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Business Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Analysis, Decision Scientist

Round Rock, Texas, United States
April 21, 2017

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Victoria Marie Lovegren, Ph.D.



I am a problem solver. During my professional career, and in my civic-engagement activities, I have developed problem-solving skills spanning many dimensions. My Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science and Business gave me the skills to get started, but my strong sense of social justice and personal experiences, shaped my desire to solve problems. Problem solving is the common thread running through most of my professional and civic experiences, and I am always striving to learn new tools to assist in that endeavor.

Problem documentation, decomposition and prioritization are skills I’ve honed as a Business Analyst, Teacher and Activist. I have relied on an old friend, Data Flow / Data Lineage Diagrams, as one of my go-to documentation/analysis techniques (with Visio as my diagramming platform of choice.) For understanding the world (or enterprise), i.e., for data architecture, data analysis, meta-data management, data modeling, and database design, I’ve utilized Entity Relationship Diagrams and Meta-Data Databases/Data Dictionaries for several decades. My formal mathematical skills (e.g., logic, set theory, functional analysis, linear algebra, etc.) have contributed to my ability to conceptualize, characterize, generalize and reflect domain knowledge in analytical decision-support systems and data warehouses supporting business intelligence.

I possess exceptional skills in Data Analysis, Data Modeling/Architecture, Meta-data Management, Business Requirements Analysis, Decision Science, Database Navigation and Reporting, DSS and DW/BI design, ETL Development and Teaching.

Subject-matter expertise has been the by-product of the diverse set of projects in which I’ve worked. I’ve learned the terminology of operations management, logistics, supply-chain, manufacturing, inventory, ERP, health-care, transportation, distribution, warehousing, education, government programs, human-resource management, legal/court systems, non-profit/charity programs and services, and real-estate, to name a few.


Accruent – Software for Real Estate and Facility Management – Austin (SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS,Oracle))

Business Intelligence Architect / Developer


Maintain, document, troubleshoot and enhance a Real Estate Data Store / Brokerage Management System (“REDS”) for Walmart International. Relational and dimensional databases are built on Microsoft Stack-SSMS, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS. REDS supports facility (store and distribution center), project-management and financial data analyses. Publishers and subscribers utilize web-services to “save” and “fetch” data from the data store. Numerous financial metrics are utilized with detailed comparisons of actual vs. projected financial metrics. Scope covers multiple countries, regions, exchange rates, currencies, inflation rates, fiscal years, calendars and other attributes, and utilizes data from numerous accounting, projection and other systems. Constructed numerous data models reflecting the Data Warehouse data architecture.

KGS – Contractor for Department of Veterans Affairs – Austin Data Center (MySQL, Oracle and Access Queries)

Data Analyst, Data Architect, Business Analyst


Worked on design and development of several web-based business-intelligence projects. Conducted requirements’ and data analyses for BI data-visualization tool supporting Resource Capacity Management (Labor and Materials), Data-Center Consolidation Programs and Project Management of those programs. Constructed numerous conceptual/logical data models, data-flow diagrams and other data-management artifacts. Resolved numerous data-terminology/integration and data-quality issues. Designed databases and conducted analyses in prototyping environments--MS Access and Oracle before porting to MySQL. Worked with PHP developer, writing queries and stored procedures to retrieve/update data. Developed subject-matter expertise in enterprise data-center operations, data-center resource-capacity-management and project management. Interfacing data sources included Excel spreadsheets, Oracle and SQL Server databases, Sharepoint documents, legacy systems and other miscellaneous data stores.

Was chief data architect for an Enterprise Operations Data Management project. Constructed numerous Meta-data artifacts, including Subject-Area Data Models, Scoping Documents, Data Dictionary, and Conceptual / Logical models, especially pertaining to the subject area: IT Assets.

TechLinkMD – Health-Care EMR/EHR Startup Tech Firm - Dallas

Data Architect / Business Analyst / Strategic Management


Met with other principals multiple times during 2013. Conducted market research, requirements’ analysis and data modeling for an advanced EMR/EHR web-based application. Created multiple data models representing requirements.

Zogotech – Data Warehouse Development for Higher Education Institutions – Austin (MS SQL and SSAS)

Data Warehouse - ETL Developer - SQL Server / SSAS / Python / Visio


Determined requirements for OLAP Data Warehouse (“Estudias”) for community-colleges’ and universities’ institutional-effectiveness researchers, student advisors, and college administrators. Reverse-engineered and documented educational-institutions’ student/course management (ERP) systems in order to ascertain/confirm business rules and source data-warehouse facts. Created numerous data models reflecting internal data architecture as well as client source databases. Customized proprietary ETL (Python/SQL) programs, extracted institution data, and conducted extensive data-quality analyses and data-transformation/cleansing activities. Participated in the design and architecture of the web-based student-advising and data-visualization product enhancements . Designed tool to extract client-specific meta data from Estudias, facilitating school-specific data-quality analyses and reconciliation. Utilized Python, SQL Server 2008R2, T-SQL, SSAS, MS Access, Excel, Office Web Components and other programs and libraries.

C2 Education - Tutoring – Southlake, Texas

Senior Mathematics Tutor


Tutored high-school math students and prepared college hopefuls for college-preparatory exams: SAT, ACT, etc.

Tarrant County College - 5-campus community college – Fort Worth Metroplex

Department of Mathematics – Adjunct Faculty


Taught Calculus and Algebra, utilizing MyMathLab for Algebra course.

Hathaway Brown School – Elite Private Girls School K-12 – Shaker Heights, Ohio

Department of Mathematics – Teacher


Taught Algebra 2 to juniors and Multivariate Calculus and Differential Equations to gifted seniors.

Case Western Reserve University – Highly Rated Private Liberal Arts University – Cleveland (Access SQL Queries)

Department of Mathematics – Full-time lecturer


National Science Foundation “Math and Science Partnership” – Project Coordinator


Taught Calculus and Pre-Calculus. Was nominated for both outstanding Teacher and Mentor. Researched, selected and implemented a new online-training technology, MyMathLab. Coordinated and administered MyMathLab Pre-Calculus courses. Worked with Cleveland Municipal School High-School Math teachers to make their mathematics curriculum more “applied.” Was invited freshman-orientation speaker for three years and plenary panelist for CWRU’s annual Research-Showcase (2007).

Cleveland State University – Large Public University - Cleveland Metroplex

Department of Operations Management and Statistics - Adjunct Faculty


Department of Continuing Education - Instructor


Taught Statistics. Prepared curriculum and taught three sessions of Advanced Data Modeling and Database Design.

John Carroll University – Private Catholic Liberal Arts University - Cleveland

Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics – Adjunct Faculty


Department of Math and Computer Science – Adjunct Faculty


Taught graduate courses in Operations Management, and undergrad courses in Quantitative Analysis and Calculus.

Lovegren & Associates, Inc. – Databases and Decision Support Systems (Access SQL Queries, Paradox QBE Queries, VBA, Paradox PAL wrote VERY COMPLEX reports!)

Business Founder and Owner. Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Modeler, Database Developer


Developed a comprehensive Real-Estate Management system for a commercial real-estate broker. Tracked property, prospective/current clients, leases, sales, occupancy, commissions, invoicing, etc.

For a metal-finishing job-shop business, designed and developed a complex Shipping/Receiving/Inventory application. Complexity derived from exception-oriented business practices, multiple operating facilities, thousands of parts, hundreds of customers with varied processing, packaging and shipping requirements, and interfaces with accounting and bar-code applications.

Worked with a city board of education on a highly political Transportation-Redistricting project. Developed BI tools to assist in the data collection, analysis and evaluation of alternative transportation policies, school-bus routing options and student-bus assignments. Interfaced with 3rd-party, educational-logistics software product.

Designed and developed numerous BI applications for several city school districts, including the largest district in Ohio, Cleveland Municipal School District. Departments included Transportation, Technical Services, External Affairs, Budgeting, and Research and Evaluation. For External Affairs, developed a Mailing List application. For Transportation, created numerous reports for routing and scheduling student school-bus and other transportation providers. For Research and Evaluation, developed, for each school in the district, a one-page School Profile Report, containing numerous metrics describing the school’s population and performance history.

Developed a web-based Event Maintenance application for community church, enabling dynamic information about upcoming events to be published on the web with virtually no web-authoring maintenance. Was project leader for web-development effort.

Developed a BI tool for Program Participation Tracking and Assessment, a tool that can be utilized by any organization--government agency, health-care provider or other service/program provider seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of its programs and services. Wrote a patent application for the product design and was granted a patent. Application tracks program-participation information workers assigned, services received, activities, assessments conducted, etc., and utilizes user-maintained assessment instruments.

Enhanced Youth On Track’s Assessment Management module for use by Lorain County Domestic Relations Court. Enhancements enabled user-maintenance of “analyzable” questions and multiple-choice answers, i.e., custom-developed assessment instruments. Caseworkers could conduct assessments using the instruments, and the results could be analyzed within Youth On Track, or within 3rd-party statistical-analysis tools.

Developed a BI tool, Youth On Track ™, for Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court to evaluate, refer and track juvenile offenders in court- and community-provided programs. Events such as contacts, assessments, service plans, incidents, personnel assignments, etc. could be tracked for each youth in each program, yielding information useful for measuring program/agency performance, efficacy of juvenile/program assignments, and for identifying gaps in program/service coverage.

Developed a Fund-Raising Management system for a women’s labor advocacy organization. Tracked solicitors, contacts, pledges, donations, prospective/current donors and other relevant information.

Developed a Hunger-Center Operations application for one of the largest hunger centers in Cuyahoga County. Maintained a database of current/past food recipients and their households. Facilitated the intake process, tracked usage, income, and other household attributes. Included a complex scheduling module, linked to the printed appointment/reminder cards. Included reports for program evaluation and demand forecasting.

Designed database application for a county land title company to maintain real-estate property title and related legal instruments (using indexed, text and imaged components) with the goal of automating/streamlining title examinations, lien searches and other real-estate (title/escrow) work-order processing.

For a professional engineering organization, designed and developed database application to manage membership information, external mailing lists, and sponsored events. Database contains classification attributes of non-members, external lists and events that enable precise market targeting via event-specific mailing lists.

Designed and developed an application for maintenance/inquiry of regional cancer support groups. Developed Web application to search for support groups by geographical area, type of cancer, treatment type, sponsoring institution and other factors.

For an international floor-products manufacturer, developed an application linking its mainframe ERP system (SAP) to a PC-based Inventory Planning BI tool. Also managed the development of a PC-based Production / Distribution BI tool, drawing sales forecasts and current inventory levels from legacy systems.

For a regional charity organization, developed data model for a fundraising management application.

Managed the conceptual data modeling of a customer-database evaluation project for a regional (5-state) telecommunications provider. Involved enterprise modeling and evaluation of numerous operations’ and decision-support systems in various stages of development.

Managed the design of an analytical warehouse-stock-location BI tool for a regional music retailer.

Developed numerous database applications for a regional commercial bakery producing and delivering primarily fresh-baked items to restaurants and retail establishments. Most complex applications, the mixing and packaging schedules, utilized order and sales-history files extracted from host order-management system, along with formula/BOM, frozen finished-goods inventory, raw-materials inventory, inventory stockpile plans, shipping schedules, labor schedules, product-substitution allowances, and other data. Also developed tools for staff scheduling, loading and shipping reports, inventory management (frozen and non-frozen sku's), production tracking and reconciliation reports, and customer-service analysis reports.

During this period, I was active in the Cleveland Paradox Database Special Interest Group. I gave several Data Modeling talks at SIG meetings.

Cleveland Consulting Associates – Renown Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Consulting Firm (Paradox QBE)

Decision Scientist and Senior Management Consultant


For a large fabric and crafts distributor, led the analysis and design efforts for a warehouse management system. The PC-network application was designed to interface with legacy store-order management, purchase-order management and corporate inventory systems.

As database advisor, audited the design of the database (IDMS DBMS) for a comprehensive sales and distribution system. Advised this international tire manufacturer in data-modeling procedures/techniques.

Managed a strategic analysis projects, primarily facility-location and product-sourcing, for a national manufacturer of frozen novelties. Designed and developed a BI tool to aid in the analysis.

For a national pharmaceutical manufacturer, defined detailed functional requirements for an order-management system, concentrating on distribution, warehouse operations and inventory control (lot-tracked, short-shelf-life products).

Jointly developed for a leading producer of commercial glass and fiberglass products, an optimization-based BI tool for warehouse stock-location planning. Developed training materials and conducted on-site training.

Customized and installed, for an international diversified consumer goods manufacturer, two BI tools: 1) for strategic/tactical production and distribution planning and; 2) for day-to-day distribution decisions.

Was chief analyst in a Data Architecture/Data Management project for a Fortune 100 food manufacturer. Functional scope (Supply Chain) included forecasting, inventory planning and control, production planning and scheduling, distribution planning, warehouse operations, transportation operations, marketing and sales. Affinity and cluster-analysis techniques were used in the analysis.

For a national greeting card manufacturer, defined functional requirements for an inventory control system.

Participated in the design of Windows-based “Production Scheduler”, Cleveland Consulting Associates’ proprietary master-scheduling program product for process manufacturers.

The University of Illinois at Chicago – Chicago branch of The University of Illinois (SQL, PL/1, SAS-OR)

Department of Information and Decision Sciences – Assistant Instructor


Taught courses in Decision Support Systems (BI’s), Data Modeling/Database Design/SQL, Systems Analysis, Operations Research and Computer Programming.

The University of Texas at Austin – Main Campus of The University of Texas (SAS, Fortran, proprietary optimizer)

Center for Cybernetic Studies - Research Associate III


Department of Mathematics - Assistant Instructor


Department of Mathematics - Teaching Assistant


Taught Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses. Conducted research and developed BI systems for various clients of the Center for Cybernetic Studies in the acclaimed UT McCombs Business School. For the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, developed mathematical models to assist in decisions pertaining to human-resource utilization. Ph.D. dissertation dealt with rotation of Naval personnel from Sea- to Shore-duty. Developed a SAS-based BI tool for a national health-care-provider organization. Used tool to analyze the organization’s operations and membership activities. Learned SAS by taking every course offered by the UT Information Center.

IBM – Federal Systems Division – Clear Lake City (Fortran, Assembly Language, GPSS-like simulation package, IMS DBMS)

Senior Scientific Programmer


Worked on various federal-government IT projects, including NASA Space Shuttle and Federal Energy Management programs. Developed Space-Shuttle ground-based databases (IMS) and customized a Monte-Carlo simulation program (CSS) to simulate NASA’s Mission-Control Room. Utilized Assembly Language, Fortran and Computer System Simulator.


Ph.D. Interdisciplinary (Math/Computer Science/Business)

The University of Texas at Austin


B.A. Mathematics (Minor: Physics)

Trinity University -- San Antonio


Have also completed at least six graduate courses in Mathematical Modeling (University of Houston) and Statistics (CWRU--“Decision Making Under Uncertainty”). Have taken numerous independent professional-training courses: Python, SAS, MS Access, Visual Basic, Paradox/PAL, HTML and others.


Patent issued 9/11/2007: US 7,269,579 B2 (US 200******** A1) - Method for Tracking and Assessing Program Participation


American Greetings, LLC

American Association of Nurse Anethetists

Ameritech Corporation (AT&T)

Armor-Dial Corporation

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Builders Square, Inc.

Camelot Music, Inc

Cleveland Engineering Society.

Cleveland Heights -University Heights School District

Cleveland Municipal School District

Community Shares

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court

Deloitte Development, LLC

East Side Interfaith Ministries – Hunger Center

Fabri-Centers of America, Inc.

General Mills, Inc.

Gold Bond Ice Cream, Inc.

Hard Hatted Women

Kraft Food Group, Inc.

Land Title Agency, Inc.

Lorain County Domestic Relations Court

Michelin North American, Inc

Nabisco (Mondelēz International)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Oncology Nursing Society

Orlando Baking Company

Owens Corning

Payless ShoeSource, Inc.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


U.S. Army and U.S. Navy

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Walmart International


Board member of Common Cause-Ohio

Board member of Economic Justice and Empowerment Program of Northeast Ohio AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)

Board member of Election Defense Alliance – National Election Integrity Non-Profit

Director of Public Affairs at radio station, WRUW 91.1. As a “citizen journalist”, programmed and hosted my own show, “Doing Democracy”, and hosted the syndicated “Democracy NOW!” show.

Invited speaker at Cleveland City Club and numerous other public forums at Kent State University and other colleges, churches and other venues

Authored numerous Op-Eds and position papers in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer and other publications. My election-integrity work has been cited in other articles and books. Received Eagle Award from Black Box Voting

Nationally recognized advocate of fair and honest elections, seen (interviewed or shown speaking in a public forum) in four documentary films: Hacking Democracy, Uncounted, Stealing America Vote by Vote, and How Ohio Pulled it Off

Primary organizer of “We Count 2006”, a national conference about Democracy and Election Integrity in 2006 and another national conference in 2005.

Founded Ohio Vigilance, an election-reform watchdog organization, sponsoring board-of-elections public demonstrations, several exit polls, election-verification actions, election-reform teach-in, web-site and list-serves. Educated and rallied concerned citizens to join in opposition to Cuyahoga County’s implementation of electronic voting.

Grand Judge for Intel’s 2003 International Science and Engineering Fair

Organized a campaign to bring “Democracy NOW!” to Northeast Ohio show has been airing 5 days/week for 9 years.

Member of Case for Peace, where I organized and administered an alternative-film series on CWRU campus

Co-presented Backbone Award to U.S. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Sponsored an Iraqi teenager (our foreign-exchange student) for asylum and ultimately U.S. Citizenship

Featured in Northern Ohio Live magazine article about my trip to Iraq with US Academics for Peace

Delegate of US Academics for Peace, at a Peace Seminar in January 2003, (University of Baghdad)

Selected by DARPA to be one of 237 scientists among “Scientists Helping America” – 6 months post 9/11

Member of International Who’s Who of Information Technology

Member of National Registry of Who’s Who

Member of Who’s Who of American Women

Member of National Association of Women Business Owners

Member of National Association of Female Executives

Member of American Mathematical Society

Member of Operations Research and Systems Analysis / The Institute of Management Science (ORSA/TIMS)

Member of Council of Logistics Management

President of Gamma Chi Delta Sorority at Trinity University

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