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Senior C++ Developer

Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine
January 27, 2017

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Oleg Leshchuk

Date of birth: **.**.****

Marital status: married, have one son

Home address: ** ********** ******, ****.***, Kyiv, Ukraine

Mobile phone: +38-095-**-**-***


Skype: o.leshchuk


Senior software engineer. 8 years of commercial experience in C++ and 2 years of C# commercial experience. Possess strong mathematical and research background, have Ph. D. degree in mathematics. Participated in development of new software systems from the scratch as well as in legacy projects improvement and extending. Looking for relocation opportunity to the USA. Will prefer Pennsylvania or nearby states.


Expert: C++, STL, OOP /OOD, mathematics, numerical calculations, research activity.

Advanced: multithreading, cross platform development, C#, task parallel library in .Net, MatLab, Image Processing, Open CV, Perforce, Git.

Intermediate: modern C++ 11/14, Computer Vision, Windows Presentation Foundation , Software development Life Cycle, Agile methodologies, Scrum, SVN, Mercurial.

Novice: Python, SQL.

Projects participation

May, 2014 - Till now EPAM Systems.

Project description: Huge enterprise financial system which evaluates profit and lost. The main feature of the system is intraday risks calculation.

Position: Senior C++ server side developer, C# GUI developer


Participation in all SDLC stages.

Gathering and clarification of customer requirements.

Design and documentation of new functionality.

Implementation of new functionality both for server and GUI parts.

Demonstration of new functionality to the customer and feedback gathering.

Unit tests writing

Bug fixing.

Support of server side components.

Technologies: C++, STL, C#, WPF, XAML, XML/XSD, LMX library for code generation, NUnit, Moq, Python, Coherence, Git, Perforce, VS2013.

Apr, 2013 - Apr, 2014 EPAM Systems.

Project description: design and development of a new financial system for investment bank from the scratch. The system should take into account and adjust calculated risks according to inraday market and trade data changes.

Position: C++ server side developer.


Gathering and clarification of customer requirements.

Design and documentation of new functionality.

Implementation of new functionality

Unit tests writing

Technologies: C++, STL, Google Mock, Boost, XML/XSD, MS SQL, Coherence, Perforce, VS2010.

Mar, 2012 - Mar, 2013 Samsung Research and Development Center.

Project description: Gestures recognition. Implementation of computer vision algorithms which allow device control via hand gestures without keyboard or mouse (similar to Microsoft Kinect). The algorithm was intended to be used in Samsung TV sets and photo cameras.

Position: C++ developer - researcher.


Search and analysis of scientific literature

Investigation and implementation of algorithms for hand position tracking and segmentation.

Implementation of machine learning algorithms for hand gestures detection.

Cross platform development

Unit tests writing

Technologies: C++, STL, scientific publications about Computer Vision and Image Processing, Open CV, Qt Creator, QMake, CMake, Mercurial, Valgrind, Linux development environment.

Jun, 2011 - Feb, 2012 Samsung Research and Development Center.

Project description: Development of image processing library for Samsung mobile phones. Direct usage of Open CV has been prohibited. The aim of the project was to develop own library which operates faster than Open CV but has less functionality and runs better on ARM processors.

Position: C++ developer - researcher.


Implementation of algorithms for different image geometric transformations.

Investigation and implementation of image segmentations algorithms.

Implementation of algorithms of combining of several small overlapping images into one big panorama.

Algorithms optimization for operation on mobile devices with limited hardware resources.

Porting of the library on Android and Bada platforms.

Unit tests writing

Technologies: C++, STL, scientific publications about Image Processing, Open CV, CppUnit, Eclipse, Klocwork, SVN, Java Native Interface for porting on Android, Bada, Doxygen, cross platform development.

Feb, 2011 - May, 2011 Samsung Research and Development Center.

Project description: Samsung Handset Platform (SHP). SHP is a basis of Bada mobile platform.

Position: C/C++ developer.


Visited South Korea with business trip in order to study SHP.

Main development effort was focused on camera module.

Support and bug fixing

Technologies: C, C++, Special electronic equipment for direct debugging of mobile phones, Perforce.

Jun, 2010 - Jan, 2011 Samsung Research and Development Center.

Project description: PDF viewer for mobile Bada platform

Position: C++ developer.


Implementation of images displaying, drawing of 2D graphics.

Building and porting of some open source libraries on Bada platform.

Technologies: C++, Bada, Eclipse, SVN, CppUnit. Open source libraries: FreeType for fonts rendering, lib jpeg for images displaying, Cairo for 2D graphics.

Aug, 2009 - Mar, 2010. Freelance activity.

Project description: Building of numerical solutions for quantum chemistry equations. Quantum state of molecules is described by Schrodinger equation. Program which builds numerical solutions for the equation has been developed.

Position: MatLab developer –mathematician.


Research activity.

Search of optimal functional basis for numerical variational algorithm.

Development of MatLab program which builds numerical solutions.

Technologies: MatLab, Maple, scientific literature.

Nov, 2005 - May, 2010. Institute of mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Project description: scientific and research activity in pure mathematics.

Position: Junior scientific employee.


Investigated mathematical models which describe dynamics of viscous liquid in bounded vessel.

Developed own numerical and analytical methods for solving of hydro-dynamical equations. Numerically calculated characteristics of free moving surface.

Technologies: C++, Fortran, MatLab, Maple, LaTeX.

Jun, 2003 - Jan, 2004. State scientific and research center of applied informatics

Project description: algorithms for speech and sounds recognition.

Position: mathematician – C++ developer.


Initial processing of input audio signal.

Implementation of speech recognition algorithm.

Technologies: C++, MFC, VS 6.0.


2000-2006 – Master’s degree, diploma with honours, speciality “mathematics”, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, physico-mathematical department.

2006 – 2010 – Post-graduate student in Institute of mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

April 2010 – Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev. Scientific speciality 01.02.05 – “fluid, gas and plasma mechanics”.

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