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Quality Control Assurance

San Jose, California, United States
$23.00 hour mim
January 30, 2017

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Celeste Starks


Experienced with GD&T (ANSI Y 14.5)

Experienced in the manufacturing production industry, Inspection in all areas

Sampling plan, first article, fabricated sheet metal, precision parts, PC boards, surface plates, and surface mounted components.

Integrated circuit components, wiring surface mount, and PC Assembly boards

Tested ASIC integrated circuits, and used an ohmmeter for testing probe cards

Visually tested and labeled probe cards in adherence to fabrication drawings

Inspected cable harnesses, chassis, and power supplies

Conducted Gold ball bonding and die attach inspections

Tool inspection skills: Calipers, Micrometers, metal scales, and gauges (drop, thread, height, and pin)

Experienced operating CMM, and Microvu.

Extensive experience in workstation, ESD (electric static control)

Experienced with Low zoom 30X power Binoculars, High Power 150X Microscopes and Ohmmeters

Internal specifications of current revision drawings and engineering change orders

Confident reading Bill of Materials (BOM), schematics, approved vendor list, and Engineer drawings

Adhered to compliance of ISO 9000 standards, and FDA medical standards

Experience with specifications, Mil-STD-883, 38510, IPC-A- 610, and IPC- 600

Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, Dos, Oracle, SAP, Epicor, and Agile.


10/10/2016 to 11/18/2016

Intuitive Surgical/ Ascent Contract

Quality Inspector, AFQI

Perform incoming material inspection in a timely manner

Perform First Article inspections to qualify tooling, new parts, and or engineer changes.

Conduct visual, dimensional and functional inspection of purchase parts, assemblies to procedures and specifications. Manuals, precisions metal and plastic parts. And covered drapes used on robotic equipment for medical protection.

Using AQL sampling plan follow by procedures.

Create history files.

Accurately record detailed observations of non-conformance in the Devices History Records.

Maintain traceability of component materials as to the inspection status.

Handling materials in accordance to procedures and prevent mix-ups, damage, or other adverse effects.

Log/track materials through the receiving process using a system S.A.P for transactions to move materials to both stock or Material review board, and Agile to verified materials part numbers, documentation, and for current revision.

Reading and interpreting engineering drawings, from the agile database.

Communicate inspection results to Quality Engineering, Supply Engineering and other resources.

03/03/2016 to 10/07/2016

Compass Component Manufacturing.

Test operation, In-process, and final Quality Control Inspector.

Practice inspection of Cable and Harness Assembly.

Electrical testing harness using Cirrus testing equipment, testing for any open connections, intermittence, or shorts.

Reading and interpreting schematics by engineering drawings.

Interpret Geometric Dimensioning tolerance performed and followed to each individual customer’s specifications as given, in Final Quality Control Inspection.

Following a data base used in Q-Pulse to verified specifications, instructions for inspection.

Using a System with Epicor MES to input each job traveler on Job Tracker to start Production inspection of the product, assuring part numbers, revisions and quantities are accurate, current, and aligned to the documents received.

AQL sampling plans as follow per procedures.

First Articles inspection required for any revision changes, new, or modified deviations by the customer’s request stated on the job travelers package of Instructions.

Generating Certificates of Conformance if requirements are by Customer’s request.

Generating a priority list in Epicor system for shipping time, to meet customers needs.

03/03/2015 to 03/08/16

Mass Precision/Balance Staffing

In-process and Final Quality Control Inspector.

Perform product inspection of raw mechanical materials, for in-process and final Inspection.

Visual inspection of welds, Paint, and cosmetics.

Verify that materials meet company and customer standards.

Document nonconformities as applicable. Skill requirements:

Interpret Engineering drawings.

Experience regarding the completion and documentation of First Article Inspections.

Ability to perform inspections of precision mechanical components & electrical subassemblies;

Have optical inspection experience; using basic inspection tools. Ability to operate a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and to perform detailed inspections; knowledge of Geometric Dimension & Tolerance.

Using Epicor system to navigate for job tracker order tracker parts tracker. MSM office for Epicor set up login. And completion of closing work order with the move ticket to the next operation.

10/2014 - 01/2015

Plexus INC/Superior Group Agency

Incoming Receiving Inspector

Perform mechanical inspection of raw materials sheet metal, Printed PC Boards

Electrical inspection of components, populated PC boards and Cable Harnesses

Interpret Drawings retrieve documents using Agile program

Equipment used: Microvu, Calipers, Micrometers, Thread, and Pin Gages, Height Gage and surface plate to measuring items, on.

Program data base used was Pride, JD Edward, Agile, Microsoft Outlook, and Excel.

Certified on the job IPC-A-610

3/2014 - 6/2014

Boston Scientific/ On Assignment Agency

Quality Complaint Investigation Technician

Perform product analysis of returned medical devices from various sites, including functional, dimension, and visual analysis on catheters. Receiving catheters with complaint numbers and entering them into the track wise navigation system to update information.

Perform product decontamination of returned products occupied in a blood borne lab environment.

Document results, summarize lot acceptance.

Tools used: Are Microscope, Keyence Photo View, and Ultra imaging system.

1/2013 - 10/2013

Gener8 / At-tech Staffing contract

IQA Inspector

Incoming assuring products are in conformance to the procedures supplying with engineering drawing of current revision, following a sampling plan, and using basic inspection measuring tools to inspect with, to meet their criteria’s, incoming inspection log and labeling stickers for acceptance and or rejection.

In process assuring that assembly products, PCB assembly boards, Cable Harnesses, and power supply box build are in compliance to the procedures, and assembly diagrams with given instructions for the inspector to complied by. Log and labeling stickers for acceptance or rejection.

Final complete build products ready to be packaged and shipped out, assure that all the data materials and test data’s matches the serial numbers to the assembly product with all test data’s all passing test functions per instructions, and forms to each of the function operations were signed off and stamped by the operators.

Experienced with GD&T (ANSI Y 14.5)

8/2012 - 1/2013

Vishay Siliconix

IQA Inspector II

ADE micro-scan operator and set up, for inspection of flatness/warping, resistivity, and documents.

Data entry to incoming Gas and Chemicals from a lots record report generated by the chemical control resources, and entered into the system using SAP program which Generates a Lot number, when I would enter the work order numbers for each of the products.

Labeling the finish product that has been accepted for Prime Silicon wafers.

Accepted products are released into the System SAP to stock.

Alignment to raw silicon wafers.

Inspect all data materials such as suppliers packing slip conforming of Analyses to be sure all data is adherence to Vishay’s also customer’s parameter readings and current.

10/2011 - 11/2011

Teledyne Technologies Mountain View, CA / R&D Technical Service

Quality Assurance Mechanical Inspector

Assignment covering employee leave

Inspected incoming material for critical dimensions adherence to the source control documents, drawings and first articles.

Tools used: microscope, drop/height/pin gauges, and XYZ optical comparator.

Utilized Microsoft Excel for logs of acceptance or rejection.

Experienced with GD&T (ANSI Y 14.5)

1/2011 - 10/2011

Pacific Ceramics, Sunnyvale, CA / MK Technical service

Quality Control Inspector and Shipping/Receiving

Visually inspected, for cracks, chips, broken or missing items.

Completed all documents assuring that all products are to adherence of customer’s specifications.

Tools used: micrometers, calipers, and optical comparators.

Packaged materials, printed labels, and filled out certificates of conformance for each shipment.

5/2010 - 1/2011

Westak Inc., Sunnyvale, CA / Man Power

Quality Control Inspector

Visually inspected bare printed circuit boards using IPC-600 class II and III levels specifications.

Inspected for defects that were non-conforming

First article inspections for first time build or rebuild products.

Stamped for accept/reject status.

Utilized AQL sampling plan, using updated revised engineered drawings for mechanical measuring, and record keeping logins for acceptance and rejection.

Experienced with GD&T (ANSI Y 14.5) for PC Boards

8/2007 - 4/2009

Abbott Diagnostic, Santa Clara, CA

Incoming Quality Assurance Inspector

Inspected raw fabricated sheet metal, injected plastic parts, assembled cables, and electrical items. Utilizing STD. Inspection tools, Microvu, CMM, Surface plate, and Comparator.

Inspected Medical devices, PC B assembly boards, IPC-A-610, class II, and human white blood cells serial number packages, labels on reels, and reagent materials all t0 FDA and ISO Procedures.

ASK system to reference documentation for current revision, first articles, and Microsoft Excel logs all in compliance to FDA.

Experienced with GD&T (ANSI Y 14.5)

01/2006 - 03/2007

Manufacturing & Engineering Excellence (ME2), San Jose, CA

Incoming Quality Assurance Inspector

•Inspected fabricated sheet metal, Raw PCB boards, precision parts, and Material Review Board (MRB).

•Interpreted Engineer drawings.

•Performed electrical Inspection of cable harnesses, wiring, components, and PCB assembly boards.

•Executed solder touch up, and minor rework.

•Performed first article inspections, followed AQL sampling plan, non-conforming materials, and material review board, to assure compliances to all specifications.

•Handled files and kept all documentation current.

11/2004 - 12/2005

Brandt Electronics Inc., San Jose CA

Quality Control Inspector

•Inspected surface mount and through hole PCB assembly boards.

•Executed solder touch up and minor rework.

•Inspected sheet metal precision parts and electrical built chassis followed by current Engineer blueprints per IPC-A-610, Class II and III, and Mil SPEC.

•Performed torque test, first articles, and nonconforming materials for part discrepancies.

•Used Microsoft Excel to log lot numbers to all items being received for production or Engineering R & D products.

•Auditing production for compliance.


West Valley College, Saratoga, CA

AA Degree in Early Childhood Development and a Minor in Business,

De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

Auto C.A.D. Engineering Design,


•Global Quality Management System (GQMS) Basic navigation

•Initiator, Planner, Implementer, and Confirmer/Verifier

•Introduction to the CAPA Process

•Chemical hazard, Bio-Safety Training

•Electric Static Discharge (ESD)


•ISO-9000, 9001, 9002

Celeste A. Starks


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