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Power Plant Thermal

Carloforte, Sardegna, 09014, Italy
January 22, 2017

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Curriculum Vitae of Pascale Giuseppe

Personal Information

Adress: 39, Sandro Pertini, Carloforte CI, 09014, Italy Mobile N. +393*********


Date of birth: 02/06/1974 Nationality: Italian

Job applied for: Commissioning and start up supervisor/shift supervisor/operation manager

Work Experience:

22.05.2016 – 30.10.2016

Shift in charge/operation supervisor in Biomass coal fired power plant for G.B energy with Polaris Spa Genova. Total gros power 670 MW. Babcok and wilcox boiler, Alstom steam turbine 350 MW and Ansaldo steam turbine 320 MW. Located in 25 Km Nort to Mantova North Italy. My main duty was to follow all the commissioning and start up/tests activity. Coordinating activities and interfacing with customers, applying the adjustment procedures and operation and maintenance procedures.

02.02.16 - 02..5.2016

operation and start up supervisorand Work Permit

responsable in Gas turbine open cycle power plant for Ansaldo Energia. The Gas Turbine model is V94.2. My role was to follow the various steps in commissioning, start- up, and lead the various acceptance tests. In addition to 1

trying to solve together with the turbine specialist, the problems we could have met during the various phases of work. The various operations are typically performed by control room . Total gros power 680 MW. Located in Durban, South Africa.

15/01/2015 - 16/02/2016

Start up and commissioning coordinator/test coordinator with Ansaldo Energia society in a combined cycle power plant consist of three module multishaft 2500 MW for commissioning, start up and operation. In this plant Ansaldo supplied 3 steam turbine 250 MW, cooled

hydrogen generator,seal oil system, lube oil sistem, hydraulic power system for bypass valves, condenser, By pass station, . So here I managed this systems, Plant Located at North Giza district near to Cairo Egypt

03/06/2014 - 20.12.2014

Commissioning and start up supervisor with Ansaldo Energia Society in a combined cycle multishaft 750 MW for commissioning, start up and operation. . In this plant Ansaldo supplied steam turbine, generator, condenser, By pass station and BOP. So here I managed this systems during every phase of start up, operation, tests, maintenance, shut down, problem solving. Also here I have had the opportunity as requirement of the owner to managed and drive the STF HRSG and General Eletric Gas Turbine frame 9FA during formation of local operators The plant is in Banha, Egypt;

01/11/2013 – 15.05.2016


Shift Supervisor with Ansaldo Energia Society in gas burners /coal fire thermal power plant with steam turbine 175 MW, located in Oran, Algerie for commissioning, start up and training of owner operation staff; All the plant, coal fire ( burns ) boilers, condenser, vacuum system, preheating heat exchanger system, steam turbine, demi system, Switchboard, HV,MV,LV electric system,

deareator system, Hydraulic oil station, BOP, was manage and drive by me and control room and field operators from control room and field according my role as shift supervisor.


Shift Supervisor with Metka Society in combined cycle power plant multishaft 800 MW for commissioning, start up and operation. Located in Denizli, Turkey. Two Siemens Gas Turbine SGT5-2000E and one Siemens Steam Turbine SST-5000. Mainly in this facility I worked to manage and oversee the various activities of commissioning and start up/ operation of the system having remote link from the control room for total of the entire facility. More precisely, I coordinated the maneuvers of the DCS desk operator and maneuvers on the field, cordinating with customer requests through procedures agreed with my commissioning manager.

20.08.2011 – 14.11.2012

Shift Supervisor with Fata Finmecanica Group in combined cycle power plant single shaft with teleheating of 440 MW 3

for commissioning, start up and operation/training for owner operation staff. With the role of Shift Supervisor I worked with V 94 3a Gas Turbine, Tosi Steam Turbine, STF HRSG, Teleheating system, demi water, electric station HV,MV,LV.Power plant located in Turin, Italy;

13.04.2010 – 05.08.2011

Desk Operator and control room supervisor with Edison Company in combined cycle single shaft power plant 440 MW, for commissioning, start up, operation and training of owner operation team; I worked with V94 3a Gas

Turbine and Ansaldo Steam Turbine, Nooter HRSG and Edison BOP. Power plant located in Thisvi, Grece;

02.12.2009 – 20.03.2009

Operator engineer/desk operator with Enel Company in traditional coal fire thermal power plant 600 MW. Two Steam Turbines, Alstom and Ansaldo I start a period of further specialization to achieve the license conductor boiler 1st grade, which allows you to achieve the

qualification that enables the conduct of any power boilers. I then went through the same company

commissioning group 3. Power station located in

Portoscuso CA, Sardinia, Italy;

13.01.2008 – 15.08.2008

Desk DCS Operator with Bioenergy Company for

revamping and operation of incinerator power plant

( waste treatment ), located in Villacidro, Sardinia. 4

25.02.2007 – 25.09.2007

Desk DCS Operator and Shift supervisor later with

Bioenergy company in coal fire thermal Power plant 155 MW for commissioning, start up. Breda boiler and Tosi staeam turbine. Located in Macchiareddu CA, Sardinia, Italy;

02/02/2006 – 03.09.2006

Shift Supervisor With Carlo Gavazzi Company wastewater trataement plant washing desulfurizer at Enel Thermal power plant, for commissioning, start up. The plant is located in portovesme CI, Sardinia, Italy.


Operator engineer/DCS desk operator in gas burners fire thermal power plant 178 MW with Euralluminia

Company, for operation activity. The plant produce steam for Bayer process. Plant located at Portovesme CI, Sardinia, Italy.

From 1998 till 2005 I worked on maritime enviroment like Official board in charge to the driving of the main engine and propulsion system, supervision and maintenance of auxiliary systems on board.

I worked with following maritime company:

Tirrenia navigazione spa Napoli;

Ignazio Messina Spa Genova;


Norse Merchant Ferries Belfast.


in 1995 I obtained diploma captain of machine, at

Technical Nautical School “ Cristoforo Colombo “ in Carloforte CI, Sardinia, Italy, which enables the conduct of any motor apparatus of any potentiality

License conductor steam boilers 2nd degree. 20Tonns Steam/Hour

License conductor steam boilers 1 degree no limits ENGLISH KNOWLEDGE:

Good skills communication.


Good knowledge of computer systems and the package microsoft office.


I also declare to be in possession of a passport. Good ability to relate in a highly competitive environment to work in multi- ethnic team and good predisposition to the Office of Personnel Management.


Waiting for Your pleasing contact I extend my Best Regards Pascale Giuseppe


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