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Occupational Health Manager

January 31, 2017

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**** ****** *****, ******* ********, OH 45044 937-***-****

Objective: A responsible nursing position requiring my unique clinical, technical, and supervisory experience.

Highlights of Qualifications

Supervisory experience in occupational medicine setting, eating disorders, and medical/surgical units and Employee Health

Extensive case management experience

Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist in 2000 ( (

NIOSH-Approved Spirometry Certification

American Red Cross Instructor for CPR, AED, BBP and First Aid-Expired

Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist

Significant computer experience with protocols and company profiles (Northern Software & eClinicWorks), employee health (Respond & EPIC for ED and laboratory & radiology reports), audiometer program (HTI Software & Webaudi), respirator clearance program (OMI Software & Koko), and breath alcohol program (Parker Software), Word, Excel, Front Page, Share Point and Outlook.


American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Ohio Association of Occupational Health Nurses. Board Member. Current Division 1 Director-state divided up into 3 sections.

Past President of the MidWestern Chapter of Occupational Health Nurses for 2 terms. My current role is to serve as an Advisor to the Board. Past V.P. and Recording Secretary of the MidWestern Chapter of Occupational Health Nurses.

Past Organizations: SWOSIA and Ohio Society of Radiological Technicians

Professional Experience

Fuyao Glass America, Inc. Health Services Coordinator

March 14, 2016 to August 1, 2016

On-site set up for new Occupational Health Services Clinic and Services for 1,900 employees.

Contracted with MedWork for Medical Director services.

Contracted with Sedgwick for Workers’ Compensation Services for our facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio & South Carolina.

Contracted with The Hartford for Leave Management Services for the same facilities as above.

Contracted with a local provider, Fidelity Employee Assistance Provider.

Worked with Woolpert architects to develop criteria for clinic drawings.

Developed Policies and Procedures for Human Resources: Bloodborne Pathogen Policy, Emergency Evaluation of Facility & Tornado Shelter Procedure, Respiratory Protection Policy,

Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy, Injury/Illness/Incident Reporting Procedure, and Leaves & Return to Work (RTW) Policy.

Responsible for processing Short Term Disability paperwork & clearing employees to RTW.

Responsible for processing Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation paperwork for Temporary Total Disability benefits.

Responsible for Family Medical Leave processes.

Developed Workers’ Compensation packet for employees: Letter & Brochure.

Supervisor & Manager Training for RTW Process.

Developed a two-hour New Hire Orientation PP deck. (Bloodborne Pathogen, Injury Care, PPE, BWC, etc.)

Worked closely with Environmental, Health & Safety team regarding injuries, Facility issues, Ergonomic issues and Personal Protective Equipment.

Obtained 4 PAPRS overnight and trained employees on their use to meet vendor need for special order.

Conducted training for Chinese workers with interpreter about various topics (Ergonomics, Heat Illnesses, First Aid supplies for home, When to go to the Emergency Department, etc.)

Amylin Ohio, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb & then sold to AstraZeneca, LLC. Starting 11-15 On-Site Innovations, Contractor Occupational Health Nurse.

Employee Health Manager in West Chester, Ohio

March 8, 2013 to March 4, 2016

On-site set up for new Occupational Health Services Clinic and services for 400 employees. Saved $4,000.00/yr. by bringing vision testing in-house. Saved 63% First Q2014 vs. First Q2015 by changing first aid kit supplied to be more appropriate per injury history. Saved 35% in OTC

Worked with two contracted providers for clinic operations: OnSite Innovations and Healthstat. Certified Nurse Practitioner on-site four hours per day.

Implementation of new EMR software: eClinicalWorks.

Developed a checklist form for eClinicalWorks for GMP Return to Work Requirements.

Updated Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) Policy to reflect AstraZeneca’s Corporate Policy.

Conducted every two-year mandatory SAP training and brought in West Chester Narcotic Officers.

Developed Bloodborne Pathogen Program for new department and developed engineering controls to protect employees from SHARPS.

Developed and Trained Supervisor on Injury Care Procedures.

Brought on-site AstraZeneca Diabetic Educator for free sessions either on-site or off-site with family members.

Developed Return to Work Policy with training CBT video and test that became a yearly mandatory training. Currently working on Version 3.

Developed and Conducted Mandatory Supervisor Substance Abuse Prevention training to be done every two years.

Modified previously used Policies and Procedures for Health Services.

Submitted first time applications for CLIA waiver and Terminal Distributor License for Health Services.

Spearheaded Self-Insured Application with Ohio BWC for Bristol-Myers Squibb. (Not implemented due to sale of site.)

Developed employee brochures for Workers’ Compensation and the Leave Management Process.

Provide monthly or bi-monthly PowerPoint presentation about current health, wellness, trends in drugs, etc.

Conducted OSHA mandated medical surveillance for a group of about 70 employees. Fit testing done after physician physical and medical approval given. Physician on-site twice a month for two hours for physicals and free acute medical illness evaluation and treatment.

Part of Emergency Response Team; Triage injuries for appropriate treatment and treatment location.

Case management of state-insured BWC and third-party leave management provider.

Conducted 90-minute Orientation to Health Services for all Bristol-Myers Squibb/AZ new hires.

Developed Hypoglycemia kits to be placed in areas where there were employees who were brittle diabetics.

Kettering Memorial Hospital

Employee Health Coordinator for over 6500 employees. Kettering Medical Center, Sycamore Medical Center, Kettering Physician Network, Kettering Health Network, Senior Division-Sycamore Glen & Greene Oaks (ECF) and Sycamore Glen Retirement Community.

June 20, 2009 to April 5, 2013

Managed workers’ compensation claims under Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation-Self-Insured. Approved C-9’s and scheduled tests and physical therapy.

Provided quarterly reports to the Infection Control Committee. Monitored all on-going infection control follow-up.

New Hire assessments and vaccinations.

Developed and maintained Policies, Procedures and Protocols.

Developed Standard Operating Procedures for Respond Occupational Health software program and Employee Health Activities.

N-95 fit testing or PAPR education.

Provided daily Safety Operations Briefing via teleconference for Kettering Health Network employees.

Monthly reports to the KMC Safety Committee

Member of Emergency Operations Planning Committee with monthly meetings.

Notified Plant Engineering Department about Safety concerns and followed-up that they were addressed.

Transported medical records to audit site for Ohio Department of Health Senior Division audits.

Participated in The Joint Commission and HFAP audits

Developed and Implemented Mandatory Influenza vaccine program in three months

SHARPS evaluation of Emergency Department and Operating Room; Presented findings and made recommendations to the monthly Nursing Department meeting.

Benchmarked SHARPS based on regional comparable hospital and presented findings.

Maintained the OSHA Log and the SHARPS Log for all the facilities mentioned above.

Met with individual managers/directors regarding employee issues (EAP, Accommodation, etc.).

Worked closely with in-house Employee Assistance Program by either referring employees to them or vice versa.

One of four EH Coordinators who developed Network EH Policies.

Championed making the laboratory and radiology charges to EH to be the same for the Network. Saved my department $119,290.66 with those changes.

Orientation of new nursing staff-had to pass modules and complete orientation checklist prior to working by themselves. On-going mentoring and education of new issues in Employee Health.

Met with Finance with Director regarding EH budget. Kept statistics to show double digit utilization when requesting more staff.

Directly supervised 8 people.

Provided vaccines to Kettering College employees and those students going on Mission trips.

Part of the Lifting Committee that evaluated our current practices and looked for ways to reduce injuries due to lifting employees.

Return to work evaluations for all employees from physicians to medical assistants.

Responsible for the Return-to-Work Cost Center when employees were unable to return to their home department with accommodate due to restrictions. We found meaningful work for them in other department and kept them in the routine of coming to work.

Conducted office manager training for newly acquired physician offices.


Vaccinated 6300 employees (1st year of mandatory influenza vaccine)

Benchmarked SHARPS based on regional comparable hospital and presented findings to Nursing Counsel and sent to appropriate V.P.’s.

Developed Network Policies with 3 other EH Coordinators.

Saved my cost center $119,290.66 by getting the Clinical Laboratory and Radiology department to agree to set pricing across the Network for all EH Coordinators.

Taught part of the curriculum for Dr. Pavlakos for both new and re-certification for Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist.

CareWorks at DMAX, LLC located in Moraine, OH

Contract Occupational Health Nurse for 500 employees

September 2, 2008 to June 11, 2010.

OSHA Surveillance testing and physicals.

Treated all on-site injuries (per Standing Orders).

Participant in Post-Incident Investigation Team at 1000 the day following the incident.

Conducted walk-through Safety audits multiple times per day.

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Case Management.

Evaluation and treatment of personal injuries & illnesses per protocols.

Assist physician with injury treatment.

Developed Standard Operating Procedures.

Documented all clinical activity and managed the OSHA Log.

Developed a professional relationship with interpreter to help facilitate nursing assessment of non-English speaking employees and those not used to Western style medications.

Reviewed all inactive medical records and either sent back to General Motors or sent to Iron Mountain for storage and eventual destruction.

Reviewed all inactive x-ray jackets for content and recorded date and type of x-ray on the outside of the jacket. Sent x-rays either back to General Motors or sent to Iron Mountain for storage and eventual destruction.


Development of Standard Operating Procedures for all clinic activities.

Sent hundreds of medical records/x-rays to appropriate locations and freed up 5 cabinet tops.

Taught part of the curriculum for Dr. Pavlakos for both new and re-certification for Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist.

Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. Dell’s Small Parts Hub.

West Chester, OH with 800 employees.

Contract Occupational Health Nurse, June 2007 to August 2008.

Triaged and treated employees’ health care needs and/or directed them to appropriate medical care

Injury case documentation using the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) web page and updated the OSHA 300 log

Documented all clinic activity for both CHS and Dell tracking systems

Evaluated work restrictions and return-to-work issues

Managed all work-related cases for remote locations in Ohio via telephone

Work with supervisors and human resources staff on accommodation issues

Counseled employees about personal health care issues and served as an advocate for employees in understanding medical treatment and health-related issues

Advocated use of Well@Dell services; EAP, FMLA, Leave Issues, Wellness Programs, Flexible Spending Account, and Health Coaching

Advised uninsured contractor employees about affordable healthcare options in the Cincinnati area

Conducted walk through audits for safety issues on the floor for the EHS Team

Conducted Ergonomic workstation evaluations.

Trained Emergency Response Team: CPR, AED, and American Red Cross First Aid. Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

Monthly ERT training of types of injuries that would be common to our work environment.

Site was sold to Ceva Logistics and we had two weeks to close up the clinic.


Taught part of the curriculum for Dr. Pavlakos for both new and re-certification for Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist

Participated in a 3-person team to develop and present an implementation plan for a standardized on-site commercial audit following © 2008 AAAHC standards for CHS

Coordinated with EHS and Maintenance to change workstations to compensate for accommodation issues and ergonomic challenges

Researched and located a lighter tape gun to prevent hand/wrist/forearm problems, which was also less expensive

Closed the occupational health clinic, which included transferring all records and medications and logging all tracking information

Appleton Papers Inc., West Carrollton Mill (WCM) of 450 employees. West Carrollton, Ohio

Occupational Health Nurse, December 1998 to June 2007

Responsible for managing self-insured workers’ compensation program by coordinating activities with the third-party payer, local law firm, corporate medical director, and corporate human resource team members

Case management of both work-related and non-work-related cases for the WCM and distribution centers in Kentucky, Georgia, Kansas, Oregon and California

Coordinated Sickness & Accident Benefits for hourly unionized workers in KS and WCM

Triaged employees’ health care needs and directed them to appropriate medical care, i.e. nurse, personal physician, occupational clinic, urgent care or hospital emergency department. Provided treatment for both work related and non-work related injuries and illnesses

Coordinated all physicals: new hire, hazardous materials, and chlorine physicals in conjunction with respirator clearance

Conducted all necessary on-site employees’ testing: urine drug test collection, breath alcohol, audiometry testing, pulmonary functions testing, vision screenings, blood collection, etc.

Worked with HR and the department supervisor on accommodation issues

Scheduled or provided on-site training for Mill Emergency Organization (MEO), both mandatory yearly and then monthly updates

Developed and maintained policies & procedures and protocols

Coordinated Supervisor monthly training, “Tuesday with an Expert”, with internal and external speakers

Oversight of the Mill Employee Wellness Center

Responsible for managing the Health Services and Wellness Center budget, first aid supplies for MEO and first aid kits/AEDs throughout the mill, and any health center function, i.e. health fair/screenings

Oriented all new-hire employees in the following areas: Injury reporting and follow-up. Sickness & Accident benefits, Case Management of work and non-work-related cases, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Mill Emergency Organization and how to utilize it, the (free) Wellness Center, Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Return-to-work issues, Restrictions, Health screenings available - blood pressure, glucose, vision screening, etc. Yearly Hearing Tests, Respirator Clearance, BBP, if needed

Coordinated all physicals: new hire, hazardous material physicals, and chlorine physicals in conjunction with respirator clearance.

Conducted all necessary on-site employees’ testing: urine drug test collection, breath alcohol, audiometry testing, vision screenings, blood collection, etc. Calibrated equipment as needed.

Evaluated restrictions and return-to-work issues.

Scheduled medical on-site training for Mill Emergency Organization (MEO).

Trained MEO members quarterly on First Responder topics.

Developed and maintained policies & procedures and protocols.

Advised employees about personal health care issues. Served as an advocate for employees in understanding medical treatment and health-related issues.

Responsible for managing the Health Services and Wellness Center budget, first aid supplies for MEO and first aid kits throughout the mill, and any health center function.

Taught yearly Blood borne Pathogen mandatory classes for Mill Services and MEO.

Developed Workers’ Compensation brochure.

Managed the FMLA program: developed FMLA packets, which included template letters to send to employees needing Sickness & Accident benefits and Workers’ Compensation Intermittent FMLA for WCM and all distribution centers.

Designed and developed 3 company intranet web pages: 1. Health Services, which discusses OSHA, FMLA, Sickness & Accident, Short Term Disability, etc. 2. EmployeeCare and Domestic Violence. 3. Relief nurses with step by step instructions on how to use the Nurse Record’s program and SOP’s.

Assisted in selecting an occupational software program for use in Appleton Mills. Then when that was turned down, assisted Corporate IT department in developing a software program that would meet our needs. As I used it on a day to day basis, constantly working to make it more user friendly and able to run needed reports, OSHA log, etc.

Coordinated medical concerns between the Safety Department and the employees Department. Conducted Safety walk-through of Mill and addressed any issues discovered.

Developed orientation packet and trained new nurses. Developed and updated medical forms.


Taught part of the curriculum for Dr. Pavlakos for both new and re-certification for Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist.

Designed and developed 3 company intranet web pages: 1. Health Services, which discusses OSHA, FMLA, Sickness & Accident, Short Term Disability, etc. 2. Employee Care and Domestic Violence. 3. Secure web for Relief Nurses with step by step pictorial instructions on how to use the Nurse Record’s program and included Standard Operating Procedures.

Developed Workers’ Compensation brochure.

Responsible for 5S Certification of Activity Rooms A&B.

Developed FMLA packets, which included template letters to send to employees needing Sickness & Accident benefits, Workers’ Compensation and Intermittent FMLA

Interim Health Care, previously Liberty Health Care, Inc. Contract Occupational Health Nurse

A.K. Steel Health Services, Middletown Works in Middletown, OH

Occupational health clinic for 3700 employees.

March 4, 1996 to December 11, 1998

Responded to all emergency calls for Middletown Works site where ever they occurred.

Tracked employees with mill injuries and their subsequent care

Met weekly with the Safety Department to review mill injuries and their OSHA classification

Triaged employees and directed them to appropriate medical care, i.e. Nurse, personal physician, plant physician, urgent care or hospital.

Trained the other staff nurses on the computerized safety program so that each nurse could input their own accident reports and print that report for client signature and insertion into client chart

Conducted physicals for new hire, return to work, coke plant, benzene, crane operator, moving equipment operator by performing pulmonary function testing, audiometry testing, drug testing, and sobriety examination, breathe alcohol testing, vision & x-rays. Calibrated said equipment as needed

Evaluated employee restrictions and coordinated medical concerns between the Safety Department and the Employees’ Department

Generated and maintained protocols for various medical procedures

Developed and updated medical forms


Developed training manual for new audiometry software program

Developed nurse orientation packet and trained new nurses

Coordinated with the ISSC Department and developed a computerized safety program, which included the OSHA 200 log and tracking programs for various physicals and testings required by OSHA/NIOSH

Kettering Medical Center, a 400-bed community- based hospital in Kettering, OH

September, 1989 to December, 1995.

Clinical Services Coordinator for Kettering Workers’ Care, an off-site Occupational Health Center

First full-time nurse for Kettering Center for Health Promotion which developed into Kettering Workers’ Care

As the only nurse with an R.T. conducted all physicals per client request: urine drug screening, breath alcohol, pulmonary function, audiogram, x-rays, & vision screens.

Assisted physician with injury care and used Allscript® program to be able to hand prescriptions to clients for immediate use.

Selected and purchased equipment and supplies; negotiated contracts and controlled expenditures

Visited remote sites and conducted physicals for factory and office workers in 3 states

Scheduled and provided medical services for executive and manager level physicals

Set up clinic at M.O.N.D.A.Y. Community Correctional Institution and provided medical services

Primary supervisory position for the occupational health clinic, including clerical, clinical, and mobile services staff.

Interviewed and hired medical and clerical staff members

Responsible for the finances of three cost centers

Conducted wellness and drug testing programs for corporate clients including use of test equipment such as: Cholestic, Abbott Vision, Burdick ECG with Treadmill, Titmus Vision tester and Body Composition analysis by electrical impedance and infrared technologies

Administered FAA physicals for all certification levels

Provided International Travel vaccinations per CDC software program guidelines after physician physical.

Assisted MRO with process per MRO Guidelines.

Set up Independent Medical Evaluations for various companies

Screened potential clients who wanted to change their physician of record

Generated and update protocols for all client companies used in the occupational software program

Provided facilities & information systems management as well as customer service for all clients


Established travel clinic providing injections, medication, and literature for executives and traveling medical personnel per CDC guidelines

Participated as part of the team who worked with the architect and contractor to develop blue-prints and review changes for renovation of 14,000 sq. ft. center

Responded to the prison’s financial constraints by minimizing inventory and staffing hours while maintaining appropriate levels of medical services

Conducted weekly meetings between clerical and clinical staff to develop team approach to problem solving

Certificates included: Conditional Radiological License; Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist; Service Plus, CPR for the Professional Rescuer (ARC); Breath Alcohol Technician (Draeger/Intoxilyzer), Pulmonary Function Testing.

Kettering Memorial Hospital, 1982-1989

*CTCU, Open-Heart Intensive Care at Kettering Hospital. Assistant Head Nurse, Eating Disorder Unit at Sycamore Hospital. 3-South, Assistant Head Nurse, Medical-Surgical Unit at Kettering Hospital.


Southern University of Seventh-day Adventists, Collegedale, TN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing-1982

Associate of Science in Nursing-1977

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