

• Follow up and ensure the accuracy of data entered in the system (financial data).

• Follow and control proper posting of daily sales and payment transactions.

• Follow up the payment of taxes (VAT, WHT, Salary tax, pension) per month based necessary documents on time and ensure availability of cash for payments.

• Check the legal process of credit sales invoices and follow up collection of receivables and other advance payments on time.

• Follow up of reconciliation of debtors and creditors balances per month

• Control and follow up the preparation and handling of all financial documents as per finance policy of the company and audit requirements,

• Follow up preparation of payroll and payment of monthly salary and other benefits to employees.

• Control purchase procedures of the company and follow up advance settlement.

• Ensures the proper implementation of Human Resources Policy Manual and the Labor Code of Ethiopia.

• Prepares Human Resources Planning to ensure sustainable supply of the right personnel

• Organizes recruitment programs, participate in recruitment and selection of team members as required in consultation with Human Resources team.

• Ensures the timely renewal/termination of staff contracts and Liaise with all units in the Area Programs Office;

• Updates and maintain all records of team members leave, in their personnel files and ensure that leave is taken as per the plan of the organization and reported.

• Updates and keep files of team members’ history and prepare monthly statistical report and liaise the report.

• Participates in Human Resources Policy and Procedure manual preparation, updating and other related issues;

• coordinating regular performance management programs

• Administering team members’ entitlements, allowances, benefits, and incentives.

• Maintains personnel records

• Prepares periodic reports on Human Resources related activities.


July 1,2017 to date

Name of employer

JiangsuEtern Co. LTD (Ethiopia Branch)

Types of sector

Admin and Finance

Position held

Finance,HR and Admin Manager

Main duty and responsibilities


Develop and implement Policies and Strategies that guide the administration and Finance of the company

Budget Monitoring and Variance analysis

Financial Planning and cash projection

Implement and supervise accounting and financial procedures and systems in order to ensure transparent accounting practices traceability( Invoices, Receipts,payments and Bank Statements e.t.c)

Guides and Facilitates the duties of the team members in the organization

Support,Coordinates and supervise the admin and finance Procedures

Ensure company records & Files are updated in a timely and accurate manner, Safeguarding confidential information & with compliance to the labour law

Coordinate and supervise for payroll, Overtime, holiday earnings, as wel as developing the monthly payroll and closing payroll

Ensure the proper use of Companies financial and non financial resources.

Plan and coordinate the activates of head office and project finance team by ensuring that the units has adequate resources to effectively undertake its activities

Circulate new financial rules and regulations, formats, memos and other pertinent documents across program office staffs.

Provide technical and supportive support or orient for programme staff on financial rules and regulation and preparation of payment approval.

Review and appraise and check any payment initiate /request from programme and other Company’s staff as per the Jiangsu financial policies and procedures.

Check and approve weekly cash accounts, payrolls and other related documents are within the required standard and interest of the organization.

Responsible to review and check daily financial payment based on organizational procedures.

Ensure for the effectively and efficiently management and utilization of program budget and assets.

Assist in the tracking and managing all finances allocated to Project office

Update audit and inventory findings for General manager and report to HO ( Bejing).

Participate and facilitate conducive environment for proper execution of internal and external auditing.

Undertake periodic supervision and monitoring of Partners financial systems and provide appropriate technical and supportive support regularly.


Lead and manage staff recruitment at Head office level with relevant department, from advertisement through to appointment, as per Jiangsu manual and ensuring a fair and transparent process is used and accurate documentation maintained.

Ensure and provide technical support to all managers and supervisors to enhance their skill

Assess and compile staff capacity and development plan in collaboration with Programme managers.

Facilitate and ensure that new employee get appropriate and enough induction on overall policies and Project of Jiangsu Etern Co LTd in Ethiopia.

Manage administrative staff, and ensuring that they are maintaining expected standards of work covered in their job descriptions.

Managing and resolving all staff personnel issues as perJiangsu personnel Manual and guidelines.

Legal affairs: maintain necessary documents and other materials; attend court hearings when necessary etc.

Manage work disciplinary cases, advice the programme Coordinator in hiring and taking disciplinary action of all Project staff as per Jiangsu personnel manual.

Ensure that that the administrative procedures related to tax and timely payments of of tax and other obligation are followed and comply with established legal procedures.

Manage and administer all office work and supervision of administration staff, guards’ domestic staff in line with Jiangsu in Ethiopia HR manual

Ensure the proper management, Administration and operation of all Offices under Jiangsu Head office manual.

Facilitate and Ensure that all staff receive benefit entitled as per Jiangsu HR manual

Undertake periodic inventory on the organization assets and transparently communicate with the relevant programs and departments.

Coach and support Project Staff Head office to effectively discharge his/her responsibility

Respond to staff enquiries based on HR policy and Procedure manual of Jiangisu Ethiopia.

Ensure all staff have aware to Jiangsu policies and create easy access of the documents to all staff

Plans and Supervise the HR process ( recruitment,Induction, Evaluation and Communication) of the staff under his Responsibility in order to ensure the peoples capabilities

Building team work with vertical and horizontal hierarchies

Work Experience


November 1,2012 to June 30 2017

Name of employer

Concern Worldwide in Ethiopia

Types of sector

Admin and Finance

Position held

Assistant Finance,HR and Admin Officer

Main duty and responsibilities


Preparation of Admin Budget, managing and evaluating all aspects of programme budgets, to ensure correct and maximum utilization of all budgets at field level and advising each project officers of current budget status.

Co–ordinate with other team members to complete financial requirements for Action plans and Completion reports for submission to Government, Concern and Donors as necessary.

Checking of monthly financial reports

Undertaking other standard financial requirements such as weekly cash count, checking payroll, undertaking random checks on purchase prices and preparing cash flow requests from Head Office.

Responsible to check daily financial payment based on organizational procedures & given budget codes.

Review management accounts on a monthly basis and discuss with programme managers


Management of staff recruitment at programme level

Ensure Maintenance of personnel files for all staff, including all documentation as required through Concern personnel guidelines.

Managing and resolving all staff personnel issues, following the Concern personnel Manual guidelines.

Responsibility for compound security & maintenance requested.

Legal affairs: maintain necessary documents and other materials; attend court hearings when necessary etc.

Manage work disciplinary cases, advice the programme Coordinator in hiring and taking disciplinary action of all programme staff as per CONCERN personnel manual.

Manage office work and supervision of administration staff, guards’ domestic staff.

Ensure maintenance of personnel files for all programme employees.

2.Monitoring and Reporting

Review and discuss budget utilization with partners on a quarterly basis and at the year end

Conduct quarterly field visit to each partner and develop feedback report

Prepare the partners account reconciliation per month

At year end compile all transfers and expenditures and develop schedule for financial closing

Follow up on implementation of recommendations highlighted in Audit reports and subsequent action plans

Follow up on implementation of financial Capacity Assessment Plans

Complete partners financial quarterly report for Government

Prepare documents for Audit purposes

3.Partner Selection and Assessment

Participate as a team member in partner selection process

Participate in the conduction of the Financial Capacity Assessments

Conduct Financial monitoring in quarterly basis

Work Experience


1st August 2011-31stOctober 2012

Name of employer

Concern worldwide in Ethiopia

Types of sector

Transport and Logistics, Admin and Finance

Position held

Admin Finance Transport and Logistics Officer

Main duty and responsibilities

Set up transport management system including organization and scheduling of transport, both hired and Concern owned, setting up transport administration and vehicle maintenance and servicing schedules;

Monitor logbooks and vehicles charge out sheet of Drivers on a weekly basis ensuring that they are filled in properly fuel usage, KM analysis.

Undertaking other standard financial requirements such as weekly cash count, checking payroll, undertaking random checks on purchase prices and preparing cash flow requests from Area office.

Managing and resolving all staff personnel issues, following the Concern personnel Manual guidelines

Prepare monthly Financial, HR and Transport and logistics report

Work Exprience


May 1, 2009-July 31, 2011

Name of employer

Nana General Trading P.L.C

Types of sector

Admin and Finance

Position held

Administration and Finance Manager

Main duty and responsibilities

Develop and implement financial goals and policies, set priorities, and develop procedures.

Supervise and prepare financial statements and reports including future projections/forecasts.

Monitor and control all import processes

Responsible for proper store management, control and verification of stock counts and reports.

Supervise and direct accounting process

Responsible for cost analysis and rate studies.

Responsible for internal/external audits including review of accounting and administration system and procedures.

Establish control systems and develop new procedures to improve existing financial systems.

Develop and review financial statements for the management and shareholders.

Work Experience


May 2, 2008-April 23, 2009

Name of employer

United Bank S.C

Types of sector


Position held

Trainee Teller

Main Duty and Responsibility

Examine check for endorsements and to verify other information such as date, Bank names, Identification of the person of receiving Payments and the legality of the documents

Receive Checks and cash for deposits, Verify amounts and check accuracy of deposit slip, cash check and pay out money after verifying that signature are correct, Written and numerical amount agree and accounts have sufficient fund.

Count currency, coins, and checks received by hand or using currency counting machine, in order to prepare them for deposits or shipments to branch bank

Work Exprience


August 22, 2006-April 30,2008

Name of employer

Ethiopian Roads Authority(GO)

Types of sector


Position held

Pay master and Accountant

Main Duty and Responsibility

Direct the Posting of accounting data to Subsidy& general ledger from accounting records and documents, Direct& verifies the preparation of financial reports and statements resulting from the ledger.

Directs the verification of all proposed financial liabilities or Commitments in accordance with the authority rules & regulation

Verify that expenditure are properly authorized and charged to the correct account

Direct & coordinate the accounting activities of subordinate staff at the maintenance district level verifies & Participates in the preparation of financial reports of district to be submitted to finance division at the head office.

Direct & participate in the control of the proper collection & disbursements of the authority fund.

Pay salaries to employee Located in the various districts, Projects and other work sites.

Prepare delayed payroll for employees who have not received their salaries, give the original copy of the delayed payroll to district or project supervisor with their salaries if bonded.

Prepare payroll breakdown; ensure that payments are made direct to employees to their dully designated recipients.

Handle petty cash, Perdiem and other payments and pay to purchaser & other service when authorized.

Work Experience


May 5, 1996 E.C-August 30,1998 E.c

Name of employer

Finance and Economic Development (Go)

Types of sector


Position held


Main Duty and Responsibility

Make cash & cheque payments as well as receipts. Ensure that all the necessary format and documentation is used before & after payment is affected. Responsible to reject a payment and float request or retirement, if the request hasn’t fulfilled the necessary procedure and documentation or formats.

Cash withdrawal from bank and transfers to programme areas.

Collect bank statement

Prepare HO monthly cash & bankbook as well as bank & cash reconciliation.

Monitoring bank balance.

Ensure all payments and receipts vouchers are filed with full supporting documentation.

Follow up and collection of personal telephone call charges


Training on Entrepreneurship.

Training on occupational health & safety in concern worldwide

Peachtree Accounting, Organized by Arbaminch university in July 2008

International Financial reporting Standards ( IFRS) training

Technical Skill and Competence

Operational budget planning and management

Excellent interpersonal and communication ability

Willing to work in hard circumstance

Able to work in team sprit

Able to work effectively with other levels

Good partnering


Ato Abdu Ibrahim, Project Manager, Concern Worldwide in Ethiopia, E-mail:- +251***-**-**-**

AtoAynalemZegeye, Finance, HR and Admin Officer, Concern Worldwide in Ethiopia, E-mail, Tel: 251-***-**-**-**

AtoShiferawBekele, Finance Head, Ethiopian Roads Authority, E-mail, Tel: 251***-**-**-**

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