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Software Engineer Project

April 20, 2017

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Software Engineer

Local Address:

Street Doukkala, Residence Amir, 2nd floor N 42, Casablanca Morocco Phone: 00-212-***-***-***




Skype: samah.elyaakoubi1


Diploma in Computer Software Engineer (Engineer’s Degree) National School of Appl ied Sciences Al-Hoceima, Morocco. September 2010 – July 2013

University Diploma of technology in System and Administration Network School of Technology Oujda, Morocco.

September 2008 – July 2010


Developer Engineer, KINDY INFO MAROC – Casablanca, Morocco

- Ensure the production and quality of IT projects.

- Writing and validating the project documentation (model, functional, technical, test scenarios)

- Perform integrations and functional tests.

- Manage code, database manipulation and system files (Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, YII, Smartfocus)

- Guarantee the quality of the deliverables.

- Ensure compliance with delivery deadlines.

- Troubleshooting, maintenance.

- Inter-service communication (launching meeting, follow-up May 2016 – To Date

JAVA Software Engineer, DIMA BRIQ – Nador, Morocco December 2014 – May 2016 Project: Design and development of a recovery management application (Tools: UML, MySQL, Java, Swing). Project: Design and development of a business management web application (Tools: UML, MySQL, J2EE, Strut2, Hibernate, Tomcat6, and Eclipse). Project: Development a website (Tools: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, RWD). Other activities:

-Identify needs, advice and provide appropriate technical solutions.

-Ride up information at weekly briefs.

- Ensure no interruption of the company's services.

- Installation and configuration of It hardware (computers, printers and software.

- Creation of training documents.

ANDROID Software Engineer, ORROBOTIC – Oujda, Morocco

- Development Mobile solutions control remote robots and implementation testing (Tools: Android,Eclipse, JavaScript)

- Analysis Of new technologies related to robotics and Writing the technology watch and Part analysis and implementation. Sept 2014 – Nov 2014

ANDROID Software Engineer, Autoreduc – Nador, Morocco - February 2014 – May 2014

- Development Of a mobi le app l ication (Tools: Android, Web Service, XML, and Ecl ipse).

- Integration of pages and content, the information architecture within the site ( Tools: Prestashop).

- Development of a web site adaptable to di fferent mobi le device ( Tools: HTML5/CSS3, RWD). PROJECT STUDIES

Final project study -Mentis development & service – Oujda, Morocco - February 2013 – June 2013

- Design and development of the application of MagicFax mobile (Tools: PHP5, Zend 1.11, RESTFul, JSON, Android, Wampserver, SVN and Eclipse).

- Design and development of management Job's role is to manage shared computing program performance in machines.( Tools: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate)

- Preparation of documentation (Document architectural, functional and technical specifications, user guides, technical platform) Project Year End - National School of Applied Sciences - Al Hoceima, Morocco – March 2012 – June 2012

-Design and development of management stewardship service of ENSAH (Tools: UML, MySQL, J2EE, Strut2, Hibernate2, SVN, tomcat6 and Eclipse).

- Preparation of documentation (Architecture Document, functional and technical specifications, user guides). Project Final module - National School of Applied Sciences - Al Hoceima, Morocco - April 2011 – June 2011

- Design and development of management Vacations (Tools: UML, MySQL, Java, Swing, Eclipse )

- Design and development of a Moukawalati management web application (Tools: UML, J2EE, Jsp, servlet, EJB, Tomcat). TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Language Java, C ++, C, C#. Continuous Integration Jenkins, Hudson. JEE Platform Swing/AWT, Servlet, Jsp,

Strut2, Spring, JSF2,


Unit Testing



JUnit, Selenium.

UML, Merise, Agile methods.


Web Development JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,

JQuery,XML, RWD.

Build Managing

Web Service

Maven, ANT.


Operating system: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora). Databases MySQL, PLSql, JDBC. Version Control SVN. LANGUAGES

Tarifit (Mother tongue) - Arabic (Mother tongue) – French (Bilingual) – English (Bi lingual) INTERESTS

Sport (Bascketbal l) – Reflexion Game (Chess, Monopoly) –Travel ing.

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