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.NET Developer

Dallas, Texas, United States
January 31, 2017

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**** ********* *****, ******* ******, TX 75244 (C) 972-***-****

Professional Summary

Senior full-stack developer, highly skilled .NET (C#) anything, proficient in numerous server and client (web and winform) tools. Always learning, excellent communication skills, problem solving, trouble shooting, designing and getting it done. Self-motivated with 20+ years of experience. Skills

• Advanced expertise in C#, .NET anything,

ASP.NET MVC Web, Windows Services,

Winform Apps, Azure

• High SQL Server and SSRS Proficiency

• C#, EF6, Jquery, Kendo, Ajax, Javascript


TypeScript, Angular (1.5,2), Bootstrap, Aurelia.

• Geo expertise: Google, Bing, Leaflet Maps

• Real-time, two-way client / server

• WOWZA, JWPlayer, VOD & Streaming

• Architect, design, implement any size


• Supreme troubleshooter

• Full-stack developer

• Self-motivated team player

• Effective communicator

• Extraordinary problem solver.

Work History

CTO, Developer 01/2008 to Current

GreenRain Technologies – Austin and Dallas, TX

Designed and developed large scale, real-time system for commercial landscape irrigation, using an SQL Server back-end and C# suite of 7 applications and engineered hardware including:

• Weather Service: C# service app, for weather station data acquisition and analysis using varied weather sources including public weather data and via acquisition through Campbell Scientific APIs direct to weather stations.

• Gateway Service: C# service app for specialized real-time data acquisition providing high speed capture from wireless (mostly cellular) field devices, via TCP (and later UCP).

• Main Server Application: C# service app, analyzes device and weather data, provides business rules / science logic for automatic scheduling of irrigation based on science, water used, water needed; device control (turn stuff on and off) and human interaction (reporting, real-time two-way dashboard feeds, logging, etc

• Dashboard App: C# Winform app provides UI to the server for scheduling, two-way custom client/server real-time (via two-way IP stack) monitoring, mapping, reporting, CRUD operations of field assets and configuration.

• Web / Mobile App: C# ASP.NET web service, with sencha-touch front-end framework, provides real-time, map-based interaction. Clients can place thousands of valve locations on a map, find devices, turn things on and off remotely, near-real time, and do simple CRUD operations on field assets.

• Robust Reporting: SQL Server and SSRS with custom built reporting extensions for real-time report triggering from the server to send exceptions and reports.

• Embedded Controller Devices: Custom built Debian Linux based embedded controller field devices running a full C# application via Mono with custom C++ and Bash scripts, over cellular via custom UDP stack to our gateway. Devices initiate calls to the server and remain live 24/7, yet due to highly optimized, custom messaging, communicate via cellular for less than $3/month.

• Hardware: specified / designed controller boards to connect to our Linux controllers for the actuation of valves via triacs and acquisition of data via high speed digital input (counters) and analog inputs (4 to 20mA). Built an IO board to retrofit another brand of irrigation controller for our use.

• Wireless Solution: Designed and implemented a mesh wireless network over our field devices for reduced cellular communication and hardware costs.

Designed a software and hardware solution for acquisition and reporting of commercial water and electric sub-metering.

• Built on a Debian Linux stack, using a commercial embedded controller, for the acquisition of electric and water metering.

• Captured via Modbus and specialized wireless radio.

• Provides real-time data and reporting, via SSRS, and ASP.NET MVC Website.

• Designed a customized device to capture video feeds for remote monitoring of agricultural assets. Lead Developer (Contract) 11/2013 to Current

Hendrik Solutions – Houston

Completed the development of ASP.NET MVC website which provides continuing education videos and live-streaming for hospitals and their doctors.

• Developed, fixed and improved back-end processes of video feeds, streaming, encoding and decoding of VOD and live video feeds

• Developed against WOWZA server APIs using custom built dual feed JWPlayer

• Developed over multi-tenant SQL Server 2014 database, via EF6 (which I upgraded from EF5).

• Helped build specialized walk-up kiosk for remote-control of video feeds: Allows customer to walk up to a monitor, and gain control of the video by texting to a provided number. The user receives a web-link which does real-time asynchronous messaging over RabbitMQ to the server and back to the web-based video player giving the user all the VCR controls and ability to select videos. Lead Developer (Contract) 08/2016 to Current – Austin

Completed development of Azure ASP.NET MVC 5 Web application, using EF6, SQL Server 2014 and multiple Azure Services for Real Estate agent referrals.

• Fixed and completed CRUD operations and administrative dashboard.

• Implemented two-factor authentication and multi-role based authorization.

• Implemented map / geo based search using Google maps API and SQL Server dbGeography, and WKT for geo fencing and searching.

• improved development of Azure hosted messaging system, using Azure Queues and Web Jobs for high frequency status reports, against Twillio APIs for SMS and SendGrid for transactional email.

• Analyzed, tackled and completed the 15+ projects in 3 months myself, what previous team of 4 developers were not able to complete in two years.


ThM., (DTS – Dallas): Language and Biblical Studies, 2014 High Honors

Bachelor of Science: Cairn University - Langhorn, PA, Language and Biblical Studies, 1998 Valedictorian, Highest Honors, 3.99 GPA

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