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Manager Customer Service

Kearneysville, West Virginia, United States
February 09, 2017

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Michael J. Bellamy 469-***-****


Senior Network, Computer System, Radio, Security, Engineer, Architect, and Project Manager with proficiency as a designer, developer, coordinator, and planner of all aspects of Information Technology (IT), Security and Telecommunications with over 21 years of experience. A full spectrum IT professional with skills as a maintainer, operator, programmer, administrator, engineer, and architect of global, wide, and local area networks and infrastructure systems; server/client systems, programming, and system administration; telecommunications and satellite/wireless radio frequency systems; and security of integrated enterprise IT systems. Managed, supervised, and directed government and/or contractor personnel and teams in support of a network enterprise and cyber operations center by focusing on details and results. Oversaw engineering, operations, and security teams at the strategic, operational, and tactical organizational levels to secure and operate national and global size networks or enterprises while providing a results driven service to customers with in a diverse and dynamic organizational structure. Possess specialized experience in interpreting of policies and directives from Presidential Directives, Congress, National Institute of Standards (NIST) and other federal agencies. Skilled at drafting, editing, and publishing of policies, doctrine, guidance, and procedures within the federal government and corporate IT structures. Directed and managed subordinate activities including investigations, audits, evaluations, and problem solving that reduced future problems, ensured compliance, measured performance, restored operations. Managed projects which focused on the details and customers’ needs while communicating the requirements to secure, maintain, and operate in a large nationwide enterprise. Often successfully communicated ideas, theories, plans, and advanced technologies as a junior engineer or technician, subject matter expert, manager, senior leader by providing advice, direction, and guidance on a wide range of IT and security issues, policies, standards and guidelines.


- TS/SCI (PPR 21 Mar 12)

- CISSP, Sec +

- Master’s Degree in IT Mgmt (Honors) (Sec/IA & Forensics)

- Bachelor’s in Computer Science (Honors) (Mil/Org Lead)

- Associates in Electronics Systems

- Attended 6 Leadership Schools/Courses

- Team Lead for Security Monitoring and Incident Response

- Program and Project Management-9 years

- Engineer and Architect-7 years

- Audit, Evaluation, and Inspection-6 years

- Budget Manager-6 years

- Instructor and Curriculum Developer-4 years

- COOP and Emergency Response Lead-3 years

- National Cyberspace Doctrine and Policy-1 year

- Cyber and IT Defense– 6 years

- PCI Compliance & Commercial/Corporate Security Team Lead-.5 year

- DoD Senior Cyber Architect

- 4th Tier Supervisor for 3 years, 100+ subordinates, Multi-location

- Direct Supervisor-3 years

-Teams Manager-7 years, Multi-location

- Senior Leader for Discipline and Morale for 2 year, 130+ Subordinates, Multi-location


- Enterprise Architect & HW/SW/System Engineering

- Programming (Java, PHP, Web, and Scripting)

- Sever & System Administration (Linux & Microsoft)

- Telecomm., Net/Infrastructure, RF Sys SME

- DoD IT and Telecomm. Policy & Governance

- Workforce Development and Training

- Project Management

- Equivalent (Military) CET, A&Net+, CCNA, MCSE trained

- Network/RF-MiFi-Wifi/Server/Client Admin/Ops/Security

- IDS/IPS/Vulnerability Scanning/Penetration Testing/Incident Response/Firewall/SIEM/Firewall/Web/Certificates/CA

- Automation/PKI/DNS/DHCP/VPN/NAT/VLAN/Remote Access/AD&LDAP/Content Filtering/Geoblocking/Blackhole

- Defense in Depth, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Segmentation, Isolation, Zero Trust networking

- Lean 6 Sigma, Agile, SDLC, SANS CSC, OSWAP, ITIL


- Project/Budget & Security Event /Incident Response Manager, Veterans Affairs (Jul 2015 – Present) Fulltime

Project Manager/Budget & Security Monitoring/Incident Response team member for Veterans Affairs Enterprise Network Security Operations Center (VA NSOC). Develop, manage, and coordinate 50+ programs/projects and current and future budget submissions to higher headquarters. Lead a team of 30+ contractors to find and resolve security threats on a nationwide enterprise network with millions of devices supporting millions of veterans in a 24/7 operation supporting the nation’s largest health network and IT infrastructure. Perform security incident commander role for national and local level security investigations to contain, resolve and remediate cyber threats. Coordinate and advise many national and local level security programs/projects that upgrade and enhance the VA’s enterprise.

- Contractor Team Lead, Technical and Engineering Support Team, FEMA (Feb 2015 – Jul 2015) Fulltime

Supervised a team of five senior engineer contractors as lead engineer to develop and support National Continuity of Operation and Readiness systems. Work with several executive branch agencies to create dynamic and robust critical continuity system utilizing radios, satellite systems, IT infrastructure, encryption, and computers to provide emergency communications during and after disaster or catastrophic event. Supervised team during national level exercise to perform testing, installation, and engineering of a new advanced interoperability system that integrates several local and national radio networks with a robust IT network creating a new national emergency communication system. Assisted project to establish a classified emergency radio network for federal agencies using existing agencies systems. (GS-14/15 equivalent)

- Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Security Architecture Team, GEICO (Sep 2014 – Feb 2015) Fulltime

Managed a team of a twelve IT security professionals to oversee system security architecture, engineering and auditing of a nationwide and multi-datacenter infrastructure for multi-billion dollar company. The network is comprised of over one hundred thousand devices. Supervise security reviews of all security appliances and tools, and integrated security functions into policies and processes for the enterprise. Utilizing a variety of tools, systems, and vendor services but not limited to penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, account monitoring, HIPS, NIPS, Firewalls monitoring, and SIEM. Performed audits, inspections, and evaluations on devices, accounts, and systems to establish a baseline for a cyber risk management program. Spearheaded creation and implementation of virtual, cloud, web, and networking services with security. Led team toward the company receiving ISO 27001 certification. (GS-14/15 equivalent)

- Senior Cyber Architect for United States Air Force, SAF/CIO A6, Pentagon (Jun 2014 – Aug 2014) Fulltime

Provided technical review and approval for solution architecture into DoD and Air Force Enterprise Architecture Environments. Key leader in integrating Risk Management Framework (Certification and Accreditation), DoD Cloud Computing model (including Joint Information Environment), and Cyber Weapon Systems together into single Enterprise Network design that are the corner stones for the Cyber vision for 2025 for the US Air Force. The Cyber Weapon Systems provide a multi-layered comprehensive security focused adaptable and automated IT-Cyber tools for assimilation into global network. Approved technical and operational designs for an array of systems from ground to air communications and several classified national and global cyber defense and offensive systems. (GS-15 equivalent)

- Cyber/IT Functional Area Manager/ Subject Matter Expert, SAF/CIO A6, Pentagon (Jun 2010 – Jun 2014) Fulltime

Developed and reviewed strategic level governance, policy, guidance, and procedures to provide IT services to support the global demand for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) resources. Supported combat, homeland defense, and humanitarian missions globally with IT services utilizing over $7 B in assets. Engineer and analyze solutions to meet deployment and employment requirements/objectives while ensuring effective and efficient use of resources for the AF’s over 260 different deployable IT and cyber equipment sets and 50k personnel that provide IT services to all military services globally. Lead exercise and COOP manager for HQ Air Force Cyber aligning war plans and Cyber Vision 2025 into real world evaluations. Assisted design and creation of the Joint Readiness Security Stack which is the security foundation for the DoD’s network. (GS-14/15 equivalent)

- Superintendent, Mission Systems Flight, 52 Combat Comm. Squadron, Robins AFB GA (Jun 2007- Jun 2010) Fulltime

Led and supervised 100+ personnel division with four subordinate teams providing tactical communications support to combat operations globally utilizing 21 different equipment sets valued at $18M which directly enabled air and ground operations in combat zones and supported national emergencies or disasters. Selected to lead and oversee morale, welfare, discipline, and administration of over 130+ personnel in a deployed combat unit that supported over ten operations across globe. Commanded 6 teams that setup, operated, and maintained a robust communication capability which included servers, telephone, network systems, and satellite systems during critical combat evaluations and exercises which received excellent grade on three separate inspections. Solved training and technical deficiencies through 10 exercise evaluations per year, selected as leader every time against 9 peers. (GS-13/15 equivalent)

- AF Tech. Advisor, Arizona ANG, Phoenix, AZ (2005-2007)

Delivered technical advice, oversight and guidance for systems and processes not in compliance with AF and DoD policies as IT technical advisor to Arizona Air National Guard. Instructed Air National Guard personnel on server and network security, operations and network design; increased personnel capability to work multisystem by 100%.- Received award for outstanding support as pre-inspector & quality assurance for IT & cargo capabilities during AF inspection and evaluation. Programmed tools for web and other applications for use using Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS to make dynamic and interactive tools. (GS-12 equivalent)

- Budget Manager/Customer Service Technician/Curriculum Developer, 81st TSS, Keesler MS (2002-2005) Fulltime

Provided customer service and technical oversight for 100 technical training writers which provided computer-based tools to generate interactive training materials for global Cyber/IT systems across DoD that saved over $100M annually in training. Maintained and distributed all communication training guides, requirements and standards for the United States Air Force which enabled quality assurance, normalization, standardization, and best practices for maintaining/operating Cyber/IT systems globally. Wrote and edited Cyber and IT training materials and standards for over 100K personnel globally. (GS-12 equivalent)

- Special Operations Comm. Planner/Voice & Satellite Team Chief, 16th CS., Hurlburt Field, FL (1998-2002) Fulltime

Only 5 system qualified member of a 30 person team using a Theater Deployable Communications package which included voice (telephone), data (network services), infrastructure, and satellite, and tactical radio systems. Labeled Ace (Elite) for superior technical ability and leadership while providing Special Operations Cyber/IT services globally. Team lead and supervisor of a 7 person team that managed the tactical satellite and telephone systems, to support up to 3000 users in austere environment to provide communications capability to support global Special Operation missions. As a junior rank was selected as IT team lead on several deployed missions. (GS-11 equivalent)


- Planned and engineered complete cyber and communications systems employment for special operations combat operations for entire combat theater area. Provided interoperability and configurations for an wide array of telecommunications and network systems.

- First special operations multi-system technician for new rapid deployable package, qualified on all IT deployable systems including network, severs, radios, satellite, telephone and encryption.

- Supervised two small teams on several different cyber and communications special operations systems on operations, maintenance, and deployment for overseas combat operations.

- Designed and authored computer based training materials for tactical multiplexing equipment.

- Managed budget for $100M cyber training development teams, and distributed training materials globally

- Instructed National Guard network and server administrators on establishing and operating an enterprise.

- Performed audits, evaluations, inspections on cyber and transportation systems for headquarters inspections

- Led 5 teams of over 100 cyber warriors to establish cyber and communications systems in combat operations overseas.

- Developed training practices that saved $200M and increased qualified technicians efficiencies by 200%.

- Selected out of 500 personnel to lead special mission for Homeland Security mission, led 16 person team to support hurricane cyber and communications support.

- Directed over 130 personnel during Cyber readiness inspection for combat operations, received outstanding review; provided air field operations and cyber and communications for 3K+ personnel in combat scenarios.

- Deployed and supervised 11 equipment sets and manpower to support South American earthquake disaster relief efforts providing cyber and communications support.

- Assisted creating and reviewing the initial Cyberspace doctrine and policy; created first cyberspace weapon system authorization in the DoD, key to combat cyber threats beyond 2020.

- Designed automation process that reduced workload from 6 months to one day; analyzed millions of records in single database to generate accurate metrics and reports for senior cyber leaders.

- Headed the headquarters USAF cyber emergency operations and relocation, and continuity of operations functions.

- Steered and enhanced cyber professionals’ careers; managed deployments of 60K personnel for combat missions.

- Guided headquarters policy and governance by evaluating technical and operation plans and diagrams to development toward single Enterprise Architecture, generating a vision and goal for the future IT-Cyber environment

- Evaluated and briefed senior executive leadership on Air Forces’ contribution to the Joint information Environment, the Joint Readiness Security Stack. These vital systems are providing advanced cyber security on a global scale.

- Managed all security infrastructure and architecture projects, audits, risk evaluations for cloud, database servers, and virtual servers using advanced scanning and testing tools and detections systems to ensure corporate PCI compliance.

- Spearheaded the engineering and design of national satellite and network continuity of operations system that is the corner stone for FEMA and DHS and other federal agencies for emergency communications.

- Provided future and current budget data for senior leaders and manage over $100M annual budget for network security operations center for the VA.

- Lead exercise evaluator, guiding and overseeing testing and evaluation of cyber response and prevention for entire VA network with other federal agencies.

- Directing team of 30+ contractors to manage security events monitoring and incident response from cradle to grave to protect 500K users and millions of VA medical records and a nationwide network of computer systems and medical devices.


- Master of Science in Information Technology Mgmt. (Cum Laude) (Security & Forensics minor) from Trident University, 2012

- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude) from Touro University International, 2009

- Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Sys Tech. from Community College of the Air Force, 2006

- Completed Four JR/SR/Executive Leadership Training schools/courses

- Completed two Technical Work Center Management courses

- Completed Military Electronic Technician, A & Net+, CCNA, MCSE, Radio and Satellite Systems Training Courses

- ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Course and Exam

- Completed SANS Security Leadership Course

- Completed CEH Certification Training Course

- Completed Program/Project Management Training Course

- Completed Citrix CBT and Live Course Training Course

- SPLUNK Power User Course with Security Enterprise


- Seven senior leadership awards, one during combat

- Two awards during leadership training courses

- Three medals for achievement while deployed

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