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Power Plant Engineer

Dumaguete, Central Visayas, Philippines
February 02, 2017

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Ray N. Mission

Daro, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental 6200 Philippines

Mob #: +639**-******* / Home: +633*-***-****


Technical Skills

oManage Pressure Drilling Operation

oGeothermal Well Planning / Drilling / Workover Supervision and Management

oGeothermal Steam Field Process Operation / Commissioning / Power Plant Operation (DCS)

oPlant Optimization Project Supervision and Management

oProduction Operation

oSimOps / HIRAC / Work Permit System


oIADC Wellcap License #: A376326 (Supervisory-Surface)

oGeothermal Fundamentals (Company In-house training) – Leyte, Philippines

oValues In Action (Company In-house training)

oLeadership Essentials (Company In-house training) – Leyte Philippines

oInteraction Management (Company In-house training) – Leyte Philippines

o5S Workshop (Company In-house training)

oManagement Safety Training (Company In-house training) - Cebu, Philippines

oSafety Leadership and Management (Company In-house training) – Leyte, Philippines

oDrilling Engineering Course (Company In-house training by Dr. Anthony D. Beckett)

– Leyte, Philippines

oDrilling Bit Training (Company In-house training by Hughes)

oAdvance Casing Design for Geothermal Wells (Blade Energy Partners) – Manila, Philippines

oOperational Drilling Technology and Advance Well Control Course (Murchison Drilling Schools)

– Manila, Philippines

oBOSIET with EBS, H2S, Fire Fighting and Travel Safely By Boat – Miri, (Sarawak) Malaysia

oMicroflux Control System (MPD) Operation – Aberdeen, Scotland

oMarine Series Rotating Control Device Operation (RCD) - Aberdeen, Scotland

oDrilling Hazard Management (Basic and Advance) – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


oPhilippine Society of Mechanical Engineers


oSilliman University - Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Philippines

BS Mechanical Engineering – 1994

oLicense Mechanical Engineer


oDate of Birth: October 27, 1972

oPassport Number: EC5646743

oValid until October 2020


Drilling Engineer

ThermaPrime Drilling Corporation

May 2015 – February 2016


oEnsures that well plans, designs, and drilling programs comply with TPWSI HSE policies and procedures, along with that of customer / local regulations Supports the delivery of major projects, upgrades, project portfolio management and support services

oEnsures that well plans, designs, and drilling programs comply with TPWSI HSE policies and procedures, along with that of customer / local regulations

oEnsures that all well plans are fit for purpose and provide the most cost effective solution to meet the drilling target considerations.

oRecommends and reviews procedures on the improvement of the rig operations

oMonitoring rig performance and provide feedback and decision support to rig managers for the improvement of the drilling operations performance

oDocuments and reports to the Drilling Operations Center Head all deviations from drilling program and TPWSI QMS – The QMS is the company’s heart and soul for its operation wherein all procedures were thoroughly channeled for optimum activity performance and complying with ISO standards.

oProvides drilling engineering inputs in the daily operations.


oOne of the personnel sent to Kenya (Africa) for Geothermal Development Company (GDC) thru Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and West Japan Engineering Consultancy. GDC is a government owned institution involve in the development of geothermal resource in the country. The stint comprises lectures and actual field coaching of the GDC crew in the conduct of day-to-day drilling operation.

oOne of the auditors for the quality management system (QMS) rolled out by the company. The QMS document contains the company’s procedural standards based on ISO9001:2004 of the International Standard Organization. It was instrumental in realizing the company’s objective of getting accredited in one of the esteemed clients of the geothermal industry.

Secure Drilling Service Engineer

Weatherford Asia Pacific Ltd Singapore

October 2012 - January 2015

Key responsibilities:

oOperate and maintain Manage Pressure Drilling (MPD – Oil and Gas) and associated equipment. The operation involves operating the equipment of the MPD system for managing wellbore pressures, early kick detection and mitigating drilling problems

oOperates and handles day-to-day operation of the MPD in accordance with agreed procedures deemed relevant to the operation and within client’s requirements; and in compliance with Secure Drilling Services (SDS) Work Instructions, Procedures and Competence System to maintain control and integrity of the client’s wells.

oResponsible for maintenance and functional checking of MFC System i.e. software maintenance, data acquisition/transmission, software operational integrity and related SDS equipment relevant to the operation in compliance with MPD Work Instructions ensuring equipment’s reliability. Perform repairs to equipment in both offshore and onshore environments

oEnsures that MPD drilling operations adheres to the high standards of ethical conduct and complies with applicable laws and regulations


oPlayed an integral role in the planning and preparation of Rotating Control Device installation and operation project for Brunei Shell Petroleum.

oSpearheaded the completion of offshore drilling project for Brunei Shell Petroleum involving Weatherford’s Rotating Control Device (RCD) 7875 Docking Station (DS)

oCompleted onshore/offshore well drilling projects for Kulzyk/AED and NEWFIELD using state of the art WeatherfordTM MFC (MicroFlux Control System) in mitigating drilling hazards.

Drilling Supervisor

ThermaPrime Well Services Inc. Manila, Philippines

March 2011 - October 2012

Key responsibilities:

oImplement the drilling/workover programs and internal controls necessary to achieve company goals and objectives.

oAccountable and responsible in the actual drilling and work-over operations. Ensuring that the operation is being implemented in accordance with sound engineering practice, meeting all the technical, safety and environmental requirements as well as program objectives at minimal expense.

oDevelops rig site procedure in accordance with the drilling / workover program including specific action and contingency plans.

oProvides counselling/mentoring to subordinates to effectively discharge their assigned task as well as providing feedback specifically addressing areas for improvement.

oPromotes and develops teamwork and good relationship among personnel involve in rig operations. This includes the internal support groups, contractors and service company personnel emphasizing roles and responsibilities for the successful completion of the project

oManages and liaised with 3rd party services for the efficient execution of drilling services.


oSpearheaded the training of subordinates ensuring a developed worker that will be immersed into the drilling operation that is able to adapt and comprehend instructions to ensure a smooth operation.

oSupervised in drilling of at least five (5) replacement wells and five (5) workover wells

oSuccessfully completed drilling of geothermal wells ensuring that the operation is done in manner consistent with sound engineering practice meeting all technical, safety and environmental requirements, thus able to contribute in the management’s targeted steam production for power generation.

oSuccessfully completed rehabilitating/repair (Workover) of ageing geothermal wells. The operation involved mechanical clearing/acidizing/fishing/relining. Thus able to restore the wells output potential increasing steam production for power generation.

Drilling Engineer

Energy Development Corporation (formerly PNOC-EDC) Manila, Philippines

July 2008 - March 2011

Key responsibilities:

oAccountable and responsible (in tandem with Drilling Supervisor) in the actual drilling and workover operations. Ensuring that the operation is being implemented in accordance with sound engineering practice, meeting all the technical, safety and environmental requirements as well as program objectives at minimal expense.

oPlans, reviews, identify and organize availability & timely engagement and delivery of materials, drilling tools consumables and personnel as required in eliminating possible delays resulting to rig downtimes.

oProvides end of well reports as basis for future improvement in operation as well as to determine drilling physical and financial performance against the program.


oDeveloped and implemented drilling programs for Geothermal wells, drilling and workover. Involved in drilling of at least ten (10) geothermal wells and twenty (15) workover wells.

oPlanned, reviewed, identified and organized availability & timely engagement and delivery of materials, drilling tools consumables and personnel as required in eliminating possible delays resulting to rig downtimes.

oCollaborated with colleagues in practical well bore condition approaches resulting to successful project completion.

oSuccessfully implemented wellhead repair using Well equipment replacement tool.

Shift Supervisor

Philippine National Oil Company - Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC) Manila, Philippines

May 2006 - July 2008

Key responsibilities:

oPractices and implements International Safety Reporting Standards. Ensures jobs are implemented according to plan or as stipulated in the permit to work procedures.

oObserved environmental laws on waste management and disposal. Zero disposal policy, thereby reducing possible incidents of contamination/damage to environment in the course of the operation.

oCoordinates with Power Plant operator, ensuring maximum availability, continuous and efficient supply of quality steam to the Power Plant corresponding to well utilization schedule.

oProvides process engineering / DCS, plant improvement proposals, performance monitoring and technical evaluation on installed facilities and controls.

oPractices work permitting system throughout the workplace.

Accomplishment: DCS Operation

oOperated/maintained the Geothermal Steamfield, more commonly known as the Fluid Collection and Recycling System (FCRS) without recordable downtime thus able to supply the available, required steam production to the power plant; coordinated plant shutdown schedules ensuring optimized plant availability resulting to optimize production.

oInstituted a more stable form of containment for effluents (separated brine) coming from the separator station using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) linings at thermal pond. The scheme was able to arrest seepage of separated brine which could have resulted to damage to the environment.

oOne of the personnel to Commission the Northern Negros Geothermal Production Field. The commissioning activity included bringing online the control room, steam separators, rock mufflers, steamlines and brinelines (hot water lines) as well as level and pressure control system using DCS.

Production Engineer

PNOC - Energy Development Corporation Manila, Philippines

April 1996 - July 2008

Key responsibilities:

oOversees the operation of the Flash Plant/Separator Station and its appurtenances including the control system and its accessories ensuring that the operation is in accordance with the standard operating procedure and conforms with environmental and safety policies of the company.

oConducts pipeline inspection and liaise with support groups on maintenance and services related activities for optimum production of the geothermal steamfield. Closely work with Risk Base Inspection Group (RBI) for timely and accurate identification of problem areas.

oCoordinated manpower and equipment during subsequent power plant shutdowns, assuring that planned activities are completed on schedule.

Accomplishment: DCS and Steamfield Operations

oOptimized Geothermal Steamfield production ensuring continuous supply of steam to the power plant.

oInstituted standard operating procedure / best practices adhering to sound engineering.


Traveling Reading Tennis


oJames E. Jumawan

Assistant Vice President - Drilling

Energy Development Corporation

One Corporate Center

Corner Julia Vargas/Meralco Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig

Mobile No. : +639*********

oAlan Y. Astorga

Drilling Engineering Head

ThermaPrime Drilling Corporation

11th Floor RBC Building

Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

Mobile No. +639*********

oUlyssis Rex P. Bontia

(Former) Upper Mahiao Plant Manager

Energy Development Corporation

Tongonan, Leyte 6541

Mobile No. +639*********

oJulmar Shaun Toralde

Global Deep Water Manage Pressure Drilling Champion

Weatherford 2000 St James Place Houston, Texas

USA Tel. No. Main: +1-713-***-**** Mobile:+1-832-***-****

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