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Medical Social Media

Chula Vista, California, United States
April 20, 2017

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Francisco Figueroa

**** ******* ***** • Chula Vista, CA • • (571) ***-****

Media and Public Relations Profile

Radio Talk Host ~ Public Affairs Supervision ~ Public Relations ~ Social Media Operations

Results-oriented, ambitious media relations / broadcast entertainment professional with skill and training to develop highly effective programs designed to meet needs of specific targeted market. Talented in establishing and building relationships with listeners by interacting with callers on a personal level and conducting interviews with high profile guests on current issues. Articulate writer and communicator, skilled in maintaining communication with local / national media, researching and evaluating media and online resources, devising campaigns to meet objectives. Adept at monitoring trends, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and aligning messaging to meet client goals. Skilled in supporting complex, deadline-driven operations. 13 year military Vet. Proficient in Spanish and English.

Core Competencies include:

Broadcast Journalism

Program Management

Communication Strategies

Client / Account Relationships

Social Media Strategies

Radio Announcer

Promotional Events

Public Relation Planning

Budgeting Administration

Resource Management

PR Strategy Execution

Team / Staff Leadership

Educational Background

Master of Arts in Communication Arts (2015)

University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration/Management (2011)

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Associate Degree in Health Services/Allied Health Sciences (2005)

The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Certifications: Navy Master Training Specialist • TeamSTEPPS Postgraduate Institute for Medicine

Technologies: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Related Experience

Okiraji Communication Agency, Okinawa, Japan

Vaciloki Radio Show - On Air Host (01/2011 to 11/2012)

Served as one of the On Air Hosts for the first Spanish-language radio programs, the Vaciloki Radio Show. Prepared and delivered news, sports, or weather reports. Planned and coordinated music format. Worked with producers and assistants to select program content based on issues/factors affecting Japanese and Spanish speaking listeners.

Key Contributions:

Established strong relationship with listeners, as on air personality, by providing entertainment and information consistent with format, genre, and targeted demographic audience.

Interview guests regarding current topics of interest and conversing with callers.

Served as Switchboard Operator, Caller Screener and Agency Ambassador at various live events.

Well versed in all uses of Social Media for added content to programming.

Savvy about websites and social media, able to create compelling digital content every day; highly proficient with Adobe Audition; team player and takes direction well.

Oishi Magazine, Okinawa, Japan

Chief Editor (09/2011 to 09/2012)

Oversaw development and creation of magazine ensuring adherence to design/style. Reviewed and edited drafts for possible publication. Established editorial policy and publishing requirements, including developing editorial staff to cross-check facts, fix spelling / grammar errors and work with freelance writers to meet publication deadlines.

Key Contributions:

Wrote editorial articles for publication, coordinated and planned page designs including photos.

Assumed additional responsibility for planning and coordinating execution of marketing campaigns.

Recent Experience

PIMA Medical Institute, San Diego, California

Lead Instructor (09/2016 to 04/2017)

Instruct and Implement the Career Prep Curriculum Sequence program in accordance with curriculum standards and objectives.

Key Contributions:

Instruct students in the foundation courses such as mathematics, computers, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, study skills and first aid.

Plan instruction of the foundation courses to achieve syllabus objectives.

Prepare lesson plans that align with established curriculum and address student needs.

Assist students in transitioning from the Career Prep Sequence to the Professional Sequences.

Monitor student attendance and inform the Associate Director/Student Services staff when three or more consecutive absences occur. Prepare weekly attendance reports for the office management staff.

Review student retention rates and implement plan to reduce student withdrawals. Maintain an 80% student retention rate for all classes taught in the sequence.

Maintain student grades in accordance with established policies. Prepare final grades at the end of the sequence to update student records and transcripts.

Evaluate the performance of students regarding achievements in curriculum and activities and make necessary provisions to meet learning needs.

Monitor student academic progress and inform the Associate Director/Student Services staff when a student’s grade average for any course drops below 77%.

US Navy, San Diego, California

Supervisor (11/2014 to 09/2016)

As the Blood Bank Transfusion Services Bench Supervisor, develop and implement laboratory standards, operating procedures and a quality control programs according to US Navy guidelines and regulations. Oversee training of 19 technicians, providing instruction on latest processes. Mentored and coached staff members to provide high quality services to local community, businesses and government agencies.

Performs and supervises the performance of manual and automated advanced laboratory procedures for clinical bacteriology, mycology, serology, immunohematology, hematology, parasitology, chemistry, toxicology and urinalysis.

Independently operates, maintains, and validates laboratory equipment and results involved in patient care.

Key Contributions:

Successfully manage and coordinate execution of daily operations to for serve more than 250K service members and DoD civilians.

Coordinated and performed comprehensive review of laboratory capabilities, instrumentation, and supply system to meet Quality Systems Essential Laboratory Standards within the pacific region.

Credited for properly responding to 12 Level I trauma cases resulting in 114 transfused blood products.

Instructor: (11/2014 to Present)

As the Command Training Team, directed teaching/learning activities within the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Provided CMEO Navy Rights and Responsibilities (NR&R) workshops. Conducted military required training periodically or when the command received a great enough assignment of new personnel to warrant training.

Key Contributions:

Successfully provided over 300 hours of lecture time to military members and DoD civilians.

Coordinated lectures and reviewed training objectives to maintain the standards within the pacific region.

Assisted in the development of the Command Training Team, administrative tasks maintain electronic student records; provide enrollment and other student reports as required by supervisor.

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety Instructor: (11/2014 to Present)

Facilitated fundamentals modules in text and presentation format, which included video vignettes to illustrate key concepts, using workshop materials supporting CD and DVD. Performed over 250 hours in producing highly effective medical teams that optimize the use of information, people, and resources to achieve the best clinical outcomes for patients by increasing team awareness and clarifying team roles and responsibilities, which helps resolves conflicts and improving information sharing.

Key Contributions:

Successfully provided training for onsite trainers and health care staff.

Developed an implementation plan which adheres to the Department of Defense's Patient Safety Program in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

US Navy – San Diego State University, SD

Adjunct Assistant Professor (05/2015 to 10/2015)

Assisted professor facilitated meaningful learning of the course competencies in the curriculum and proactively supported all facets of the learning environment. Provided education through learning-centered instruction that enable graduates to fulfill the evolving needs of graduation. Managed the learning environment through keeping accurate records, submitting grades and other reports on time, and enforcing school/campus academic and attendance policies. Delivered lectures and oral presentations to over 50 students per class; utilize techniques and methods of blended learning.

Key Contributions:

Enable the achievement of pre-described exit competencies for student achievement and evaluation of learning by providing instruction which fosters competencies and establish student performance criteria and evaluation.

Maintains expertise in subject area and recommends improvements in curriculum design.

US Navy - George Washington University, Washington, DC

Adjunct Assistant Professor (01/2013 to 10/2014)

Assisted professor in developing curriculum and course material for teaching Microbiology 101 and 201 courses for the Navy medical laboratory technician program. Delivered hands-on classroom instruction and guidance to diverse multicultural students. Performed variety of instructor-related functions, administered and graded examinations, project assignments, handouts, daily work, quizzes, and group assignments.

Delivered lectures and oral presentations to over 30-50 students per class; utilize techniques and methods of blended learning; present and facilitate case studies in a classroom environment; conduct computer-based training; and employ a range of motivational techniques and encourage learning.

Methods of instruction included audiovisual materials, case studies, classroom exercises, computer-based training, discussion, laboratory, learner presentations, lecture, and practical exercises.

Key Contributions:

Credited for preparing student to pass the national certification examinations in clinical microbiology needed to earn a position in a diagnostic microbiology laboratory.

Proactively tracked and monitored student progress, informing professor/administration of overall instructional success and completion of semester projects.

US Navy - Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX

Lead Instructor (11/2012 to 10/2014)

As the Lead Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technician Program, supervised and developed course curriculum and training materials to educate both US Army and US Navy Medical Laboratory Technicians on latest lab technologies and procedures. Coordinated development of multi-discipline curriculum and testing procedures. Utilized in-depth understanding of various instructional styles to develop lessons plans that drew students into learning environment. Trained instructors to meet all QA standards.

Directed teaching and learning activities in the various formalized Navy training environments. Delivers training material, administer course related tests, counsels students on academic problems, documents academic performance, evaluates training, and performed curriculum maintenance tasks to ensure validated formalized training requirements are executed.

Key Contributions:

Credited for designing and performing a certification preparation course to ensure attainment of technical qualifications by all the instructors.

Taught Parasitology course to 653 Army and Navy students, completing over 500 instructional hours.

Provided more than 200 instructional hours to 400+ Navy students regarding Navy pride and professionalism.

Master Training Specialist demonstrated highly effective teaching skills and a comprehensive understanding of school management, training administration, and curriculum management.

US Navy

Military Service (08/2002 to 08/2016)

Assists hospital corpsman officers with administrative procedures; emergency treatment; equipment maintenance; infection control; laboratory test procedures; material management; medication administration; patient assessment care, and transport; recording and documenting; routine medical care; and wound and incision care. Specific tasks include creating medical or dental records; monitoring patient vital signs; cleaning treatment rooms and equipment; inventorying and organizing medical department equipment and supplies; administering intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections; assessing medical conditions, diseases, and injuries; obtaining vital signs; assisting health care providers with treatment and medical procedures; counseling patients regarding treatment plans; monitoring fluid intake and output; performing urinary catheterization; performing first aid; transcribing medical information; and operating medical equipment including EKG, AED, BP, cuff, suction devices, and O2 tanks.

Key Contributions:

Assists in command medical readiness, health and safety inspection, relationship building, and staff management.

Screening active duty medical records and data for overseas and sea duty assignment suitability; updating medical and dental readiness reports; determining medical workspace problems to prevent adverse results.

Ordering medical supplies and equipment; advising medical or dental facilities of requirements for appointments including specialty consults, x-rays, and laboratory work.

Coordinating training for medical personnel and first responder crew; conducting trauma training to match field or fleet requirements; and operating shipboard battle dressing or battalion aid stations.

8506 - Medical Laboratory Technician, Advanced

Performs and supervises the performance of advanced laboratory procedures such as the auto analyzers, recording spectrophotometers, blood gas analyzers, flame photometers (emission and absorption), osmometers, gas chromatographs, electrophoreses apparatus, sequential multiple analyzers, and other procedures, as required. Performs all phases of blood donor processing and blood banking procedures, clinical bacteriology, mycology, serology, immunohematology, hematology, parasitology, general, and clinical chemistry, toxicology and urinalysis.

Key Contributions:

Independently operates, maintains, and validates laboratory equipment and results involved in patient care.

8404 - Field Medical Service Technician

Provides medical and dental services for personnel in field units. Provides technical and administrative assistance to support the mission and functions of the Navy and Marine Corps field units. Maintains organizational level AMALs and ADALs. Assits in the procurement and distribution of supplies and equipment for field use and combat areas. Maintains field treatment facilities. Renders first aid and emergency medical and dental treatment to unit personnel/combatants. Coordinates and performs medical evacuation procedures. Ensures observance of field sanitary measures and preventive measures in specialized warfare. Conducts first aid and health education training programs.

Key Contributions:

Identify medical conditions resulting from combat wounds or injuries; provided treatment for specific medical conditions; successfully triage 30 casualties for treatment or evacuation.

Evaluate 50 field sanitation sites related to water and waste disposal and correct deficiencies according to the DOD policy.

Delivered lectures and practical exercises in combat survival and field medical practices. Course includes physical conditioning, the corpsman in the field, field medical emergency procedures, and medical supply in the field, preventive medicine, and dental practices.

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