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Engineer Electrical

Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States
January 31, 2017

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Bolingbrook IL 60490


QUALIFICATIONS Electrical Power Engineer with experience in design, operation,

SUMMARY maintenance, construction and facility condition assessment.

Project management for the construction of new or additions to

existing underground distribution systems. Hands on experience in

testing and operating high-voltage electrical equipment and

protective relays. Conducted load flow, short circuit and transient

stability studies(EMTP) using GWU’s application programs.

Proficient in mapping conversion(paper maps to electronic maps)

and using ABB’s CADOPS, CADPAD application programs.

Experienced with the supervision and coordination of contract

activities. Skilled at communicating technical and non-technical

materials to individuals and administrators. I am an US Citizen.

EDUCATION P.E.(Professional Engineer), New York State, since April 1997.

M.S. Electric Power Engineering, The George Washington

University, Washington D.C., February 1993; GPA-3.7/4.0.

B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering-Power Systems), Gujarat University,

India, October 1973.

D.E.E.(Diploma in Electrical Engineering)-Electrical Machinery),

MCM Polytechnic, India, April 1966.

EXPERIENCE Sep. 2014 – July 2016

Worked for PPL(on contract through Easi ) as Protection and

Control Engineer. Peer reviewing P&C setting from

Consultants like SEL, Worley Parsons, Stantec, Quanta and other

companies(from 500KV to 69KV); developing temporary settings

as well as permanent ones; familiar with CAPE, ASPEN etc..

March 2012- September 14, 2014

Lead Engineer-Protection and Control

Was working with Iberdrola, USA. I did all 345KV, 230KV, and

115KV projects P&C design review; checks specifications of all

major equipment; set protective relays.

April 2011-March 2012

Protection and Control Engineer V

Joined Georgia Transmission Corp., Tucker, GA 30044 in April

2011 and finished one major project replacing 4, 115KV, 40KA

circuit breakers by 4, 115KV, 80KA circuit breakers. Handling

several distribution transformer substations


Sr. Engineer

Joined AEP Tulsa on 02/28/2005 and completed two major

Projects(Exxon Mobil-Ring Bus with 4 GCBs and adding a new

breaker bay at South Western Substation) which includes ordering

materials, designing, protective relaying and commissioning 138 KV

substations. I have set the SEL and GE protective relays

(GE T35, GE F60, SEL 351S, SEL 387E, GE B90, SEL 487B, and

SEL 587Z) for five years. I created RPA(RTU Points

Assignment list) to help SCADA technicians.

08/2004 – 01/20/2005, S.L. King & Associates, Georgia

Sr. Electric Power Engineer

Worked as a Senior Electric Power Engineer for TVA(Federal Utility

Company) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Supervised the construction

and commissioning of 169 KV substation. Laid off-lack of jobs.

04/2002-08/2002, DuSable Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Facilities (CTA Red Line Stations) assessment and recommendations

to replace or upgrade existing electrical equipment, wiring, conduit

etc. on public and non-public enclosed areas, electrical and mechanical

rooms, and platforms.

05/2000-07/2001, GE Zenith Controls, Chicago, Illinois.

Sr. Customer Application Engineer

Consulting and designing medium-voltage switchgear lineups

for various types of industries including power plants. Interacting

with customers on a day-to-day basis. I designed 126 switchgear

lineups. Apart from promoting GE relays(Multilin SR750/760, Feeder

Management Relay, SR 745 Transformer Management Relay, DGP

489, SR737/735 etc. to customers, I also have supplied Basler Electric,

and SEL protective relays per customer request while designing

switchgear lineups. I also have designed main-tie-main control scheme.

11/1998-08/1999, Sierra Pacific Resources, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Engineer III

I was involved in Distribution Dispatch Management System Project.

I dealt with Outage Management System(SCADA, RTUs etc.) and pole

audits. I am familiar with conversion of paper maps to electronic maps.

I helped the MIS department in desiging joint pole audit forms.

03/1998-07/1998, Vanderweil Facility Advisers, Boston, MA.

Electrical Engineering Consultant

Assessment of conditions of electric service, electrical distribution,

lighting, fire alarm, emergency lighting and exit signs,

telecommunication and special system in university campuses and real

property estates. Preparing building descriptions, deficiency reports, and

estimates for correcting deficiencies including NEC & NFPA 70 & 72

code violations. VFA version 3.0 software and windows 95 were used

to link deficiencies with photographs taken at site. Predict system

conditions and facility renewal costs.

08/1993-12/1997, Ram-Tech Engineers, P.C., Syracuse, New York.

Electrical Power Engineer

Field inspection of healthcare and industrial facilities(power

Distribution, lighting systems, fire alarm, fire stop systems, building

codes and all aspects of facility and site electrical engineering);

experience with double ended substations; management of contractor

performance; providing on site support after installation; performance

of electrical load analysis, short circuit and voltage drop calculations;

writing purchase specifications for major electrical equipment;

assisting drafting personal in drawings; familiar with AutoCad, NEC,

and NAPA.

2/1990-8/1991 Ministry of Industries, Doha, Qatar.

Electrical Engineer

Preparation of electrical specifications and electrical design for

industrial and sewage treatment plants; experience in motor

application, repair, inspection, testing and trouble shooting.


Electrical Engineer

Worked in an electrical contracting company executing electrical utility

jobs for 5 years(Bahrain). Worked in information and broadcasting

ministry supervising power receiving station and substation contracts

work executed by a French firm for 5 years(Iraq). Worked as Sales

Engineer in Industrial Belting Company for 5 years(India).

Worked in an electric utility company(India) for 7 years including one

year training. I did testing and maintenance of transformers,

switchgears, protective relays, batteries etc. in many 500 KVA,

11KV/480V distribution transformer substations(India). Testing and

commissioning 66/11 KV power receiving stations. I supervised the

the construction of 132/11 KV distribution transformer substations,

4X7.5 MW standby diesel generators etc. while I was employed in

ministry of information and broadcasting. I tested and maintained

electro-mechanical induction and solid state relays(IDMTL), parallel

feeder, harmonic restraint transformer differential and directional) used

in power distribution and transmission for more than 5 years while I

served the electric utility company in India.

PROFESSIONAL Member, IEEE, since 1992; Member, Institution of

AFFILIATIONS Electrical Engineers, India, since 1975.

REFERENCES Available on request.

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