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Sales Manager

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
April 21, 2017

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Senior Business Development Manager


With over 10 years of experience in product development and sales management, I have successfully procured and managed over 200 projects in laser, thermal imaging, infrared technology, security surveillance, electrical/HVAC/electronics, and high-tech industries. My strengths include creating and capitalizing on business connections and networks, as well as managing leads to negotiate high-value sales. With my expertise in overseeing project teams and maintaining strong customer relations, I can help your company to initiate new business accounts, prioritize existing ventures, and achieve target objectives.

Professional Qualifications and Strengths

Strategic vision and project planning

Major account development and portfolio management

Team building and staff leadership

Compelling communication of product features and benefits

Clear communication and strong relations with consumers

Revitalizing stagnant sales

Productivity and maximization of time and resources

Technical design and support

Supply chain management

Professional Highlights

Cantronic Systems (Canada) Inc. 2010- 2016.07

Regional Sales Manager

Developed new business leads and completed technical proposal for customized solutions according to client needs

Closed different complex projects valued in the millions. For example, closed US $200,000 in deals in the first quarter of this year, and projects including public tender in the process of inquiry are valued at US $6.0+millions until June, 2014.

Created strategic plan for increasing sales and expanding networking of distributors worldwide

Help sales agent of Yellow River and Action top in China to complete local IP camera’s product market survey in 2014

Reported directly to CEO of the company

Created sales pipeline forecasting and marketing materials of new products

Trained, supported, and managed distributors worldwide for different products: thermal imagine cameras, laser cutting machines, optical measurement equipment, radiometric thermal imaging monitoring systems, CMOS camera, and much more

Worked with R&D and products department to create customized products for new inquiries

Visited sales agencies, distributors, partners and clients to provide demonstrations, technical training, support, installation, and commissioning

Participated in international trade shows

Created professional PowerPoint presentations and trained potential distributors, supporting them to sell more products

Quick response all of the inquiries via telephone, email, Skype or in person

Travel as required in a timely manner to meet VIP clients, and conduct site survey before preparing proposal

Good listener and quick learner

Cantronic Systems Inc. 2000- 2010

Regional Sales Manager, Product Manager, R&D Manager

Direct, develop, and manage complex projects such as designing and testing new infrared devices, creating public tender proposals and presentations, setting up and managing agencies and distributors in over 14 Asia-Pacific countries. Challenged to deliver quality products and sales services under imminent deadlines; facilitated communication and cooperation with all departments through capable leadership.

Key Contributions:

Revitalized and expanded a stagnant marketing and sales function, growing total sales by 20% and producing $2 million in additional quarter revenue within the certain period.

Introducing, CRM system to the company

Traceable and excellent sales results; key role in product development, client liaison, and customer support has resulted in triple the sales revenue in 3 years.

Entrepreneurial approach to initiating new opportunities, and expert project management skills, resulted in the success of over 10 extensive projects – exceeding a value of US $35 million in total.

Secured and managed new business accounts in the Asia-Pacific Territory: Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Yemen and India.

Self-motivation in keeping updated with technological developments and expansion opportunities have led to the formation of 20 new partnerships, as well as the acquisition of 2 companies.

Professional communication skills in creating written technical materials and in delivering oral technical support to assist clients in operating thermal imaging equipment; devised innovative solutions to consumer inquiries and concerns.

Recognized international experience in sales, excellent customer service, customer solution, and technical support for over 8 years.

Quality representative and manager for an ISO9001: 2000 certified management system.

Delivery products to more than 35+ countries.

Auditor of AIRT for reviewing all of certified student’s infrared inspection report in Thermography Level I, II and III since 2008.

Technical support and customer relationship, as well as training clients, more than 10-20 professional, like doctors each time, on how to use FSM3000 scanner products.

Beijing Lexel Laser Ltd. Co. 1995-1999

Sales manager and Technical Support Personnel

Initiate, negotiate, and complete sales transactions of laser instruments and applications with major governmental organizations in China: Academic Institute of Chinese Science; Research Institutes of the Ministries of China Agriculture, of China Transportation, and of China Nuclear Industry; well-known universities in China. Knowing well and familiar regulation of government and operating platform, as well as documentary preparation. Especially, the way of high-level decision maker’s thinking.

Senior Consultant of Capital Invest in the USA, Bailong Medical Health Instrument in Canada, Brighten Optics in Canada

Chemical & Physical Research Institute 1989-1995

of Nuclear Industry Group of China

Researcher and Operation manager in laser engineering, laser spectroscopy, and material processing


In-depth research and development experience in laser spectral applications and multi-sensors integrated system. In 6-5, 7-5, and 8-5 plan of Nation “863” key projects.

Holding the second prize in Scientific and Technology Progress of Nuclear Industrial Group and one defense patent awarded.

A US$25 million project to establish a comprehensive laboratory, participating negotiation, planning and implement the project.

Under my guidance, students worked to complete their research for Master’s Degree, Doctor degree in Engineering Physics, and Post-doctor thesis of Beijing Tsing Huang University in the Lab.

Formal Education and Certification

Scholarship Researcher in laser spectroscopy, technology, and applications

Max-Plank Quantum Optical Institute in Munich, Germany

Bachelor of Science in Laser Physics

Fudan University in Shanghai, China

Certificate in Thermal infrared training courses levels I and II

Academy of Infrared Training Inc. (AIRT)

Certificate in project management

BCIT and National Project Management Inc.

Certificate Level III in Goethe Institute of Germany


Photography, swimming, table-tennis, music, dancing, traveling, jewelry.

Training people.


Mandarin, English, German

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