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Chemical Engineering Plant

Jena, Thuringia, Germany
January 31, 2017

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Nitish Bir



To improve my knowledge and capabilities in the field of Chemical Engineering and to work in a firm with a professional work driven environment where I can utilize and apply my knowledge and skills which would enable me as a fresh graduate to grow while fulfilling organizational goals. Qualification Year of passing Institute/Board CGPA*/ Percentage B. Tech.

(Chemical Engineering)

2017 Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute

of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab


(Upto 7th semester)

Class XII


2013 Shiv Jyoti Pubic School, Jalandhar,



Class X


2011 Shiv Jyoti Public School, Jalandhar,



*on a scale of 10

ÿ JUBILANT LIFE SCIENCES LIMITED- GAJRAULA (May-July 2016) Aim of the internship was to get the knowledge of how Chemical Plant works and understanding the process and equipments being used in the allotted plant. Also to undergo projects including mass and energy balance of plant and designing of heat exchanger.

ÿ NATIONAL FERTILIZERS LIMITED- NANGAL (July 2015) Aim of the training was to visit the plant to see how fertilizers are being produced at such a large scale and to understand the work culture of Chemical Plants.


Aim of the internship was to experience the world of marketing and to learn all the tactics that are being used in marketing. Basically the work was to do marketing of various products and websites on social media including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

ÿ Designing of Heat Exchanger

This project was undertaken during summer internship at Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. Aim of the project was to thermally design a heat exchanger which is already being used in the plant and to analyse problems associated with current design and also how to improve them and also improving the effectiveness of heat exchanger. ÿ Extraction of silica from rice husk ash

Aim of the project was to utilise the rice husk generated in large quantity in rice mills as it is non-biodegradable product by extracting silica from it. Also various other important products were obtained including Sodium Silicate Solution (SSS) and activated charcoal.





ÿ Participated in International Summer Term Course on Industrial Catalyst Technology organised by GIAN at NIT Jalandhar.

ÿ Attended a one day workshop on Chemical Engg. Process and Software’s used (Chemcad and AutoCAD) at Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd, Greater Noida office.

ÿ Attended Industrial Institute Interaction Programme organized by IIChe at NIT Jalandhar. ÿ Attended 4 weeks C++ course at NIIT academy, Jalandhar. ÿ Attended 2 weeks Summer Manufacturing Process Workshop at NIT Jalandhar. ÿ Analytical Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy (ACMS’16) at NIT Hamirpur (Oct 2016) Presented paper on the topic “Analytical techniques in Pharmaceuticals.” ÿ Advances in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (ACEE’16) at NIT Jalandhar (April 2016) Presented paper on the topic “Effective and efficient extraction of silica from rice husk ash and study of applications of various products obtained.”

ÿ Worked in the Event Management team of NIT Conclave’15- Engineering India. ÿ Participated in Heat Exchanger making competition during Techniti’15. ÿ Worked as a member of organizing committee of Fine Arts Society at Utkansh’15. ÿ Participated in various events during Utkansh and Techniti. ÿ Worked as a member of marketing team of Utkansh’14. ÿ Technical Skills: C, MS Excel, MS Word

ÿ Hobbies: Writing articles, listening to music, surfing internet ÿ Languages known: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Dr. Sangeeta Garg Dr. Ajay Bansal

Associate Professor Associate Professor

Department of chemical Engineering Department of chemical Engineering NIT Jalandhar NIT Jalandhar

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true and to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: Nitish Bir








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