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Java Developer

South Brunswick Township, New Jersey, 08852, United States
January 24, 2017

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Java developer with *+ years of experience in analysis, design, development and implementations of web UI, client/server, database and/or Intranet-based application using Java, J2EE technologies in various business domains including Financial, Retail, Brokerage & Insurance.


●Has excellent knowledge of Java, J2EE/JEE platforms in building N-tier applications.

●Excellent working knowledge in Java1.6, Servlet2.5, JSP2.0 and JEE (EJB 3.0, JMS, JNDI) technologies, Spring3, JPA, Hibernate3x and Struts2 Frameworks for Enterprise projects.

●Good experience as a Core Java Developer with comprehensive mastery of all Java Packages.

●Proficient with multiple packages of the Core Java API

●Having sound Knowledge in Object-Oriented Design/Analysis (OOAD), UML modeling, design Patterns like Business Delegate, Session Facade, Factory, Data Access Object, Front Controller.

●Experience in Design and Development of Java Web Services using XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI based on SOA and has excellent understanding of xml technologies XML, XSD, XSL, SAX, DOM, JAXB 2.0.

●Excellent working knowledge in Application servers such as Web Sphere, WebLogic, JBoss and Apache Tomcat.

●Experience in designing and prototyping user interfaces for intranet, web applications using various scripting languages such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, JSF, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX .

●Expertise in design and development of multi-tiered web based applications using J2EE technologies like JSP, JSTL, JSF, Servlet, EJB, JDBC, JNDI, and JMS.

●Experience with Web Services like SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

●Good working knowledge in Angular JS.

●Experience in MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, using Struts and Spring Framework, with various Java/J2EE design patterns.

●Good experience in developing applications using Hibernate ORM mappings using xml and annotation configurations.

●Good experience in developing RESTFUL web services with spring based MVC Framework.

●Experience in Data modeling, Database design and development using different RDBMS (Oracle10g/11i, MS SQL Server2000 ) in various projects.

●Hands on Experience in databases such as MYSQL, ORACLE. Mongo DB (No Sql)

●Experience in performance tuning applications interacting with large scale databases.

●Good DB2 experience working with large DB2 databases.

●Extensive experience in various SDLC methodologies such as Water fall, Iterative, Agile.

●Experience in developing applications using different IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse, JDeveloper and TOAD.

●Experience in working with Databases like Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Sybase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL server.

●Strong Experience in Writing SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures.

●Web Services, Component Based, Service Oriented Applications with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using REST, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, SOA.

●Strong experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and REST based web services, MVC Framework.

●Proficient knowledge in JDBC and writing SQL Queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers and SQL packages.

●Excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills:

J2EE/JEE Frameworks

Spring3.0, JPA, Hibernate3.x, Struts2, EJB2.0 /3.0, JMS, JDBC and JNDI

Web Technologies

Servlet2.5, JSP2.0, HTML, Angular JS, Ajax, XML, XSD, XSL, RESTFUL, SOAP, and WSDL

Application/Web Servers

Web Sphere, Web Logic, JBoss 5.x and Tomcat 6.x


MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Mongo DB


Java1.6, C/C++, PL/SQL, Java script

Software Methodologies

Object Oriented Analysis & Design, UML, SDLC (Agile, Iterative)

Modeling Tools

RUP (Rational Rose, Rational Software Architect), MS Visio


Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse, WSAD, JDeveloper

Version & Source Control


Defect Tracking Tool


Other Utilities

ANT, Log4j, JIRA and Maven

Operating Systems

UNIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, WINDOWS XP/7.0, MS DOS.

Professional Summary:

Humana Inc, Louisville, KY Oct 2014 – Till Date

J2EE Developer

Description: Humana Inc. is an American Louisville, Kentucky-based for-profit health insurance company. The software allows for a seamless work flow during each step of the process. This efficient system minimizes human intervention, while at the same time provides users comprehensive patient and drug information to ensure high quality service.


Used Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) for transactions management.

Designed and Developed the Application using Spring MVC and Hibernate as the ORM.

The business logic was written in Spring Service classes and the service layer classes were configured in Spring-service.xml.

Involved in Design and Developing of the front end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to perform validation on the client side.

Extensively worked on Front end using JQuery, JSP, DOJO, Ajax, JavaScript, JSTL, Bootstrap, HTML, HTML5, CSS.

Developed Hibernate 3.0 in Data Access Layer to access and update information in the database.

Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate.

Actively involved in designing and implementing the application using various design patterns such as Singleton, DAO, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Façade and Data Access Object.

Designed and Developed Wrapper Services to Ad Gen functions and exposed as web services.

Developed and tested utilities to interact with SOAP web services.

Developed RESTFUL web services using Spring Framework.

Extensively reviewed the code for Application Security.

Designed the workflow, system architecture, drawing sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, HTML pages, database schema and tables.

Developed a UI component using Angular JS. Project using Angular JS framework frontend development using HTML5 and CSS3 for most of the feature.

The Persistence layer consisted of Persistence classes which used to access the DB by using Hibernate HQL and Criteria queries.

Implementation of the Business logic layer for Mongo DB Services.

The transaction management in the interceptor stack is done using interceptor-rules.xml in which all the rules regarding navigation of Interceptors are defined.

Deployed the application using WebLogic Admin console, also configured the messaging through WebLogic Admin console.

Store persistent JMS messages or temporarily store messages sent using the store-and-forward feature.

Employed spring’s JMS package to simplify some of the mundane tasks such as connection factory and destination lookups.

Involved in testing the XML files and checked whether data is parsed and loaded to staging tables.

Analysis of current security and database configuration services.

Environment: Solaris, JSP, Servlet, Hibernate, Spring, JMS, JCA, JMX, XML, CSS, XML Schema, AJAX (JQUERY, AJAX), JSON, JBoss Fuse JAXP, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JAX-RPC, SAAJ, SOAP, Java script, Angular JS, PL/SQL, D/HTML, XHTML, Ant 1.6, Log4j, JUnit, Git, Weblogic 10.0, Oracle 11g RDBMS, Mongo DB, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Eclipse 3.2, CVS.

Discover Financial Services - Riverwoods, IL August 2012 – Sept 2014

J2EE Developer/Lead

Description: Discover is a highly diversified and growing financial services organization spanning the retail, business and corporate markets. Discover offers a wide range of services for all customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities, their business are categorized in to Retail Banking, corporate and Institutional Banking, Asset Management and other services like the Borrowing, Investment, Insurance, Online Banking, Activities, e-statements, Home Loans, private student loans, personal loans and home equity loans.


Implemented MVC architecture using Struts Framework.

Designed and developed front end using HTML, CSS, JSP, Struts (tiles and tag libraries) and validation through JavaScript.

Designed Client side architecture for UI development using Angular JS.

Used Struts tag libraries to create JSPs.

Used AJAX libraries such as Jquery and DWR.

Implement web service using JAX-RPC.

Create JAX-RPC handlers for pre and post processing of soap messages.

Helped improve code coverage by writing Junits for the implemented code.

Java Mail API was used to notify the authors about document publishing status.

Design and implement asynchronous messaging using JMS.

Extensively used Web Services like SOAP, WSDL and UDDI to communicate between systems.

Developed Data Access Object (DAO) components to interact with DB2 using JDBC Driver.

Developed Model Components Action beans, Action Form beans, and Data Transfer Objects of Struts Framework.

Worked on Oracle development, PL/SQL, stored procedures, triggers, materialized views.

Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.

Used XML Schemas (XSD) for defining XML elements and attributes, and used namespaces to avoid conflict with the XML elements.

Developed and maintained Java/J2EE distributed applications using Struts MVC framework.

Highly involved in the configuring Web Sphere servers and database connections and deploying applications to application servers in Testing and UAT environments.

Designed solutions, documentation, coding, and testing.

Developed JSP pages using STRUTS frame work, Custom tags and JSTL and involved in configuring web.xml and struts-config.xml according to the struts framework.

Worked on using middleware like MQ Series, JMS.

Install and run Mongo DB with multiple instances on servers.

Extensively used Web Services like SOAP, WSDL and UDDI to communicate between systems.

Create stored procedure and other SQL scripts using PL/SQL.

Implemented solutions relying on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using Web Services, SOAP and WSDL.

Designed and implemented Web Services for client to retrieve Data using SOAP.

Used Apache Subversion for source control.

Provide technical support to production system.

Environment: J2EE, Java 1.5, JSP, JQuery, Struts, CSS, HTML, Hibernate, Javascript, API, Angular JS, Java Security, Oracle 10g, Mongo DB, Weblogic 10.x,MyEclipse, JSTL, Windows XP, Linux, LDAP, UNIX,, CVS.

American express - Phoenix, AZ Sep 2011-July 2012

Core Java/Hibernate/Spring Developer

Administration Center

Description: Mobile Wallet enables customers to store their credit cards and loyalty points and use them at designated location. The app is protect by a 4 digit pin and enables users to carry credit cards in the stored database accessed via an app on the mobile phone. Enhanced security for Mobile Wallet Card member's using secondary level of authentication for Mobile Wallet app. Add Card, Remove card functionalities enhanced with secondary level of authentication. Update verification rules to support mobile wallet secondary authentication.


Configured and built Spring MVC application on Tomcat web server.

Design and implemented the backend layer using Hibernate.

Develop named HQL queries and Criteria queries for use in application.

Implemented transaction management for ORM project using Spring Transaction Management API.

Created and built project using Maven.

Created Stored Procedures and other SQL scripts using PL-SQL.

Implemented logging using log4j and Spring AOP.

Implemented various cross-project functionalities using Spring AOP.

Modeled Flows with different flow state types.

Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design utilizing Spring Inversion of Control (IOC) architecture and Hibernate.

Applied design patterns including MVC Pattern, Façade Pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, DAO Pattern and Singleton.

Extensively used JMX API for management and monitoring solutions.

Involved in developing front end screens using JSP, JSTL, DHTML, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript, Angular Js.

Developed Web services to allow communication between applications through SOAP over HTTP using Apache Axis2.

Developed Portlets for user level interaction and encapsulating the business logic

Developed the automation environment for build, deployment, and configuration of Portlets onto the IBM websphere portal server using ANT scripts, XML Access scripts and JACL scripts.

Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with the EJB 3.0 using annotations.

Generated Hibernate XML files for the configured beans. The business logic was written in EJB DAO classes and the service layer classes were configured in Spring-service.xml.

Configured spring managed beans and their scopes.

Implemented services that would route messages to different JMS queues based on message properties. These messages would be picked up by the appropriate ESB service which would in turn call the third party partner web services (both RESTful and SOAP).

Worked on UNIX Shell scripts and Cron jobs.

Made use of content negotiation (XML, JSON, text/plain) using JAXB, GSON, Jackson, and XStream.

Investigate, debug and fixed potential bugs or defects in the implemented code.

Implemented junit tests and mandated 90% min. code coverage.

Designed builds which can grow and support builds using Gradle.

Developed RESTful services using Jersey, JAX-RS and Restlet to call third party vendors

Used CVS for source control, used as plugin in eclipse.

Involved in requirement gatherings and prototype development.

Provide post production support for the project during business hours.

Environment: Solaris, JSP, JSF, Spring, Servlet, Hibernate, JMS, JCA, JMX, XML, CSS, XML Schema, AJAX (JQUERY, AJAX), JSON, JAXP, SAX, DOM, JAXB, Java Portlet Specifications, JAX-RPC, SAAJ, SOAP, Javascript, PL/SQL, D/HTML, XHTML, Angular Js, Maven, Log4j, JUnit, Weblogic 8.0, Oracle 9i RDBMS, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Eclipse 3.2, CVS.

Molina Health Care - Herndon, VA June 2010- July 2011

Java Developer

Description: Molina Healthcare offers Medicare advantage plans designed to meet the needs of individuals with Medicare or both Medicaid and Medicare coverage. Played the role of Java Developer for Funds and Consumer Plan. It is a web-based application developed for customer insurance planning and claim reporting. Worked with business team to modify applications according to changes in insurance plans. Involved in designs, codes, tests, debug, and support those programs.


Developed Use Case Diagrams and Class Diagrams using Rational Rose.

Created Functional and System Design specification documents

Implemented Spring MVC framework.

Developed user interface using JSPs along with Spring MVC framework

Implemented Hibernate for persistence

Integrated Hibernate along with Spring

AJAX calls were used for form submission and updating user interfaces views.

Implemented Spring IOC to achieve loosely coupled n-tier architecture

Wrote and modified database stored procedures, triggers, functions, and pl/sql Scripts.

Utilized design patterns such as singleton to access DAO.

Applied HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the UI part.

Applied CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for entire site for standardization of the site.

Implemented Spring AOP along with AspectJ

Involved in deploying applications on Websphere Server

Used MAVEN to build and configure projects

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Hibernate, Ajax, Spring, Maven, UML, Eclipse, WebSphere, DB2, Oracle8i, CVS, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XSD, UNIX, Korn shell scripting

Client: SANDS Utility Services Private Ltd, India Dec2008- April 2010

Role: Jr. Java/Core Java Developer

This is an application development project to keep track of the information pertaining to the sales transactions such as Customer details, Product or Item description and their Pricing Schedule, Purchase Order details and View and Enquiry of the Order Screens. Designed and developed the Order Processing Module. The system checks the database for availability and an invoice is prepared.


Developed web pages using JAVA, Servlets, JavaBeans, Applets, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Involved in server side coding using Servlets

Designed web pages using Java script/ HTML

Developed Business components using JavaBeans and database connections using JDBC

Involved in Designing and creating database tables.

Wrote various queries using SQL and used SQL server as the database.


JAVA, Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, Applets, JDBC, MS SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS, TOMCAT.

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