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Technical Support Manager

Medway, Massachusetts, 02053, United States
April 20, 2017

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Richard T. Catalano

* ***** *****

Medway, MA ***53

Land line: 508-***-****, Cell: 617-***-****, email: Objective A challenging and collaborative user assistance development position offering teamwork, leadership, and accountability opportunities to establish and execute a corporate product enablement vision and strategy. My experience and team building successes of the past twenty-plus years will be effectively utilized by a company wishing to provide best-in-class user assistance assets. This position will allow for loyal, professional growth, and team development. Skills Summary of skills and technologies:

Team leadership & innovation DITA schema & adoption Agile development methodologies

Globalized deliveries PMP certification training Video enablement using Camtasia

Managing multi-geographic

content development teams

Hadoop & big data cloud

and PaaS infrastructures

Structured authoring with XMetal &


Eclipse environments Component Content

Management systems

Source control and defect tracking

Portal framework for on-

demand content delivery

Adobe Acrobat, Captivate,

& FrameMaker




2012 through


Oracle Corporation (Endeca Technologies acquisition) Cambridge, Massachusetts

Director, User Assistance Development

Responsible for innovating an information development vision and strategy for merging Endeca’s Latitude agile business intelligence product documentation and curriculum into Oracle’s Business Analytics and Big Data product families. Worked closely with Oracle’s central documentation and curriculum teams to leverage their tools, polices, and practices to seamlessly blend our teams’ development methodologies into Oracle’s delivery systems.

Directed a team of six writers and two courseware developers in identifying enablement paths for various business and partner personas. This includes establishing new methods and models for extracting enablement user needs from stakeholders and transposing those into enablement asset deliverables that includes video tutorials, self-paced labs, interactive sandboxes, contextual user assistance, gathering social feedback, and instructor-led/virtual training.

Hands-on work with my teams to establish a new information architecture for Oracle’s cutting edge Big Data Discovery and Data Intellignece Platform (PaaS) cloud service products. Worked closely with engineering support teams to establish Hadoop cluster virtual environments for my teams’ use to build out automated big data on-premise and cloud-based enablement deliverables. July 2006




Endeca Technologies, Inc.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Director, Latitude Enablement Development

Responsible for establishing and maintaining the enablement development strategy for Endeca’s Latitude line of business. Rebuilt and led a team of four writers and two courseware developers to creatively define enablement deliverables based on interactions with stakeholders. Consistently developed and delivered enablement assets while constantly monitoring and evolving our development and delivery methods.

Led a steering committee consisting of representatives from Product Management, Engineering, Marketing/Sales, Services, Support, and Education to gather requirements that drive enablement development priorities and foster strong partner and customer adoption. Director of Documentation - (July 2006 through April 2011)

Primary responsibilities included cultivating an information development and delivery vision and strategies for an evolving, privately-held enterprise search corporation. Led a team of three legacy writers, previously developing conventional documentation, and defined a new agile identity and vision. Results were a more engaging and responsible doc team, focused on dynamic, on-line information delivery, and community integration of Endeca’s Information Access Platform products. Resume of Richard T. Catalano Page 2 of 4

Work closely with Product Management, Support, Services, Education, and Marketing to understand product requirements and how those requirements can lend to information solutions that can make the entire engineering organization more efficient and productive. Establish on-going relationships with Engineering leadership teams that gains visibility and accountability to and from the entire documentation organization across the enterprise.

Developed and grew a small documentation team into a functional information development organization with expanded authoring, tools development, editorial, and localization capacity. The team was recognized for our efforts with and STC Award of Excellence for it documentation portal application.

Led the rearchitecture of the documentation development and delivery model. This included a complete content and workflow analysis that resulted in a strategic shift to structured authoring in the DITA, XML-based architecture. Included the development of a metadata taxonomy that, combined with an Alfrsesco CMS, enabled better customer-focused content relevance.

Work with the executive leadership team to assess the potential for off-shore development projects, including documentation components and other content development artifacts. January 2003

through July


IBM Rational Software

Lexington, Massachusetts

Information Development Manager

Primary responsibilities included managing geographically dispersed product documentation and doc. services groups of seventeen writers and two developers. Writing groups responsible for five different Rational products; ClearQuest, RequistePro, Project Console, Portfolio Manager, and SoDA. Services group responsible for designing, deploying, and maintaining tools and infrastructure for all Rational Team documentation groups including builds, source control, and globalization.

Directly responsible for analyzing and specifying annual budget projections for permanent, contract, and intern writers, addressing tools, training, equipment and services needs.

Work closely with Rational, IBM Software Group, and IBM corporate user assistance teams to insure our groups’ deliverables adhere to corporate documentation policies, guidelines and best practices. This facilitates consistency and reuse of content within the Rational brand and to IBM.

Led a design team to deliver a completely re-architected documentation system for the Rational ClearQuest product. This leading-edge, role-based redesign utilizes IBM’s new DITA/XML DTD and was used as the sample for all IBM software group brands to follow for new documentation deliverables for both Eclipse and web-based client documentation. Principal Technical Writer - (January 2003 through March 2004)

Primary responsibilities revolved around taking over as lead writer for the ClearQuest documentation team. This included assessing current status and quality of deliverables, writer assignments, outstanding internal and customer defects, and overall design of the documentation.

Worked closely with writers, various engineering groups, Product Management, Global Services, and customer advocacy groups to gather input on the usability, completeness, and accuracy of the ClearQuest documentation. Rearchitected the ClearQuest documentation, utilizing evolving guidelines from the IBM User Assistance group

May 2001




Openwave Systems

Redwood City, California and Burlington, Massachusetts Publishing Tools Architect

Primary responsibilities included researching, designing, prototyping, deploying and maintaining all publication tools for six independent, global writing departments. This included working with a production team for developing and maintaining FrameMaker and Webworks templates, process development and administration, and providing tooling support to the various writing teams. Resume of Richard T. Catalano Page 3 of 4

Developed working prototype based on an XML-based Arbortext Epic structured writing environment

(with a modified DocBook DTD), Documentum/Interwoven content repository, and Arbortext's E3 publishing engine. Deployment has been delayed due to budgetary constraints.

Solely responsible for the research, evaluation, and selection of a custom Java-based search engine

(Lucene). This engine was deployed in a new information navigation tool that replaced approximately fifteen, 300+ page books with a single online navigation system. This tool was awarded an STC Award of Distinction for innovation in on-line documentation deliverables.

Developed a plan for providing a documentation portal for direct customer access to the content repository. This portal would identify users via metadata and deliver appropriate documentation dynamically based on individual customer's needs, software levels, and experience level. September

1993 through

April 2001

Wonderware Corporation (formerly Marcam Solutions, Inc.) Newton, Massachusetts

Technical Publications Manager

Primary responsibilities included managing a technical publications team of eleven writers and five contractors, and an annual budget of over one million dollars. This included interviewing, hiring, reviews, project scheduling and tracking, purchase orders and day-to-day administrative tasks.

Rearchitected and redefined a completely new information development staff into an integral part of the development organization following the Wonderware acquisition. Advised on unifying the Wonderware and Marcam documentation groups' tools and technology platforms.

Exclusively responsible for researching and investigating new technologies, tools, and platforms for potential deployment and implementation across Wonderware's development centers in Newton, MA, Atlanta, GA, Irvine, CA (post-acquisition), and Burlington, Ontario. Information Architect - (November 1997 through December 1998)

Designed, prototyped, and rolled-out STC award-winning on-line help system. Initially-based on the Winhelp engine, a conversion plan to migrate that design into the HTMLHelp model was subsequently abandoned for a better, XML-based solution utilizing.

Extensive work in researching, developing, and rolling out a Word-to-FrameMaker conversion plan across the three development centers in Newton, Atlanta, and Burlington.

Presented information development topics at international user conferences. Topics included developing on-line documentation and using Protean's help text customization. Team Leader – Principal Technical Writer- (September 1993 through November 1997)

Responsibilities included working closely from engineering and user interface designs to develop writing and review schedules for all Production module writers. This included tracking and reporting writing project status, progress, and milestones to all departmental managers.

Extensive work writing on-line help for all aspects of the Protean Production module's user interface, procedures, and concepts using RoboHelp, MS Word, and MS Access. Additionally, researched and wrote release notes and concepts guides using FrameMaker and Acrobat.

Primary technical contact for all CMS and systems administration issues regarding help text builds, intranet web pages, specifying writer hardware/software, and environment requirements July 1989




Iconics, Inc.

Foxborough, Massachusetts

Technical Publications & Marketing Communications Supervisor

Exclusively responsible for designing, writing, editing, laying out, illustrating and producing all end- user and on-line documentation and Sales/Marketing promotional literature for this company's family of PC-based process and supervisory control systems. Resume of Richard T. Catalano Page 4 of 4

Researched and designed conversion of hard copy books to Windows 3.1 help, writing native RTF script. Later migrated this design to RoboHelp Version 1.0 tools.

Extensive work in documenting a variety of CAD-based development and control systems including: ARCNET, Ethernet, Novell, Windows DDE, and NetBIOS local area network systems; object- oriented process simulation; statistical process control; and touch screen operator interfacing using Ventura Publisher 3.0 and 4.1.

Designed templates and guidelines for programmer's guides for the development of third-party I/O device interfaces, batch control systems, and custom reporting modules. September

1987 through

July 1989

Intelligent Computer Engineering, Inc.

Hopedale, Massachusetts

Publications Manager/Editor

Solely responsible for the writing, editing, laying out, illustrating and production of all product documentation and Marketing promotional literature for this start-up company's artificial intelligence/expert system development shell and turn-key applications. February

1986 through



McDonnell Douglas Corporation – Information Systems Group Cypress, California

National Technical Support Analyst

Primary responsibilities included writing, production, maintenance, and distribution of all reference, operations and training manuals/documentation for the Unigraphics II DNC products, including developing orientation and training workshops for in-house and regional support personnel, as well as teaching the workshops.

McDonnell Douglas Corporation – Master Link Product Division Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Regional Technical Support/Master Link Documentation Specialist

Responsible for technical support direct to customers regarding usage and installation of the ML3000 DNC system. Also responsible for all areas of technical writing for the Master Link DNC systems.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Science program in Computer Engineering Worcester State College

Worcester, Massachusetts

Majored in Mathematics

Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Course work in Architectural Design

References Excellent portfolio and professional references are available and will be furnished upon request.

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