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Web Application Java J2ee

North York, ON, Canada
January 29, 2024

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Phone: 416-***-**** ** Painswick Cres, North York, ON, Canada, M2J3M6

OBJECTIVE: Full Stack Java/J2ee Web Application Developer


•Over 15 years of experience in software design, development, integration, operation and support with expert knowledge and practice of SDLC and project management life cycle

•Over 15 years experience as Programmer/Analyst and over 15 years as Java/J2EE developer

•Expertise in designing web application by using MVC, servlet, Struts, Spring, Spring Boot, JSF, SOA architecture

•Developed EJB(2.0, 3.0) components by using Session Bean and Entity Bean, JPA, MDB

•Expertise in Weblogic 8.1/10.6, Websphere 6/7/8, Tomcat 4X/7X, JBOSS 4X/5X, ODI v10.1.3

•Expertise in J2EE architecture, Oracle 11g/12c/19c, DB2 V8, My SQL5X, MS SQL, MongoDB

•Experience in Hibernate, iBatis1/2, Struts1/2, CVS, SVN, ClearCase, Multithreading, ClearQuest, JMS, JNDI, XML, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, SOAP, RESTful API, LDAP, SSO, SSL, MQ V7, JIRA, OSB 10g, JSON, ANT, MAVEN, ETL, GIT/GITHUB, Jenkins, Kafka v2, Flink, Spring Boot/Cloud, Microservices, XSD, XSL, XSLT, SDLC, Middleware, Packaging, MS Office, MS Visio, Korn Shell Scripting, HP Testing, iTextpdf-5.*(PDF files), Adobe LiveCycle, JXLS, data modeling, Node.js, AWS, PCF, RxJS, Redux, JWT, OAuth2, PCF, Azure Devops/Cloud

•Excellent knowledge of WebSphere Integration Developer, FireFox, Hadoop, Chrome, Content Management System, Docker, Kubernetes

•Hardworking individual and a good team player

•Excellent communication skills and the ability to work under pressure

•Strong leadership on every phase of software development and support life cycle


•Languages: Java 8/11, SQL, XML, HTML4/5, CSS, Primefaces, PL/SQL, XHTML, JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js, ASP, VB5.0/6, C/C#, UML, CGI, Shell script

•Java Skills: J2SE/J2EE, JSP, a4j(Ajax4Jsf), JQuery/JS V1.4, Multithreading, Angular 4/8, Node.jsportal, Typescript, Struts, JSF, POJO, Servlet, EJB2.0/3.0, Swing, JavaBean, Entity Bean, MDB, JAXB, Spring/Boot Security, JMS, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, RESTful API, XSD

•Web/Application Server: Weblogic 8/10, Websphere 6/7/8, Websphere Portal 6.1, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, Apache

•Database and Programming: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, MySql, Sybase, JDBC, ODBC, Database Schema, Connection Pool

•IDEs and Tools: RSA6/7, RAD6/7/8, RTC V2,RFTV8, MQ V7, OSB 10g, ODI v10, JBuilder, MyEclipse, Eclipse, IntelliJ, OracleSQL Developer, PL/SQL developer10,Ant,Maven3.*, CVS, SVN, ClearCase8, ClearQuest8, JUnit, Mockito framework

•Operating Systems: RED-HAT/LINUX, UNIX, AIX v7.1/6.1, SOLARIS8, Windows


Full Stack developer Jul. 2022- Present

OPS, Ontario, Canada

eIntake (electric the Intake Court) is an online Intake Court by the Ministry of the Solicitor General to OPP. It is a website which provides a charge package, search warrant, information to obtain, etc. allowing police to electronically send and receive charge and warrant packages for review and consideration on screen by a justice of the peace, as well as integrated with other systems.

Environment: Java v8/v11, WS SOAP, JWT, oAuth2, PKI, JSF/Primefaces, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Microservices, Eureka, Hibernate, Repository, Azure Devops, Azure Cloud, GIT, Maven

Technologies: Java, xHTML, JSF/Primefaces, RESTful API, SOAP, JQ/JS, CSS, JDBC, Log4j, XML, SQL

•Actively involved in discussion with BA about project requirement and scope of delivery

•Designed and developed UI frontend and backend layers followed the requirements

•Analyzed data entities, designed the database schema

•Created unit testing, merged the code into Azure environments

•Provided application support and designed documentations

Java/J2EE developer Jun. 2021- Jun. 2022

Central1, Toronto, Ontario

MDi (Member Direct integrated) is the direct banking suite provided by Central 1 to the financial institutions. It is a website and content management system integrated with banking; tools and calculators; and customer-centric content that allow financial institutions to offer a competitive online channel to their customers. It is one of Central 1's core products.

Environment: Java 8 to 11, JSP, Servlet, Jetty, WS SOAP, SSO, SSL, RSA. oAuth2, Spring Security, JWT, GIT/GITHUB, bitbucket, Jira, Bamboo, Spring, Node.js, Maven, Docker, Confluent, Kubernetes

Technologies: Java, HTML, JSP, JQ/JS, CSS, JDBC, RESTful API, Log4j, XML, SQL

•Actively involved in discussion with BA about project requirement and scope of delivery

•Designed and developed UI followed the requirements

•Designed and developed some functions/features with Jira tickets

•Worked under Scrum Sprint

•Unit test with TestCase

•Provided application support and designed documentations

J2EE developer Sept. 2020- May. 2021

Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario

OLB/BOS (BMO Online Banking/Banking Online Service): are WEB/Mobile System which provided financial services with a comprehensive set of front-end electronic banking functions, such as My Accounts(Chequing, Saving, others, etc.), Payments & Transfers(Make a Payment, Histories, etc.), My Profile & eDocuments, Explore Products(Bank Accounts, Mortgages & Loans, etc.)

Environment: J2EE8, Struts2, WebSphere8.5, Oracle 19c, RAD9, Maven, IHS, SSO, SSL, RSA, Spring Boot Security, JWT, GIT/GITHUB, Bamboo, VS Code, Spring Boot, Microservices, Eureka, Node.js, BMO JIRA, Confluence

Technologies: Java, HTML, Angular8, RESTful API, JSP, JQ/JS, CSS, JDBC, TDD, Log4j, UML, XML, SQL, PL/SQL

•Actively involved in discussion with BA about project requirement and scope of delivery

•Designed and developed UI with Angular

•Designed and developed RESTful API with Java

•Unit test with Mockito, Integration test Spring boot integration, and committed with GIT

•Provided application support and designed documentations

Java/Jee developer Mar. 2019- Aug. 2020

Allstate, Illinois, USA

Alliance, is a Web application that creates an online account which gives you access to your policies anytime, anywhere. The services provide APIS for the client to easily access to your ID card, Pay your bills online, etc.. By using Spring Boot/Cloud, Java, RESTful API, React JS, etc.

Environment: Java 8, Eureka, Tomcat, PCF, Maven, GIT/GITHUB, Spring Boot, Microservices, Spring Cloud, Jenkins, Kafka, Postman, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, AXIOS, MongoDB V4.0.3

Technologies: Java 8, RESTful API, JSON, React JS, Redux, Node.js, CLI

•Actively involved in discussion with BA about project requirement and scope of delivery

•Created developing environment with Spring Boot/Cloud, Maven, GIT/GITHUB, Jenkins, CLI

•Designed and developed UI using React JS, hooks, Redux, Node JS, HTML, CSS, developed Microservices by using Spring Boot in Java 8, Maven, OAuth for security, developed RESTful API

•Setup Kafka server, designed and created producer and consumer components

•Tested Apps with Mockito, Spring boot integration

•Provided application support and designed documentations

J2ee developer Jan. 2018- Feb. 2019

Scotia Bank, Toronto, Ontario

Adjudication Process Management System (capital market), migrated (capital market)services components through ESB (iWay) to the third party system services(Analytic Cloud like FICO) by using SOAP Web Services, JMS etc. Transfer DATA from legacy DATABASE(DB2) to Oracle DATABASE using Shell script in UNIX under A2A, SSH security protocol. Based on strategy requirements, developed and updated applications including APM(Adjudication Process Management), DM(Decision Module), etc.

Environment: Java 8, WAS, WID, LINUX/UNIX, iWAY(ESB), JBOSS, Maven 3, Spring, DB2, SFTP, Oracle 12c, IBM ClearCase, Agile, AWS

Technologies: Java 8, SOAP, RESTful API, PL/SQL, XML, XSD, XSLT, UML, HTML, JS, JQuery, CSS, Maven 3, Shell Scripting,SSH, AutoSys, A2A, SSL, TLS

•Actively involved in discussion with BA about project requirement and scope of delivery

•Designed and developed ESB iway, created the code, configuration files.

•Designed and developed java code, SOAP Web service, created JAR, WAR, Ear

•Developed shell scripting for ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) from DB2 to Oracle 12c

•Set up AutoSys, A2A env, made schedule

•Developed UI pages using HTML, JS, JQuery, CSS

•Setup AWS, deployed app on EC2, RDS and Route53

•Unit and Integration test

•DEV, SIT, UAT, NFT testing, created the releases checklist, Production support

•Provided application support and designed documentations

Java/J2ee developer Feb.2017 – Dec. 2017

CIBC, Toronto, Ontario

Service Commitment Application(Capital markets): A platform for delivering TCP/IP enabled applications, providing Retirement, Goal, Investment, Mortgage, etc. planning calculator, and Net-worth, Cash-flow, Balance sheet, etc. statement. Using Java8, Swing, AWT, MVC framework, Multithreading, Web Services SOAP, RESTful API

Environment: Java 8, Swing, Eclipse 4, Maven 3, DB2, IBM ClearCase, ClearQuest, Agile(Jira), Unix, AWS, GIT/GITHUB, Jenkins

Technologies: Java 8, Swing, AWT, SQL Query, PL/SQL, RESTful API, Angular v6, HTML, JS, CSS RxJS, Node.js, XML, UML, Maven 3, Shell Scripting, Spring Boot/Cloud, Microservices

•Designed and developed GUI by using Java, Swing components, MVC framework

•Designed and implement Order file integration component by Spring integration and Spring Boot which polls, filters and maps this file to the payload

•Designed and coded Investment component with Spring Boot

•Designed and developed UI using Angular, HTML, JS

•Worked with BAs to modify business processes and requirements

•Setup AWS, deployed Apps on EC2, RDS and Route53

•Developed Web Service SOAP, integrated distributed data by web service, TCP/IP

•Troubleshooting and provided production support

•Unit tested with Junit, SIT, UAT, Production releases, and tested it, performance tuning and delivery

Java/J2ee developer Jan. 2016-Jan. 2017

Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Ontario

LL-TPS WEBSystem(Capital markets): A collaboration and knowledge management web System, providing treasury management solutions to the business and commercial clients of Canada and US, such as BMO Capital Markets, P&C Market, Harris Business Banking across countries. Using J2ee, LiveLink, SOA architecture, and Web Services

Environment: RAD 7, Eclipse 4, Maven 3, Spring, GIT/GITHUB, Oracle 11g, Websphere7, LiveLink, IBM ClearCase, ClearQuest, PL/SQL, Agile(Jira), Kafka, Maven, ASPOSE API, Unix, Treasury Risk Management

Technologies: Java 8, HTML5, Angular4, RxJS, Node.js, Typescript, CSS3, JavaScript, WSDL, SOAP, Spring3, XML, UML, RESTful API, JSON, Query, Store-Procedure, Shell Scripting, Hibernate, Microservices

•Designed and developed WEB application by Spring, Maven, JEE, Kafka server setup

•Worked with business and BAs to understand business processes and requirements

•Developed Web Service, RESTful API, Maven, integrated distributed data

•Developed UI by using Angular4 framework, HTML, RESTful API

•Online generated virtual PDF reports by Java and Aspose API

•Designed and Generated Word and Excel templates, and generated the reports by Aspose API, java and Query

•Unit tested with Junit, SIT, UAT, Production releases, and tested it, performance tuning

•Released app by Maven, Versions control

•Troubleshooting and provided production support

Java/J2ee developer Apr. 2015-Dec. 2015

GreatRiver Inc, Toronto, Ontario

Benesse System: An internet based System to provide online-shopping and logistics distribution services by using J2ee and SOA architecture

Environment: Java 1.7, Struts2, AIX 7, RSA7, RTC2, Agile, RFT v8, Eclipse, Maven, Oracle 11g, Websphere8, SVN, VirtualBox, Linux. Shell Scripting

Technologies: HTML5, JSP, Java,JEE6/7 CSS3, JavaScript, Web Services SOAP, Spring, Hibernate, XML, UML, EJB3, JPA

•Designed and developed EJB3, JPA, Web Services Client components with RSA follow UML

•Developed Action Form Beans, Action Classes, UI using JSP, JS, HTML5, CSS3, Business Delegate Pattern, Implemented EJB, WS components in Websphere

•Designed and developed WS SOAP

•Unit tested with Junit, performance tuning

•Made ITA test in RFT, released test report

J2EE Web Application Developer Jan. 2012-Mar. 2015

Ministry of Education Ontario, Canada

OSAP(Ontario Student Assistance Program)Modernization Project is being designed to increase flexibility of the OSAP IT systems and to enable better management of the increasing complexity of the program operation and related business processes and rules. It will meet enhanced functional business requirements, enable improved performance and results management, and provide on-going program evaluation capability by replacing the back-end. The Project vision is to further increase efficiencies, reduce risks, maintain and improve customer service, and reduce paper handling to the absolute minimum.

Environment: Java EE6, JSF2, RAD 7.5, WebSphere7/8, Eclipse Juno, SVN1.6, Oracle 11g, Oracle SQL Developer 3.1, AIX v7.1, SSL, DB2 V8, ANT, Maven, HP Testing tool, Agile, AODA, IBM portal

Technologies: Java, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX(a4j), Web Services/SOAP, RESTful API, JMS, Spring, HTML, XHTML, JS, UML, iBatis 1.2/2, Spring 3.0, PL/SQL, DB2 tables, SOA, log4j, Korn Shell Scripting, AutoSYS, MS Office, MS Visio

•Designed and developed projects that based on Java EE, SOA architecture, JSF 2

•Developed Screen, xHTML, CSS, JS, Backing bean, validation framework, Managed bean, Shared service jar, Web Services, SOAP, XSD, JMS, AJAX(a4j), PL/SQL, iBatisSqlMap, configure files, generated PDF files by using iTextpdf-5.4.0.jar

•Designed data model, Database schema, SQL Queries, generated DDL, DCL, DML script files, deployed, maintained it.

•Designed and developed UI using xHTML, JS, CSS

•Customized Customer Portal Pages

•Implemented, built, deployed projects onWebsphere, managed source by SVN

•Integrated applications based on WS, transformed legacy Data to new Database using ETL, Setup AutoSys, made schedule

•Tested components with JUnit, DEV, QA, UAT environments, performance tuning

•Troubleshooting and provided production support

Advisory IT Specialist/J2EE Developer Jul. 2010-Dec. 2011

IBM, China

MUFG-BANK(Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, Capital markets) System, Offers high-quality total financial services for customers online, which include various commercial banking services, as well as asset, wealth management and administration, real estate, and stock transfer agency services

Environment: Java EE6, Struts2, Websphere 7/8, MQ V7, Websphere Portal 6.1,WebSphere Integration Developer,RSA6/7, RTC2(RATIONAL TEAM CONCERT), RFT8, ANT, ODI, OSB, BEPL, Agile, Oracle 11g, DB2

Technologies: Java, CSS/CSS3, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, SOAP, JMS, XML, UML, EJB3, JMSSpring2.5, JPA,PL/SQL, log4j, Korn Shell Scripting, MS Office, AIX, Linux

•Designed and developed Web pages, EJB3, JPA, JMS, MQ, Web Services components, SOAP, XSD by RSA follow UML

•Designed and developed Data model, Data Schema, SQL Queries

•Implemented EJB, WS components, and deployed that in Websphere 7/8

•Developed UI using JSP, JS

•Tested EJB and WS components used JUnit

•Made ITA test in RFT, released test report, env performance tuning

•Customized Customer Portal Pages

•Managed developed teams as team lead

Developer Oct. 2008-Jun. 2010

SPM Inc, Toronto, Canada

Online Orders System: was a WEB application system which provided online services functions including several applications(System, Register, Order, Sales and Inventory etc.)

Environment: Java EE6, Struts2, Eclipse, MyEclipse, Java EE IDE for Web developers, Weblogic10.*, Tomcat6, JBoss, Apache, MY SQL5, Oracle 9i/10, CVS3, Apache ANT1.7, Windows XP Pro. SP3

Technologies: Java, JSP v2.1, JSTL v1.2, CSS, JavaScript, JQ, Struts2, JAX-WS2, WSDL, Hibernate, Spring 2.5, JDBC 4, Log4j v1.2.15, SQL Query, Store-Procedure, Function, Sequence, XML, UML, MS Office, MS Visio, Linux

•Designed and developed the Web Page Components(presentation navigation) using JSP, JavaScript, CSS, and Struts2(xwork2) on presentation tier development, developed configuring files

•Create Struts action beans; construct JSP pages by Struts Tiles.

•Developed and implemented the Functional Business pages, to develop Action classes, value classes and DAO classes using APIs and JDBC API, developed Hibernate

•Developed Web Services components using JAX-WS2

•Implemented WS components and tested

•Technical supported and maintained for the project

Web Application Developer Jun. 2005-Sep. 2008

MountainSys Inc. Toronto, Canada

Online Banking System: was a WEB System which provided financial services with a comprehensive set of front-end electronic banking functions, such as account enquiry, funds transfer, remittance, trade finance, wealth management, online statement and on time deposit management.

Environment: J2EE1.3/5, Struts 1.2/2, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle9i, JBuilder2006, ANT, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, SSO, SSL security, CVS

Technologies: Java, HTML, JSP, JQ/JS, JavaScript, CSS, EJB2.0, JMS, Web Services, WSDL, JAXB, LDAP, JDBC, Log4j, UML, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, MS Office, MS Visio

•Developed and implemented the MVC Architecture using Struts Framework including developed JSP, Form Bean and Action classes

•Developed and implemented the Business Logic component in Middle tier using Façade Design Pattern, JDBC and EJB Framework including Stateless Session Bean classes and Entity Bean classes

•Designed and developed the error control using Validation framework

•Provided complete technical support for system


Master’s Degree in Engineering(MIE University, Japan) Mar. 1996

Sun Certified Programmer, Java 2 Platform 1.5 (CX-310-055) Jul.2008


•IBM Rational Functional Tester 7.1.3 Sep.2010

REFERENCE(Additional information and reference available on request)

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