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Maintenance Supervisor

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
USD (6000 to 9000) Negotiate
January 30, 2017

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Contact No.: +84(0)971430593 ( Vietnam ) ; +601******** (Malaysia),

ID Skype: zanzamri

Address: No.53, Jln RP 2, Taman Rambai Permai, Bkt Rambai, 75250, Malacca, Malaysia.

Date of Birth: 28th August1967

Passport No : A 33286917

Nationality : Malaysian

Specific Discipline: ROTATING

Position Applied: Rotating Machinery Supervisor

Current Position: Turn Around Maintenance Advisor

16 years and 08 month of experience in oil and gas refinery. Since April 2015 in PetroChemical Plant.

Current Position as a Turn Around Maintenance Advisor and ICT( Integrated Commissioning Team ) at Refinery & Petrochemical Plant.


Have experience, knowledge and skill in Mechanical Refinery Maintenance Supervisor,Planner Scheduler and Technical.

Experience Oil and Gas Refinery Process and Maintenance Plants Hydrocarbon 16 years of Rotating Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Turnaround Coordinator, Pre-Com, Commissiong, Worksyop, Material Planning & Operation. Work site for maintenance and Material Planning, schedule and technical in refinery and petrochemical complex. Experience in Maintenance, CMMS, Material management SAP-MM module,material codification, Service PR,PO,MO,technical & service evaluation and Technical Advisor.

Expertise role and resposibilities suitable at both Upstream (OnShore) and Downstream(Offshore) facilities area.

Carryout RCM,RCA,ECA and RAM for maintenance strategy analysis implementation.

Experience also at Petrochemical Plant since April 2015 as Maintenance Planner MIE(Mechanical,Electrical,Instrument) at Utility and Marine dept.Involved TCS (Total Complexs Shutdown) at Refinery unit for Planner and Primavera Teams.

Currently working at NSRP (Nghi Son Refinery Petrochemical LCC Plant as Turn Around Maintenance Advisor, develop TA Maintenance Tier 3 & Tier 4 Procedure and execute Pre-Com & Commissioning activities as ICT (Integrated Commissioning Team)

Experience Role and Responsibilities

CRG (Central Repair Group) Rotating Equipment / Rotating Inspector Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Maintenance team-Lead and coordinate implementation of Rotating Equipment and Static such as (Pump-Centrifugal,Multistage),(Comp- Centrifugal, Recip Procating), Steam turb,Gas Turbin and Tanks, Static Equipment(Vessel,Fired Equipment-FE,Valve,Exchanger,Reactor and etc).

Manage and arrangement the worksyop system and supervise all equipment rotating and static for repair,maintenance, fabrication activities in the worksyop requested from others disciplines thru Order Requested.

Maintenance engineering activities to ensure superior plant process performance in HSE, availability and reliability

Advantage troubleshooting skill at process plant and Rotating Equipment analysis and condition monitoring.

Maintenance Planner Scheduler

Rotary Planner in Rotating Group, Planner Coordinator Turn Around and Logistic/Material Supervisor,

Familiar with SAP system applications for material process maintenance management system(CMMS) and coordinate daily maintenance issues with assets team (Maintenance and Operation.

Prepare, review and develop scheduling and planning availability of all resources ( workpackage,manpower, parts & materials) for any Turnaround.

Planning maintenance activities via SAP,SAP3, ECC6, CMMS and proficient in MS Office/ Project and P6.

Managing contract service providers and resources on the site and develops timelines and budgets.

Group Pre-Com, Commisioning and Production MG3(MELAKA MG3 ( BASE OIL 111)

Field Technician ( attached Hydrocracker (Hydocarbon ) Unit ( Process Flow system) and MG3 (Lube Base Plant Commissioning/Pre Com/Start up .

Group Contruction,Pre commissioning/Commissioning MELAKA MG3 ( BASE OIL 111) Field. UNIT VDU(Vaccum Distillation), HDT( Hydrotreater Unit ) MSDW (Catalytis Dewaxing) and PFU (Product Fractinator Unit

Team player, high leadership quality & team work, independent & reliable, easy to adapt with new environment, commitment to work, willingness to work long hours and ability to get the work done. Able to lead the group during work execution and job completion on time.


Proficient in Lotus SmartSuite (WordPro, Freelance, Lotus 123, Lotus Approach), Microsoft (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project), Primavera 6,PR,PO, SAP system(PINTAS 1,SAP R3,SAP MM, ECC6) and CMMS.

Entek IRD -1500 &2500 Monitor with E-Monitor software and Microlog data collector Skf with PRISM 4 Software. PI system monitoring, Bently Nevada and System 1.

Rotating Equipment,Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Planner, Material Coordinator, Material Management, Maintenance, Planning, Scheduling, Supervisor, Oil Gas Plant, Refinery, System 1, PI System, Logistics, Warehouse, BOM, Preventive Maintenance, Pre Commissioning /Commissioning, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Plant,, CBM, Condition Monitoring and Technical Advisor.


1)Succesfully handle Revamp and Turn Around ( RETA 09) (2 months) preparation and execution as a Engineering Logistic and Material Coordinator, for the biggest RETA 2009 project in PETRONAS history. (1st Big TA in Asia Pacific Region Refinery ).

2)Achievement for PPA level grade 2 (Performance Personal Achievement), 5 times during service present company 14 years.

3)Contributed effective solutions on rotating technical issues to the operation to ensure that the equipment run for a desired period of time before the equipment failed, which did not impacted on loss of production. This is achieved usually by detecting early defect via vibration analysis.

4)Reviewed Mechanical Integrity (MI) Procedure documents (general plant procedure/standards) for vibration monitoring, lube oil monitoring and rotating equipment test run after maintenance.

5)Maintenance supervisor, dealing with sub-ordinates issues that involved their attitude and behavior problems has helped me to developed inter-personal skill and soft skill. Since they consisted of wide age group, different age has different set of agenda to attend to their requirement at the same time aligning it to the business’ requirement.

6)Officially appointed as Petronas Competency Based Assesment System Internal Assessor (PECAS IA) for assist and develop Technical staff gred 10 to 14 for future carreer movement all Petronas OPU . Assesor for Rotating Equipment and Mechanical staff Petronas effective 02/01/2013


To enhance my future career leader growing with this company. Apply my present qualification.experience and knowledge especially in technical (Rotating and Mechanical) not in Local company but Global for more challenging and to be the professional Maintenance Engineer/ Supervisor and planner / scheduler with high skills develop new concept ideas that are practical, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly and align the objective and mission company requirement. Sametime to improve better my family future life and future professional career ladder .


June 2016 _ Present

30.04.2015 – 18.11.2015

01.12.2008 – 01.04.2015

TA Maintenance Advisor

Maintenance Planner ( Petro Rabigh-Saudi Arabia)

Maintenance Rotating Supervisor, Scheduler Planner (Engineering Resource Coordinator) (Rotary Planner), PP(M)SB, PETRONAS.

01.12.2006 - 30.11.2008

Commissioning Team, PP(M)SB, PETRONAS.

01.09.1998- 30.11.2006

Rotating Inspector (CBM) and CRG (Central Repair Group), PP(M)SB, PETRONAS.


01.08.1995 - 16.06.1998

Maintenance Supervisor

Under group machine maintenance repair for support production line. Pm and CM, Sharp Trillion PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

12.02.1991 - 08.12.1994

Mechanical Supervisor.

(Training at Matshushita Company Matsue, Osaka, Japan from March 1991 to June 1991)

Under group machine maintenance repair for support production line. Pm and CM. Commission new machine for production line, Matshushita Precision (Capacitor Technology) Oversea Training( 3 Month )-Matsue,Osaka

04.12.1988 - 01.01.1991

Production Technician

(Operate CNCMachine & troubleshoot) Siemens Malacca (Transistor Technology)


01.01.1981 - 04.04.1983

SRP Gred A (Primary School )

Sek Men St Francis

04.04.1983 - 31.12.1984

SPM ( Secondary School )

Technical Secondary School, Bukit Piatu

08.07.1986 - 09.11.1988

Mechanical Engineering

Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah of Polytechnic

01.01.2005 – 28.11.2010

Degree in Logistic and Management.

United Kingdom Advance Diploma

Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transportation



-June 2016 – Present Turn Around Maintenance Advisor NSRP Refinery and Petrochemical Plant LLC

-TAM Advisor key responsibilities

Turn Around Maintenance at Maintenance Division.

During this EPC period work together with other maintenance management team.

Develop Tier 3 and Tier 4 procedure for turnaround document preparation.

CMMS Workflow development

Maximo and Primavera 6 Integrated TA preparation set up system Team.

Execute Pre-Com & Commissioning activities as ICT (Integrated Commissioning Team)

Survey daily maintenance company

Maintenance Machine shop design and operation

Warehouse work design

Attend and train new employees or junior engineer and transfer knowledge information

Participate in Construction Work Quality and Safety Assurance

After the Mechanical Completion

Responsible to provide support services to Maintenance Division and to advice the less experienced engineer in the divisions.

The advisors work very close with the engineering staff to convey their advice to all relative staff.

Assist for Leaders to be responsible for directing craftsmen in the safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient execution of maintenance work.

Assist to ensure compliance with labor agreement, safety/environmental and work standards, code of conduct and individual performance expectations for both contractors and employees.

Assist to assign and supervise work of technicians including: utilization of computer based work scheduling program for daily planning and execution of all assigned tasks.

Assist to work closely with planners to facilitate optimum use of resources in managing maintenance workload and meeting goals.

Assist to perform and documenting job safety analysis for each assigned task.

Assist to identify training needs of technicians and serve as an instructor

Work with engineering on new development projects and work on team-based committees to implement/investigate areas of business improvements.

Guide, direct and motivate the less experienced engineers and operators including setting education and training and assessing their performance in association with their superior and the Human Resources Section.

Assist to evaluate plant and equipment unscheduled downtime proportions. Identify reliability improvement opportunities.

Advice failure investigation for critical equipment, generate reports, actions logs and follow-up in their closure.

Assist to manage the turnaround plan includes; detailed estimate for work scope defined, schedule development with selected contractor, execution plan and CVP milestone management.

Assist group member for operating and utilizing CMMS.

30.04.2015 – 18.11.2015 Maintenance Planner PetroRabigh,Saudi Arabia

- Maintenance Planner key responsibilities:

Maintenance Planner MIE(Mechanical,Electrical,Instrument) at Utility and Marine dept.

Involved TCS (Total Complexs Shutdown) at Refinery unit for Planner and Primavera Teams.

Makesure all PMO’s types utilizing the SAP Plant Maintenance Module and coordinate with operation, MFT, Maintenance engineers, Maintenance Area Supervisor,other discipline Maintenance planners before execute works.Cover all discipline area Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument (MEI).

Update the progress shutdown activities base Master plan and actual system in Primavera 6.

Makesure all maintenance work orders should be planned, estimated and performed in accordance with Operations assigned priorities. Emergency work orders will be an exception and it will be handled mimetically.

All Maintenance Work Orders should be planned prior to the execution of the work, to determine;

(a) The order in which work shall be carried out for optimum manpower utilization;

(b) Materials, spare parts, special too1s or equipment required.

(c) If cost is within maximum authorized limits.

Operations will consult with Maintenance to establish the order of precedence of outstanding work, and to determine Weekly and Daily maintenance work schedules.

The text includes:

1. Notification types

2. PM order types

3. WO Priority types

4. Auditing

5. Responsibilities

6. Maintenance Process

-List all approved notifications & reviews them with the Area Maintenance Supervisor and MFT Maintenance ---coordinator before creating work orders.

-Conduct site visit and evaluate the job before creating work orders if require.

-Create work orders and sub orders as required.

-Plan the Job to be performed / man-hours /resources and ordering materials as required.

-Reflect the status of actual work in proper user status like (workable, waiting material, etc.).

-Follow up the material with procurement.

-Ensure that maintenance supervisor or senior crafts men enter history and time confirmation before closing work orders.

-Attend the maintenance Conference call.

-Attend the Daily / weekly OME team meeting.

Issue weekly work order and material status for area

O1.12.2008 – 01.04.2015 Rotating Supervisor and Planner/Scheduler (Engineering Planning Coordinator) Rotary Dept,PP(M)SB, PETRONAS

Maintenance Rotating Supervisor/ Material Coordinator Planner key responsibilities:

The biggest RETA 2009/10 (Revamp & TA) project in PETRONAS. Prepare Any Project Item & TA 2009/10 Preparation Team

Maintenance Rotating Equipment Overhaul Supervisor for TA Team

To coordinate, supervise and carry out Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

activities on all compressor packages (centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary)

To coordinate, supervise and carry out Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

activities on multistage centrifugal pump of 600 KW and above..

To coordinate, supervise and carry out balancing job on centrifugal pump and compressor rotating elements using workshop Balancing Machine (Schenk). If the rotating element capacity is bigger, coordination on outside balancing shop shall be arranged.

To continuously review spare parts requirement on compressor and multistage pumps, and monitor

track spare parts inventory/level on critical equipment i.e compressors spare min/max.

To assist CBM engineers in troubleshooting and diagnosing rotating equipment problems and

recommend rectification plans and repair actions.

To assist Mechanical by providing expertise and manpower on other rotating equipment repair works

To produce detail repair report after each repair work.

Responsible at Unit HPU, MG3, GTG Cogen include Commissioning parts (Inspection, mobilization, special tools CAPM material, verified stock,stock creation & tagged for make return stock In SAP system.)

To coordinate with Contractor team on preparation & managing equipment handling onsite especially special tools, spare parts, blind lists,scaffolding preparation. Responsible on availability of all resources (manpower, parts & materials).

Plan arrangment- Electrical,inspect vehicle,assist specialist / contructor, safety briefing,PPE & Coordinate and interface with various departments and contractors on job analysis. Liaise with Materials group for the pre shutdown material movements.

Prepared the requirements of Shutdown for contractor example laydown areas and cabin facilities .

RETA Preparation 2009/10:

Prepared Purchase Order for non-stock items/spare part & special tools.

Performed audit, verified stock, carried out tagging and packing before completing kitting and prepared as

found report on the parts’ condition and availability.

Planned and managed resources such as spare parts, tools and manpower for TA 2009.

Reviewed spare parts requirement on centrifugal/recip compressor and multistage pumps.

Scaffolding & Blind list preparation - around 30 equipment-

Logistic/tools/consumables preparation

Track spare parts inventory/level on critical equipment i.e compressors.

Special tools verification and fabrication works preparation.

Daily Engineering Rotary Planner key responsibilities:

Asses site condition and job requirement at field (routine)

Verify, update and delivery NSTK for any TA preparation

Direct charge material verification upon delivery at Warehouse

Attend own discipline planning meeting

Follow-up of work readiness to be executed with other discipline/contractor (eg material

fabrication, scaffold readiness )

Lead development and implementation of 2 week and 12 weeks Look Ahead Plan.

Preparations of work pack:

oJob Method Sheets

oMaterial Control Sheet

oCost estimation


oManpower/skill requirements

oSafety requirement

Responsible on availability of all resources (manpower, parts & materials).

SAP-related work.-Stock creation, Material reservation. Material collection and return.

Resource coordination and check material specification

Site verification / inspection location of site if require for scaffolding, crane and lorry for support

the project.

Raise notification in SAP with correct defect description, equipment no. functional, location and

notification type.

Coordinates with Area Maintenance Team (AMT) /Central / Production Specialist / Operation

Engineer / Contractor Supervisor.

Low value purchase of material.

Rectify acceptability of rotating equipment spare/ materials on their receipt by warehouse

Initiate purchase requisition for spares and materials and carry out inspection of spares and

materials by suppliers.

Prepare material kitting all the spare parts of the equipment before repair and overhaul.

Prepare schedule and manpower before any major job to be carried out.

Return of unused material to Warehouse

Liase with warehouse personal & SAP system update

Planning the job in MO as per work package such as :

oPM & PdM plan/strategy/task list creation/revision in SAP

oRelease MO, Material cataloguing & right specification

oStock checking for availability & fit for purpose

oMaterial verification upon delivery at Warehouse

oConduct/attend own discipline planning meeting

oAttend plant planning meeting

oJob Scheduling

oCheck availability of equipment for maintenance

oAssist specialist/contractor readiness (eg. safety briefing, PPE etc)

oBacklog monitoring - Update user status in MO

oProduce active/inactive backlog report

oProduce/Issue look ahead plan - 2 weeks

oReview look ahead plan

oUpdate schedule in SAP

oConduct area daily meeting

oAttend schedulers meeting

oMonthly analysis - cost

oMonthly analysis - LAP compliance

oMonthly analysis - work management

01.12.2006 - 30.11.2008 Commissioning Team PP(M)SB, PETRONAS.

Attachment HCK Unit (Hydrocarbon Plant) (Hydro cracker Unit for 6 month) key responsibilities:

To work within a team of plant operators for the coordinating and control of process unit. Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of furnaces, pumps, heat exchangers, reboilers, and other equipment including instrumentation within the refinery processing unit in accordance with the established procedure.

Safely control the plant operation of HCK ( Hydro cracker Unit )(Hydrocarbon Plant )

Responsible on operating and maintaining all rotating and static machineries through Basic Equipment Care (BEC) and Basic Operation Care (BOC) programs.

Perform House keeping and ensure minimum hazardous environment around the process units.

Prepared Equipment to be hand over to maintenance people. Ensure all related job are comply with procedure and safety at all times.

Field Operator in Starting Up, shutting down units or equipments and also handling all of emergencies activities.

Contruction,Pre comissioning/Comissioning MELAKA MG3 ( BASE OIL 111) Field Technician. Areas covered are UNIT VDU(Vaccum Distillation), HDT( Hydrotreater Unit ) MSDW( Catalytis Dewaxing) and PFU (Product Fractinator Unit ( 1 years 6 months)

Assist Inspection engineer during daily construction activities i.e piping,painting, grouting, installation equipment etc

Team member in punch listing for mg 3 PLANT ( UNIT VDU, HDT, MSDW and PFU)

(Pressure test,leak test & all punchlist activities )

To carry out punch list or any non-conformance rotating equipment.

To communicate with contractor’s during daily construction activities.

To prepare checklist Basic Equipment Care (BEC) and Basic Operation Care (BOC) for rotaing Equipment.

Trial Run Unit

Responsible on operating and maintaining all rotating and static machineries through Basic Equipment Care (BEC) and Basic Operation Care (BOC) programs. Team BEC & BOC

Perform House keeping and ensure minimum hazardous environment around the process units.

Prepared Equipment to be hand over to maintenance people. Ensure all related job are comply with procedure and safety at all times.

Starting Up, shutting down units or equipments and also handling all of emergencies activities.

01.09.1998- 30.11.2006 Rotating Inspector (CBM) PP(M)SB, PETRONAS.

Key Responsibilities:

Perform machines baseline data & parameter, set up in vibration d/base (E-monitor).

Perform routine gathering vibration data and field data of rotating equipment process Plant Hydrocarbon as per schedule.

Perform inspection on rotating equipment parts to establish condition and recommend appropriate remedial actions.

Perform troubleshooting on rotating equipment.

Maintain equipment history and inspection tools.

Check and record equipment parameters.

Perform bearing clearance check. Supervise contractor’s works on condition based monitoring data collection.

Perform / verify equipment test run and monitor the equipment performance.

Coordinate inspection activities with respective sections and prepare after repair reports.

Advised Production Department on the mechanical aspects of rotating equipment operation to ensure that they are operated within their safe operating parameters.

Carry out Over Speed Trip Test OSTT for turbine equipment base on schedule 6 Month or during troubleshooting by equipment performance condition and comeout with report .

Apply the Permit To Work (PTW) for assigned, troubleshooting and routine job.

Maintain and updates equipment data in database ( E-monitor ).

Submit daily and inspection and findings report to engineer.

Perform/ assist Rotary engineer in trouble shooting problems as per request.

Perform witness / internal inspection during repair / overhaul as per request.

Perform first line diagnostics on collected Condition Monitoring data

Perform motor current analysis.

Coordinate routine lube oil sampling as schedule, follow up results and update data

Verify vibration deficiency report prepared by junior technician.

Perform / witness rotor balancing and clearance check when do overhaul.

Supervise contractor’s work on condition based monitoring data collection.

Perform / verify equipment test run and perform / evaluate lube oil analysis.

Perform shop inspection for repairing.

Team of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) on all rotating equipment include centrifugal and reciprocating compressors and revise maintenance strategy of these machines as representatives from Rotating Group.

To be involved in technical analysis, decision making and other necessary actions and recommended methods for solving all rotating equipment reliability problem that required by superior.


Emergency Response Programme tier 2 (udang bakar) – as a support Staging group station.

Internal Mechanical Rotating Assessor for Rotating and Mechanical Technician Grade 10-14 PECAS (Petronas Malaysia)

Refinery Planner and PRIMAVERA TEAM for Project TCS 2015 ( Total Complex Shutdown ) - Petro Rabigh Petrochemical Plant, Saudi Arabia

Primavera and Maximo Integrated for Planning and Set up Process System User for Turn Around Preparation NSRP(Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC, Vietnam.


May 1999 ( 2 weeks )

Involve with High Pressure Reciprocating Comp Ohaul Work (Major TA)

14.10.2000 - 28.10.2000

PSR-2 TA Involved Overhaul Net Gas ( K-23202) Recip Comp.

Lead the group for turbine over speed trip test especially for amplifier 505 governor. (TA-1 Week)

10.04.2004 - 25.04.2004

PSR-2 TA Assign to Supervise overhaul _ K-32281 & K- 31204 (Centrifugal Compressor).

August 2004 (1 month)

Attachment At ABF Bintulu Sarawak for Compressor & Turbine Overhaul (Turnaround)

July 2006 (1 Month)

COGEN Construction.

Assist Inspection engineer during daily construction activities i.e piping,painting, grouting, installation equipment etc

Carry out baseline data collection for rotating equipment (condition monitoring) COGEN Construction.

Communicate with contractor’s during daily construction activities i.e witness pre and final alignment for rotating equipment.

Ensure contractor’s to follow Petronas specification

Assist on rotating equipment commissioning activities.

I st Oct 2007 ( I month )

Attachment at Haldia Refinery Kolkata India for Lube Base Plant Training.

RETA 2009 (Nov 09-Mar10)

(Revamp & Turnaround) (3 months)

-Logistic and Material Coordinator. (1st Big TA in Asia Pacific Region Refinery & The biggest RETA

-2009 (Revamp & TA) project in PETRONAS history.

SD 2 (July 2010) (1month)

TCS (Total Complex Shutdown)2015

Pre-Com & Commissioning NSRP

-(Shutdown Revamp U30), Logistic and Material Coordinator.

-Planner Refinery & Primavera Team Refinery and Petrochemical Plant, Petrorabigh, Saudi Arabia.

- ICT (Integrated Commissioning Team ) for Commissioning activities Refinery and Petrochemical Plant LLC, Vietnam.



Appointment as Petronas Competency Based Assesment System Internal Assessor (PECAS IA) on 02/01/2013

PSD Team Building

P.E.T.A. Workshop

Qpec 2001 Convention

Performance Mgmt Sys (Pms) For Non-ExeC






Microsoft Project (Six Sigma Synergy) 25/08/14-27/08/14

Handling New Gas Meter & Agt Refresher

Confined Space

Log Out Tag Out (Loto) Training

John Zink Training

Storage Tanks For Mg3 Personnel

Mg-3 Pilot Plant Training

Hearingsafe Handling Of Chemical & Res

Undstanding Oil Analysis & Vibra. For

Rb211 - Boroscope Inspection (Rolls-RoycE)

Gas Turbine For Cogen

Hsems Awareness

Balancing & Alignment

Mechanical Seal Training

Principles Of Failure Analysis Training

Mech Core Skil - Comp. Maint & Pump

Basic Knowledge On Rigging And Crane Sign

Enter-Ird Application Training

Safety Training

Vibration Condition Monitoring Part 1

























: Mr. Hider Abu Bakar

: Mech - Rotating Head Planner,

: Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd, Sungai Udang, Malacca.

: +606******* (Office)





: Mr. Hanizan B Hussin

: AIM Inspection Manager.

: Engineering Department.Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd, Sungai Udang, Malacca.

: +601********





: Mr Mohd Nizam Maulud

: Superintendent-Opertion Cumene-Phenol

: PetroRabigh, Saudi Arabia.

: +966*********

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