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Engineer Air Force

Omaha, Nebraska, United States
April 20, 2017

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***** ***** ***** ****** *****, NE 68136 850-***-****

Current TOP SECRET / SCI Security Clearance (SSBI)

Professional Experience Summary

Over eleven years of experience as engineer, technical analyst, and test director; led 674 persons on 12 DoD programs/Projects

Engineer on 7 major Acquisitions, weapon systems Life Extension and Sustainment programs totaling over $1.54 billion

Led 68 multi-discipline engineers on $995 million/three-pronged MINUTEMAN III nuclear ballistic missile programs

Directed 203 members, managed $16 million/year in test and experiments of Directed Energy weapons development

Managed intelligence analysis and electronic warfare projects supporting STRATCOM, EUCOM, CENTCOM, PACOM

Excellent oral and written communication, outstanding interpersonal/leadership skills, experienced briefing senior leaders

Experienced in Project Management, Risk Management, and Earned Value Management systems (EVMS) and analysis


Master of Science Space Systems Engineering 2010 Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering 2004 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL

Project Management Fundamentals Certificate 2017 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York


Display for Future Intermediate UAV, SPIE Proceedings Vol. 6965, Display Technologies and Applications for Defense, Security, and Avionics II April 2008

Technical Skills

Engineering: Pro-E, SolidWorks, MathCAD, JREM, PSpice, DOORS, RiskyProject, COMSOL Multi-Physics

Intelligence and Electronic Warfare: CREAPER, IMOM-E, JREM, Palantir, Google-Earth, Analyst Notebook, COLISEUM

Computer Processing: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, MS Project

Professional Certifications

DAWIA Systems Planning, Research, Development, Engineering (SPRDE - SE) Senior Level III 2012

DAWIA Test and Evaluation Intermediate Level II 2009

DAWIA Program Management Level I 2007

Awards and Recognition

Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award 2014; Chief-of-Staff of the Air Force Warrior Spirit Award 2014

Air Force Research Laboratory Commander’s Challenge Winner 2007; Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal 2015

Three engineering excellence awards for work on nuclear missiles, nuclear weapons and UAV 2007, 2010, 2011

Three Air Force Commendation Medals 2010, 2012, 2013; Air Force Achievement Medal 2007



Provides engineering and technical expertise for USBICES-X Program. Conducts technical evaluation and systems integration of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance systems to enable interoperability and Intelligence sharing among US and NATO.


Systems Engineer for Air Combat Command’s Full-Spectrum Targeting Program. Planned, managed, and directed production projects, and staff of 143-person Intelligence Squadron, provided Target Systems Analysis (TSA), Cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) target development products for 10 Numbered Air Forces, 13 Air Operations Centers and Combat Air Forces worldwide supporting Operational Plans (OPLAN), Contingency Plans (CONPLAN), and Crisis-Action Plans.

Created Systems Engineering Plan for Full-Spectrum Targeting program. Structured architecture content to comply to DoD architecture standards (DoDAF 2.0); Performed Analysis of Alternatives, evaluated Commercial-of-the-Self products, participated in prototype evaluation. Re-baselined program requirements to incorporate additional Key Performance Parameters and Key System Attributes to meet current and future targeting and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission needs. Participated in technical reviews and provided technical assistance to senior leaders.

Developed methodology for non-kinetic targeting analysis; integrated Electronic Warfare, Directed Energy system, and SIGINT data into single database; architected Modeling and Simulation technique, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Fault Tree Analysis toolset; established single-source electronic attack and non-kinetic targeting modeling and analysis. Provided technical and analytical guidance, training, and assistance to 71 junior analysts.

Performed technical planning, built and maintained production schedule, performed risk/opportunity management, and conducted production/milestone reviews with internal and external stakeholders. Produced 37 technical intelligence products on foreign Air Defense systems, Space systems, Ballistic Missiles, Nuclear Weapons and Surface-to-Air Missile systems; amassed over 7800 targets; assisted development of 13 OPLANs and CONPLANs for STRATCOM, EUCOM, PACOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM.


Led and supervised 51 Intelligence analysts and managed daily operations and overall readiness, resources, and training to deliver strategic targeting products and targeting strategy for all Combatant Commands.

Pioneered 1st-ever integrated kinetic/non-kinetic targeting study, briefed HAF/DoD and provided technical guidance for non-kinetic targeting strategy and implementation activities; by-name requested for three Joint Electronic Attack planning conferences.

Exploited foreign air defense systems, formulated scheme to deceive, degrade, and/or disrupt radars; developed ingress routes for aircrafts and stand-off munitions; ensured precision targeting and protected low density high demand air assets.

Dismantled foreign Air Defense systems, Air Surveillance networks, Cyber networks, C4ISR networks, Satellite networks, Ballistic Missile networks; created six TSAs on advanced foreign air defense systems, Ballistic Missiles, WMD, Nuclear weapons and associated components, and Space capabilities; answered 60 National Intelligence Requirements and 7 OPLANs; compiled over 2,873 targets for action using intelligence derived from SIGINT, IMINT, HUMINT, OSINT, GEOINT, and MASINT.

Crafted 19 electronic attack plans to counter advanced foreign radars, Tactical Data Links, C4ISR, Surface-to-Air Missiles, and PROFORMA signals; cemented eight OPLANs for EUCOM, PACOM, STRATCOM, and CENTCOM.

Performed system-of-systems analysis of foreign HF/HF NVIS, VHF, UHF, SHF radio frequency (RF) signals; unmasked system architecture, configuration, and information flow; data used to inform requirements for future countermeasure system acquisition.


Led 68 multi-discipline engineers and directed all engineering work for 3-pronged $995 million nuclear weapon sustainment/Life Cycle programs; orchestrated funding for ICBM missile production; evaluated quality programs at production and depot facilities.

Performed mechanical design analysis and calculations, mass property calculations, and structural analysis; developed system integration, verification and validation plan; reviewed engineering plans/documents to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards, regulatory and statutory requirements; conducted functional and physical configuration audits for ICBM missile reentry systems. Completed system requirements review, requirements traceability, preliminary design review, and critical design review; reviewed engineering change orders; executed test readiness reviews; performed system integration, verification and validation tests, and completed end-to-end test for all MINUTEMAN III ICBM missiles. Received three technical awards from Division Director.

Developed key performance parameters for $300 million ICBM ground test equipment program; reduced technical risk and ensured most cost effective system acquisition; extended ICBM missile viability for 20 more years.

Resolved 171 field engineering issues; five on-site visits prevented 22 work-stoppages; kept $250 million ICBM program on track.

Served as contracting officer’s technical representative for $550 million program; reviewed technical documents/data and performed functional configuration audit; forced contractor warranty re-design with no cost to air force; extended system life through 2030.

Rescued $27 million front-line Reentry System Test Set (RSTS) program. Re-designed vacuum system using CAD and performed design calculations and analysis; reviewed electrical and mechanical design drawings and specifications; conducted continuity, isolation, and dielectric withstand tests of 320 nuclear weapon electrical cables. Built electro-mechanical system, integrated software, hardware and firmware; performed functional configuration audit; performed system integration, verification, and validation tests; complete end-to-end system test, and four field installations. Increased the up-time of RSTS from 20% to 97%.

Managed program budget; performed Earned Value calculation and analysis (EVMS) to determine cost/schedule impact; determined risk impact on budget, schedule, and product quality. Expertly managed project cost, schedule, technical performance and risk.

Resolved 20-year old ICBM V-Band clamp shroud attachment problem, designed new tool for installing V-Band; wrote two Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTO); reduced shroud attachment and maintenance time by more than 75%.

Qualified two new sources to replace obsolete RSTS components, reduced manufacturing and production cost by $8 million over two-year period.

Certified Aircraft Damage Repair engineer for F-22, F-16, F-15, A-10; created four and assessed three organic engineering solutions for hydraulic, electrical, and structural modifications; performed 6 non-destructive test on aircraft structure; supported Ogden-ALC.


Managed $16 million annual test budget and directed 203 personnel in tests and experiments on cutting-edge High Power Microwave (HPM) electronic attack weapons portfolio; led test IPT; performed systems integration, verification and validation tests, operational field demonstrations of HPM systems; formulated test plans, executed lab and field tests, collected and analyzed data, reported results.

Performed developmental and operational tests for $82 million/four Advanced Capability Technology Demonstration (ACTD) systems, including Air Force’s #1 ACTD and #1 Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) system. Fielded 3 systems to defeat IEDs, protected US military convoys, and addressed US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Commander’s #1 need.

Directed 22 tests at five sites. Led test readiness/safety/RF spectrum management reviews; executed Developmental and Operational tests and evaluation, Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Concept of Employment (CONEMP) developments for Active Denial System, CHAMP system, MAXPOWER Counter-IED system and other classified systems. Coordinated test activities with 38 organizations; efficient operations saved at least $325K per year in test operations.

Developed alternate field demonstration test site, fewer restrictions and use of existing infrastructure saved $150K/year in test cost.

Completed first-ever test of strategic stand-off Directed Energy electronic attack weapon for US military; quantified target-kill parameters; demonstrated/validated operational utility; assured covert non-kinetic attack against highly defended/restrictive targets.

Built two Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), six integrated Master Test Plans, 38 Safety/Security plans, 38 test cost estimates. Performed modeling and simulation of test CONOPS/CONEMP, coordinated test activities with 16 geographically separated agencies. Built test reports and briefed senior leaders on test activities and test results.

Created drawings of test fixtures using CAD software; maintained detailed and accurate records of test data, reviewed test data for issues and reported findings. Prepared eight test reports for senior leaders and stakeholders.


Served as lead mechanical engineer for HPM Division and Mechanical IPT lead for three programs worth $72 million; performed HPM research and development, mechanical design and analysis, systems engineering, and HPM system feasibility trade studies.

Led 7 mechanical engineers on $26 million mobile Counter-Improvised Explosives Device (Counter-IED) program.

Created mechanical requirements for prime power, structural and hydraulic system, and thermal management system. Reviewed contractor proposal and participated in source selection. Steered mechanical work breakdown structure and planning schedule; conducted system requirements review, preliminary design and critical design reviews.

Designed container to house 80000lbs HPM system and internal fuel tanks using CAD; performed structural and stress/strength load analysis, calculated mass properties. Performed shock and vibration analysis; designed and conducted shock and vibration test on critical components to determine resonance frequencies, resolved all shock and vibration issues.

Reviewed engineering drawings and data to ensure compliance with design specifications, quality and safety standards, and completeness of geometric dimensioning and tolerances. Performed physical configuration and functional configuration audits.

Designed thermal management system using CAD; performed fluid dynamics analysis; calculated system head loss and required coolant mass flow rate; integrated pump/heatsink/piping; enabled system to operate in extreme ambient temperatures above 120o F.

Integrated prime power and generator, RF modulator and transmitter, antenna, internal fuel tanks, and thermal management system. Performed integration tests and end-to-end system test. Prepared technical reports, briefed senior leaders and stakeholders.

Designed and built Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); integrated C3ISR suite, electro-optic and infrared sensors; integrated engine/propeller/power generator; solved shock/vibration issues. Prepared flight test and safety plans, led flight test readiness reviews. Increased range by 900 miles and improved imagery quality 1400% over current system. Delivered man-portable, day and night, persistent stand-off C4ISR UAV for covert intelligence operations to Air Force Special Operations forces (AFSOC). Briefed Secretary of the Air Force and Chief-of-Staff of Air Force. Recognized by Secretary of the Air Force (Michael Wynne) with award.

Performed research and development on RF sources, waveguides and antennas; performed finite element analysis to predict thermo-mechanical stability and heat transfer analysis using software; tested several magnetrons and antenna designs for HPM applications; increased power output 27%, reduced size and weight 30%, enabled compact light-weight HPM system development, saved $321K.

Completed feasibility trade study for $5 million HPM electronic attack system program; reduced technical risks, ensured most cost effective system solution.

Facility engineer and safety monitor for $25 million HPM research site. Conducted structural, test and safety equipment inspections, and site surveys. Reviewed facilities upgrade plans to ensure compliance to original standard of construction. Provided safety briefings to 123 people; ensured personnel complied with OSHA and agency safety policies/practice. Maintained training records and focal point for safety inspections; conducted risk management and recommended corrective actions; briefed senior management.

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