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Design Engineer Mechanical

Denver, Colorado, United States
April 27, 2017

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Gregory Abramov Sr. design engineer

Denver, CO **227 303-***-****

Structural and mechanical design of new mechanisms and tooling utilizing 3D solid modeling. From micro-mechanisms to heavy equipment, from underground to aerospace, from cradle to grave WORK EXPERIENCE

Sr. design engineer Air Methods Corp. Denver, CO 2013/03 – 2016/10 Designed bio-hazard and corrosive resistant MEDEVAC equipment for transportation of injured patients for Bell, Sikorsky, EuroCopter, Augustawestland, other helicopters and GDLS' Stryker and Bradley tanks. Lab & Field tested and installed on numerous aircraft and vehicles. Key Contributions

• Using SolidWorks, designed all-aluminum overlay floor for Augustawestland and Bell-429 being able to accept and reposition a quick-release treatment and auxiliary medical equipment.

• 3D design for the patient litter platform L oading S ystem for UH-60Q Blackhawk allowing to accept litter at the floor level, raise it to the transportation position and tilt it aft or FWD depending on the patient medical conditions.

• Design for on-board fixtures, brackets, holders, etc. for medical auxiliary equipment such as monitors, defibrillators, O2 generators and bottles, lungs ventilation and blood transfusion machines, etc. for various aircraft. Note: all the above designed to survive typical aircraft take-off, flight and landing loads, as well as hard-landing conditions.

• Solo-design for on-board Medical Treatment Table Sub-deck mechanical system for GDLS' Medevac tanks allowing tilting of the litter platform road- and curb-sides to accommodate medical surgery requirements (in addition to tilting it aft and FWD).

• Design for multiple units, mechanical sub-systems and brackets for GDLS' litter Loading- Translation System allowing one operator accept four patients and place litters on designated locations on both sides of the vehicle. Note: GDLS' equipment designed to survive road mine blast. Reference: Lowell Green, Chief Mechanical Engineer, 303-***-**** Lead Design Engineer Wiley Consulting, LLC Denver, CO 2009/11 – 2013/02 Structural and mechanical 3D design in mining, drilling, oil& gas, heavy equipment, transportation, material handling, pressurized vessels, heat exchangers, water jetting, electro-, pneumo- and hydraulic-powered machinery, inventing &patenting

Key Contributions

• Followed comprehensive R&D, under guidance from Chief Chemical Engineer, developed a general concept and using SolidWorks an entire Gasification Plant to convert Carbonaceous feedstock to Synthesis gas and then to liquid fuels (gasoline, jet fuel) designed, built and tested. From the feeder bunker to the gas flare-mast, the entire system designed for the temperatures up to 1800F at 150PSI of pressure including stainless and inconel piping, vessels, augers, mesh- conveyors, eductors, cyclones, chillers, heat exchangers, etc. To optimize design of the major units, SW Thermal Analysis were applied. The major concept for a design based on modularity, allowing the plant to be quickly dismantled, transported and assembled at the new location. Two US Patents, several international patents were granted to coauthors. Reference: Rich Kleinke, Chief Engineer, EdeniQ, 559-***-****

• Utilizing 3D AutoCAD solid modeling, an underground Argo Tunnel (expansion) and monorail passenger railroad Idaho Springs - Black Hawk, Colorado designed.

• Using SolidWorks and Creo, a variety of oil&gas tubular devices designed, built, tested and used for O&G stimulation and waterjet mining. Designed and patented numerous of hydraulic devices such as eductors, nozzles, hydro-monitors, airlifts and their combinations and modifications. Utilizing Xpress CFD, hydraulic channels studied and optimized to lower turbulence, cavitation and hydraulic pressure friction. Reference: Mark Wiley, Owner, 303-***-**** Sr. Design Engineer Ophir Corporation Denver, CO 2008/04 – 2009/10 Airborne opto-mechanical LIDAR Contrail-Detection & Pi lot A lert S ystem for Northrop Grumman B2-Spirit bomber designed, built, tested and installed on numerous aircraft and drones. Key Contributions

• Under guidance from Sr. Physicist and Chief Engineer, using Pro-E WildFire, an opto- mechanical system designed to meet the following client requirements: T-re range -40 to 140F, hard-landing conditions, aircraft fuselage expansion, contraction, vibration and other deformations, ability to be quickly aligned and focused in the field conditions, be constantly positively pressurized to exclude lenses fogging and dusting, etc. Optical alignment under those different conditions was simulated utilizing Pro-Mechanica. GD&T tolerance stack-up analysis used to verify align-ability of the optical lenses and mirrors. After laboratory tests, the material for the device housing was upgraded from aluminum to titanium.

Lead Design Engineer Valley Lab - Boulder, CO 2007/02 – 2008/03 After R&D and patent search, under minimal supervision of Chief Engineer, using Pro-E, a bipolar scissors-type electro-surgical tool for cutting of a human tissue and simultaneous welding of blood vessels designed, built, tested and patented.

Key Contribution

• Offered and designed an innovative three-pieces (two halves and gimbals-potentiometer) quick-disconnect scissors.

Sr. Design Engineer Lockheed Martin Denver, CO 2005/03 – 2007/-11 Design for EELV Atlas-V upper stage fairing payload module and launcher clean room interface. Key Contribution

• Using Pro-E, a Teflon-coated Kevlar doughnut-shaped I solation D iaphragm designed, including 12 fabric segments, metal zippers, Velcro, grommets, sub-assemblies and installation equipment, hardware, structures and special tools. Used for numerous missions. Sr. Design Engineer Maxtor Corp. Denver, CO 2000/01 – 2004/02 Under minimal supervision, using Pro-E, designed equipment for computer hard-drive clean room

(Class 100) glove-box, robotic pick-n-place assembly lines and transportation systems. GD&T tolerance stack-up and other analysis used on the regular basis to make sure components' precise fit. Due to constant industry innovations, R&D and lab tests regularly took place before development of design concepts.

Key Contribution

• A mechanical system for a bypass assembly conveyor station developed. It allowed a hard drive with the disks-spindle installed to remain on the conveyor belt under glove-box (Class 40) conditions, allowing an assembler to focus on assembly of the read-and-write head-stack arm, saving over $4M a year.


Master of Science in engineering science (US PhD Equivalency Certificate available upon request). Moscow Geo-Prospecting Institute


Research, development and design of mechanical systems, structures, equipment and tools. Solution of mechanical design problems. 3D solid modeling and visualization APPLICABLE SOFTWARE

Pro-E/WildFire/Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MS-Office, Corel Office KEY SKILLS

• Research and Development • Conceptual Design • Winchill PDMLink • SW ePDM • GD&T, ASME Y14 • Fluid Dynamics • Creo Elements/Pro • MIL & FAA Standards • SW Xpress FEA Analysis US Citizen

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