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Engineer Customer

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
January 23, 2017

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (now)


U.S Green Card Visa Holder


10+ years of experience in RF Design & Optimization.

Worked in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Macedonia, Cyprus and Turkey.

Experienced multi vendor (Samsung, Huawei, Motorola), and multi-technology (GUL).

Expert level on Huawei & NSN tools such as M2000, PRS, NETACT, FMA, Nastar, Geo-Location, ACP/ASP, U-Net, Nemo, Actix, Genex Asisstant, Genex Probe for G/U/L networks.

Strong Optimization Skills in SRAN, 2G, 3G, 4G for network performance analysis, Monitoring and improvement.

Able to suggest KPI & KQI enhancement for further business & sales.

Experienced in Network Assessment for SQI & CEM.

Oriented into strategy and roadmap development and its implementation.

Deep Analysis by Recorded Measurement Reports from RNC in special keys understanding of raw-counter analyses.

Experienced in BSS network wide (more than a RNC) data collection & analysis.

EnodeB, RNC and Cell Oriented Parameter Optimization.

UMTS Capacity planning with 2nd,3rd and 4th frequencies.

Experienced with UMTS900 optimization.

Performed and analysed drive tests together with network statistics to improve the network performance.

Prepared various types of reports with Oracle & SQL and advanced macro excel such as network assessment, benchmark, drive test, etc. reports.

Knowledge in RF planning, Drive testing (Probe, TEMS, ACTIX) and Analysis (MAPINFO), Performance Checking (PRS, NASTAR, FMA).

Good capability on Load Balance, HSPA+ improvements, Capacity Planning, Call Admission Control, Load Reshuffling, Inter Rat Handover Parameters, RRM Strategies, VoLTE Strategy, Carrier Aggregation, Tput Optimization

Good management skills and communication skills with customers.


Huawei Telecommunications / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 08/16 to present

Senior RF Optimization Consultant (3G&4G)

Cluster Optimization Activities (L3 Message Analysis, Packet Loss, Low Tput troubleshooting, RF Parameters)

Present to cluster report to get approval from customer

KPI performance monitoring and troubleshooting

Parameter inconsistency checking

Lead team and support to improve their skills

Make Cluster/Site level Predictions from Planning tool

Huawei Telecommunications / Istanbul, Turkey 11/15 to 08/16

Senior VoLTE/LTE RNOP Engineer (Team Leader)

Responsible for all delivery related activities which includes generating parameter scripts,single site verification, drive test analysis, generating cluster acceptance report, presenting it to the customer and getting the cluster acceptance approval from customer.

Make RF RNO delivery solution and plan, and responsible for the final delivery quality and KPI acceptance.

Responsible for KPI monitoring during project, and network performance related issues troubleshooting.

Responsible for network initial tuning service delivery, network performance related issue handling, and to make a proper technical solution to ensure that the KPIs can reach at target.

Communicate with customer, responsible for customer satisfaction, organize technical workshops.

UL/DL Low Tput Analysis, KPI Troubleshooting, Volte/SRVCC Optimization, CSFB strategy, Carrier Aggregation, 3CA testing, PS Handover

Samsung Networks / Istanbul, Turkey 01/15 to 11/2015

RF Optimization Expert

PS Data Service Improvement Activities ( NE demarcation, Single User Behavior, traffic balancing)

RRM management and capacity management with recommendation

Regular Network Assessment Activity with Actions & Improvement Implementations

DT Benchmarking & Evalution

Feature assessments, trials & live implementation

Special Events & Holiday network changes including parameter and features

3G KPI & Alarm Monitoring with Problem solving suggestions

Customer Complaints Handling

LTE features & 3CA trials

>1500 enodeb LTE design & capacity planning for Turkey Tender Projects (800M, 1800M, 2600M)

VoLTE Design & Optimization Experience

Turkcell Telecommunication / Ankara Region, Turkey 01/14 to 01/15

2G/3G RF Optimization Engineer

HS Features HSPA+, SRB over HSUPA, …)

Smartphone Features (URA_PCH, Cell PCH, Enchanced Fast Dormancy, Enchanced Combined Services, CPC…)

Parameters knowledge (to optimize: CE usage, Power/AC, SHO, IRAT, IFHO, ISHO, AMR

Multicarrier strategies of service allocation, traffic balancing, neighbor definitions

Throughput optimization

Day to day optimization

Worst cells and KPIs analysis (CSSR, Retainability, PRACH, SHO, CQI, etc, alarm verification an analysis, strategies of optimization

RF analysis, RNC compression and statistical problem detection

Power Control III Algorithm, PS Accessibility, UL EDGE Throughput Optimization

Huawei Telecommunication / San Jose, Costa Rica 09/13 to 12/13

LTE RF Optimization Consultant

LTE RAN KPIs (Accessibility,Retainability,Handoff,Throughput) analysis to measure perceived quality and system performance.

KPI optimization of 4G LTE by achieving RSRP, RSRQ, Throughput, Capacity, optimizing overlapping Servers, SINR and Population coverage percentages.

Network RF related issues (neighbor, PCI, SINR, Throughput) troubleshooting using PRS, M2000 (Huawei proprietary tool).

Performance Extensive Quality Improvement Projects in Order to enhance Customer Perceived Coverage and Quality on Field, through PS Power Control Parameters, Power Control Windows and Physical Optimization.

Analysis of KPIs, investigation and improvement of network quality problems

Implementation of new features and tuning LTE radio network parameters

Analysis of neighbor relations and implementation of corrections

Support and Execute to SSV, Cluster optimization

Site verification for location or antenna parameters such as azimuth and tilt etc.

Maxis Telecommunication / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09/12 to 08/13

3G RF Optimization Consultant

KPI audit activity to ensure KPI formulas installed in OPTIMA meets customer’s expectation. Optimized work process by creating scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Monitor performance after major changes and generate impact reports

Developing Reports and Modules as per customer requirement which includes defining Data Model and KPI.

Load Balancing between multiple carriers using Huawei Features (LDR, DRD, LDB, OLC, CAC)

Troubleshooting and maintaining KPI defined for vendors.

Radio Network performance daily monitoring (RRC success rate, RAB Est Success, CS & PS CDR, SHO, IRAT…)

Capacity check and utilization monitoring for different interfaces and resources (Iub utilization, Power utilization, Code utilization, channel element utilization, CPU load…)

Maintain & improve the Radio Network Performance to meet the contracted KPIs

Parameter optimizations to improve cell KPI

Drive test analysis using Actix Analyzer and taking a corrective action for the findings (Dropped/Blocked calls, IRAT/SHO Failures, and Pilot Pollution, SINR…)

Drive test analysis

Huawei Telecommunication / Skopje, Macedonia 01/12 to 09/12

3G RF Optimization Consultant

Troubleshooting: 3G Worst cell list analysis

3G Cell Neighbor optimization with NASTAR: Low flow neighbors versus maximum amount of

neighbors, missing neighbors.

Physical optimization: Pilot pollution optimization

Reporting: physical optimization proposal, new parameter changes presentations

Parameterization: Basic cell parameter optimizations a way to improve cell KPI.

Drive test analysis

Vodafone Telecommunication / Lefkose, North Cyprus 08/10 to 01/12

2G&3G RF Planning and Optimization Engineer

Coverage Optimization – Level and Quality Optimization to ensure Client meets level and Quality Commitments.

Drive testing using TEMS investigation and analyzing and reporting the drive test.

Database Parameter Optimization HUAWEI Optimum Tuning of various parameters.

Handover Optimization.

Identification of RF / Network problems in Log Files

Problem identification with Layer 3 Messages and Uplink / Downlink measurements and by using STATISTICS analysis.

Expertise in using TEMS Investigation Tools to solve variant problems.

Problem Identification with help of Long Term Trends and Event Relations.

Skills to relate problems faced by Subscribers to RF Optimization/RF Planning Issues

KPI monitoring using standard vendor tools including M2000, NASTAR, LMT etc...

Huawei Telecommunication / Istanbul, Turkey 05/08 to 08/10

2G&3G Network Performance Engineer

Finding the problems of bad performing sites (Hardware, Parameters) using M2000 & North-i, co-ordinating Field support and OMC-Team.

Handling customer complaints related with 3G network performance by using M2000, North-I, LMT.

Handling V.I.P Cases & complaints in VFN network for both 3G and 2G using M2000, North-I, LMT and PCHR Analyzer.

Troubleshooting of all RF related problems such as external interference, PS-CS Drops, SHO & SHO fails

Analyzing Customer complaint Traces by tracing the messages in between UE-NODEB-RNC Statistical Analysis

Radio network optimisation for all different cells and layer types.

Analyzing IMSI specific LOG files using PCHR.

Communicating & Working with different departments in order to solve performance problems.

Motorola Telecommunications / Istanbul, Turkey 03/06 to 12/07

2G Network Performance Engineer

KPI Implementation

Drive Test log file analyzing

Analysis and reporting of network performance, identification of problems and providing suitable solutions to performance abnormalities.

Detection of Worst Cells & Cell level Optimization

Handling of customer trouble tickets

Performance reviews and audit activities

Physical Antenna Optimization Efforts


Turkish, Native

English, Fluent

Spanish, Beginner


Sakarya University Industrial Engineering, 2006

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