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Devops Engineer

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
April 21, 2017

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Professional Summary:

Over 7+Years of successful professional experience as a Build & Release, DevOps Engineerwith AWS Cloud platform experiencewith proven leadership, mentoring skills and good understanding of the principles. With a wide range of experience, I have involved in Planning, Requirement Analysis, Design,Building, ContinuousIntegration, ContinuousDeployment, Development, Testing and Release of various Enterprise-Wide Software Applications.

Experienced in using Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Swarm, Docker Registry, handling Docker images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations.

Hands on experience with Docker to production on AWS platform using EC2 Container Service.

Skillful in working and migrating applications on to AWS Cloud computing using provided services like EC2, ECS, EBS, ELB, Lambda,S3, RDS, DynamoDB,VPC, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, IAM, Certificate Manager, SNS and Auto Scaling in a highly available and scalable production environment.

Strong experience in setting up various platforms, Auto scaling architectures for different digital applications over AWS cloud.

Ability in authoring and maintaining of XML’s, Shell and Python Scripts for scheduling services, backups to automate the administrative tasks and management.

Extensive experience in using Version control tools like GIT, Apache Subversion (SVN) and Source Code Management tools like Bitbucket, GitHub with a very well defined branching, merging & tagging process.

Good experience at automating the release process of products using shell scripts with tools like Apache Ant &Maven.

Hands on experience with administrating tools like Jenkins, Bamboo for Continuous Integration(CI)and end-to-end automation for all builds and deployments.

Experienced in using Ansible as a configuration management tool to automate scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS).

Expertise in Installaing, Configuring of Puppet server-clients and wrote Puppet Manifests to automate infrastructure.

Experience with configuration, maintenance of Chef as a Configuration management tool & developedCookbooks, Recipesto automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications.

Experienced in troubleshooting, configuring and deploying Enterprise Web Application servers like Apache Tomcat,Nginx, JBOSS, IBM Web SphereandOracle WebLogic.

Implemented a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins, Ansible, GitHub, SonarQube, Nexus Oss, Maven, Docker, ELK and Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3, VPC and CloudWatch.

Expertise on configuring ELK (ElasticSearch,LogStash&Kibana), Nagios and Splunk for Log monitoring of applications in prod and non-prod.

Experience with Bug tracking tools like JIRA,BugzillaandSonatype Nexus, Artifactory as Jenkinsitory Manager Tools to create & manage Artifacts across various projects.

Experienced in integrating Jenkins with SonarQube as a Continuous Code quality tool to manage Quality Gates, Quality Profiles and Quality Rules.

Expertise working withLinux/Unixsystems in Firmware upgrades, Kernel patches, troubleshooting server configurations and support on Red Hat Linuxand Ubuntu.

Good fundamental knowldege on working with other Cloud Infrastructures like Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

Worked with Vagrant to automatically provision multiple virtual machines, each with their own configurations& manage them with puppet and/or chef.

Technical Skills:

Source Code Management :GitHub, Bitbucket.

Repository Manager : Artifactory, Nexus OSS.

Versioning Tools : Git&Subversion(SVN).

Continuous Integration Servers : Jenkins/Hudson &Bamboo.

Build & Configuration Tools : Maven, Ant, Puppet, Ansible, Chef& Vagrant.

Bug Tracking Tools : JIRA, Bugzilla.

Micro-services : Docker (Swarm), Kubernetes.

Code Quality Tool : SonarQube.

Languages & Scripts : JAVA, C, HTML, Python & Shell scripting.

Web/Application Servers : Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, Web Sphere, Nginx & JBOSS.

Database : Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB 7 SQL Server, RDS &DynamoDB.

Monitoring Tools : ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana), Nagios, Splunk.

AWS Cloud Platform : EC2, ECS, EBS, ELB, Lambda, S3, Glacier, VPC, Route 53, CloudWatch,CloudFormation, IAM, Certificate Manager, SNS and Auto Scaling.

Work Experience:

Client : Transamerica – Cedar Rapids, IOWA Aug’ 2015 - Present

Role : Sr. DevOps Engineer


Responsible to equip the in-house applications with DevOps Automation, Cloud Modernization, Automating digital applications by Migration of legacy platforms to AWS Cloud.

Lead major activities like promoting Docker swarm, Kubernetes to design images/containers for micro-service architectures production, Cloud SSL management & AWS deployment automations.

Configured and maintained AWS CloudWatch for monitoring, alerts of EC2 instances and utilizing Auto Scaling launch configurations for better performance.

Launched AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EBS) for deploying, monitoring and scaling web applications using different platforms like Java, Docker, Python etc.,

Launching and configuring of Amazon EC2 cloud Instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups using AMI's (Linux/Ubuntu).

Setting up databases in AWS using RDS,DynamoDB, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups and archives to Glacier archives.

Managing AWS Infra and automation with Command Line Interface, API.

Created AWS Route53 to route traffic between different regions, DNS& Traffic Management, Availability Monitoring and Domain Registartion.

Managed GitHub as a Source code management tool and Git as a versioning tool for the projects to create daily backups and checkpoint files.

Migrated few source code repositories between version control systems like SVN to GitHub.

Involved in writing Maven build scripts and POM.xml files for generating java based artifacts such as JAR, WARandEAR.

Worked on Installation, Configuration of Puppet server-clients and deployed, maintained infrastructure using Puppet Manifests.

Responsible for upgrades to Red Hat Linux with Software packages, patches and maintained them in accordance with established policies, procedures and service level agreements.

Integrated JIRA with Jenkins as a Bug tracking tool, SonarQubefor monitoring continuous code quality,ELK for monitoring system Logs and SonatypeNexus as a Repository, Artifact manager.

Implemented CI/CD Pipelines using DevOps tool chain such as build Artifacts using Maven, automate these by integrating with Jenkins, deploy code to the application serverNginx using Shell/Python scripts & handling integration using Puppetserver for configuration management.

Closely worked with Development, QA, DB and other teams to ensure automated test efforts are tightly integrated with the build system and in fixing the errors while deploying and building.

Troubleshoot network, memory, CPU, swap, file system issues, TCP/IP and DNS in Linux servers.

Environment: Docker, AWS, GitHub, SVN, Maven, Puppet, JIRA, SonarQube, ELK, Nexus OSS, Jenkins, Nginx, Shell Scripting, Python, Java, Linux/Unix (Red Hat, Ubuntu).

Client : UnitedHealth Group - Hartford, CT Aug’ 2013 – July’ 2015

Role : DevOps/AWS Engineer


Migrated Legacy servers to AWS and Managed services like EC2, S3 Bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS etc.,

Automated AWSCLI to backups ephemeral data-stores to S3 buckets, EBS and control other services on AWS using scripts.

Designed and assigned policies, roles and groups for users and resources using AWS Identity Access Management (IAM).

Created detailed AWS Security groups which behaved as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.

Creating and managing policies, permissions for S3 buckets and utilized S3, Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.

Deployed, monitored and managed web applications and services into AWS by using Elastic Beanstalk.

Setting up and administering DNS system in AWS using Route53.

Built AWS Cloud Formation templates to customize VPC, Subnets, NAT, IAM according to the requirements to ensure secure and successful deployments.

Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production, corporate servers/storage using AWS CloudWatch.

Automatedscalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) using Ansible as a configuration management tool.

Managed the source code management tool Bitbucket and Git as a versioning tool.

Used ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) for maintaining system Logs and Bugzilla for tracking code bugs.

Used Artifactory repository tool for maintaining java based release code packages& artifacts.

Developed Python scripts to automate the builds using Mavenand deployment over JBOSSthrough Jenkins.

Contributed greatly to increasethe code quality and productivity through leadership and guidance in areas such as Test/Behavior Driven Development (TDD/BDD), Refactoring, Pair Programming (Extreme Programming/XP),Agile Estimation and Planning.

Creation and maintenance of content for the Ansible community and implementation of Ansiblemodules based on customer and community requirements.

Environment: AWS,Ansible, Git, BitBucket, Maven, Python, ELK, Bugzilla, Artifactory, Jenkins, JBOSS, Java, Linux (Red Hat) &Windows.

Client : Edward Jones & Co. - Saint Louis, MO Jan’ 2012 – July’ 2013

Role : DevOps Engineer


Responsible for DevOps Automation, implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline using DevOps tools like Jenkins, Chef, Maven, GitHub,SonarQube, Nexus Oss and AWS in Linux environment.

Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) to handle traffic and improve distribution of workloads across multiple EC2 instances attached to it.

ScriptedChef Recipes to create deployment directly into web servers like Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic through Amazon EC2 instances.

Managed Chef Cookbooks to automate system operations and AWS Cloud management using AWS CloudFormationTemplets.

Monitoring, creating alarms and set notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch and managed Security Groups.

Configured SNS to CloudWatch for alerting about certain actions as per the requirements.

Configuring and networking of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for EC2 Instances.

Managed policies for S3 buckets, Glacier and utilized for storage and backup on AWS. Mounting S3, Glacier with EC2 Instances and windows servers to make script sync local data to AWS.

Managed users and groups using the Amazon identity and access management (IAM).

Performed installation, configuration and administration of Subversion (SVN) and afterwards migrated code over to GitHub in Windows and Linux environment.

Developed Pythonscripts to automate daily, weekly builds primarily using Maven&Antfor some legacy projects.

Automated continuous build using Maven and deploy scripts for Continuous Integration toolJenkins toenhance the overall operational environment.

Experienced in authoring Pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plugin.

Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to SonatypeNexus to share artifacts across projects and environments.

Managed JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.

Used Nagios for error and log monitoring with the help of custom dashboards and SonarQube to test code level coverage.

Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the Agile process.

Environment:AWS, Chef, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, SVN, GitHub, Python, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Sonatype Nexus Oss, JIRA, Nagios, SonarQube, Linux (Red Hat).

Client : HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India Oct’ 2009 – Dec’ 2011

Role : Build & Release Engineer


Primary duties include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different environments Dev, QA and UAT.

Worked on the transition project, which involves migration activities from Ant to Maven in order to standardize the build across various applications.

Scripting using Shell, Python scripts for compilation and deployment processes.

Maintained source code repository in Subversion(SVN) and handled branching, tagging, merging process& later on migrated them to GitHub.

Configured Bamboo as a Continuous Integration tooland designed a continuous build process using Maven to prevent build failures.

Managed system configuration by developing Chef Cookbooks and Recipes.

Responsible to check the Splunk Logs for web server to avoid server time down during production and ensure logging capabilities are functional.

Managed the application, server configurations and automated the deployments of application to the Web, Application Servers like WebSphere, Apache Tomcat using Ansible.

Configured Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs code quality tools and integrated with Bamboo.

Creation, installation and administration of Red Hat Virtual machines in VMware Environment &installed packages using YUM and Red hat Package Manager (RPM) on various servers.

Migrated a number of in house shell scripts that support deployment and configuration of multiple applications to UDeploy(Urban code) to reduce the administrative overhead of QA and production releases.

Designed versioning strategy in TFS 2010 to support parallel development for multiple releases.

Debugged build failures and worked with developers and QA people to resolve the related issues & documented release, builds, source control processes and plans.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Shell scripting, Python, Git, Apache Subversion, GitHub, Bamboo, Chef, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Splunk, VMware, UDeploy,Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs,TFS 2010, Java, Red Hat Linux.


Pursued Under Graduation in Computer Science & Information Technology at KLU, India.

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