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Power Engineering

Los Alamitos, California, United States
April 20, 2017

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Suresh C. Gupta

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Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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PhD, EE in Power Electronic Engineering

MSEE in Power Electronic Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, India

Published papers in IEEE, International Journals and own 20 U.S. and International patents


A challenging, demanding position as Engineer/Manager which will fully utilize my intensive background in every aspect of power electronics engineering and analog/digital controls as applied to power conversion products used for the U.S. Navy, Australian Navy, NASA, Samsung, Elliott Energy System, ALSTOM, MAGGET, Teledyne INET, Power Paragon ( and other reputed companies.


Over twenty-five years of experience in the electrical design, development, integration and test of high power switching and conversion systems from 1W to 360MW. Including, Active Regenerative Rectifiers and Harmonic Filters, Solar, Wind Converters, Inverters, Electric Fleet Charging and Discharging Systems, UPS, Power Distribution Systems, Motor Design and High Speed (90000RPM) PM BLDC Motor Controllers.

As a Director of R&D/Director Engineering, I have demonstrated exceptional ability to design, implement, manage, schedule and direct projects to meet the program objectives, withstand technical, organizational and team leader skills to meet the goals on schedule.

I am knowledgeable in all MS modules, PageMaker, Freehand, CorelDRAW and CAD designs, ALTIUM, PAD, EAGLE, PSPICE, with circuit simulation software, such as MATLAB/Simulink, SPICE.

Over twenty-five years of experience in design, development, integration and test of high power switching and conversion systems using digital, analog and microprocessor circuits.

Analyze thermal and electrical stresses on power devices.

Designed power and active gate drive circuits, IGBTS, MOSFETS, BIC MOSFETS, SCR ETC, for converter from 1W to 360MW.

Designed control and protection circuits for rotary frequency converter and rotary UPS.

Design Experience

Magnetic - Designed inverter and power supply transformers (50W to 500kVA) with integrated high leakage reactance with high efficiency.

Analog/Digital circuits - Designed complete control, protection and drive circuits for converters and inverters using MOSFETS, IGBTs and SCRs.

Structure the software so the operation of the unit is noise immune using Siemens and Micro Chip processors.

Layout PCB and SCH using PAD and Altium (PROTEL).

Designed and packaged power converters and inverters for thermal and mechanical stresses.

Experience with Grid Tie System

1.Designed and developed 250KW battery storage system for U.S. Navy.

2.Designed and developed 100KW line interaction UPS for commercial application. Deltec

3.Designed and developed line interactive flywheel energy system for NASA.

4.Designed and developed 360MW solar plants. SAMPRA Energy

5.Designed and developed 14MW inverter for load stabilizing for wind plant. SAMPRA Energy - Hawaii

6.Designed and developed 10KW micro grid inverter to interface with flow batteries. Deeya Energy - Fremont

Experience with EV Power Train

1.Developed 60KW EV drive for first GM Impact - while working with AeroVironment

2.Assisted in redesigned of Toyota EV for Camry.

3.Designed and developed 100KW line interaction battery cycler for EV batteries - AeroVironment

Experience with Power Converter

1.100 KVA UPS - WDTC

2.1MW Static Transfer Switch - Russelictric

3.1MW Rotary UPS - Russelictric

4.High Speed (65000RPM) BLDC Motor Drive - Elliott Energy System

5.Flyby Wire Power Converter for Aircraft - United Technology

6.100KW, 400HZ Static Frequency Converters - INET Airport System

7.320KW, 400HZ Rotary Frequency Converters - INET Airport System

8.35KW BLDC Motor Drive for Quite Thruster - U.S. Navy

9.85KW Hotel Power Converter - USS Dolphin Submarine, U.S. Navy



Corporate Research, Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

Power Hub

Senior Member of Staff

Pacific Scientific-OECO

Milwaukee, OR

2011 - 2015

Senior Member of Staff

Deeya Energy

Fremont, CA

2006 - 2010


2002 - 2006

Designed and Developed numerous power conversion products for commercial and Defense companies. Such as Australian Navy, U.S. Navy, NASA, Pacific Scientific-OECO, ALSTOM, Elliott, Teledyne, SAMPRA Energy, Toyota and Samsung.

Director of R&D

RTE Deltec

San Diego, CA

1995 - 2001

Member of Technical Staff

Teledyne INET

Los Angeles, CA

1990 - 1995

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