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Electrical Engineering Machine

Clearwater, Florida, United States
January 22, 2017

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Clearwater, Fl. 33755



New engineer with many years of experience in a professional environment. I have worked for Coca-Cola for the past 17 years and recently completed my BSEE at USF. I have completed numerous engineering jobs at home and completed an internship in September of 2016. Along with the above listed, I worked a full time job with CCNA, and added to the value of the company through changes in safety and efficiency.


Echelon Corporation (May, 2016 – Sept. 2016)

3-month internship - This position consisted of assisting senior engineers with testing circuit design. Those tasks included software development, hardware testing, system development and reports for test results.I tested and fixed issues with a wireless mesh network that consisted of multiple nodes that transferred information amongst themselves, including updating along the network. I fixed and programmed a GPS system. This includes sending and receiving to the unit and finding the cause for noise that would interfere with the operation of the unit. Parts acquisition and testing to find a more economical but viable solution. This included verifying product specifics and testing those products to ensure proper functionality along with testing the simulation system to ensure real world results. Proper reporting through graphs, tables, and emails along with talks with senior engineers to verify proper functionality.

Coca-Cola North America (July 2016 - Current)

17 years of production experience.

Casing Operator and Concentrate Filling Operator– These positions consisted of proper operation of casing and filling equipment. While in this position, I consistently found opportunities for improvement and increased tasks for myself.

Processing Tech II – This position consisted of proper operation and proper mixing of processing equipment to ensure a quality and consistent product.

Skills Developed – Strong knowledge of safety and quality protocols. I developed strong ethics and teamwork to complete any task given. I also developed a sense of adaptability and evolving with the business.

Side Projects

Senior Design – Designed a board that used an Atmega 256 chip that would be used in conjunction with a robot and tell the robot where to go and the user what the robot was doing. This consisted of PCB layout, schematic drawing, 3D modeling for a 3D printer, and soldering.

CNC Machine – Designed a fully functional CNC machine. This consisted of a full power system, control system, and ease of use for one that just wanted to use it. The power system consists of power delivery from 120 V AC to a converter that leads to the CNC machine, the drill that is being used, the control board for the main controls of the machine and all peripherals that are attached. The control system consists of a control board that sends information from the computer to the motors to control the motor direction and speed. The control system also consists of using switches to turn on the machine, the drill, and an emergency switch to turn off the whole machine in case of an accident.

Projects at home – These consist of software and hardware developments. I’ve worked with C++, Java, AutoCAD, soldering, prototyping, Arduino, servos, DC motors, RF systems, Infrared detectors, sonic systems, and PCB design.


University of South Florida

Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering (GPA: 3.10)


●Strong teamwork and communications skills

●Ability to adapt to an ever changing marketplace and make the necessary precautions to ensure customer satisfaction

●Troubleshooting skills to find the root cause of the problem and find the solution quickly.


Available upon request.

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