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Engineer Network

Stafford County, Virginia, United States
April 21, 2017

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Mr. Rickey E. Moore, Sr.

Senior Network Engineering/Consulting

** **** ****

Stafford, Va. 22554

Dear Sir/Ma'am;

I'm writing to you for a position with your company/organization. I look forward to hearing from you about an available job description, I am confident that my skills and my passion for technology and long tenure as a Senior Telecommunications Specialist are a perfect match for this position.

would bring to your company a broad range of skills, including:

* Lightwave Engineering

* Construction Buildout Engineer

* Senior Network Engineer (Installation)

* Satellite and Terrestrial Circuit Ordering

* Quality Assurance/Consulting

* Order circuits from DISA

* Provision circuit for ADD, MOVES, & CHANGES

* Identify cable routes for Secure and Non-Security circuits

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this position with you. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me by phone at 571-***-**** cell, 540-***-**** home, or by email at I have enclosed my resume for your review, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Rickey E. Moore, Sr.

Senior Network Engineering/Consulting





A highly motivated team player, capable of handling multiple demands, with over 30 years of technical experience in the security, installation, operation, fabrication, testing, maintenance, administration, and modification of secure/non-secure digital network systems. Managed the installation of multiplexers, modems, cryptographic devices, fiber optic equipment, WAN/LAN networks, wireless networks, routers, software upgrades and downloads. Provide service restoral of networks at the determined OSI, (Operating System Interface), seven layer model. Capable of determining the IEEE 802 standards for lOBase T Limits and specifications in different network topologies. Knowledgeable of the technology and unified modeling language of C++ Programming. Security officer for deployment of equipment, software, and personnel throughout military career. Travel throughout the US and overseas to site survey buildings to use by the Intelligence Command. Assisted in the determining the contracting and planning of the Global Rapid Information Program Package, (GRIPP), being used throughout the US Military.

Telecommunication Specialist, (GS12-10), Apr 2006 to Sep 2014, DoD INSCOM:

* Constructed circuit terrestrial diagram from overseas to INSCOM and Ft Dix

* Chief circuit manager for all INSCOM MSCs,

* Re engineered INSCOMSs reer Farm with in row cooling

* Consulted with several contractor to meet the weight, size, and insured data, voice, and video met US Secure capabilities

* Handle over millions of dollar accounts in multiple areas of operations

Systems Engineer: Jun 2005 to Apr 2006, GD-Signal Solution, Inc:

Engineer and configure optical, wire, and wireless circuits throughout the Pentagon

• Moved command circuits from a DSS Switch to Mission Data with no down time

• Engineer circuits to be routed through the Matrix Switch, 5ESS Switch, IDNX, ADNX, FXO and FXS secure and

non-secure circuits

• Update circuit diagrams/cut sheets post installation for all Network Devices

Senior Network Engineer, August 2001 To May 2005: Lockheed Martin, Pentagon, Arlington, Va.

• Manage properly formatted EP addresses, define subnet masks & calculate classful and unclassless subnets

• Managed organization and maintenance of all Telecom Closets (TC's) in Pentagon

• Managed services from the General Purpose Switch Room (GPSR) to the Pentagon Consolidated Technical Control

Facility (PCTCF)

• Conduct site surveys for physical layer construction

• Assistance Verizon to change ISDN to VOIP circuits

• Managed Remedy Service Request for adds, moves, and changes for all data, voice, and optical network


Light Wave Test En2jneer, MCl/WorldCom Communication, Inc, Wash. DC Metro Area, Dec. 2000 To May 2001:

• Engineered and conduct site surveys, installation requirements, and request for equipment projects.

• Using fiber optic test equipment, such as fiber scopes, optical power meters, and SONET test sets to test fibers,

perform back reflection, signal loss, conduct BER test

• Installed Nortel Ring System, Linear System and Point to Point

• Test and configured Multiple-Optic-Repeaters (MORs), Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexers (DWDMs),

Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM), and the Siemens Amplifiers/Multiplexers while using extensive expertise in provision of OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS, SNMP, and 11.323 International Protocol, QoS

Quality Assurance/Construction Build out Engineer, WINSTAR, Inc. July 1999 until May 2000:

• Managed pre-construction inspections of LOS 38Gh Switching Systems throughout the Metro Area.

• Managed installation of Outdoor Unit (ODU)/Antenna, correct line of Sight (LOS) from the B-Site to the Hub.

• Managed the installation of 5 contracting company's, OSP Consultants, Hugh 0 Kane Elec. INC, PCOMS, INC,

Volt INC. and Allegany Builders, INC throughout the Metro Area.

• Conducted all final acceptance inspection of the construction phase.

MCl/WorldCom, Network Central Office Technician, 2 Dec 98 TO Jul 99:

Troubleshoot, isolate and repair DS3 's, TI 's, DSO's, 03's thru 0C192's using Therd 224, 2209, 310 and Fujitsu light wave multiplexers (FLM-150's, 600's, and 2400.

• Operates Tellabs and Alcatel Dacs for digital cross-connects to remotely test and analyze ckts

CSC, Inc. Electronic Technician Specialist, 16 Feb. 1998 TO 20 NOV 98:

• Build, installed, and tested telecommunications systems and equipment for the Worldwide Installation of

Diplomatic Telecommunications Service - Program Office (DTS-PO)

• Fabricate connectors, i.e., E1A530, RS 232,449, V.35, RJ 45/11 etc., that interface with the Integrated Digital

Network Systems

• Populated and test rack mounted Motorola Codex Modems, Timeplex Transport 3001 Channel Service Unit

(CSU)/Digital Service Unit (DSU), Hughes Black Packet Switch (BPS), Fireberd Communications analyzer, Tektronix Oscilloscope, Analog and Digital Patch Panels, Fiberplex Fiber-optic channel/circuit units, and Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems to be shipped and re installed at location.

• Test configured and installed KG-84, KG-194, Data crypto, and 64dMS cryptographic devices

Raytheon E-Systems Electronic Technician Site Lead: Oct. 1996 to Feb. 1998:

• Managed 24 hours of continuous communications of 2 Digital Switching System (DSS), voice and Mission Data.

• Provide service restoral and maintenance for TCF FT Belvoir

• Supervisor the move of the DSS switch in the ETC, maintaining correct matrix cable installation between switch


• Changed crypto devices from KGs to KIVs and reconfigured

U.S. Army, Telecommunication Non-Commissioned Officer, Feb. 1975 to Feb. 1997:

First Sergeant/Platoon Sergeant/Drill Sergeant! Spectrum Frequency Manager, Flight Communication NOC for Pentagon Fly Away Team, Range Control Safety Non-Commissioned Officer, Fort Campbell, Ky

Security Officer/Telecom NCO for deployment of equipment and personnel while assigned to United Nation Command in Haiti

EDUCATION: Attending UOP and Strayer UNV for, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Networking Engineering (Over 60 Cridets) Transcript available.

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