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Drupal Expert

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
January 27, 2017

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Frans Alkemade

Detail oriented programmer and architect with 12 + years success devising innovative and tailored software solutions to meet ever changing business requirements within diverse industries. Advanced skill with leading edge tools complemented by proven ability to assimilate and rapidly utilize emerging technologies. Technical proficiencies include:

Environments UNIX, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu),, Windows, OSX, Drupal: 4, 5, 6, 7 * 8, Sugar CRM, Apache, Acquia

Programming HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, JS, MySQL, JQuery. Development Web Design, Graphic Design - Adobe Products, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion and Analytics, Social Networking, Video Marketing, Keyword Research, WCAG Drupal Architect, 2001 To Present

Bay Street Software, Inc. - Charlotte, North Carolina USA Creating high end corporate websites utilizing Drupal and Acquia. Completed blogging, non-profit, corporate, intranet, and an assortment of ecommerce websites. Expertise in the utilization of Drupal as the website backbone and content management system.

• Gather requirements for the customers about the functional specifications, requirements and overall look and design of the website

• Manage teams of front and back end developers globally.

• Work with developers and programmers to create the websites. Develop custom modules for clients.

• Test and debug Drupal modules.

• Designed databases and structures for various Drupal sites. Drupal module development and customization.

• Drupal application development Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of Drupal module and theme development Solid foundation: PHP5, HTML/ CSS, Ajax/JavaScript (jQuery, ExtJS, etc.), SVN, GIT and MySQL and Apache, demonstrating vast LAMP architecture experience.

• Made sure the content was properly displayed based off of client input and integrated in properly with Drupal.

• Created RESTful services in a Drupal 7 & 8 environment to hold and provide content for an iOS application. Upgrade sites from D5 to D6 and D6 to D7 and D7 to D8.

• Properly documented and gave support to clients to maintain and update their sites per the roadmaps they provided. Prepare and give customer presentations and demonstrations.

Professional Experience

Drupal Architect, 2001 To Present

Bay Street Software, Inc. - Charlotte, North Carolina USA


• Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as presentation skills. Provides mentorship and subject matter expertise to clients and co-workers regarding Drupal platforms.

• Experience of interaction with business executives, requirements gathering, and Project managers, defining and estimating tasks and technology resources, translating requirements into technical tasks. Solid understanding of the overall Drupal technology architecture (v4.7 to v8). Client: UNFI

Time Frame: 10 month contract

Worked with a group of engineers to modernize supplier relationship software.

Created new functionality that linked multiple Drupal sites through SOLR Created advanced reporting software.

Assisted with coordination between multiple developers to minimize code conflicts and maximize code efficiency

Client: Forestry Department

Time Frame: 6 month contract

Updated a Drupal 6 website and then moved it over to 7. Created a new Drupal 7 site, and built the tools to export and import data to ensure the compatibility of content from Drupal 6 into Drupal 7. Worked layer by layer to convert the website; created 50 different content types and multiple fields for the department. Created views to pull fields from the content types for specific webpages in the front end of the webpages.

Ensured the field for each content type was correct to pull from the MySQL database.

Ensured the websites were Section 508 compliant through OpenPublic. Customized the modules for the transition from Drupal 6 to 7. Fixed and debugged software to bring Drupal 7 modules out of the beta version Client: GazProm- Russia’s 2nd largest company, currently employing 30,000 personnel

Time Frame: (9 month contract)

Built multiple sites for the company, including their public facing website

(link below) and training website for all employees. Renovated the main website and added language capabilities, allowing users to access and understand the website in English, Russian, Portuguese and a few other languages.

Built GazProm a training website to track and train employees through Specific Project Include

online classes, classroom training, and conferences. Integrated Drupal with a single sign on service, enabling every employee of GazProm to create their own accounts using an authorized ID, which went through a management approval process to give them the right access to the workflows.

Built a dashboard which allowed for multiple levels for use and administration to create training workflows between employees, trainers, managers and administrators.

Grew the functionality of the project with tracking matrices, reminder capability.

Client: HP

Time Frame: 1 year contract

Managed - built the servers, worked and managed all of the Drupal modules for the project

Built the website from scratch, from requirements gathering through to final deployment.

Interfaced and managed International teams to complete the project. Currently performing updates and maintenance work. Client: Cablevision

Time Frame: 7 month contract

Used JSON to build a tool to pull the 3rd party information into Drupal Converted this information into a form where the employees could manipulate the content and push it to the Cablevision website. Client: Secure Settlements, Inc,

Time Frame: 1.2 year contract

Inherited a poorly built Drupal 6 website and renovated it. Created a system in Drupal for clients to input information and automatically push it to Sugar CRM.

Once the background personnel vetted the personnel, the info was pushed from Sugar CRM back to Drupal for people to search this information into the front end.

Made all information in the system searchable by different content types, etc.

Integrated social networking portals with an intranet, main sites, etc. Built the search engine optimization for websites using the Google Search Appliance, SOLR, Lucerne, etc. Get the clients to show up on the first page on the search.

Client: Public Consulting Group

Time Frame: 8 month contract

I worked with PCG to create I was one of the Drupal developers who worked with the process. I initially worked to modify their site to be more efficient with large numbers of concurrent downloads and overhauled some of their image loading architecture to distribute the load of some of the more graphic intensive sections of the site. Client: Blue Metal Architects

Time Frame: 8 month contract

I worked with Blue Metal Architects to build the Red Hat Connect Portal. My work focused largely on SalesForce integration and User Experience work. I designed and built a number of front end tools for a company to better verify their products work well with Red Hat's products.

Personal references will be provided upon request. Website Samples

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