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Engineer Electrical

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
January 23, 2017

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Boynton Beach, FL


Experience in designing automated scientific instruments. Project developments includes: analog and digital circuit design, PCB layouts & Implementation, Prototyping, Creating test fixtures. Often troubleshooting to the component level. Maintained knowledge in reading schematics and wiring diagram. Experienced in various type of microcontroller, signal conditioning, noise and temperature reduction. Experienced in EMI & CE requirements and successfully pass 20+ instruments from EMI test lab. Worked 3 years as a IPW (Image Processing Workstation) Test Engineer, responsible for Sun Sparc Workstations and all optical/ Laser Scanning and Plotting Equipment Systems. Also have fast hand experience in commercial electrical design in lighting and power distribution.


Communication/Switching System

Electrical Power System

Electrical Machines

Control Theory

Digital Image Processing

Solid State Devices

Digital Electronics

Leaner Systems Analysis

Electromagnetic Theory



C Language

MC68000 Microprocessor

Super CAD- PCB Design

Auto-CAD Light

PSpice-Circuit Analysis

UNIX, SUN, Solaris

Experience in SUN



Electrical Power System: Magnetic Circuits, Electromagnetic Force, Three Phase CKTs, Synchronous Machines, Single /Three Phase Transformers, Induction Motors, Speed Control, Single/ Poly Phase Rectifier CKT, Single Phase/ Induction Motors, and Motor Controls.

Communication System: Elements of information source, Encoding/Decoding, Transmission of Analog & Digital Signals, Amplitude/Frequency/Pulse Modulation, Random Signal Theory, Analog/Baseband Data Transmission, Noise Reduction, Digital Modulations, Error Control, Etc.

Digital Image Processing: Illumination & Sensors, image Acquisition & representation, Point/Neighborhood/Geometric Operation, Mathematical Morphology, Region & Boundary Segmentation, Image Analysis, Template Matching, Camera Calibration, Binary vision & Gray Scale vision algorithm, 3 dimensional vision using structured light, Etc.

Digital Electronics: OP-Amps, Comparators, Schmitt Triggers, Resistor Transistor Logic, Diode Transistor Logic, Transistor-Transistor Logic, Emitter Coupled Logic, Mosfet Logic gates, Flip-Flops, Counters, Encoders, Multiplexers, Synthesis of Sequential and Digital CKTs. Monopolar & High Frequency Devices, Electro optic Devices, IC Technology, Etc.


CPH Corporation, Sanford, FL 12/ 2015 - 12/ 2015

A multi-disciplined Architectural & Engineering firm supports in design, Environmental, Landscape, MEP Engineering, Planning, Etc.

MEP Project Engineer

Commercial electrical engineering design: Implemented Supermarket Parking lot lights form Hay to LED lights, obtained photometric data. Also Implemented entire mall show room stores lighting & Display fixtures, calculating light intensity, Emergency Exit light, Smoke alarm, Inverter lights in case of power failure, etc. Tools use: AutoCAD-15.

Fast food chine Restaurant’s electrical design includes interior and parking lot lighting, Drive through menus, Utility & Power distribution, kitchen equipment’s, Single line riser diagram, Energy Management System, Optional Lighting Control System, Smoke detector, Interlock wiring diagram for Exhaust fan and cooking equipment’s, Thermostat wiring diagram, etc.

Familiar with AGI-32 S/W, imports file to Auto CAD-16, Point by Point Operation, verify Luminaire data, Place Calculation, add points, Source Positioning and Photometric data analysis, etc.

Achievements: Completed 2 lighting project within very short period of time, which was new to me.

S&K ATLANTIC PETROLEUM INCORPORATED, Pompano Beach, FL 02/ 2006 – 01/ 2015

Chief Executive Officer/President

Ensured customer satisfaction with services provided and product sales

Hired, trained and supervised employees ensuring compliance with company standards

Oversaw total retail operations, budgeting, licensing and regulatory compliances

Managed bank reconciliations, inventory and labor needs

Monitored daily business reports to monitor sales, customer forecasts and sales trends

Achievements: Successfully landed a business of my own.

QUANTACHROME CORPORATION, Boynton Beach, FL 07/ 1996 - 09/ 2004

A leading manufactures instrumentation used for determination of surface area, pore size distribution, particle size, true density, adsorption/desorption Isotherms, and chemisorption studies.

Electrical Engineer/Project Manager

As a Project Manager used a Microprocessor based temperature controller and designed an automated 6 station sample preparation instrument. It consists of vacuum gauge control, Course VAC controller, Implemented PCB layout as required.

Product Manager of 8 + Scientific instruments. Provided Engineering Service in Design, Development, Operation, Specification, Recommendation, Cost reductions, Maintenance, and Safety requirements, etc. Analyzed, Troubleshoot, Resolved Complex issues, Evaluated & applied new technology, Software compatibility testing, etc. Project developments also include changing: Transformers all types (Step Up & Down), Generators, various types of Motors & Motor Control, MOSFETs and gate drivers, Switching & programmable Power supply, DC/DC Converters, Current Transducers (MKS/Varian), Solid State Relay, LED, LCD, Open & Closed Loop CKT analysis, EMI/EMC Shielding, Active Filters, and instruments wiring diagram, etc.

PCB board Designed: Analog to Digital (16 bits, 10MHz), TTL I/O (16 bit), LN2 Level Control, Inlet Gas Control, Coarse VAC Control, Voltage Limit CKT, Valve Driver Board, Reset Terminator Board, Motor driver board, etc. Carefully planned, root cause analysis, changed wiring diagram consists of backwards Compatibility. knowledgeable of Circuit Simulation tools such as PSPICE/ Matlab, digital Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, OEM electronic design guideline, Mental Automation PCB design tool, etc.

Replaced, recommended and specified many chipper and superior electronic components: Flow Controller, Temperature Controller, Vacuum Gauge controller, Digital Panel Meter, Transformer, Motors, Transducers, Thermocouples, Signal conditioner, Sensors, Semiconductors, Transistors, CKT Breakers, Power Modules, Switch, EMI filters and Heat Sink etc.

Knowledgeable of EMI/EMC from the design approach, radiation/ Noise and Temperature reduction methods. Successfully pass 20+ Scientific Instruments from EMI lab.

Implemented a CE approved High Temperature Portable Furnace (1300 C) to the product line, manufactured in Germany and provided all technical specifications and requirements.

Assisted other Engineers in design and Development of company’s top of the product line: Autosorb-1, 3, & 6 and Implemented EMI & CE related Changes. Supported Quality Assurance, Production, Service, Purchasing Department.

Achievements: Scientific Instrument Design, became an EMI & CE expert, implemented many PCB design, replaced chipper and superior electronic components, saved company thousands of dollars.

OHIO ELECTRONICS ENGRAVERS, Inc. Dayton, OH 04/ 1993 – 03/ 1996

IPW (Image Processing Workstation) Test Engineer

Installed Operating System & OEE software to Sun Sparc (5, 10, 20) workstations and interface with Roto Gravure Engraving machine. Run diagnostic and OEE required tests.

Installed Optronics ColorSetter4000 and interface with IPW Sun Sparc Workstation. Run diagnostics and OEE required tests.

Installed Proofing devices: NOVA Jet, IRIS Ink Jet, Tektronix Proofer and interface these devise with IPW Sun. Run diagnostic and OEE required tests.

Performed Test & Maintenance for all Laser Scanning and Plotting Equipment System. Responsibility includes End to End Alignment and SCAN/PLOT Operation.

Test, Troubleshoot and modified S-bus Scanner, S-bud Engraver, S-bus Buffered, Sun GS-24 bit, Spark- TC, etc.

Test, format and Configured Various Hard Drive and Tape Drive: HP-DAT, Exabyte, 9-Track, Optical Disk, RAM Disk, etc.

Made Configuration printout, Backup Software and inspected all IPW components.

Achievements: Experienced with Sun Sparc Workstations, System integration and developing peripheral I/O device interface.

Also experienced in Laser Scanning/Plotting and various proofing equipment systems.


Bachelor's Degree-Electrical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL

OCCUPATIONAL CERTIFICATES: Optronics ColorSetter 4000 Maintenance Training.

ISO 9000 Internal Quality Auditing Training Certification.

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