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High School Engineering

Tom Bean, Texas, 75489, United States
April 20, 2017

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Address: P.O. Box ***

Tom Bean, TX 75489


Age: 66 DOB: 5/3/1950


Texas A & M University, M.S. Exercise Physiology, 1976

Misc. Graduate Business and psychology courses from McNeese State Univ,

Lake Charles, LA

University of Central Arkansas, B.S. Psychology/Sociology, 1973

Russellville High School, diploma, 1968

Work Experience:

1966-1968 Russellville A.A.U. swimming and diving team

1968-1973 Swim/Diving team member University of Central Arkansas

1973-1974 Head swimming and diving coach, Arkansas Polytechnic College

1975 United States Air Force pilot training

1975-1976 Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach, Texas A&M University

1976-78 Conroe High School

C.V.A.E Science teacher and H.S. Swim Coach.

Coached the Conroe A.A.U. swim team.

1978-1979 England Academy, Taught all sciences grades 7-12.

1985-1992 Lake Charles, LA YMCA Program and Aquatic Director

Specific duties:

Directed the largest after school and summer day care program in the state.

Taught swim classes within the “Y”.

Taught water Aerobics classes within the “Y”.

Supervised the entire city of Sulpher,LA’s city pool system.

Coached the Lake Charles A.A.U. Swim Tea

Oilfield Education, Locations &Experience:

Mud Consultant 2004-2006 & 2013 to present

Baker Hughes (Corpus Christi office)2010- 2013

Mud Consultant, Miller & Assoc. 1985-1988

Magcobar/MI/MISWACO 1979-2004)Lafayette, Lake Charles, Harvey, Hallifax, Canada, Port Harcourt, Nigeria offices

Basic Mud School, Magcobar 1979

Integrated Fluids Engineering, MI 1998

Liquid Mud Supervisor for the Texas gulf coast (Offshore) for MiSWACO, 2004.

Gom Offshore- Water based muds from 8.6 ppg to 18.2 ppg

Diesel based oil muds from 10.0 ppg to 18.2 ppg

Synthetic oil muds from 10.0 ppg to 17.8 ppg

Brines from Sodium Chloride to Zinc Bromides

Texas/Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama Land- Including West Texas, South Texas and along the

Texas and Louisiana Gulf coast.

Diesel based oil muds from 10.0 ppg to 18.2 ppg

Synthetic oil muds from 10.0 ppg to 17.8 ppg

Completions up to and including Zinc Bromides

Canada- (Sable Island Project)

Synthetic oil muds from 9.0 ppg to 17.8 ppg

Brines from Sodium Chloride to Calcium Chlorides

Nigeria Offshore- (High pressure/High Temperture)

Water based muds from 9.0 ppg to 10.2 ppg

Diesel based oil muds from 10.2 ppg to 18.0 ppg


IFE Engineer, a program which includes a curriculum that includes:

Basic Integrated fluid engineering Concepts

Completion fluids

Drilling fluid economics/Product optimization

Drilling Technologies and Systems

IFE Project Planning

Centrifugal Pumps

SWACO Centrifuge Workshop

SWACO Basic Equipment

Mud Relationship to Solids

Engineering Fluids Volumes

Waste Management and Treatment Systems

Rig Evaluation

High Pressure Subsea Wellhead Systems Certification

Deep Water Fluids Certification

NPDES, Non-Aqueous Fluids, ROC Compliance Certification

H2S Training/Certification

Lockout/tagout certification

Confined Space EntrySurvival Systems Training including Basic survival Training, DONUT Familiarization, and Skyscape Familarization.Helicopter Underwater Egress Training


It is difficult to provide much detail for a 35 year career in the oilfields but some of the highlights of my career include:

Heaviest completion fluid job in the GOM at that time 18.2 ppg Zinc Bromide) 1982

First 100% Hematite job in Louisiana test well 1981

Highest angle hole without problems in the GOM at the time (92 degrees) 1983

Record drilling for the Sable Island Project, Canada 1999 . Beat target date by 62 days!

Specific details about any job not included in this document is available upon request.


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