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Operation manager

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
January 29, 2024

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Firas Qandeel



Jordan, Amman


May 2, 1984

Soft Skills:

● Leadership

● Communication

● Team Collaboration

● Adaptability

● Problem Solving

● Time Management

● Decision Making

Computer Skills:

● Microsoft Office Suite

● Data Analysis

● Point of Sale (POS) Systems

● Social Media Management

● Inventory Management Software

● Learning Management Systems

Hotel Management Skills:

● Strategic Planning

● Revenue Management

● Quality Assurance

● Asset Protection

● Budgeting

● Succession Planning

● Event Planning

● Vendor Relations

Customer Service Skills:

● Active Listening

● Empathy

● Conflict Resolution

● Patience

● Relationship Building

● Problem Solving

● Communication Skills

● Attention to Detail


Seasoned hospitality professional with 14+ years of success in strategic management, team leadership, and operational optimization. Seeking a challenging role to apply expertise in marketing, cost control, and customer satisfaction within the dynamic hospitality sector. Proven track record and certifications in HACCP ISO 22000/2018 and WSET Level 2, bringing a unique blend of skills in food safety and wine expertise. Eager to contribute to an innovative organization committed to excellence and sustainable growth.

Work Experience

Senior Outlet Manager - Wine Tasting Operations

Eagle Distillery Jordan 09-2019- Present

● Strategic Marketing: Implemented targeted marketing strategies for a 15% increase in overall food and beverage sales.

● Team Leadership: Led a team of 20 staff, improving customer service scores and operational efficiency.

● Cost Optimization: Implemented cost-saving measures, reducing operational expenses by 10% while maintaining high service standards.

● Innovative Events: Introduced promotional events, resulting in a 20% increase in weekend foot traffic and revenue.

● Menu Enhancement: Collaborated on a new menu, leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

● Employee Training and Development: Implemented comprehensive training programs for staff, focusing on skill development and customer engagement, contributing to a 10% increase in upselling and cross-selling. Strategic Food Consultant

Smart Healthy Food Oman, Jordan, kuwait 02-2019 - 08-2019

● Inventory Management: Streamlined procedures, reducing food waste by 15% and lowering costs.

● Team Motivation: Led a team of 30 employees, achieving a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

● Loyalty Programs: Developed and executed a customer loyalty program, increasing repeat business by 20%.

● Training Initiatives: Implemented training programs, resulting in a 10% increase in upselling and cross-selling.

● Nutritional Guidance: Provided expert advice on healthy food options and nutritional content.

Hospitality Education Specialist

Luminous Group Jordan 01-2015 - 04-2017

● Positive Feedback: Received consistently positive feedback, maintaining an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

● Curriculum Enhancement: Developed and implemented updated course materials, improving program effectiveness.

● Student Mentoring: Mentored students, facilitating internships and job placements in the hospitality industry.

● Industry Collaboration: Collaborated with professionals, bringing real-world insights into the classroom.

● Trend Research: Stayed abreast of industry trends, enhancing instructional methods.


Bachelor's degree in Business

Administration in Hotel


The Hashemite University,

Jordan - 2009


Arabic: Mother Tongue

English: Fluent

Key Achievements

● Strategic Revenue Growth:

Implemented targeted marketing

strategies as the Senior Outlet

Manager at Eagle Distillery,

resulting in a remarkable 15%

increase in overall food and

beverage sales within the first


● Operational Efficiency

Improvement: Led a team of 30

employees as a Strategic Food

Consultant at Smart Healthy

Food, achieving a notable 95%

customer satisfaction rate

through effective team

motivation and streamlined

inventory management


● Educational Excellence and

Industry Impact: As a Hospitality

Education Specialist at Luminous

Group, received consistently

positive feedback from students,

maintaining an average rating of

4.8 out of 5, and facilitated

internships and job placements

in the hospitality industry.

● Beverage Program

Enhancement: Managed a

diverse team of 50 employees as

the Senior Beverage Operations

Manager at LA CAPITALE, Four

Seasons Hotels and Resorts,

successfully developing and

launching a new menu that

contributed to a 10% increase in

restaurant revenue.

Senior Beverage Operations Manager

LA CAPITALE, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Jordan 07-2009 - 02-2019

● Team Management: Managed a diverse team of 50 employees, consistently exceeding performance targets.

● Guest Feedback: Implemented a system, resulting in a 15% increase in overall guest satisfaction scores.

● Menu Development: Developed and launched a new menu, contributing to a 10% increase in restaurant revenue.

● Inspection Leadership: Led the team through a successful health and safety inspection, achieving a 100% compliance rating.

● Bartender Training: Spearheaded training programs, enhancing mixology skills and customer engagement.

Trainings And Courses

HACCP ISO 22000/2018

Certificate Description: Successfully completed the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) ISO 22000/2018 certification, demonstrating expertise in food safety management systems.

Skills Gained:

● Proficient in identifying and managing potential food safety hazards.

● Comprehensive understanding of HACCP principles and methodologies.

● Knowledgeable about ISO 22000 standards for effective food safety management.

● Ability to implement and maintain a systematic approach to food safety. WSET Level 2 Certificate - Wine (South Africa, Cyprus) Certificate Description: Attained the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 Certificate, specializing in wines from South Africa and Cyprus. Skills Gained:

● In-depth knowledge of wines from South Africa and Cyprus, including regional characteristics and production methods.

● Ability to assess and describe wine qualities accurately.

● Proficiency in understanding and interpreting wine labels.

● Skills in recommending and pairing wines with food.

● Familiarity with the global wine industry and its key players.

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