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Sql Server Management

Suwanee, Georgia, 30024, United States
January 24, 2017

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Piyush Kumar



Seeking a challenging position in technology strategy firm where my strong technical background can give an efficient and effective solution that would help the organization to achieve the best solution in business.


Application Development Resources, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Consultant August 2016-Current

As a consultant, I worked mainly on data transfer, data conversion, and data validation using tools such as Sharepoint, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and SQL Server Management Studio 2014. I also learned about the Agile Methodology and Scrum. My tasks involved advanced SQL Querying and creating reports. I also got experience with Agile Methodology and Scrum.

MyOrlandoStay Atlanta, GA

Intern/Developer January 2015- May 2016

As a developer, I worked on and learned about database and front end development that required me to use my knowledge of SQL, JAVA, and the database concepts. My tasks involved advanced SQL querying, writing stored procedures with parameters, object oriented java programming, creating reports, and creating GUI for the end user.

RuffaloCODY Athens, GA

Call Center Caller August 2015-May 2016

As a caller, I had to persuade customers to donate money to the University of Georgia fund. I acquired excellent verbal communication skills through this job and a stronger sense of empathy.


University of Georgia – Terry College of Business Athens, GA

Risk Management – BBA 2012-2016

Important Courses Completed:

Introduction to Information Systems in Business

Predictive Modeling and Optimization

Business Process Management

Interpersonal Communication

Data Management

Commercial Property and Liability Insurance

Employee Benefits

Corporate Risk Management

Advanced Liability Insurance


Movie Recommendation Application(Java)

This capstone project required me to make a Java Application which could parse to a library of movies, their lengths, and their ratings. Using Eclipse, I used object oriented programming and created methods to manipulate the data. I created both getter methods and setter methods. I created methods that could find the average ratings for a movie or a director. I also made a number of methods that could other things. For my classes, I created constructors, some of which would call into each other using super . With these methods, the end user could find movies with the highest ratings as per the genre, director, or year. They could also use it to look up the average ratings per year or the average rating for their favorite director. The project involved me to use error handling, polymorphism, and multiple common Java libraries such as Apache Commons.

Database Design and Reporting for Multiple Databases (SQL Server and SSRS)

These projects required me to design databases for different types of businesses and a corporation. I was given scenarios and data which I had to turn into a usable database, along with stored procedures, triggers, and lookups. I split the data into their correct tables, and then I created primary and foreign key relationships in between those tables. Most of my projects contained one to many, one to one, and recursive relationships. To optimize my databases, I created indexes and triggers. I also wrote stored procedures that could be used easily access the necessary data. After designing the databases, I also used SSRS to create multiple report templates with stored procedures that the end user could use to easily create necessary reports for multiple situations and scenarios.

Library Database and Catalog Search (Java and SQL)

For this project, I made a library database on SQL Server that consisted of book data. Using Java, I created a front end application in which the user could search for books, author, and genre. They could also add a book to the library if they wished to. The Java Application had a String variables which consisted of SQL Queries, and methods that executed those queries in SQL Server. The project required me to establish connecting SQL Server to Java using Java Database Connectivity(JDBC).

Risk Analysis of a Small Business

This project required me to do extensive research on White Tiger, LLC., an outdoor restaurant. From my research I had to compile a detailed Risk Analysis report which included recommending loss control actions and price optimization. The project also required me to customize an insurance policy that would best suit White Tiger, LLC. I used SQL Server Management Studio to organize and sort all of the data that was required for this project.

Risk Analysis of a Corporation

This project required me to do extensive research on a fictional corporation through a case study. For my project, I compiled a detailed Risk Analysis report for the corporation with a customized insurance policy to best fit their needs. I was also required to come up with various loss control methods for the company. I used SQL Server Management Studio to organize and sort all of the data that was required for this project.


Society for Management of Information Systems (2 years)

Georgia Insurance Society (2 years)

Relay for Life (8 years)



oUnderstanding of Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

oAbility to code with for loops and while loops

oAbility to code with conditional if, else statements

oAbility to use JDBC to connect to local and remote servers

oAbility to create GUI

oAbility to use polymorphism concepts

oGood understanding of proper syntax

oAbility to create methods with parameters

oAbility to create constructors, setters, and getters.


oAbility to work with loops and error handling.

oAbility to write Python functions

oAbility to create and manipulate tuples


oSQL Server 2014 Management Studio

oAbility to write complex queries, indexes, and triggers

oAbility to write complex stored procedures with parameters

oKnowledge of database design

oAbility to create relational database with efficient database design


oMicrosoft Visual Studio 2012

oKnowledge of writing flexible reports with different variables and parameters

oKnowledge of writing reports using the wizard and stored procedures

oExperience making Lightswitch HTML and Desktop applications


oUnderstanding of MapReduce and HDFS Fundamentals

oKnowledge of querying in Hive and Pig



Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Microsoft Office



Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification by through The University of Georgia

Java Programming: An Introduction to Software (5 courses) by Duke University on Coursera


Available upon request

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