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System Administrator Information

Vilnius, Vilnius County, 05272, Lithuania
January 24, 2017

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Janos Man

Age : ** years

E mail: m,


**** **** **** ******** **********, Faculty of Economics, specialty "Accounting and Audit" Specialist degree.

2005 2008 Kyiv Slavonic University, Faculty of Economics, specialty "Economy and Business" Bachelor’s degree.

2000 2002 Samborskiy College of Economics and Informatics, Faculty of Economics, specialty "Commercial activity", junior specialist degree. 2013 to present English language courses, "Polyglot" Teaching Centre. Experience:

2005 until now, shopping mall "Dastor" LLC "A.V.P.", 2010 – until now LLC "Dante"

position: Head of IT Department

Number of subordinates: 2


Slovak spoken; Czech – spoken; Poland basic; English intermediate, Ukrainian fluent; Russian – fluen.

Head of IT Department at shopping mall "Dastor" LLC "A.V.P." since 2012 Skills & Responsibilities:

Development of enterprise information strategy;

Financial Planning;

Management and prioritization;

Automation of business processes;

Information Security;


Planning and control tasks;

Providing technical information and tools;

Dealing with suppliers and customers;

Improvement techniques and their applications;

Timely identify problems and address them;

Improve performance of software and systems engineering;

Solutions to complex situations;

Improvement of network topology;

Ensure enterprises all necessary technical resources; Projects:

designed and deployed information structure in the hypermarket;

1c (1C looks like a SAP) carried out an analysis of needs, objectives and budget planning, has attracted developers, tested, deployed products on production server;

Added functionality in the front end and back end domestic software products to market requirements and marketing (POS system, system accounting, sales and system analysts, etc.);

Launched an information system in pharmacy shop; System administrator 2005 2012 at shopping mall "Dastor" LLC "A.V.P." Skills & Responsibilities:

Total Maintenance:

Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 * edition;

SQL Server 2000 2008 * edition;

* NIX ;

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 clients <100;

Setup and Support: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Hyper V, VirtualBox, IIS, Group policy, user control, antivirus system, routing;

Installing: SharePoint server 2013 and clients, Exchange server 2013 and clients, Lync server 2013 and clients

Knowledge of relational databases;

Databases: Backup, Restore, Mirroring, optimization, replication, migration, creating different types of reports;

Maintenance of POS systems;

Maintenance of all types of telecommunications hypermarket; Additionally, the development of software in Delphi7, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008; Projects:

Object Oriented Programming:

using Delphi + T SQL:

Created several software to control the movement of funds, analysts and various types of reports in the enterprise

using C # + T SQL:

Developed a set of applications for mobile devices and information collection and subsequent synchronization of databases.

Object oriented language: D elphi – basic, C# basic; Python – basic; Java – basic. Personality:

Conscientious, confident, independent, friendly, reliable, fair, accurate, constantly working on myself, always strive to achieve success, curiosity and desire to learn new technologies and logics in work, like all types of conferences and meeting new people, open to


Interests and hobbies:

I am interested in different programming languages a nd frameworks for WEB: JavaScript, jQuery,

Python, Django web framework, Git, CSS, html, Bootstrap. In my free time I read scientific literature, news, articles. I love swimming and cycling.

There is a strong desire to travel around the world. Driving license category B, C and own car.

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