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Engineer Part Time

United Kingdom
January 24, 2017

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Curriculum Vitae

(Digital Communication Engineer and Others)

Name: Homam Assi

Marital Status: Single Sex: Male

Home Address: TEL: (0113) 074********

** *********** ******



Education & Qualifications

1977-1979 Dunstable College of Further Education, Dunstable,

Bedfordshire. 3 A- levels in Physics (E), Maths. (C) & Further Maths. (C).

1979-1982 Leicester University, Leicester. Leicestershire, England.

3rd Class Honours B.Sc. Honours Engineering Science.

1984-1985 Loughborough University, Loughborough. Leicester- Shire,

England. M.Sc. Digital Communication Systems.

1994-1995 Leeds College of Technology. City and Guilds, part three

courses on Video and C.D. Repair passed with Credit certificates.

1995-1996 Leeds College of Technology. Part three (theoretical and

practical) City and Guilds, part three courses (224) on TV servicing.

Passed with a Credit certificate.

Work Experience

Apr.88-Jan.91 Nottingham Polytechnic. Part time-lecturer Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Labs. & Seminars

in Communications, Signal Processing and Electronics to all levels.

That is HNC, HND 1&2, B.ENG 1, 2 & 4). I have assisted and I was assisted

by other lecturers in running these classes.

Part time research assistant. Working on finding the number of

multi-path propagation. It resulted in a new development in this field of

signal processing.

Mar. 91- Mar.92 Leeds Polytechnic. Research assistant on Vector

Quantisation applied to "LPC" (Linear Prediction Coding) speech signals for

the purpose of compressing them. Part time lecturer teaching

electronics to second year Mechanical Engineering students.

Jun. 92-April 2012 Part time when time was available research and

marketing water desalination projects and environment friendly energy generation ideas. The ideas have generated some interest overseas. Unfortunately they did not generate any grants to optimise them. Nevertheless, solar energy electricity generation has been implemented in UAE recently. I am sure the over the sea agriculture, gravity water desalination and the underground energy electricity generation methods, will be used soon. I have displayed them on my youtube channel; humanity171.

Nov. 96- April. 98 Researching various engineering ideas for the

purpose of patenting and selling them. The topics, which I have

considered are a development to vacuum cleaners and a water desalination

project. I have occasionally bought/repaired/sold computers and other

electronics appliances.


Working knowledge of programming in: Machine Code, Assembler

Languages (Embedded Systems Includes 8085, TMS320C25 and others), Basic,

Fortran 77, C, PLC, Electronics Work Bench, Mat Lab, Word Perfect 5.1

and Microsoft Word.

Programming environment: Unix, Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows XP. I have used Windows 98 and Vista few times.

The B.Sc. Project (Software/Hardware) was a Real Time implementation

on Digital Filtering. The Z80 was the processing machine.

The M.Sc. Project (Software/Hardware) was on direction finding. The

apple computer was the processing machine.

Servicing various home appliances to component level.

I have gained considerable experience dealing with various aspects of the judicial system on national up to the House of Lords- and European levels.

Full British driving license (clean).

Career Intentions

I look forward to work as a Digital Communication Engineer, Signal

Processing Engineer, Medical Instrumentation or Electronics Engineer. The

areas of my interests are: Channel Detection and Equalisation, Antenna

and Filter Design, Speech Processing, Spectrum Analysis, Remote or None

Destructive Testing and Direction Finding.

I have gained various levels of experience in these topics through

out my studies, my research assistant posts and through out my personal

research. When (and if) these complex problems were tackled, the problem

in hand has been reduced to a set of mathematical equations whose solution

represent the required answer. Various programming languages (see above)

have been used to implement and or simulate these problems. These

programming skills and my first degree enable me to work in various

programming posts.

Activities & Interests

I repaired some faults on domestic appliances and cars. I have upgraded

and repaired my computers few times. I read serious newspapers, books

and some times scientific papers on signal processing, electronics and water desalinations methods. I use my personal computer to program in C, Mat Lab. I also use the "Electronics Workshop" package installed on it. I use the internet on daily bases, usefully. I have various engineering research interests. I enjoy working by myself and with others. Basically I am a multi skilled and self motivated person.

I have gained good experience in dealing with people, under graduates

and post graduate students, technicians, lecturers and even judges. During my teaching period I was assisting other lecturers and I was assisted by others in this task. I have long dealings with many solicitors who became involved in my dispute with Leeds Metropolitan University where I was researching for my PhD. This problem started in 1992 and it is the reason behind my unemployment. Nevertheless, due to my effort I have managed to gain a legal aid grant to sue for compensation for this waste and corruption. The case has failed due to the way my legal team earns its living. They have withdrawn rather than representing the case properly. I have ended up representing myself in the court of Appeal in 2001. After years of suffering from them and their legal supervisors and the prosecution authorities, I have sued my legal team by myself in this country and in the European Court of Human Rights. Both Courts used the excuse of different time limits to fail the case. The last decision was in June 2009. To defend themselves, they employed two barristers and four lawyers. This was because my cause is just and I read the relevant sections of the British and the European Law.

I have finished writing just over a thousand pages book. It documents the first part of the above problem. I am looking forward for having it published.

In addition to the two already uploaded agriculture ideas, I have recently uploaded two ideas regarding gravity desalination and underground energy. The formers dramatically reduce the need for energy to desalinate water. I have marketed them and another idea overseas. I am still looking for a serious investor to implement these and the other projects there.

I took part in various voluntary activities to high light various

national and international issues.

I enjoy cycling, jogging, swimming and listening to music. I like to

know what is going on around the world, I do listen to international

broadcasts. I try to learn about worlds religions.

International travel includes; India, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Australia, U.A.E.


I will be glad to send you the names and the addresses of my referees

if you decide to pursue my application further. This is necessary to

reduce their workload.

I thank you for the time spent reading my C.V.

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