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Manager Project

Temecula, California, United States
January 24, 2017

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MICHAEL VARGAS 951-***-****

***** *. ******* ****., ***** 709, Los Angeles CA 90064 GAME PRODUCTION/TESTING EXPERIENCE (Mobile, Social, Console) Self: Independent Game Developer (Current)

Designed, programmed, and published several titles as an independet game developer. See:

Mighty Play: Producer/Designer (May 12-Sept 12)

San Francisco, CA (Los Angeles telecommute)

Producer and Designer of three projects; two games, one social network prototype (under NDA) Clientele includes major AAA brands (Disney, Seaworld, etc.)

Managing multiple development teams and projects under multiple aspects including game design, art direction, wireframing, sound direction, prototyping, and more. Razor Technologies: Lead Concept Game Designer [Freelance] (Oct 11 – Feb 12) Cerritos, CA

Under NDA

Blue Marble Game Co: Lead Game Designer (Jan 11 – Sept 11) Los Angeles, CA

Lead Game Designer for Android tablet game designed to address brain injuries for war veterans Hands-on creation of levels and events in Unity

Worked with scientists and staticians to design gameplay ideas to specifications for clinical use

Many producing roles as well, including managing artists, programmers, spec writing, team leading Writing duties as well, including character/GUI dialogue for the entire game Wireframed entire scope of project from game design to testing procedures. Created many art pieces for game

Participated in extensive game testing as well as training others on testing Twistbox: P4P Product Manager (Nov 09 – Jan 11)

Sherman Oaks, CA

Product Manager for all of Twistbox’s Play For Prizes game library for iPhone, SNS, mobile Responsible for business plans, presentations of original and licensed IPs.

Responsible for multiple licenses including those under AAA CPs such as Konami, Sony, MTV, THQ (contract/content management, roadmaps

Lead conceptualization of game designs for iPhone and social network sites

Lead launch of Play For Prizes game aggregate service on Facebook, hosting multiple Flash- based games that offer prizes and rewards. Management duties include oversight of billing solution, creation/porting of Flash games, brand acquisition, game designing and producing,

ad management, and more.

Performed QA on various mobile games on custom-built bug database tracker GTL Media: Localization/QA (Jul 09 – Oct 09)

Los Angeles, CA

Worked on localization for Naruto Shippuden Clash of the Ninja Revolution 3 (Wii), Horse Life 3 (DS), City Builder (Wii), PhotoWorld (DS), Truck Racer (Wii), Kart Racer (Wii)

Recorded and edited footage for EN/SP/FR translation. Tracked and monitored localization issues via bug reports and databases for Nintendo Lotcheck Sennari Entertainment: Producer/Project Manager (Feb 06 – May 08) Los Angeles, CA

Formed and managed Sennari QA, overseeing the testing of new global games and product, developed around state-of-the-art mobile game technology (including “PrizePlay”, a series of mobile skill-with-prizes games in where the player can redeem for prizes through “currency” won in any PrizePlay game through any game’s online catalog.

As a producer, supervised both in-house and outsourced developers (IndusLogic, Persistent, Pronto Games) for Sennari BREW game porting, testing, and launch for the following games

across over 40 handsets each title: MONOPOLY PrizePlay, Goldenballs PrizePlay (2nd version), Star Trek PrizePlay, BATTLESHIP PrizePlay, Battleships PrizePlay, Deal Or No Deal – Gold Edition, and Mahjong PrizePlay.

Worked with India-based server teams (mCRM) on managing testing and performance checking for three different servers facilitating the gameplay, game-data fetching, and catalog appraising

Entirely designed and wrote the company knowledge base and the Sennari Standard Test Plan, which fully covers the entirety of testing a PrizePlay port (for both J2ME and BREW platforms). Participated in the design of future PrizePlay product and games.

In addition to producing games, participated in the creation of complex mobile applications involving the latest technology in software and messaging for carriers and telecoms, including Qualcomm, Verizon, ATT, and more

GAMEWIZARDS (August 2005 – December 2005)

Santa Monica, CA

Independent game developer operated by faculty of the Art Institute of Los Angeles Level Designer for traps and puzzles for a Unreal mod-based game (Masks Of Eternity) Created gameplay mechanics, design, and assets for deathtraps and obstacles for game. Participated in art-related tasks such as texture and modeling Electronic Arts Los Angeles (April 2004 – November 2004) Playa Vista, CA

QA (Xbox division) for Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

Liaison with lead game designer Dan Orzulak (lead game designer for the original Halo) Worked with artistic teams on troubleshooting in-game assets and animations JAMDAT Mobile Inc.: Lead Tester (January 2003 – June 2004, February 2006 - March 2006) Los Angeles, CA

QA Lead on high-priority development games, soon-to-be-released titles, and localizations. Highly skilled bug-report writer, organization skills, worked directly with producers on titles WRITING/FILM PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE Blog Writer (April 2009-present) Professional industry blog writer for the website Freelance Ad Artist/Producer (April 2009-present) Contracted to create four 15-sec + 50 sec Flash-based online video advertising Created official company advert slogan and video logo animation EDUCATION

Art Institute of Los Angeles

Candidate: Bachelor of Science, Game Art and Design (Senior level student, education currently on hold) Loyola Marymount University

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Arts (May 1999)


Trained in and can provide samples/portfolio of the following: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Excel, Word, Project, Visio, Unreal Editor, After Effects, Powerpoint, Quark, Maya, BitPim, many BREW/J2ME Tools (inquire) GAMEOGRAPHY

As Game Designer:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have a Farm (2012; Mobile) Doc McStuffins House Calls (2012; Mobile)

Seaworld’s Turtle Trek (2012; Mobile)

Treasure of Bell Island (2011; Android, PC)

Dance Dance Revolution Mobius For Prizes (2010; mobile) As Producer/PM:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald Have a Farm (2012; Mobile) Doc McStuffins House Calls (2012; Mobile)

Seaworld’s Turtle Trek (2012; Mobile)

Treasure of Bell Island (2011; Android, PC)

Mahjong For Prizes (2010; mobile, SNS)

Sudoku For Prizes (2010; mobile, SNS)

Hawaii Solitaire For Prizes (2010; mobile, SNS)

Whac-A-Mole For Prizes (2010; iPhone)

Q*Bert For Prizes (2010; mobile)

Dance Dance Revolution Mobius For Prizes (2010; mobile) Deal Or No Deal – Gold Edition (2008; mobile)

BATTLESHIP PrizePlay (2007; mobile)

Star Trek PrizePlay (2007; mobile)

Chutes And Ladders PrizePlay (2006; mobile)

MONOPOLY PrizePlay (2006-2007; mobile)

Mahjong PrizePlay (2006-2007; mobile)

Goldenballs PrizePlay (2006-2007; mobile)

As QA Lead:

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (2004; console [Xbox])

Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 07 (2006; mobile)

Orcs and Elves (2006; mobile)

JAMDAT SCRABBLE (2004; mobile)

Tony Hawk’s Underground (2004; mobile)

JAMDAT MLB 05 (2004; mobile)

JAMDAT Solitaire (2003; mobile)

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003; mobile) Neopets (2003; mobile)

Pitfall! (2003; mobile)

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