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CFO, Corporate Finance

Houston, Texas, United States
April 21, 2017

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Ian Bishop


Summary: As a successful growth company CFO who has had involvement with the structuring and purchase of 2 companies ($4 million + 10 employees and $7 million + 100 employees), I am well versed in the unique challenges of middle market and smaller companies. I was directly responsible for all the accounting functions, including the HR, Insurance, payroll and drug testing for the companies. The entire cash management and finance functions were my responsibility. Over the course of my career, my financial relationships have included HSBC, GE Capital, Chase, Travelers, ExIm and ABN Amro, to name a few. I have participated in project financing on 3 continents with values up to $750 million. My experiences are enhanced by my MBA - Finance from The University of Houston and my BA – Economics from UT Austin.


1998 – Present Tartan Holdings, LLC – Owner - Consulting, Contract and Development firm

CO2AL, LLC – CFO, Member

I co-developed a patented process to recycle all plastics and tires into 99.95% pure hydrogen. The process has been issued 2 patents, with 1 pending for; recycling of greenhouse gases, coal gasification and plastics and electronics recycling.

NiGen International, LLC – Contract CFO

I was brought on board to prepare for a liquidity event. This entailed organizing and rebuilding 10 years of financial statements. I interviewed and advised on selection of an accounting firm to do a year-end review of the financials. I ensured internal financial statements were GAAP compliant. I installed asset and job tracking systems. Because the majority of the $11 million of revenues were project based, I researched and proposed project management software to go with a job costing process I recommended. I established a new banking relationship with Comerica Bank and advised ending the relationship with Community Bank, as they were much too onerous for the company.

Technology Lubricants, Inc – CFO/Controller, Shareholder

I structured the senior debt with Post Oak Bank, the sub debt with Texas Ventures and the equity for the $4 million acquisition of Technology Lubricants. I had to completely overhaul the IT system, including network, communications, hardware and software. I also had to install a new QuickBooks accounting package to replace Peachtree/Sage. As CFO, I was responsible for all financial reporting to the bank, sub-debt holder and shareholders. I had to ensure the internal financial statements were GAAP compliant along with managing the banking and insurance company relationships. I was directly responsible for all accounting reports and functions along with interactions w/ the CPA firm. I managed all HR activities for 10 employees and 2 locations

Viridis Terra, LLC – CFO, Member

I developed a pricing model for a proprietary product to reduce wastewater treatment plant power usage by 70%.

I developed and structured a project finance model for two sewer projects, $300mm and $750mm, using the savings from the OpEx of the system. The structure was validated by US Army Corps of Engineers that the sewer system would self-finance from cost savings.

2002 – 2008 Main Lane Industries, LP – CFO/Controller/ Partner

I structured and placed the financing for the $7 million acquisition of a division of a public company resulting in Main Lane. As CFO, I was responsible for and directed all financial and HR activities for the $11mm highway and roadway construction company with over 100 employees. During my tenure, we increased revenue increased by 120%. My fiduciary duties included all financial statements were GAAP certified and audited, which I oversaw for 7 years. I secured bid bond limits up to $15 million.

Sold minority stake - 200% ROI

1995 – 1998 Interamericas Corporation – VP International Corporate and Trade Finance

I created the Corporate and Trade Finance group inside Interamericas, a $200 million company. I had interaction and responsibility for all international corporate and trade finance activities for 50 brokers and their offices in Mexico. At the specific time, I had to develop finance strategies for Mexican clients following the 1995 peso devaluation of 200%

1992 – 1995 Small Business Development Center – International Financial Consultant

I was the sole consultant directing and advising clients regarding international finance and payment methods, including ExIm Bank. I used my financial contacts generated with PFC to facilitate transactions with clients. I also mentored and advised clients on currency hedging for overseas sales.

1988 – 1990 PFC, Ltd (London) – Founder- Associate

Myself and the 2 other founders created a secondary lending market for small and midsize businesses in the $2 – 15 million range using large international banks, such as ABN, Den Norske, Sumitomo. We would also advise and structure trade finance vehicles using various international currencies.

1982 – 1988 Benton & Associates – Associate

I assisted in underwriting $1.5 billion of commercial mortgages for commercial, industrial, multi-family and retail properties. I performed due diligence, site visits and packaged and presented loans for approval.


1992 University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business

MBA – Finance

1986 University of Texas at Austin

BA - Economics

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