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Engineer Manager

Boulder, Colorado, United States
January 31, 2017

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Hands on Software Engineer with 6 years’ experience of QA testing experience in System Product Testing on Linux, Windows & VMware Platforms, system testing, requirement gathering, conducting gap analysis, designing end-to-end solution and storage certification/administration.

Experience in leading and managing teams. Handled multiple roles – Onsite coordinator, Test Lead, Test Analyst and Test Engineer.

An experienced Test Engineer with proven skills in QA process, Software Test Methodologies & Software Test Life Cycle, testing the Driver & Firmware for the Converged Network Adaptor (CNAs) and Host Bus Adapters (HBA).

Ability of conceptualizing and implementing operational strategies for the quality function by carrying out quality planning to confirm the QA requirements.

Acquired expertise in verification and analysis of Windows, Linux and VMware Drivers for different Network Interface Cards (NICs), Converged Network Adaptor (CNAs) and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

Good experience in verification and analysis of 2 port and 4 port CNAs and HBAs, testing of various HBAs through Boot from SAN (BFS) and Local Booted OS environment.

Very good experience in writing Manual Test Cases and automated the test cases for best testing coverage of the application.

Highly efficient in Complex, Agile, Dynamic, Onshore-Offshore project environments.

Working knowledge on Agile, V-Model, and Waterfall Methodologies.

Experience in system, regression, hardware compatibility, stress and performance testing.

Test case analysis, preparation of Test Plan and Estimation.

Investigating on new features and implementing them as test cases.

Knowledge on working with VMWare Virtualization environments and configurations

Possess good knowledge of RAID configuration and knowledge on different RAID levels

Knowledge of network protocols like DHCP, FTP, TFTP, NTP and SNMP

Expertise in working with various Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceivers (SFPs) for different Ethernet/CNAs/HBAs.

Hold credentials in working on various Storage products, including:

HP, DELL and SolidFire Targets for configuring Logical Units for Internet Small Computer Small Interface (iSCSI), Fiber channel (FC) and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic

Testing Network Ethernet protocol and various storage protocols like iSCSI, Fiber Channel (FC) and Fiber-Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

Expertise on Converged Network Adapter BIOS modification for various Protocols in both Physical and Virtual configurations

Recovering affected HBAs by flashing the required ROM and Firmware files

Setting up test environments including Servers, switches (Brocade, CISCO), Zoning and Storage Arrays configuration.

Solid understanding of various Storage array, configuration, and upgrade. Worked manually on SAN configuration and have knowledge on NAS and DAS configurations

Expertise in Zoning for different 8G and 16G switches and have knowledge of converting port configuration for Fiber Channel and Fiber-Channel over Ethernet requirements in Switches

Expertise on creation of different zoning in switches and knowledge of types of zones

Worked manually on configuring various servers with application of patches in Server BIOS and Firmware

Good knowledge on configuring KVM switches to work simultaneously on various servers

Updating Test results using HP Quality Center, Agile, Qtest, Qmetry etc.

Raising bugs through Bug Management tool Fogbugz, Agile, QUIX.


Operating Systems

Windows, Linux (RHEL, SLES, CentOS, Oracle, XenServer), VMware.


HP ProLiant ML, DL, BL, SL servers, HP Blade enclosure, C3000 and C7000, Interconnects, HP Ethernet/SAN switches, Dell Servers, SolidFire/HP/DELL Storage, Cisco and Brocade FC switches, Cisco UCS Blades servers.


NIC Agents, SPP, Firmware, NIC/HBA/CNA drivers



Testing Technologies


Storage Box

HP MSA 2324i, P2000G3, P4300G2, Dell Power Vault MD1200 Series, SolidFire storage (SF iSCSI and FC Series)

Testing Tools

Supercharger tool, Meat grinder tool, OCM (One Connect Manager), VCM (Virtual Connect Manager), QCC (Qlogic Converge Console), Netperf tool, MIB walker tool, iLO (Integrated Light Out), VMware workbench, XenCenter, WHCK, Autotest Framework 2, VDbench, OMSA, SMH, IDRAC, RACADM, WinSCP, Putty

Issue Tracking Tools

QUIX, Bugzilla, JIRA, Agile, Fogbugz

Quality Management

HP Quality Center, Qmetry, Qtest

Scripting Languages


VMware Products

ESX/ESXi, vSphere Client, vCenter Server, vCSA, SRM, vVOL, VASA


Performance Award by NetApp for remarkable contribution in a critical product release (May, 2015)

Performance Award by Technosoft for valuable contribution to the organization (April, 2015

Mphasis Client Award by HP, USA for excellent contribution for project HP IST–NIC (June, 2012)

Monthly Summit Award by Mphasis for valuable contribution to the organization (Feb, 2012)

2nd Place in Least Assembling Time Category in NASA Moon Buggy Race Competition, held

at NASA, Alabama, USA (2009). Led a team of 6 students.

National level achievements in Robotic events.


Project Name: Certification on NetApp-SolidFire Storage (October, 2015 - Present)

Company: Technosoft Corporation, Boulder, USA. Client: NetApp- SolidFire

Role: Software Engineer

Description: Certifying SolidFire’s storage system with Virtualization/Hardware/OS vendors such as Cisco UCS, VMware, Citrix, Oracle and Microsoft, to complete the vendor required testing and list the SolidFire storage device(s) as certified iSCSI & FC storage array hardware on each of the vendor’s HCL.


Review the vendor defined certification test policies before any test execution.

Obtain the latest test plans/suites/kits from the vendor (if any).

Setup and configure SolidFire’s storage device under test.

Setup and configure the test environment per the certification requirements. Work on the failures to get a fix and rerun the failing test(s) or submit a waiver request to the vendor for the failing tests (if needed).

Learn SolidFire storage system and the certification requirements from various virtualization/OS vendors such as Cisco UCS, VMware, Citrix, Oracle VM, Oracle SPARC and Microsoft.

Log and monitor the issues encountered during the test, triage the issues to identify the source of the problem and create a problem incident/ticket with the appropriate party (Microsoft, Client or any other Third Party vendor involved).

Help Offshore team with test bed setup and technical/product related queries.

Environment: Storage Protocols like FC, iSCSI and TCP/IP, Cisco UCS, VMware, Citrix, Oracle VM, Oracle SPARC and Microsoft storage certification, SolidFire storage such as SF3010, SF6010, SF9010 SF2405, SF9605, SF4805 and FC0025. Linux RHEL 5.X/6.X/7.X, SLES 10.X/11.X, CentOS6.X, OEL 6.X, XenServer6.X/7.X, Windows(2012R2, 2012x64, 2008-R2x64, 2008x64, 2008x86), Manual/Automated testing, WLK 1.6 Studio, WHCK 2.0, WHCK 8.1 (Windows Hardware Certification Kit), Storage Clustering, DELL Servers (R620, R630), Cisco UCS B200M3 Blade servers, Qlogic/Emulex HBA, XenCenter, VMware Workbench, VMware Sphere, vCenter Server, Site Recovery Manager, Oracle Virtual Machine Manager, Qtest, Fogbugz.

Project Name: Automated Suites Operation on SolidFire Storage (July, 2014 – September,2015)

Company: Technosoft Global Services, Bangalore, India. Client: SolidFire

Role: Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Trainer

Description: Storage testing for SolidFire storage which consists of running different Stress, Sanity, Complexity and features suites through Automation Test Environment Version 2 (AT2)


Trained the offshore team for SolidFire client. Participated in Training conducted on different technologies used by SolidFire, at client site in USA.

Stress, Complexity and features testing on SolidFire storage such as SF3010, SF6010, SF9010, SF2405, SF4805 and SF9605.

Creating different suites which combine many AT2 tasks at once and running the same through AT2 framework for Stress, Sanity and features testing.

Investigating on new features and implementing them as different AT2 task.

Ensuring all the deliverables are on time and delivered with Quality to the Client and adhering to agreed SLOs and SLAs with the Client.

Track the testing and reporting activities like test summary report, test case coverage, required resources, defects summary.

Updating Test results using Qmetry and raising bugs through Bug Management tool Fogbugz.

Communication and coordination between client and onsite teams.

Environment: Storage/Network Protocols like FC, & iSCSI and TCP/IP. Stress, Complexity, Load, Performance and features testing, SolidFire storages (SF3010, SF6010, SF9010 and SF2405), Autotest Framework 2, VDbench IO, Python script development, Storage Clustering, Cluster APIs, Client Setup, Qmetry, Fogbugz, Thin Provisioning, Deduplication.

Project Name: 13 G DELL Server (May, 2014 – July, 2014)

Company: APN India, Bangalore, India Client: DELL R&D

Role: Testing Engineering Analyst

Description: Integration Server Testing for Dell Servers, Storage Controllers and Storage Boxes.


Test Bed setup, Hardware setup of Servers from scratch.

Regression, System, Stress testing on T630, M630 and R730 DELL servers using Windows and different flavors of LINUX, ESXi and raising bugs through Bug Management Tool Agile.

Configuring RAID levels on different Smart Array Controllers.

Working experience with different dell server features like IDRAC, Lifecycle Controller, RACADM.

Environment: DELL servers (T630, M630 and R730/720/630/620), IDRAC, Lifecycle Controller, RACADM, OMSA, RHEL 5.X/6.X, SLES 10.X/11.X, Windows 2008/2012, PXE, NFS, RDP, Agile (Test/Bug Management tool).

Project Name: HP IST - NIC (August, 2010 – September, 2012) (July, 2013 – April, 2014)

Company: Mphasis, Bangalore, India Client: Hewlett-Packard

Role: Test Engineer, Module Lead

Description: Integration Server Testing for HP ProLiant Servers, Storage Controllers and Storage Boxes against HP qualified baselines.


Test Bed setup, hardware setup of storage box, DHCP server set up, different client setup.

Investigating on new features and implementing them as test cases.

Configuring RAID levels on different Smart Array Controllers.

NIC testing on HP ML, DL, SL and BL Servers using Windows and different flavors of LINUX, ESXi.

Provider testing of NIC adapter. NIC feature testing-teaming, VLAN, Jumbo frame, WOL, PXE.

Expertise in AHS, iSCSI, FC, FCoE, VC, SR-IOV, VC-FCoE, VC-iSCSI testing.

Leading and managing offshore teams. Guiding, helping and providing required inputs to offshore team members to understand the application by coordinating the work with Onsite SMEs.

Being a domain expertise, I have trained the new engineers joining into the team.

Coordinating with the developers and providing them full support to minimize or close the issues/bugs.

Attending Client Meetings discussing the testing progress.

Analyzing and verifying test results, providing status and progress reports using Quality Center 10.0.


Increased test coverage by adding new areas such as PXE, PXE 24 hours offline continuous reboot, mixed vendor compatibility, testing of embedded cards in NCDE 10.70.

Performed the initial investigation on AHS & logged Critical issues before the start of ST phase that helped smooth transition of ST phase.

Environment: HP ProLiant Blade Servers (G6, G7 and Gen8), HP ProLiant DL, ML and SL Servers (Gen8), HP Blade Enclosures (C3k and C7k), Various Blade Interconnects (VC, Non VC, 1 Gb, 10 Gb), NICs (1 Gb, 10 Gb), CNAs, Network Switches (1 Gb, 10 Gb), Storage Enclosures (MSA 2432i, P200G2/G3, P4300G3), Operating Systems (Windows 2008/2012, RHEL5/6/7, SLES 10/11, ESXi 5.1), Network Interface Cards and Driver environments (Intel, Broadcom, Qlogic, Emulex, Mellanox), HP Qlogic/Emulex/Brocade HBA, HP Network (Modular/Non Modular) & SAN Switches. HP-Quality Centre, QUIX.

Project Name: HP IST – NIC, Sri Lanka (September, 2012 – July, 2013)

Company: Mphasis Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka Client: Hewlett-Packard

Role: Trainer, Team Lead


Driving the team & ensuring all the process are in place.

Requirement Analysis, writing test plans, preparing test scenarios, writing test cases and uploading in HP Quality center.

Supervise and guide the team and monitor day-to-day activities with client/stake holders and suggest necessary changes if required.

Document defects and evaluate priority of defect based on overall application functionality.

Reviewing the issues raised by the team members and verifying them before submitting them to the Development.

Understanding the requirements/issues from the users/clients and allocating work to the team.

Leading a team responsible in testing the NICs (1 GB, 10 GB, and CNAs) from different vendors (Intel, Broadcom, Emulex, Mellanox, and Logic).

racking test status and coordinating with onsite, offshore and stake holders.

Taking the whole responsibility in the completion of testing in any phase (EST, ST, Sanity Regression, Regression or OOBE).


Successfully trained and led a team of 15 at Mphasis Lanka.

Received performance appreciations from HP leads for providing Value additions to the project.

Exceeded organizational productivity goals through best practices to increase team output.


MBA in Project Management (2013), Sikkim Manipal University.

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010), UPTU.

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