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Engineer Test

San Leandro, California, United States
January 23, 2017

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(***) 767- 3908 (Cell)

Hayward California State University – Bachelor Computer Science.

-San Jose College – Electronic.

Technical Skills:

-Tools & equipment, Tester, Oscilloscopes, Signal generator, DVM, Inductance, Power equipment, Counters, Optical comparator, Digital microscope Keyence, Burst leak tester, Folding machine, Crimping machine, Hand crimper, Stent press machine, Split mold, Stent Laser cut, Polishing, Mix Chemical, Functional test, SRST test, Final test, Sevro test, Laser 1, Laser 2, Laser 4, Laser 5, Ultrasonic Electronic, IC qualification including HTOL, HAST, ESD,

-Excellent soldering with fine pitch surface mount component and touch up.

-Board level troubleshooting and repair.

-QA control and Inspect and Inventory stockroom.


Work Experiences:

Test Engineer.

2016 – Present – Celestica IBM.

5325 Hellyer Ave San Jose CA 95138


-Build Solar System.

-Test power supply Write code.

-Debug trouble shoot and rework. Incoming material inspection.

-In-process inspection and final inspection use of voltage meter.

-Mechanical assembly wire cable application.


OBA Inspector Engineer.

2015 – Jabil Circuit

30 Great Oaks boulevard San Jose CA 95119


-Build Adapter.

-Build Network Telecom.

-The out of box audit inspector controls the organization, movement and integrity of the lots as they move through the OBA process prior to shipment, Support the work cells in the audit function, visual inspect samples base on lot size using knowledge of visual, packaging and testing requirements. Visual verification of solder and cosmetic requirement as required in applicable IPC other specifications. Complete all OBA paperwork. Support the resolution of audit nonconformities with the appropriate inspection personnel. Provide accurate timely feedback of production issues to the work cell teams. First line of communication to the quality engineering staff on manufacturing. Understanding of customer requirements and expectations. Open communication with the production teams.

Test Engineer.

R&D- Prototype

2012-2014 - HGST Western Digital. Hitachi Global Storage Technology.

5601 Great Oaks Parkway, building 50, San Jose CA 95119.


-Build Hard Disk Drive.

-Responsibility for all aspects of HSA (head stack assembly).

-Responsibility for all aspects of HDA (disk load assembly).

-Responsibility for all test function. Read ID, test head, Sevro test, Functional test, SRST test, Final test.

-Hand on working experience using basic electro mechanical test instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, LDV, dynamic signal analyzers, and accelerometers is necessary, process such as extrusions, die casting, injection molding, stamping, machining and other high volume manufacturing method. Must have demonstrated ability solving challenger cross functional engineering problem.

-Packaging shipping, receiving.

-Inventory stock room.

Test Engineer.

R&D - Prototype

2008 - 2011 - ABBOTT VASCULAR

3200 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054

800 Saginaw Drive, Red Wood City, CA 94063


-Build stent stainless steel Catheter.

-Responsibility for all optical system and arrangement use for Laser material process. Apply all fixture, tool.

-Responsibility for all Electro polishing all kind material.

-Finalized visual inspected and disposition for all products. Smart scope and visual inspection under microscope for quality control.

-Process test all medical device (crimping, folding, split mold, stent press, leak test, expend stent, radial strength test, MicroVu, Optical comparator, Optical Video Probe, Smart Scope, Digital Microscope Keyence, Fine Scan Stent, Fiber Laser, Fatigue test, Burst leak tester, Microblaster.

-Packaging shipping and receiving and inventory stock room.

-Assisted prototype build productive development.

-Analysis and collect data.


Test Engineer.

R & D - Prototype

2003-2004 – I Control


-Built Fingerprint System.

-Built USB.

-Use all equipment to test IC fingerprint sensor.

-Response for running in-house qualification tests, including HTOL (high temperature operating life test, HTS (high temperature storage), ESD (electrostatic dish charge protect circuit, and chemical and abrasion tests of fingerprint sensor IC.

-Responsible for managing all subcontracted qualification tests including Hast (high accelerated stress test on Credence-Duo, and PC based testers.

-Responsible for troubleshooting and repairing various evaluation modules.

-Assembles various USB peripheral using surface mount fine pitch components.

-Generates schematics.

-Data collection and analysis.

-Assist Engineer group.

-Taking care all shipment request. Manage internal inventory.

-Manage all the equipment in the lab uses, order parts, components if need.

-Identifies problems and analyzes the cause and solution of problems, takes responsibility to resolve issues.


Test Engineer.

R&D - Prototype


48664 Milmont Drive, Fremont, CA 94538


-Build Telecom Network system.

-Set up all equipment testing and troubleshooting of digital cross and related transmission and repair on the telecom network board Wan, Lan, Voice, Interface, CPU.

-Solder, Rework, Touch Up, And test.

-Using microscope solder IC and component.

1994-1997- LUCAS NOVASENSOR (GE Infrastructure Sensing)

1055 Mission Ct, Fremont CA 94539


-Build Microchip.

-The microchips are in all electronic devices including cell phone, cars, laptops.

-Set up machine follow step test voltage, current.

-Mix silicone gel and fill silicon on the cup.

-Attach cup.

-Die attach is the process of attaching the silicon chip to the die pad or die cavity of the support structure.


R&D - Prototype


1100 Fulton Place, Fremont CA 94539


-Build Transformer.

-Test hardware and analyze test results, work with engineer, set up machine follow step, collect in paper work R&D lab.

-Apply all test equipment (Oscilloscope, Ratio and Polarity. Winding resistance, Power resistance, Impedance, standard impulse test, Induced voltage test).

-Frequency response analysis. Quality control include voltage test.

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