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Le Plessis-Robinson, 92350, France
January 23, 2017

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Behrouz Maghsoudi

Mobile : +324********

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Work History

Dates : July 2015 – To Date

Employer : Delhaize (Belgium)

Position : ETL Consultant

Project : Retail (Datawarehousing)

Technologies: IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.1/11.3 (Enterprise Edition), AIX, DB2,Oracle,SQL, MainFrame,TWS,XML,CSV


Help migrate Data Stage jobs from 8.1 to 11.3.

Setting up projects.

Testing and removing warning messages from all the jobs before moving to 11.3

Dates : October 2013 – June 2015

Employer : Fodfin (Belgium)

Position : Senior Datastage Technical leader

Project : DWH3

Technologies: DB2, Oracle,XML, IBM Data stage 8.1, SUN system

Mission/Project : Adding 10 new source to DWH


As a technical team leader starting a new project at FODFIN Belgium and part of my role was to understand how the business process works and to implement/deploy technology for the purpose.

Give one week training in Datastage 8.7.

Developing Datastage jobs from multiple source system to ODS (operational data store).

Developing Datastage jobs according to business requirements and help developers to design ETL datastage jobs for DWH3.

Creation of generic job and job Templates for juniors.

Coaching junior developers.

Prepare new MTP document to move jobs into ACC, PROD.

Prepare Development Guide and ETL Standard document.

Validation the design of job before moving to ACC.

Helping analysis for flow chart/ business logic.

Performing DBA task in DEV.

Dates : March 2013 – October 2013

Employer : IBM (UAE)

Position : Team Leader

Project : Telecommunication

Technologies: IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.1/ 9.1 (Enterprise Edition),AIX, Oracle, Teradata



Fixing Infosphere errors, interpret dump and associated log files (which had been provided via email)

understanding of error codes, ability to read dump files & logs, knowledge of fixes, root causes

Performance and tuning existing job.

Create SOP document.

Worked with Offshore teams. Support developer and operation team.

Dates : April 2010 – March 2013

Employer : Delhaize (Belgium)

Position : ETL Consultant

Project : Retail (Datawarehousing)

Technologies: IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.1 (Enterprise Edition),AIX,DB2 9.7, DB2,Oracle,SQL, MainFrame,TWS,XML,CSV

Mission/Project E-commerce Project


Delhaize Group

Stores data is split into 2 category SALES and RECEIPTS.

Files get prepared on the STORE system in a specific format and the data preparation takes 2 hours after the store closes. Delhaize Group uses Fixed with files.

All the files are put on the MQ (Messaging Que) and transferred on windows server.

From the Windows server files are SFTP on to UNIX AIX system.

SFTP script is written in DataStage and once successful, all the files are written in intermediate DataSets in DataStage and then data get processed into different tables according to business rules.

A process called SCORE CARD is written DataStage to make sure the number of input records match the output and if there is a difference we can check the reject tables and we use the reject tables for reconciliation.

Preparing data for Delhaize Direct Online website Belgium

Data is read from different source tables from SQL SERVER and DB2.

Business rules are applied to data for number of products, stock and promotions available for online customers.

All the data is processed and put into target XML file.

XML files SFTP and used to publish data on Delhaize Group website.

Developing Datastage jobs for multiple source system and target such XML files, CSV files, Oracle, DB2, SQL SERVER.

Attending workshop with business and analyst for new requirement.

Working on call on several projects, supporting Project during night and weekend.

Debugging ETL jobs.

Performance Optimization job on the existing project.

Perform ELT technical design Project for Tom&CO, ICAROS,APEX,DSS,etc..

Creating XML files by Datastage from SQL and flat files for Delhaize direct website in Greek

Designing new jobs for Coupon Data pool project by Reading XML files and populating DB2

Tuning Out of shelf project, to deliver data sooner for

Reporting system

Perform release management & move to production

Participating on Migration and System upgrade from AIX 5 to AIX 6

Dates : Oct 2009 – Mar 2010

Employer : BNP Paribas (Fortis) (France)

Position : Developer/analyzes Datastage

Project : Retail (Datawarehousing)

Technologies: Teradata, Bteq script, Datastage 8.1, Sybase PowerAmc 15,

Datastage 7.5,CSV,Oracle

Mission/Project Retail reporting / DECIDEO


Perform ELT technical design for the Reporting Retail DM

Creating source to target mapping Specification document.

Datastage Project installation document.

Creating Data mart (from MLD to MPD)

Support Datastage developers on 7.5 and 8.1

Develop ETL job for DECIDEO Project

Using CSV files as source and load data in Oracle DB

Dates : June 2008 – Oct 2009

Employer : Toyota Europe

Position : Developer/analyzes Datastage

Project : Shared Data reporting

Technologies: DB2, IBM Datastage 8.1, SUN system, TM1, Mercury, SVN Source control

Mission/Project Shared Data reporting


Perform DataStage development design for the Sales Planning Data mart.

Support & maintain eight hundred jobs/sequences.

Maintaining four source systems: order, product, sales, and plan

Managing new mapping requirements for new source/target.

Perform release management & move to production.

Dates : Aug 2007 – May 2008

Employer : Business And Decision

Position : Developer/analyzes Datastage

Project : Various Clients

Technologies : Oracle 10G, IBM Datastage 7.5

Mission/Project Development


Datawarehouse consultant working for Business Decision in various project.

Develop ETL on DataStage Server 7.5 to load data from CSV to the target database (Oracle).

Execute & test data Migration.

Working on source to target mapping.

Help migrate data from old legacy to new target system.

IT Skills


Oracle 10g (Oracle Tools), SQL Server,TeraData

Data warehousing

Tools (Dell Boomi, IBM DataStage, Informatica)

Operating Systems

Various flavors of Unix (especially Solaris, HPUX)

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