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Business Management Corporate Finance

Orlando, FL, 32806
October 29, 2023

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Edgar Ramírez Rassi – Resume

• ADDRESS: **** Dijon Dr. Apt 4095, Orlando – Fl, zip code: 32808

• EDUCATION: Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP – AACEI studies on going), MBA & Masters in Corporate Finance - both in Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa (EUDE) - King Juan Carlos University / Spain, Specialization in Finance – Margarita University / Nueva Esparta - Venezuela, Bachelor in Business Administration - Santa Maria University / Caracas - Venezuela.

The goals that I have reached are the result of consistency and personal effort. I consider it a challenge to work in the areas that I have been preparing myself these last years while doing studies of superior level, and to apply the knowledge acquired, while giving priority to increase revenue to benefit the shareholders, in agreement with the corporative values, missions, and visions within the synergy environment. I also have strong knowledge in Finance, Purchasing, bidding and contracts, and warehousing optimization in which I developed a control system to reach the certification ISO 9000.


• SEMINARS: Oratory – Neurolinguistics Programing – Emotional Intelligence – How to manage teams – How to create your Startup – Marketing Research – Creation of Planning Social Media Marketing, EUDE – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos / Spain.

• Courses: Fundamentals of Six Sigma – Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma - How to create high performance culture – How to create high performance teams – Excel for financial analysts and corporate finance – Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions – Marketing foundations – Emotional intelligence in business management – Strategic thinking – Fundamentals of business analysis – Fundamentals of negotiation – Strategic negotiation – Improve your knowledge in conflict management – How to increase the resilience – Improve the ability of active listening – Improve your concentration – Fundamentals of time management – Nonverbal language for Leaders – Project management – RESUME



Edgar Ramírez Rassi – Resume

Enterprise fundamentals – Gantt charts – Advanced – The comfort zone and how to get out of it – Fundamentals of operative excellence – LinkedIn – 2020 LANGUAGES:

• Spanish.

• English.


• Studies about music and classical guitar achieving the first place as best performer of classical music in the Bolívar State - Venezuela - 1983. EXPERIENCE:

(Apr 2023 – Oct. 2023) DISNEY CORP.

Guest Service

(Nov 2.012 – Aug 2.020): COMERCIALIZADORA RAMÍREZ RASSI, C.A. Trading of North American technology devices (Segway and LRAD in Venezuela.

(Jan 2.010 – Sept 2.012): CRUZSALUD, C.A. ( Company linked to Occupational Medicine

I worked as manager of accounts receivable and payable department along with capital and finance guidelines in a company related to labor health. The principal function was to evaluate the suitable cash flow for the capital budgeted.

(Nov.2007 – Dec. 2009): I.V.S.S. Supervisor of Directorate of Affiliation and Money Benefits at the I.V.S.S.:

Supervision management of registered companies, entering and withdrawing information about workers

(May 2.005 – Sept 2.007): Out of Venezuela

Evaluating possibilities and standard of living in Spain Edgar Ramírez Rassi – Resume

(Jun 2.003 – Apr 2.005): CEO: - Rest. Amaro Café, - Cyber Café I.U.T.I.R.L.A. Pto. La Cruz - Taxi Line Ramírez Cuesta

Management of planning, organization, execution, and control of activities

(Feb 1.998 – May 2.003): WILPRO ENERGY SERVICES - Construction Sector P.I.G.A.P. II. (Joint Venture: Williams – Schlumberger)

(Construction of P.I.G.A.P. II: High Pressure Gas Injection Plant II - for marginal oil wells) Cost ~ 400.000.000 U.S.$ Carretera Nacional Maturín – Pto. La Cruz, Primera Carrera al Oeste del Tejero, Edo. Monagas, Venezuela (Telf. 0058- 291-***-****) Position: Scheduler and Cost Control


I worked as Scheduler and Cost Control Supervisor for the construction of a petroleum project, designing, automating, and then controlling the cost structure

(estimated vs. real costs) - Direct and indirect costs, also measuring the estimated time progress curve vs. real. All this for the construction of high-pressure gas injection plant

(P.I.G.A.P.II), also administrating contracts of civil construction.

(Dec1.996 – Dec 1.997): TELECOMUNICACIONES MOVILNET, C.A. (Joint Venture: C. A. N. T. V. – Banco Mercantil – Telefónica Española – AT&T). C. C. “EL RECREO”, Torre Sur, Av. Venezuela, Urb. Bello Monte – Caracas (Telf. 0058- 212.705.78.17) Position: Sup. Administration.

I also worked as administration supervisor in a telecommunication company. I designed a system to register the time to service a client and evaluate it / compare it with the standards of the industry. Also, I designed a system for the control of the rotating inventory of telephone equipment borrowed to clients, as well as administrative management through S.A.P./R4.


(HEVENSA) Av. Fuerzas Armadas, vía los Caribes zona industrial Matanzas Pto. Ordaz – Edo. Bolívar. (Telf. 0058- 286-***-**** y 0190) Ferro Silicon and Ferro Silico Manganese production plant. Position: Purchase Manager. Edgar Ramírez Rassi – Resume

I have experience as a purchaser for a steel plant, which was a producer of ferro- silicon and ferro-silicon-manganese, and reached the level of purchase manager where I designed a system to comply with the standards of ISO 9000 and achieved that certification.

The system achieved the following functions:

1. Control of purchase management,

2. Database of suppliers of spare parts, service by type, and accomplishment record, 3. Record and evaluation of purchaser performance, 4. Budget estimate vs. real cost by account,

5. Database of fulfillment and evaluation of suppliers and contractors. The Planning and Scheduling Professional studies, MBA, the Master in Corporate Finance, the specialization in finance, as well as the experience I have, allow me to understand and be deeply involved, in the process of measuring the accomplishments of short and long goals. I have strong skills in the development of mechanisms to increase productivity, to lower costs, and maximize the efficiency of processes.

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