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Insurance Health

Managua, MN, Nicaragua
January 30, 2017

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“HI (first name) this is I'm calling about your recent request for affordable Health insurance are you insured now?” (If customer answers “NO” go to Section 2 QUALIFYING)


1) “You’re the 10th person to call me”

“That’s great! My company is an enrollment center and our database will show you ALL the plans you qualify for, so I'll be able to give you All YOUR OPTIONS, and find you the BEST plan in (STATE) for the BEST PRICE, are you insured now?”

2) “I’m not interested anymore”

I see that but Listen-I know if I can save you $100/month its worth a few minutes of your time, this will only take a second are you insured now?”

3) “That was weeks ago!”

“I see that, the reason for my call is that right now you qualify for group health plans that are a fraction of the normal cost are you insured now?”

4) “I already have insurance.”

Okay, I see here we have you preapproved for group plans at literally a fraction of the price I know if I can save you $100/month it’s worth a few minutes of your time so are you looking for yourself or a family plan?”

5) “Can you call me back?”

“I understand, but this is really important-lets go over this now! I know if I can save you $100/month it’s worth a few minutes of your time are you insured now?”

6) “Where are you located?”

“Our Corporate offices are located in Ft. Lauderdale, but we are nationwide and work in all 50 states, are you insured now?”

7) “Where/Who are you?”

I am with the Nation Wide Health and our corporate offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, however we are a national brokerage. Are you insured now?”

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