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certified nurse aide & certified medication aide

El Paso, Texas, United States
March 17, 2017

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From **** **** I worked at pebble creek it's a nursing home for elderly people I would help or do all of there ADL bathing shaving come there hair dress them change there dipper or assistance with going to bathroom take there b/p temp pluse resp temp change beds any change in condition notify nurse feed them in 1997-2000 I was offered work at Sierra medical center there I worked in the telemetry unit there I learned so much how do track care how to put on a Foley take there wt ht and do ADL and any change in pt in 2000 - 2005 I was offered work at state center working with mental retarded pt that for me was very difficult see this children with so many handy cops and not being able to help them only thing I could do is make life a little more pleasant for them I also would do ADL 2005-2011 I worked at horizon health care back with elderly and again I would help them with there ADL and everything else from changing beds feeding them vital sign any change report it to the nurse in 2011 -2013 I became a certified medication aide I would pass out medication check there vital sign report any changes reorder medication 2013-2015 I went to work at trusun as a cna doing total pt care and 2015 there was a position that opened as a Cma was there for a few months and my become ill so I didn't work for a few months and on September 6,2015 my old supervisor called me that he needed a so said yes and I've been there as a Cma until 3 month ago they eliminate the Cma postion and know am a cna again

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