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Production Equipment Operations

Altus, OK
January 29, 2024

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ALTUS, OK 73521


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OBJECTIVE: I am interested in a position such as, but not limited to, Production, Workover or

Completion operations. This would also include any Supervisory position in the

Oil and Gas industry, including Consulting, where I may use my knowledge and

experience to assist in completing wells and workovers as well as maintaining and

improving daily operations in order to enhance production for your company.

WORK 35+ Years Oil and Gas Industry Experience


2012 – 2023

Callen Enterprises, LLC

Completion Consultant

Working through GSM and Plaster & Wald Consulting Firms

Consulting for Apache Corporation, Crest Resources, Renda

Energy, Unit Petroleum, Continental Resources and Wiliford Energy, in Oklahoma,

Kansas and Texas - to include Tonkawa, Marmaton, Cottage Grove, Bone Springs, Wolfcamp, and Woodford horizontal wells.

Workover rig operations: Completions and remedial work, drill out plugs,

cement, install production tubing, run gas lifts, fishing, milling work and rod


Coil Tubing Operations: Milling out plugs and cement, toe prep, clean outs foam wash.

Production: Production tubing, well head and production equipment installation

and monitoring.

Safety and Company Policies: Follow all Safety rules and company policies as

well as making sure everyone on location obeys all rules and policies.

Daily Operations: Organize and set up vendors, time management and cost


Wireline Operations: Plug and perf, logging

Snubbing Operations: Stand along and rig assist, well control, drill outs and


Hydraulic Fracturing: Single well, multiple well zipper frac.

Communication: Great communication skills on all levels.

Flow Back Operations: Monitor production equipment, supervise multiple well


Reports: Well View, Open Well, and Well EZ, ensure report is correct, on time

and communicated well.

Continued: Terry Callen

September 2017 - Current

06/2019 – 08/2023, Continental Resources, Chickasha, Watonga, OK., West TX

Formations; Bone Springs and Wolfcamp

STACK and SCOOP Plays of Oklahoma

Oversee zipper frac operations

Oversee wireline pump down operations

03/2019 – 05/2019, Unit, Anadarko, Oklahoma & Western Oklahoma

Oversee frac operations

Oversee wireline pump down operations

12/2018 – 01/2019, TRP Operating

Oversee drill out with stick pipe

Oversee fishing operations

10/2018 – 11/2018, Unit, Anadarko, Oklahoma

Oversee frac operations

Oversee wireline pump down operations

Supervise flow back

09/2018 – 10/2018, Calyx, Eastern Oklahoma

Oversee frac operations

Oversee wireline pump down operations

05/2018 – 06/2018, Continental Resources, Oklahoma

Oversee wireline pump down procedures

Oversee zipper frac / single well frac operations

Utilize WellView reporting system

09/2017 – 02/2018, Rebellion / Camino

Oversee Facility Construction

Oversee single well frac work, zipper frac and pump down

Oversee toe prep

Oversee drill out operations with CT

TRAINING: Well Control – Certificate through August 2024

Reporting systems - WellView, OpenWells, Well EZ

REFERENCE: Phil Kelso, Production Superintendent 580-***-****

Ricky Tackett, Wild Well 580-***-****


Troy Foster, Continental Resources Completion Foreman 405-***-****

Al Kussavage, Continental Resources Completion Foreman 405-***-****

Randy Green, Apache Superintendent 580-***-****

Paul Gonzales, Consultant, Crescent Resources 405-***-****

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