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Engineering Manager

Makati, National Capital Region, Philippines
January 29, 2017

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CV of Richard A. Lozano

Blk** Lot **, Ridgeview Estates Nuvali, Brgy Canlubang, Calamba City 4027 Laguna, Philippines EMAIL: Skype ID: richard.lozano88 Mobile: +63-917-*******

Home : +63-49-308****

Professional Employment:

1. Director

V Probes Holding Co Ltd

1st Floor, ANNA Building, Quang Trang Software City Tan Chanh Heip Ward, Disctrict 12, Ho Chi Mihn City VIETNAM Employment Duration : Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

As a Director at VPROBES, my main responsibilities are as follows: Reports to the CEO and other board of directors in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of modifications to existing process operations, quality systems, and standard operating procedures in the manufacturing plant in HCMC, Vietnam. This includes helping the CEO develop critical component suppliers for Manufacturing Operations and New Product Introduction pertaining to the VERTICAL PROBE CARD development in order to achieve probe test of sub-60micron pitch wafer die pads with low cost and consistent quality. In the cantilever business, I help the CEO develop and implement policies and procedures consistent with those of the organisation to ensure efficient and safe operation of the organisation. And participate in the design and implementation of all these procedures Works with VP of Sales & Marketing (worldwide) to be the technical expert with the position of director of sales and marketing – Philippines. This position is responsible for planning and implementing sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets by performing the following sales and marketing strategies. 2. Director of Operations

Smart Probe Inc*– Calamba, Philippines

Employment Duration : April 2013– January 2016

Directly reporting to the President/CEO and member of the board of investors of Smart Probe Inc. -- As Director of Operations I am primarily responsible for general supervision of all phases of companies operations including: Probe Card Design, Product/Test Process & Field Application Engineering, Plant Maintenance (physical plant up- keep), Quality Assurance, Quality Management System (QMS), Environment Management System, Purchasing, Warehouse, Receiving, Shipping, and Manufacturing Operations. In addition I am responsible for annual budget planning and execution to achieve the company’s sales turnover, on time delivery and profit targets by; Implementation of all engineering and manufacturing processes according to a new business protocol as needed, insuring best and lowest cost practices in managing and lowering COG in purchasing and finished good products. Implementing improved, efficient, and sustainable processes and on time delivery in accordance to customer builds specification and quality requirements. As part of the senior management team I am jointly responsible for contributing towards the achievement of the company’s strategic and operational targets and Revenue goals

Consistently measure and improve customer satisfaction; initiate programs, systems and teams to facilitate improvement of quality, productivity, cost reduction and on-time delivery. Account for cost variances due to yield, cycle time, WIP, employee productivity and equipment utilisation. Provide accurate and timely operating indices for operations reviews. I am leading the communication and coordination with all internal departments to ensure 100% production output and on time delivery targets are achieved. Adhering and meeting all quality assurance practices are meet base on our existing ISO standards. Managing all manpower, competencies, and skill sets of engineering & manufacturing employees in order to achieve production & revenue targets. Develop and implement policies and procedures consistent with those of the organisation to ensure efficient and safe operation of the organisation. Oversee the supervision of personnel Participate in and coordinate the design and implementation of data collection and analysis systems for the company. Review and interpret financial and operating information, as appropriate Provide advice and assistance to the CEO and other board of directors in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of modifications to existing operations, systems, and procedures Develop expenditure budgets for Manufacturing Operations and contain expenditure within approved budget limits. Prepare program budgets, manage inventory control and logistics and manage an extensive team. Responsible for implementing Inventory and component supplies management. Develop annual operating budgets and provides fiscal direction to the company.Recruit, develop and train high performing staff. Manage staff for high performance. Conduct annual performance reviews. Provide leadership and mentorship. Actively participate in cross-functional teams and processes to support business objectives and outcomes. Participate positively and proactively with colleagues to achieve outcomes for the Company. Communicate and share information with colleagues, highlighting key areas of interest. Planning, scheduling and reviewing workload to ensure most cost effective production targets are achieved based on the sales & revenue projections. 3. Manufacturing Operations Manager

Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd – Sydney, Australia

Employment Duration : March 2007 – June 2012

Directly reporting to the VP of North Ryde Manufacturing, we have started-up, lead and manage the Complete manufacturing process (wafer to assembly) and Test of a serially interfaced 32-bit microprocessor with an integrated flash memory and SRAM. This device has been developed primarily for Intellectual Property security applications. It was designed to authenticate printer parts and consumables and packaged in TSOT-23 (5 lead) variant. At the start of employment with Silverbrook Research, major part of what job entails hands-on work to develop SBR’s semiconductor wafer, assembly packaging and test capability for this specialized device. As part of this hands-on work responsibility, we have constant interaction with a diverse range of groups within Silverbrook Research including, but not limited to Product Development teams to ensure new features of the assembly semiconductor process are integrated to the requirements and are implemented in a timely and controlled fashion with other R&D teams within Silverbrook Research e.g.: chemistry–Ink and mechanical –printer motor, as users of the specialized production parts in designs to conduct device simulation and testing. And in order to ensure the smooth supply of raw parts into Silverbrook Research, we have developed a pool of suppliers for semiconductor wafer, assembly and test houses, including equipment manufacturers and piece part suppliers. These activities ramps up the supply of semiconductor parts to partner companies, including the management of the infrastructure required to process the parts easily into the high volume-manufacturing phase. In the 3rd quarter of 2008, we have achieved the start-up goal of translating R&D work to a stable semiconductor manufacturing process for assembly and test. We also provided the capability of delivering this key component to Silverbrook Research partner companies with our established scalable High Volume Manufacturing process. Till the end of my employment, the competencies and results that we lead are as follows Semiconductor Process Technical Resource - interaction with a diverse range of groups within Silverbrook Research including: Development team to ensure new features and requirements are implemented in a timely and controlled fashion. R&D teams within Silverbrook as users of the specialized production parts in designs Manufacturing Group as users of the specialized production parts in manufacturing. EMS Group as managers of the supply chain of the specialized production parts to partner companies. Assist in the provision of documented specifications to define the requirement of automated equipment. Assist in the provision of documented Work Instructions so that operators have a clear understanding of how to undertake their function, and as always where relevant to assist in the selection of suitable equipment to perform process tasks

Semiconductor Research & Test Operations Management – ü Personnel - Provide leadership for the day-to-day management of the production team. Ensure that local personnel issues within the team are resolved. Provide clear daily instructions to the team so that they are, in turn, clear as to what is required of them. ü Production Process - Ensure that both personnel and systems work effectively and that process issues are immediately resolved whenever they arise. To ensure that in-process materials and consumables are available as and when required.

ü Equipment Maintenance and Support - Establish personnel & systems to respond to equipment failure. Implement a preventative maintenance regime to minimize the probability of such equipment failure. Ensure that recommended spares are procured in a timely fashion. ü Production Planning - The specialized parts that represent the output from the QA Chip Production Department require a close attention to timelines so that parts reach both internal and external users of these parts in a timely fashion. ü Quality Assurance – Overall in-charge of the certification of the production of the specialized part to ISO QA standards. A function of this role will be to drive the overall process of certification.

Product Security Administrator for Operations - A key feature of this production process is physical and electronic security. Although the design teams provide certain aspects of the security implementation, it is a function of this role to implement other aspects of the system security function (under requirements from the R&D and design team). Additionally, it is a requirement of the role to work within the security system and to consider improvements where appropriate. 4. Business Unit Product Engineering Manager

ON Semiconductors Philippines Inc. – Carmona, Cavite Philippines Employment Duration : Dec 2005 – March 2007

Assigned by the GM as the overall plant champion for SCRAP REDUCTION, this was on top of my responsibility as Corporate (BU) Product Engineering & Local Product Engineering. Have led a total manpower of 36 people and provides management leadership and technical direction to the Wafer Probe and Final Test area. This is composed of 7 corporate BU Product Engineers, 29 Test Product (WT&FT) Engineers and Test Product technicians. Largest notable contribution I have achieved during my stint is SCRAP REDUCTION (a reciprocal of Yield Improvement) project we lead that saved the Carmona Plant a total of US$ 2.3M, this is double the amount from the set target of US$1.4M due to yield improvement activities by BU Engineering efforts thru prioritization of activities based on impact & process improvements. The competencies and results that I lead are as follows: Corporate Test & Product Engineering. 100% ownership of devices for the respective Business Units, Work with wafer Fab, assembly sites, sub-con and design group areas on resolution of product and test issues and yields. Conduct quarterly Probe and FT spec reviews. Review and approve yield improvement, quality enhancement, test optimization and test time reduction activities. Approve and release new test program and hardware. Perform product characterization. Perform SW certification. Direct customer interface including resolution of customer return parts analysis and corrective action formulation Local Test & Product Engineering. Responsibilities for leading Wafer & Final Test Product operations role is by providing superior products and excellent customer service in the most agile, timely and cost- effective manner to meet the revenue goal and departmental key objectives. This includes, New Product Transfers, Industrialization/Process Improvement, Line Support on 2nd level analysis, Test Time Reduction and Yield Improvement.. Implementation of test procedures and cost reduction projects from product engineering innovations, performance to ship-out (CT) and meantime to failure/repair of equipment and product specific equipment.

5. Test & Product Engineering Manager

Philips Semiconductors – Calamba, Laguna Philippines Employment Duration : Oct 2000 – Dec 2005

Leader of 83 engineers & technicians, this is composed of 52 Test Product (WT&FT) Engineers & Test Development Engineers, 28 Test Product Assistants and 3 TDP/FPC Technicians. To emphasize, this means I provide management leadership and technical direction to the Wafer Probe and Final Test area for this organization. Besides bringing up and molding PSC from a start up test & product engineering operation to a highly skilled & competent test/product engineers, latest significant contribution I have done is the setting up of two (2) value added areas: Test Development and Pre-production engineering, This enabled Philips Semiconductor Calamba to be recognized as site that has value added segment that keep the breakeven amount low due the flexibility provided to manufacturing by these two areas. The competencies and results that I lead with my team are as follows: Test & Product Engineering. New Product Transfers, Industrialization/Process Improvement, Line Support on 2nd level analysis, Test Time Reduction and Yield Improvement.. Implementation of test procedures and cost reduction projects from product engineering innovations, performance to ship-out (CT) and meantime to failure/repair of equipment and product specific equipment. Test & Product Engineering Management. Sets goals, determines priorities, assigns staff, monitors and evaluates assignments. Establishes budgets and prepares forecasts. Works with objectives established by senior management to determine success of operation. Solves complex problems requiring extensive investigation and clarification of various technologies and factors. Exercises judgment within broadly defined practices and policies in selecting methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. Determines operational objectives of department and assignments. Involved in developing and carrying out policies that affect department operations. Decisions have significant impact on important projects and resources. Determines the scope, approach, schedules and resources to ensure the timely completion of complex projects. Provides staff coaching, discipline, performance counseling and technical development.Load board Uptime & Industrialization, Performance management TDP/FPC (Load boards & fixed probe card) repairs, uptime, utilization and spares management.Smoke-free debugging, conversions from single to multi-site and full TDP duplications. Test Development Engineering. Completely develop new products on new platforms (AGILENT 93K) and converts program developments from old to new platforms, incorporating dual/quad site testability + analysis review and update of these devices including overall concurrent engineering work until full release to MFG.

6. Quality Assurance Manager

DaimlerChrysler Corp (TEMIC) –Taguig, Philippines

Employment Duration :July 1998 – October 2000

As the QA Manager I am responsible for developing controlling and directing quality systems and reliability engineering activities throughout the manufacturing stages of Automotive ECU (PCB Assembly and Test Manufacturing) within the Philippine Operations these include inspecting & Testing incoming raw materials up to the finish product. I also Interface with Central Quality organization (Germany, Mexico, Hungary and USA) and other DaimlerChrysler Worldwide organizations concerning Quality matters, including customer returns. Other responsibilities include formulation of Quality Assurance procedures, initiated TEST FMEA within the TEMIC organization. Significant accomplishment is the achievement of sub-50 DPM goals starting 2nd quarter of 1999. 7. Test Engineering Section Manager

Seagate Technology (Korat & Bangkok Thailand)

Employment Duration: Sept 1997 – June 1998

Responsible for the test engineering start-up team (5) engineers and five (5) technicians, that had undergone a 3- month training from Oct 1997 to Dec 1997 on technical and management aspect of disc drive operations in Thailand. In January 1998, I was assigned to work with Seagate Technology [Thailand], test-engineering department on global-overseas-assignment to manage cross-cultural technocrats in TEST disc drive component operation, prior to start up of Seagate Technology Philippines. First significant accomplishment is the participation in “Seagate Worldwide Test Benchmarking Team” wherein recommendations resulted in savings on manufacturing cost of approx $40K per quarter in manpower work reduction and engineering innovations. Seagate Technology Philippines did not continue its start-up activity and closed its Philippine start-up operations in June 1998. 8. Sr. Test Product Engineer

Analog Devices Philippines Inc., Manila, Philippines Employment Duration: April 1994 – Sept 1997

Responsible in leading five (5) engineers towards product development engineering and technical manufacturing support of Linear and Mixed Signal Devices. Duties include technical support of Wafer Probe and Final Test product development (platform migration), site-to-site transfer, process improvement, manufacturing engineering support and product quality - failure analysis activities for Analog Devices. I have finished four (4) technical papers, two of which, EMI radiated field affecting In-Amp testing and Wafer Test and Trim correlation raising test yield output and quality have not been published and recognized by an engineering body. The other 2 technical papers namely Development of an Algorithm for Handler Soak Time Minimization and Readback - A Novel Technique for Device Test System Production Qualification has been recognized and published in the International Conference of Microelectronics, held in Bandung Indonesia (ICME) and the Philippine Association of Semiconductor Engineers

(ASEMEP). I was Assigned to Analog Devices, Wilmington MA from Jan-June ‘97 to support process development and product transfer activities between this and the Philippine site. Developed several productivity solutions that resulted in enhancement of test processes and yield targets in Analog Devices manufacturing set-up. Dollarize value of these solution total up to $100K/year. In addition to all this, I had extensive training’s at Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA USA for VXIBUS-Based Linear/Mixed Signal Testers in Jan 1996-June 1996(CTS 50X0), Product Transfers and Wafer Fab Process, DSP test & application at UP-NEC, C Language Programming at Ateneo Business School-Makati Philippines, Material Sciences, SPC/Design of Experiments. 9. Test Product Engineer (Resident Engineer)

Zilog Inc. @ Astra Microtronics Technology, Batam Island, Indonesia Employment Duration: September 1992 to April 1994

As the Resident Engineer, we supported Test Manufacturing Quality and Engineering activities of Zilog Inc. in the sub-con semiconductor Astra Microtronics Inc. in Batam Island, Indonesia. I was part of the start-up group of test and equipment engineers to initiate, set-up productivity & quality procedures etc. in the sub-con facility. Also acting as liaison officer for product and quality related activities of Zilog Inc. in the Far East region. I was trained on Z80 series of MICROPROCESSOR and ASIC product testing, its equipment’s specifically Megatest Q252 and the S15 running under the Pascal Language-VAX/VMS environment. 10. Sr Product Engineering Technician

Intel Corporation, T9 Manila, Philippines

Employment Duration: July 1990 to August 1992

I supported MEMORY and MICROCONTROLLER products and provides technical direction to the Wafer Probe and Final Test area for these Intel products. My major accomplishment is being given the Divisional Award for process improvement on the microcontroller products, thru process and statistical analysis, we have eliminated the 160 hrs burn-in process for the HMOS process which resulted into a $25,000 savings in the plants monthly operating expenses. Also during my stay with INTEL. I was one of the recipient of the Masteral Studies scholarship grant given to only engineers. I was the only technician who qualified Technical Papers Published & Presented

Technical Paper presented at 1st Philips Center for Technology Technical Symposium. Calamba, Philippines - July 2001

Title: Test Time Reduction Through Wafer and Final Test Program Linearization Presented & Published Paper forAnalog Devices Technical Symposium Manila Philippines - February 1995 Title: Readback - A Novel Technique for Device Test System Production Qualification Published Paper for International Conference on MicroElectronics (ICME’96) Bandung, Indonesia - January 1996 Title: Development of an Algorithm for Handler Soak Time Minimization Presented and Published Paper for 4th National Symposium on SemiconductorManufacturing and Reliability (ASEMEP) Manila, Philippines - October 1994 Title: Development of an Algorithm for Handler Soak Time Minimization

Scholarship & Awards

Philips Semiconductor

Manufacturing Management Programme – Asia Pacific 2004 CFT – Centre for Industrial Technology

Intel Corp.

Graduate Studies Scholar


1992 Intel Divisional Award for

Process Reduction on the HMOS Intel Microcontrollers September 1992

Educational Attainment

De La Salle University – Intel Scholar

MSc in Electronics and Communication Engineering

30 units completed, needed thesis to graduate

June 1991 - August 1992

University of Santo Tomas

BSc in Electronics and Communications Engineering

June 1984 - March 1989

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