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Petroleum Engineer

Uttar Pradesh, 231001, India
January 26, 2017

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Address: *** **** *******, ********* ***** Imam Road, Rambagh, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, 231001, India OB J ECT I VE

To work for an organization that utilizes my abilities to the fullest extent possible, helping me realise and develop my skills and potential. I want to use my skills and knowledge in order to carry out the assigned job in a professional, cost effective and suitable manner omitting the chances of errors/defects and poor workmanship in any assigned job. PROF I L E SUMMARY

Goal oriented Petroleum Engineer.

Thorough understanding of directional drilling concepts acquired through industrial on-site experience at Essar Oil Limited while working on wells with the drilling team.

Sound knowledge of mud logging, cementing, pore pressure prediction, fishing techniques, hydraulic fracking, and directional drilling methods.

Presented a paper on the analysis of techniques used for perforation and interference of pressure trends during hydraulic fracturing.

Travelled to the Middle East for a weeklong visit to the drilling sites of Saudi Aramco to gain a practical knowledge of the petroleum industry.

An effective communicator with honed planning, interpersonal, analytical and time management skills. WORK EXPER I ENCE

Centre for Renewable and Alternate Energy Studies

Since October 2015

As Graduate Petroleum Engineer

Key Result Areas:

Working as a Research Engineer on two projects namely, Enhanced Oil Recovery Technique and The Future of Offshore Wind Energy in India.

Conducting literature survey and data collection while using latest technology in EOR methods for data analysis and interpreting the results.

Aiming to find the best solution to drill and produce oil in an economical manner from low producing wells of India with the existing resources.


Organization: Essar Oil Limited

Location: Durgapur, West Bengal

Role: Industrial Trainee

Team Size: 15-20


Worked as a part of the drilling team while being involved in directional drilling of coal bed methane wells.

Gained familiarization with the rig and how to find the mud weight viscosity.

Calculated inner and outer diameter of drilling pipes along with the pump output and lag time.

Assisted in assembling the measurement while drilling tool.

Checked kickoff point and azimuth besides measuring the depth and build and prepared the kill sheet and reports. Learnings:

Learnt the following:

o Processes of hydraulic fracking, directional drilling and cementing. o How to make a well completion report while working on well number 98. o Pore pressure prediction and fishing techniques and tools. o Site preparation, approach road, rig to be used, surface hardening, and creating dig / soak pit. o Spudding and how to set casing.

o Polycrystalline diamond composite and tricone rock bits. o Different well planning softwares including compass, winserve, and wells. o How mud is prepared.

o Process of measurement while drilling and equipments used. Achievements / Appreciations:

Presented a final report on Directional Drilling Of Coal Bed Methane wells.

Received a certificate of Industrial Training on Directional Drilling Of Coal Bed Methane wells. ACADEMI C DETA I L S

2015 B.Tech. in Petroleum from Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun. 2011 12th from K.V. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Dehradun. 2009 10th from Brightlands, Dehradun.


Title of the paper: Analysis of techniques used for perforation and interference of pressure trends during hydraulic fracturing.

Presented at: Intra College Society of Petroleum Engineers Fest (Symposium). Year of presentation: 2013.

Objective of the paper: Analysing perforation Techniques during fracking process. Findings and Conclusions:

More than 35 fracturing treatments were successfully pumped in a month on a routine basis using sand plug isolation as a result of the usage of hydrajetting technology thereby turning it into a cost-effective operations. It was an achievement as compared to the previous campaigns where only wireline was used and a maximum of 14 jobs were possible in a month.

It was found that the friction pressures near wellbore and perforation are lower than the wireline perforated zones with fewer perforations and larger diameter.

Low-concentration sand slugs (0.5 – 1ppa, depending upon the pressures) were employed to bridge off the micro- fractures and reduce the fluid leak off into the natural fractures, which helped to improve the length extension achieved while performing the fracturing treatment. There were two sand slugs employed with pad stages in between to achieve better bridging.

Large diameter holes were also generated by the sand jet perforation to reduce the near wellbore damage to a large extent.


Organized a Society of Petroleum Engineers fest in the college and was the Event Management Head for SPE DIT Student Chapter; functioned as the member of core advisory panel for SPE D.I.T student chapter(2013-2014).

Served as the Event Management Head for 2014 and 2015 during the Annual Cultural Fest.

Attended automobile training program on vehicle overhauling on 29th and 31st August, 2014.

Acted as the Head of Disciplinary Committee for D.I.T, Dehradun between 2013 and 2015.

Attended the following seminars:

o Enhanced oil Recovery Methods at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in 2014. o Plasma pulse technology at IIT Kharagpur in November, 2013.

Successfully organized Youthopia from 2012 to 2015 along with the Alumni Meet in 2013, Dandiya Nights from 2013 to 2015 and the Branch Fresher’s party every year.

Attended an international seminar on Nano Technology in Conventional and Alternate Energy Systems, Global Status and Pathways organized on 12th and 13th August, 2013.

Member of College Literary Club.

Donated blood at Shri Mahent Indresh Hospital and IMA bloodbank.

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