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Quality Control State University

Pasadena, California, United States
April 21, 2017

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Niloofar Hajaty

**** ***** ******* ***, ********, CA 91103




Bachelor of Art in Chemistry Fall 2012

Major: Chemistry

Memberships: Board member and marketing chairman of the Iranian Student Association

Courses: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Project: Analyzed the effects of sun ray reflections on different types of burnt wood as well as pure and mixed salt particles in the air, with respect to variations in the levels of humidity.


Assistant Supervisor Mar/2007 – Jun/2008

Major: Chemistry

Assisted applicants in finding part time jobs through mentorship and other academic resources

Collected and analyzed student data and prepared the required recommendations accordingly

Guided incoming students and provided academic advising on degree programs as the orientation leader



Chemical Engineer Jan/2017 – Present

Managed all the functions on every laboratory such as R&D, QC, Stability, and Micro.

In charged with programing daily and weekly schedules of laboratories’ works and Chemists.

Wrote new formulas based on customers’ needs and marketing’s requests.

Produced new products in the R&D laboratory and monitoring their characteristics over ageing.

Adjusted products with different issues such as low/high viscosity, low/high pH, color, and appearance.

Investigated issues occurred in the laboratories and developed new ideas and processes.

Wrote all the SOPs needed for the laboratories based on FDA regulations.

Performed laboratory instruments’ different methods.

Reviewed and approved every product was made in R&D.

In charged with purchasing all equipment, instruments, fragrances, colors, and all other ingrediants.


Quality Control Chemist II Jan/2016 – Jan/2017

Tested and reported all the manufactured finished goods based on their Appearance, Odor, pH, and Viscosity.

Performed stability testing on short and long term samples at 25 C.

Tested and reported new batches on Specific Gravity, Odor, and Appearance.

Checked Process Validation products compared to their Finished Good or Bulk Hold.

Performed different test methods on Product validation on both PV and FV.

Recorded OOS results.

Investigated issues occurred in the lab which leaded to develop and perform new ideas and processes.

Wrote and recorded results and data based on GMP and company’s SOPs.

Worked with LIMS system based on templating and programming, sample logging in, sample checking, result logging in, and releasing products.

Performed UV/VIS instrument on products’ Absorbance.

Tested different product based on their Emulsion Particles using Microscope.


Quality Control and R&D Chemist I Nov/2014 – Dec/2015

Adjusted the pH, Viscosity, and Color levels of new batches using a higher verity of Raw Materials than the previous position through every Raw Material which was used in the formulas such as different waxes, surfactants, foaming and thickening agents as Carbopol, Lonzin C, SLES, Sepigel, etc.

Checked on different tanks and pumps which were used in producing different products before and in middle of the processes.

Investigated issues occurred in the lab and compounding area which leaded to develop and perform new ideas and processes.

Hands on researching on new cosmetic formulas throughout making different lab batches, recording the processes, issues, results, and researching on different/new Raw Materials.


Quality Control and Stability Control Chemist I Jun/2013 – Nov/2014

Adjusted the pH and Viscosity levels of new batches through the use Citric Acid, Caustic Soda, Salt, Potassium phosphate, Mirataine and Amphosol.

Tested new Raw Materials using FTIR to ensure uniform quality and safety standards.

Managed operations of raw materials by regulating quality standards and issuing product approvals for batches transitioning to the finish goods process.

Analyzed various products through the Weight Claim process, resulting in higher product consistency and process efficiency.

Performed stability testing on short and long term samples at 25 C and 40 C to study how samples react in the short and long term and extend the expiration date on qualifying long term samples.

Communicated and led new ideas for upcoming projects, resulting in the development of improved processes within the department for sample testing.

Wrote, reviewed, and revised SOPs related to work responsibilities.

Recorded OOS results appeared on products.

Performed Oracle Labware based on logging samples, logging results, and releasing products.

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE – Environmental Biomass Research Group

Undergraduate Researcher – Under Supervision of Dr. Curtis Jun/2011 – Dec/2012

Extracted subject particles through the Constant Output Atomizer machine.

Operated the UV-VIS_Near_Infrared (NIR) Light Source machine to reflect UV light on the objects in different Relative Humidity (RH) Percentages.

Utilized the Drierite instrument to induce changes in the Relative Humidity (RH) Percentages.

Operated various technical computer software (i.e. Logger Light 1.4 to measure the RH percentage and time, Spectrasuite to measure the effects of UV light, and Igor to depict the graphs of collected data).


Languages: English and Persian

Software Proficiency: Excel, Power point, Microsoft Office Suite & Project, Oracle, LIMS, Logger Light 1.4, Spectrasuite, Igor

Technical Skills: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS), Atomic Absorption (AA), Atomic Spectroscopy (AS), UV-Vis, Fourier Transform Spectroscopy_IR (FT_IR), Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Rotating Disk Technique, Viscometer, Specific Gravity, pH Meter, Centrifuge, Melting Point Instrument, % Solid Instrument

Interests: Painting, Drawing, Professional photography, Swing, and Hiking.


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