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Computer Science Information Technology

New Delhi, Delhi, India
January 27, 2017

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Curriculum Vitae

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Career objective:

To face the challenges in the academic staff of an Institution for education and research activities and to contribute to the development of science & engineering and teaching. Personnel Profile

PSV Vachaspati is ambitious, hard working with analytical skills and quick grasping.

Fast and effective development skills with exceptional organizational and multitasking skills with a positive and flexible team oriented attitude.

15+ years of experience as a Faculty in Computer Science &Engineering, 5+ years of Research.

About to complete a Govt. of India’ s project.

Career Profile

Working as an Assoc. Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla, A.P, India since 26th October, 2006.

Worked as a Lecturer in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering in Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla, A.P, India from Dt. 28.06.2000 to Dt.12.08.2006. Academic Career

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.,) in Computer Science & System Engineering from Andhra University, Vizag in Sept., 2016.

Master of Technology (M.Tech.,) in Computer Science & Engineering from Andra University, Vizag in October, 2000.

Masters of Science (M.Sc.,) from Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar in Dec.,1996

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (B.Sc.,) from Nagarjuna University in June 1992.


Life Member in Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE).

Life Member in International Association of Engineers (IAENG).

Life Member in Computer Society of India (CSI)

Life Member in Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) Publications

International Journals:

1. A Novel Soft Computing Authentication Scheme for Textual and Graphical Passwords”, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887), Volume 71– No.10, May 2013, pp. 42-54.

2. P.S.V. Vachaspati, Prof. P.S.Avadhani “An Enhanced Multilevel Authentication Scheme Using Graphical Passwords”, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies, June 2013, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.104-118. 3. P.S.V. Vachaspati, Prof. P.S.Avadhani,” An Enhanced Mutual Authentication Scheme Using One Time Passwords “, International Journal of Computer Networks and Security, ISSN: 2051-6878, June 2013 Vol., 23 Issue.1,pp. 1113-1122. 4. P.S.V. Vachaspati, Prof. P.S.Avadhani, “A Novel Timer and Counter Synchronized Challenge-Response Based One-Time Password Authentication”, International Journal of Computer Networks and Security, ISSN: 2051-6878, June 2013, Vol.,23Issue.1,pp.1123 - 1128.

5. PSV Vachaspati, Dr.P.S.Avadhani,”Quantum Attack Resistant Cloud”, World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal, VOL.01 No.07, 2011. Conferences:

1.Mr. PSV Vachaspati.,Dr.SK Nazeer ”Privacy Preserving in Web 2.0”International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies, 2011. 2.Mr. PSV Vachaspati.,Dr.SK Nazeer ”Dynamic Key Infrastructure for Grid Computing” National Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems conducted by AcharyaNagarjuna University during April 1st-2nd 2011. 3.Mr.P.S.V.Vachaspathi.,Mr.T.Nagarjuna”Evolutionary-fuzzy rule mining approach for anomaly intrusion detection” National Conference on high performance Computing and Network conducted by Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences,Rajampet during 13-14 Aug 2011.

4. Mr. P.S.V.Vachaspati., Mr. N.Srikanth.,”A Model on Cloud Based Mobile Social TV for Adaptive Video Streaming”, National Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science conducted by Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla,1st – 2nd July2015. Workshops

1. Attended 2 day workshop on “Internet of Things(IOT)” organized by VIGNAN’s Institute of Information Technology, Vizag from 29th Feb., to 1st March 2016. 2. Attended 1 Day workshop on “Telecommunication and Information Technology organized by FALCON ELCTRO-TEK PVT LTD on 12th Dec., 2007.

3. Attended one day workshop on “Entrepreneur Development” organized by Bapatla Engineering College on 22.06.215.

4. Attended training programme on “Agile Programming” Conducted by IIT Madras from 19th May 2008 to 31st May 2008.

5. Attended faculty development program on “Cloud Computing Using Azure” organized by Dept., of CSE, Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla from 28th April 2015 to 29th April 2015.

6. Attended Faculty Updation training on Security Engineering organized by C-DAC at JNTU, HYD from 12.12.2011 to 23.12.2011.

7. Attended 5day workshop on an Industrial Course on Machine Learning organized by Dept. of CSE, Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla from 7th Feb., 2012 to 11th Feb., 2012. 8. Attended two day workshop on Windows 8 workshop organized by Dept. of CSE, Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla from 22nd Nov.2013 to 24th Nov., 2013. Personnel Information:

Date of Birth : 28.08.1967

Gender : Male

Father’s Name : P.V. Bhaskara Sarma

Mother’s Name : P. Vasumathi

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Hindi &Telugu

Permanent Address : 1-4-44, Bhava Nagar,Ponnur,

Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh,

India Pin: 522124


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