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Safety Officer Medical

Palanpur, Gujarat, 385001, India
January 29, 2017

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A.David Perianayagam M.Sc (Phy), Dip.R.P (BARC), YSF(TMH)

C/O, Mallikarjun N, Vedant Nilay,Sector 55, E12

Navanagar Nagar, Bagalkot – 587 103

Karnataka, India


Professional Experience

I have 20 years of professional experience as Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer III in the field of Radiation Oncology

Education & Professional Qualification

Young Scientist Fellowship, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India, Gujarat Council on Science & Technology, Gujarat, India, Title: HDR Brachytherapy in ICRU 38, year 2002

M.Sc Physics, Madras University, Tamil Nadu, 1995 First Class

Dip.R.P (Radiological Physics), Bhabha Atomic Research center, Mumbai, India,University of Bombay, First Class, 1994

B.Sc Physics, Madras University, Tamil Nadu, 1991 First Class

H.Sc (12th), Dominic Savio Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu, 1988 First Class Current Status

Presently working as Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer III at Regional Cancer Care Centre (GCRI – Branch), Siddhpur, Gujarat.

Working with Elekta-Synergy (VMAT) Linear Accelerator & MicroSelectron HDR Brachytherapy.

Performing treatment plans on CMS-Xio TPS for 3D CRT, Monaco 5.00.01 TPS for IMRT


Utilizing Oncentra TPS for 3D Image based HDR planning through CT images.

Handling the patient data through Mosaiq record & verification system.

Patients are simulated for all advanced treatment techniques by using Phillips Brilliance Big Bore CT Simulator.

Moving laser system (LAP Laser) is used for Isocenter shifting.

In-charge & effectively handling the e-Lora (AERB) operation for Radiation Oncology & Radiology.

Involved & supervising the routine Linac QA, HDR QA & Patient Specific QA.

In-charge and managing the departmental routine Technical & Medical Physics activities related to Oncology & Radiology.


Apollo Cancer Hospital, Bilaspur From Feb 2016 to April 2016 Designation: Senior Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer Level III Re-established the Department of Radiation Oncology at Apollo Cancer Hospital, Bilaspur with reference to AERB guidelines & regulations.

Maintained Daily, weekly & Monthly QA of Linear Accelerator Clinac iX with Rapid Arc facility, 120 MLC, OBI & EPID.

Planned the Radiotherapy cases for 3D CRT, IMRT & RapidArc on Eclipse 11 TPS-ARIA 11.

Performed the pre-treatment verification for IMRT & RapidArc on Portal Dosimetry & 2D LDA PTW Dosimetry System.

Handled the e-Lora related to Radiotherapy & Diagnositic Radiology Facility.

Handled the TLD PMS for all Radiation Workers.

Kerudi Cancer Hospital, Bagalkot From July 2014 to Feb 2016 Designation : Chief Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer Level III Designed and established the Advanced Radiotherapy treatment facility at Bagalkot starting from Building Plan, approval by AERB, e-Lora creation, Construction, installation, commissioning and the treatment initiation.

Supervised the Building Construction with reference to the AERB approval

Attended the Clinical Training on IMRT/VMAT at Mannheim, Germany.

Installed and Commissioned the Radiation Oncology & Physics Department having the following facility.

1. Linear Accelerator - Elekta Synergy Platform for IMRT & VMAT 2. Monaco IMRT/VMAT TPS

3. Mosaiq Oncology Information System

4. 2D LDA with Octavius II from PTW

5. MicroSelectron HDR Brachytherapy

6. Oncentra Brachy 3D -TPS

7. CT Simulator & conventional X-ray unit

8. Went live on Linac treatment on Aug 28th 2015 and HDR Brachy Treatment on Nov 2015

9. Created the e-Lora registration for the new Radiotherapy & Diagnostic Radiology facility and effectively handled.

Belgaum Cancer Hospital June’ 2011 to June’ 2014

Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Designation: Chief Consultant Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer III

Handled the Linear Accelerator- Varian DMX with 80 leaf MLC and EPID and Phoenix Telecobalt

Handled CMS Xio 3D TPS for 3D CRT & 3D conventional Radiotherapy

Handled ICRT & ILRT cases in Genie HDR Brachytherapy with 2D TPS

CT simulation for 3D CRT, Dynamic IMRT

Upgraded and Commissioned Dynamic IMRT on Varian DMX

Commissioned Dynamic IMRT on Eclipse 11 TPS and handled.

Commissioned the Portal Dosimetry System and handled.

Commissioned ARIA 11 Oncology Information System and handled.

Commissioned 4D ITC and handled.

Involved in new project for IMRT installation of present Institution

Modified the Telecobalt Installation room layout in to 6MV Linac with IMRT Capability.

Participated in IAEA/TMH Radiotherapy Peer review conducted in the institute.

Participated in IAEA/WHO inter postal Dose Audit of the Radiotherapy Department for 6MV & 15MV Photons.

In-charge for the TLD-PMS of all the Radiation Worker. Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Sep’2010 to June 2011 Dombivli (E), Thane, Mumbai, India

Designation: Consultant Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer I was involved in the Radiotherapy process with the Siemens Primus LA. And maintaining the radiotherapy departmental safety. Involved in the CT based manual treatment planning. Personal Training June’ 2010 to July’ 2010

I have undergone advanced training in IMRT, IGRT & VMAT in Elekta Synergy & Beam Modulator LA and its QA at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Institute, Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital, Bangalore from.

I familiarized in all dosimetrical aspects of latest treatment technique executed in Elekta Synergy Linear Accelerator and Elekta Beam Modulator.

I performed IMRT planning in CMS XiO 3D Treatment Planning System.

I did IMRT patient QA by using IMattriX 2D Detector array with Multicube Phantom for various gantry angle and Solid Phantom for static gantry angle and the resultant dose patterns are analyzed by using OmniPro ImRT software.

I did IMRT planning for many cases of IGRT performed in Elekta Synergy LA with KV CBCT system.

I familiarized with Mosaiq network software operation.

I have acquired complete knowledge of Virtual Simulation, Image Fusion CT with MRI & PET-CT using Focal SIM.

I have performed weekly QA for Various Photon and Electron Energies of Elekta Synergy LA and Elekta Beam Modulator LA by using Cylindrical Ion chamber in solid phantom and DOSE 1 electrometer.

I did image based QA for Isocentric verification of IGRT (LA & CBCT) system using Penta-Guide QUASAR solid phantom.

I observed the Dosimetrical aspects of Total Body Irradiation (TBI) starting from imaging, planning and treatment execution in LA.

I have introductory knowledge of MONACO 3D Treatment Planning System for various VMAT Techniques and its QA by point dose measurement using phantom.

I have familiarized with the HDR Brachytherapy Unit Flexitron and Flexiplan 3D Treatment planning system.

Akola Jan’ 2007 to May ‘2010

Maharashtra, India

Designation: Consultant Medical Physicist

I have worked independently and given my Expert Medical Physics Technical advices for Radiotherapy building setup, getting approval from AERB, India for new Cancer Hospitals. I was also involved in the implementation of new Radiotherapy Techniques IMRT, IGRT & VMAT or RapidArc using LA, image based 3D computerized Treatment Planning, importance of Immobilization and the availability of latest infrastructure, CT simulation, Fusion with MRI and PET-CT, Networking in the department, HDR 3D image based Brachytherapy and virtual simulation, Personnel Monitoring and Radiation Safety Measures for the two New cancer hospitals at Chimanlal Parikh Cancer Hospital, Navsari & Aaruni Hospital Pvt Ltd, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

KDN Gohil Hospital Jan’ 2006 to Nov ‘2006

Navsari, Gujarat, India

Designation: Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer. I have implemented Head & Neck immobilization, and the CT based manual treatment planning on Telecobalt Unit.

Indo – American Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Nov’2003 to Aug ‘2005 Hyderabad, AP, India

Designation: Senior Medical Physicist

Supervised the construction & installation, commissioning, Quality assurance for a new Siemens Linear Accelerator Primus Plus – with MLC & EPID, dual photon energy of 6 & 15 and multiple electron energies of 6,9,12,15,18 & 21 MeV. Performed MLC based static IMRT (step & shoot) treatments on LA for various types of malignancies.

The QA is performed for the IMRT execution on the basis of segmental fluence or by the point dose measurements.

Commissioned and QA test done for CMS – XiO 3D & IMRT Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System, done also focal SIM virtual simulation system from CMS, USA IMRT treatment planning, Dosimetry, Treatment QA done for various tumors using XiO – 3D TPS with virtual simulation.

I have fully experienced in doing the treatment planning, dosimetry, execution of SRS, SRT for intracranial tumors by using microMLC – ACCUKNIFE- Direx.33 Performed MLC, microMLC and customized individual field blocks (aperture) based 3D CRT. Well versed with Accuknife (X-Knife) –Direx and dedicated 3D – TPS Accusoft for SRS, SRT and 3D CRT with CT & MRI image fusion.

Experienced in using LANTIS networking technology for patient data, image, plan transfer, and verification performed in the department of radiation oncology. Experienced in machine calibration, QA, output measurements, beam data profiles and radiation dosimetry using 3D RFA, Solid water phantom, Dose 1 Dosimeter, solid state detectors, cylindrical & parallel plate ionization chambers for various photon and electron energies.

Familiarized all kinds of mould room techniques for 3D CRT, IMRT, SRS, SRT (non invasive frames like V4 frame).

I was teaching the students of Radiotherapy Technology. Familiarized with 3D image based treatment planning, dosimetry, QA for Varisource HDR Remote after loading Brachytherapy by using CADPLAN – Brachyvision 3D TPS. Planned for interstitial implants and templates like Syed Neblett & MUPIT for carcinoma cervix, rectum, prostate and implants like breast, STS, H&N tumors and Intracavitory, Intraluminal treatments.

Experienced in doing Mammosite cases.

Calibration of HDR Ir-192 Brachytherapy source by using well type ion chamber and electrometer.

Dr.S.S. Yadav Ram Bhagwan charitable Institute Dec’2002 to May’2003 of cancer management & research, Mirpur,Haryana, India Designation: Medical Physicist & RSO

Calibration, QA and routine maintenance of Elite 80 computer controlled telecobalt unit. Planned the cases with CT scan based 2.5D Treatment planning in Theraplan Plus. Implemented head & neck immobilization

Lions Cancer Detection Centre, Nov’1999 to Sept’2002 Surat, Gujarat, India

Designation: Medical Physicist

Calibration, QA and routine maintenance of TH-780C & Phoenix telecobalt units. Planned the cases with CT scan based 2.5D Treatment planning. Participated in IAEA/WHO/BARC inter postal dose comparison for telecobalt units. Sant Tukaram Hospital & Medical Research Centre Feb’1996 to Nov’ 1999 Akola, Maharashtra, India

Designation: Medical Physicist & RSO

Experienced in supervision of telecobalt source installation. Participated in IAEA/WHO/BARC inter postal dose comparison for telecobalt units. Developed indigenous infrastructures like, Breast board.

Prone position immobilization for brain patients.

Bolus made by using paraffin wax of different shape for breast and other superficial tumors.

Water phantom based dosimetry.

Manual CT scan based treatment planning and dosimetry. Skills & Technical Experience

3D CRT – Expert

Static & Dynmic IMRT – Expert

SRS & SRT – Advanced

VMAT or RapidArc – Expert

HDR Image Based Brachytherapy – Expert

Radiotherapy Clinical Planning – Expert

Radiotherapy Room Design – Expert

Linac Commissioning - Expert

3D CRT, IMRT, RapidArc Commissioning - Expert

HDR Brachy Commissioning - Expert

Department Administration – Expert

Management Skill – Expert

Dosimetry of LA, HDR Brachy – Expert

Professional Members, Awards and Distinction

I am life member of Association of Medical Physicist of India (AMPI) Interests

Interested to develop my skills further in the field of Radiation Oncology Physics Publications

1. J Med Phys. 2011 Jul-Sep; 36(3): 171–175.

Relative dosimetrical verification in high dose rate brachytherapy using two-dimensional detector array IMatriXX

A. Manikandan, Sarkar Biplab,1 Perianayagam A. David, R. Holla, T. R. Vivek,2 and N. Sujatha3 2. Journal of Medical Physics; CODEN JMPHFE; v. 32(suppl.); p. S34-35 Source strength calibration of 60Co HDR brachy unit by using cylindrical phantom

byDavid Perianayagam, A. (Sant Tukaram Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Akola

(India)); Narayanan, Pradush;Jesurajan, Fenedit (International Cancer Centre, Bhimavaram (India)) References


Scientific Officer (G)


CT & CRS Building

Near Niyamak Bhavan


Mumbai – 400 094



Dr.Dash Sharma

Scientific Officer (G)


Niyamak Bhavan


Mumbai – 400 094



Dr.Rakesh K Agrawal

Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Apollo Cancer Hospital

Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd

Seepath Road

Bilaspur – 495006




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