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Engineer Engineering

São Paulo, SP, Brazil
January 25, 2017

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Rua Armando de Oliveira Cobra, 130 – Ap. 21 – Jardim Aquárius Brazilian

CEP 122**-***-** years old

São José dos Campos – SP, Brazil Married

Phone: 55-12-981**-**** 2 children




Activity: Senior Product Development Engineer - Materials and Processes EMBRAER-LIEBHERR EQUIPAMENTOS DO BRASIL

Activity: Materials and Processes Supervisor Engineer From May/1988 until today

Main activities:

Product Engineer in the following programs/aircrafts: cargo KC-390, executive jets Legacy 500 and Phenom 300 and commercial jets E175/190/195E2.

Materials and Processes Engineering Supervisor in the design of landing gears, wheels and breaks, pylons and hydraulic components (valves, actuators, accumulators, etc.) of EMB-145, Legacy 600, EMB-170, EMB-190, EMB-312, ALX and AM-X airplanes and S-92 and Comanche helicopters.

Specification of the materials/processes:

Engineering specification and qualification of metallic and nonmetallic materials.

Engineering specification and manufacturing processes:

- heat treating of steels: annealing, normalizing, quenching, cold treating, tempering, stress relieving, solution heat treating and precipitation hardening.

- heat treating of aluminum alloys: annealing, solution treating and aging.

- thermochemical treatments: gas carburizing and nitriding in salt bath.

- surface treatments: cadmium plating, zinc-nickel alloy plating, chromium plating, zinc and manganese phosphate coating, passivation, electrolytic polishing, silver plating, chromic and sulfuric acid anodizing, phosphate-fluoride coating, chemical conversion coating, black oxide coating, electroless nickel plating, sulfamate nickel, epoxy and polyurethane painting, flame spraying (HVOF process) and PVD coatings.

- mechanical processes: shot-peening, blasting and plastic beads blasting.

- non destructive inspections: liquid penetrant, magnetic particles, ultrasonic, radiographic and surface temper etch inspections, electrical conductivity and eddy current.

- Mechanical forming by peen forming and creep aging forming and tube bending.

- TIG and FSW welding.

Development of forgings, extrusions and castings.

Mechanical and electrical hardware specifications.

Product structure registering for MRP and SAP systems.

Audit of national and international (Europe and USA) suppliers.

Knowledge in mechanical tests such as tensile test, impact test, hardness test, stress-corrosion test, bending and fatigue tests and metallographic analyses of materials

(optical, SEM and TEM microscopes).

Knowledge of ASTM, AFNOR, DIN, MIL, FEDERAL SPECIFICATION, AMS, etc. standards.

Knowledge of AS 9000 Quality System and ISO 14001 Environmental Control.

Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen Philosophy. ELECTRO AÇO ALTONA

Activity: Metallurgical Supervisor – Processes Engineering From Jan/86 until Apr/88

Main activities:

Research and development of new castings alloys such as wear-resistant steels, stainless steels and heat-resistant steels.

Specification and qualification of welding procedures for casting steels.

Heat treating specification of casting steels such as carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless and heat-resistant steels and wear resistant steels. SIDERÚRGICA N. SRA. APARECIDA

Activity: Trainee – Product Engineering

From Aug/82 until Feb/83

Work developed: Ca-Si injection in the oven during steel casting, in order to control inclusions morphology and, consequently, decrease the mechanical properties anisotropy. EDUCATION

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Conclusion: February/1988

Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar) São Carlos – SP Thesis: Ïnvestigations about the niobium effect in the creep behavior of 18%Cr-12%Ni stainless steels”.

Materials Engineer

Area: metallurgy

Conclusion: July/1983

Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar) São Carlos – SP OTHER COURSES, EVENTS AND PUBLISHED PAPERS

Managing Courses

Problem Analysis and Decision making - Embraer (May to June 2010)

Advanced Topics in Project Management – J2DA Consulting (August 2008)

Organizational Managing and Enterprising - Embraer-Liebherr (March to May 2004)

Managing People Through Situational Lidership – Nexus Consulting (2004)

Project Management - Fundação Carlos Alberto Vanzolini (December 2001)

Manager Development Program – Embraer (2000)

Self Knowledge – Embraer (2000)

Recycling Course of Leadership - Embraer (April 1996) Technical Courses

GD&T – General Dimensioning and Tolerancing – Embraer (June 2009)

Catia V5 – Embraer (May 2009)

Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems – Program of Specialization in Engineering at Embraer (October 2008)

MS-Project – ATPS Informatics (December 2001)

Six Sigma – Green Belt - Embraer (2000)

Aeronautical Certification – Embraer (2000)

Suppliers Audit – Embraer (2000)

II Balzers Seminary – Balzers Balinit do Brasil (1999)

5S – Housekeeping – Embraer (1999)

SAP R/3 System – SAP Brasil Ltda (1998)

Plasma Nitriding – UMC (1995)

Elastomeric Compounds and Fluorpolymers – Du Pont do Brasil (1992)

Corrosive-inhibiting Protection of Metals – FDTE (1990)

Plastic Materials Filled with Fibers – PROPESA (1989)

Rubbers – Industrials Technical and Processes – IMPROVEMENT (1989)

Coating Welding – ABS (1987)

Weldability of High Tensile and Low Alloy Steels – ABS (1986)

Quality Assurance in Welding – ABS (1986)


2011 AeroMat Conference & Exposition - ASM International – Long Beach, California, USA

2004 Aerospace/Airline Plating & Metal Finishing Forum–AESF – Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

2002 AeroMat Conference & Exposition – ASM International – Orlando, Florida, USA

X Surface Treatments Brazilian Meeting - EBRATS (2000)

2000 Aerospace/Airline Plating & Metal Finishing Forum - Cincinnati, OH - USA

Brazil Corrosion 99 & 3rd Brazilian Atmospheric Corrosion Colloquium – NACE (1999)

Interfinish Latino-Americano – EBRATS (1997)

Aeronautical Painting – Dexter Aerospace Materials Division/Atlanta-USA (1994) Published Papers

32 papers published in magazines and events related to surface treatments, mechanical and physical properties of materials and coatings, forgings, design of test machines, etc. Exemplos:

The Effect of WC-17Co Thermal Spray Coating by HVOF and Hard Chromium Electroplating on the Fatigue Life and Abrasive Wear Resistance of AISI 4340 High Strength Steel

Event: Corosion Reviews, England, 2003

Evaluation of an Electroless Nickel Plating Interlayer on the Fatigue and Corrosion Strength of Chromium Electroplated AISI 4340 Steel Magazine: Plating and Surface Finishing, 2001

Hard Chromium Plating Microcracks: Effects in Fatigue Strength and Corrosion of 4340 Steel

Event: Chile, 2000

The Correlation Analysis of the Shot Peening Parameters with the Fatigue Strength of 4340 Steel

Event: China, Fatigue 1999

Effect of Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spray Coating Applied by HVOF Process and Hard Chromium Plating in the Fatigue Strength of 4340 Steel Event: 5th International Conference on Advances in Surface Engineering – São Paulo – SP – 1998

Forgings in Aluminum Alloys for Landing Gears

Event: XII Seminário Nacional de Forjamento – Porto Alegre – RS (1993) Creep Microstructures of 18%Cr-12%Ni-0.02%C Stainless Steels with Niobium Event: Simpósio Brasileiro de Microscopia Eletrônica e Técnicas Associadas na Pesquisa de Materiais – São Paulo – SP (1998)

Prototype Machines for High Temperature Creep Testing of Metals Event: II Encontro de Tecnologia e Utilização dos Aços Nacionais de UFRJ/COPPE – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (1987)


Experience in using personal computer softwares (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, Lotus Notes and SAP).

English advanced.

Hobbies: to play tennis and to travel.

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