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Training Security

United States
January 20, 2017

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CMR ***, Box ****, APO AE *****


Mobile Phone: 32-484-***-*** (Belgium)


U.S. Army, Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison BENELUX

01/2016 to Present

Chievres, Belgium

$74,388 per year

Provost Marshal Operations Sergeant/Senior Supervisor

Average hours per week: 55

Supervisor: GS-13 Mr. Kenneth J. Hughes Directorate of Emergency Services (Director)

Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: 314-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Supervised and oversaw daily operations for organizational Provost Marshal (PM) Office (law enforcement precinct) for Directorate of Emergency Services (DES).

OPERATIONAL FOCUS: Provide analysis, integration, and synchronization of Military Police (MP) operations in support of DES operations. Serve as senior functional staff non-commissioned officer responsible for advising upper level organizations and management on matters relating to MP operations. Provide staff support to commander for law enforcement issues involving U.S. military and civilian personnel. Serve as Force Protection/Antiterrorism Officer. Review and enforce force protection and physical security measures throughout organization. Conduct inspections and vulnerability assessments. Provide staff supervision; prepare plans, procedures, and operational orders as Provost Sergeant, Operations Sergeant, Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and Security NCO in support of battlefield and installation law and order operations and security of installations.


*Selected as coordinator for Organizational Inspection Program (OIP), subsequently receiving overall rating of 96% and thereby reversing a previously high inspection failure rate for previous two years.

*Underwent subsequent Higher Headquarters Assessment Team (HHAT) inspection, passing that as well.

*Hand-picked as organization’s Operations Sergeant, a position of responsibility one rank higher than own.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 10th Mountain Division

01/2015 to 12/2015

Fort Drum, NY

$73,200 per year

Operations Sergeant/Senior Supervisor

Average hours per week: 55

Supervisor: Sergeant Major Mathew J. Selvaggio, U.S. Army

Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: 717-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Supervised and oversaw daily operations for organizational Provost Marshal (PM) Office (law enforcement precinct) consisting of 8 members in providing base security to more than 28K personnel on Fort Drum.

OPERATIONAL FOCUS: Led, trained, coached, mentored, and provided senior leadership to multiple client organizations in support of combat operations. Acted as Operations Sergeant for the PM Operations Group during multiple organizational training exercises targeting staff operations, mission rehearsals, and personnel training in the field. Advised PM on employment of MP assets assigned to parent organization. Provided oversight to Military Working Dog (MWD) and detention operations. Prepared and maintained situational charts. Ensured numerous reports generated by Provost Marshal Office (PMO) were reviewed for accuracy and timeliness.


*Selected by Battalion Commander/Organizational Director from more than 20 peers of equal rank in organization to be in charge of the Expert Field Medical Badge training and testing course. Awarded Army Commendation Medal for successful training and testing.

*Scored 292 points (out of 300 maximum) on previous physical fitness test; have maintained Army Physical Fitness badge for previous eight years.

*Chosen to serve as Operations Sergeant, a position of responsibility one rank higher than own.

*Simultaneously served in two duty positions: Deputy PM and Operations Sergeant the former typically held by a major for 60+ days with superlative results.

*Devoted over 240 hours of volunteer service to community and awarded most Outstanding Volunteer Medal.

*Mentored five physical security officers and three PM officers during several transitions, which improved multiple parent organizations’ overall Force Protection (FP) readiness.

*Maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of all PMO equipment valued at greater than $600K.

*Provided oversight for over 10 FP inspections throughout Fort Drum.

*Recommended for immediate promotion ahead of peers and assigned as the Senior Sergeant of a combat support MP organization.

*Cited by superior as a top performer, the “epitome of all senior sergeants,” and in the top 1% of all personnel of equal rank.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 10th Mountain Division

07/2013 to 01/2015

Fort Drum, NY

$73,200 per year

Personal Security Officer to the Commanding General

Average hours per week: 65

Supervisor: Major General Stephen J. Townsend, US Army

Federal Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: 910-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Led, managed, and directed personal security team protecting Commanding General and members of his staff. Accountable for more than $50K in government equipment.

SECURITY OFFICER/FORCE PROTECTION: Served as parent organization senior Personal Security Officer (PSO) for the Commanding General/Organizational Director as well as Combined Joint Task Force-10 deployed forward in Afghanistan and encompassing more than 20K personnel throughout Area of Operations (AOO). Entrusted with personal safety of Command General during combat operations while assessing threats and managing risk. Planned, implemented, and supervised security plans and FP for the Commanding General/Organizational Director, his staff, Ambassadors, foreign dignitaries, Distinguished Visitors, and politicians as they circulated throughout the area. Provided the General’s Aide with friendly and enemy situational overviews to identify and mitigate risk. Staffed and coordinated with higher, adjacent, and subordinate organizational leadership and security personnel as a representative of the Command Group to ensure smooth and seamless execution of missions.


*Planned and executed 11 live-fire exercises in support of organizational pre-deployment training, which included innovative and realistic insider threat scenarios.

*Planned, staffed, and executed more than 100 Battlefield Circulations (BFC) for the Commanding General, his staff, and other personnel in support of region’s mission.

*Led BFCs throughout the AOO for the Commanding General and his staff throughout the area.

*Received Commemorative Coin from the senior supervisor of a major adjacent organization for protecting the President of the United States (POTUS), multiple generals, senators, ambassadors, and 100+ VIPs visiting the AOO.

*Actively sought out for advice and counsel by numerous organizational personnel.

*Scored 290 (out of 300 maximum) on physical fitness test, maintaining Army Physical Fitness Badge.

*Completed numerous runs, to include 10K, 20K, Army 10-miler, half-marathon, and 26.2 marathons.

*Conducted biweekly and monthly physical fitness programs for numerous soldiers, resulting in zero failures on the physical fitness test and an average score increase of 25 points.

*Trained PSO team on variety of combat and staff skills in combat as well as Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), which increased combat readiness and survivability in wartime environment.

*Supervised safety and suicide prevention for over 300 soldiers, which resulted in zero disciplinary actions, suicides, sexual harassment incidents, or occurrences of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

*Maintained all assigned equipment with no loss in accountability.

*Cited by Commanding General as being in the top 1% of all personnel of same rank in my 32 years of military service.

*Recommended for immediate promotion and assignment as Senior Sergeant of an MP organization.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 10th Mountain Division

07/2012 to 07/2013

Fort Drum, NY

$70,224 per year

Operations Sergeant/Senior Supervisor

Average hours per week: 55

Supervisor: Lieutenant Colonel Michelle M. Goyette, U.S. Army

Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: 573-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Managed and supervised daily operations for the PMO consisting of eight personnel.

OPERATIONAL FOCUS: Provided support to 6 client organizations encompassing over 28K personnel in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) deployments and contingency operations. Acted as Operations Sergeant for the PM Operations Cell for parent organization during multiple training exercises. Advised PM on employment of MP assets assigned to parent organization. Provided oversight to MWD and detention operations. Prepared and maintained situational charts. Ensured numerous reports generated by PMO were reviewed for accuracy and timeliness.


*Dedicated numerous hours in researching and rewriting parent organizational physical security plan, which resulted in a 100% during Higher Headquarters (HQ) inspection during Fiscal Year (FY) 2012.

*Demonstrated tactical expertise resulting in successful rotation of subordinate organization at National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA, in FY 2013 and successful mission execution of another subordinate organization in same FY.

*Mentored six physical security officers of subordinate organization, resulting in increase of physical security posture and the passing of two recent inspections.

*Ensured PMO retained network functionality by overseeing update of all information systems and continuing activation of all ports.

*Maintained 100% accountability of all property and equipment worth over $200K with zero discrepancies.

*Ensured maintenance performance and satisfactory operability of all PMO vehicles and HQ equipment.

*Cited by superior as being in the top 1% of all personnel of same rank that he has evaluated in his 20 years of military service.

*Recommended for early promotion and assignment as Senior Sergeant of an MP organization.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 552nd Military Police Company

01/2010 to 07/2012

Schofield Barracks, HI

$66,972 per year

Platoon Sergeant/Senior Organizational Supervisor

Average hours per week: 55

Supervisor: Second Lieutenant Michael G. Hickman, U.S. Army

Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: N/A

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Provided oversight for the training, morale, health, and welfare of a 43-soldier platoon in an MP organization subject to no-notice, worldwide deployment.

OPERATIONAL FOCUS: Trained, directed, and supervised organization in tactical operations, basic soldier skills, and law enforcement duties. Accountable for the maintenance and combat readiness of 88 weapons systems, 14 vehicles, and all organizational equipment valued in excess of $6.5M. Led organization in support of installation security measures. Planned and coordinated security measures in civilian internments. Ensured all platoon equipment and vehicles were properly maintained and maintenance procedures were current. Counseled and mentored squad leaders for professional growth. Performed duties as MP Duty Officer for community of more than 94K soldiers, family members, and civilians.


*Recognized with Commander’s Coin of Excellence from a client organization for efforts as observer, coach, and trainer at Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, LA.

*Qualified expert on all weapons.

*Maximized limited resources, to include improvising, as needed, resulting in 100% mission accomplishment.

*Scored 291 out of 300 on physical fitness test, exceeding standard by 41 points.

*Won the Army Physical Fitness Test Award for organization having highest average test score.

*Mentored three soldiers, resulting in their competing in organizational warfighter teams.

*Trained, motivated, and mentored five soldiers in preparation for promotion board, resulting in all five being selected for promotion.

*Tracked daily operations for parent organization mission in Afghanistan spanning over 950 square kilometers and consisting of 12 districts and 16 police substations.

*Conducted over 100 combat patrols cover over 1,500 kilometers during daily operations.

*Developed subordinate leaders to integrate successfully with Kandahar Afghan National Police and mentor them on proper law enforcement skills and patrolling.

*Selected as one of 4 personnel of equal rank to observe, train, and coach over 20 soldiers from adjacent organization during training exercise.

*Built organization’s combat effectiveness for missions outside that of normal MP organization by cross-training soldiers and implementing new TTP.

*Maintained accountability, maintenance, and transfer of over $5.8M in equipment to incoming organization.

*Planned and executed all rifle and pistol ranges, resulting in 100% qualification.

*Tracked over 25 training events, ensuring all training was properly resourced, planned, and rehearsed.

*Selected over eight of peers of equal rank in organization to serve as the Maneuver and Mobility Sergeant. Utilized institutional knowledge to improve operations and overall mission success.

*Partnered with U.S. Secret Service to provide protection for over 20 world leaders, to include POTUS.

*Recommended for promotion to next higher rank.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 728th Military Police Battalion

01/2009 to 01/2010

Schofield Barracks, HI

$64,500 per year

Maneuver and Mobility Sergeant/Operations Support Coordinator

Average hours per week: 60

Supervisor: Major Jonathan K. Combs, U.S. Army

Grade: Sergeant First Class, E-7

Phone: 520-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Served as the Maneuver and Mobility NCO within the Operations section for a combat support MP battalion consisting of seven subordinate organizations. Accountable for equipment worth over $77K.

OPERATIONAL FOCUS: Coordinated all land and range support for organizational training. Advised and made recommendations on operational matters to the operations officer. Planned and conducted internal and external evaluations to include joint and combined elements. Co-developed, modified, and refined organizational operations plans. Advised Operations Officer in planning and coordinating upcoming future company deployments. Reviewed all measures and actions necessary to support the Commander’s freedom of movement in Area of Responsibility and to ensure Commander received forces, supplies, and equipment when and where they were needed. Reviewed TTP of expediting military traffic operating Traffic Control Posts (TCPs), defilades, or mobile patrols; erecting route signs on Main Supply Routes (MSRs) or Alternate Supply Routes (ASRs); or conducting a reconnaissance for bypassed or additional routes. Reviewed straggler control, dislocated-civilian control, Route Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R&S), and MSR regulation enforcement.


*Selected by senior operations supervisor over 27 other peers of equal rank throughout organization as overall Training Area Coordinator during deployment of Higher HQ organization.

*Consistently qualified as expert on all assigned weapons.

*Exceeded Army physical fitness standards with a score of 293 points out of 300, earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge.

*Continually sought out by superiors, peers, and subordinates for knowledge of land management and ammunition procedures.

*Supervised and resourced training for multiple live-fire and mission rehearsal exercises of multiple deploying organizations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, ensuring mission readiness for the organizations.

*Conducted marksmanship instruction, resulting in 39 out of 40 soldiers qualifying with their weapons.

*Maintained focus on safety for all training and mission-oriented events, instilling safety consciousness and responsibility in all soldiers.

*Recommended for immediate promotion and immediate attendance to Senior Leader’s Course.

U.S. Army, Headquarters, 1/46th Infantry

07/2006 to 01/2009

Fort Knox, KY

$54,780 per year

Drill Sergeant/Organizational Supervisor

Average hours per week: 60

Supervisor: Command Sergeant Major James L. Bryant, U.S. Army

Grade: Staff Sergeant, E-6

Phone: 315-***-****

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:

Drill Sergeant for organization of Basic Combat Training (BCT) Soldier during initial entry.

PERSONNEL TRAINING AND LEADERSHIP: Provided oversight for supervision, training, military discipline, morale, and welfare for more than 60 soldier on a cyclical basis and 120+ cadets annually. Indoctrinated soldiers in fundamentals of military life, Army Core Values, esprit de corps, leadership, military bearing, and customs/courtesies. Ensured all personnel were successfully transitioned from civilians to highly motivated and well-disciplined soldiers and cadets. Ensured standards were met to provide U.S. Army with disciplined, physically, and morally fit soldiers, competent in warrior core tasks, and who can fight and win. Coordinated and integrated logistics, maintenance, and safety in all operations. Advised chain of command concerning welfare of soldiers and cadets. Accountable for over $77K of equipment.


*Received award from Higher HQ Commander/Organizational Director for being the first retention representative to meet the quota for the fourth quarter for FY 2008.

*Received rating of “Excellent” on Higher HQ inspection for Retention and Arms Room (weapons storage).

*Qualified expert on M9 pistol.

*Recognized with Commander’s Coin of Excellence for leadership and development of cadets during Leader Training Course in July 2008.

*Earned Army Achievement Medal for placing first in the Battalion NCO of the Quarter Board.

*Subsequently placed first in the in NCO of the Month Board.

*Achieved a 98% first-time qualification rating during basic rifle marksmanship, earning high rating as Honor Platoon with five experts and 20 sharpshooters.

*Achieved a 100% pass rate during one cycle’s basic rifle marksmanship with six soldiers qualifying as “Expert.”

*Training procedures on basic rifle marksmanship led organization to attain High Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) standards for two cycles in a row.

*Inspired one soldier to work toward, and earn, the High Physical Fitness Award in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008.

*Maintained perfect safety record on live-fire ranges by continually monitoring weapons discipline and overall safety.

*Emphasized accountability and maintenance of all assigned equipment, resulting in zero losses or damages.

*Recommended for immediate promotion, attendance at advanced courses at earliest opportunity, and followed by assignment in position of greater responsibility.

*Cited by superior as performance being exemplary and commensurate with higher positions of responsibility.


Simon Sanchez High School

Major: N/A

Yigo, Guam, U.S. Territory

Minor: N/A



Completion Date: 06/1991

Semester Hours Earned: N/A

Honors: N/A


Job Related Training:



Antiterrorism Officer Course, 2016

FEMA IS-00001.a Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position 2016

FEMA IS-00100.leb Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS100) for Law Enforcement 2016

FEMA IS-00546.a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course 2016

FEMA IS-00547.a Introduction to Continuity of Operations 2016

FEMA IS-00700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction 2016

FEMA IS-00702.a NIMS Public Information Systems 2016

FEMA IS-00703.a NIMS Resource Management 2016

FEMA IS-00706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid an Introduction 2016

FEMA IS-00775 EOC Management and Operations 2016

FEMA IS-00800.b National Response Framework, An Introduction 2016

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Familiarization 2016

Site Security Manager Course 2016

Enhance Information Assurance through Physical Security Course 2016

Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Physical Security Manager’s Course, 2016

Department of Homeland Security 101 – Interagency Course 2016

Joint Staff Operations Security (OPSEC) 2016

Operations Security (OPSEC) Annual Refresher Course 2016

Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training 2016

Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course, 2016

NATO Force Protection, 2015

NATO Peace Support Operations, 2015

NATO Partner Joint Medical Planners Course, 2015

NATO and Partner Operational Staff Officer’s Course, 2015

Operations Security Level II (OPSEC) Officer/NCO, 2015

Battle Staff, 2015

Advanced Situational Awareness Training, 2013

Structured Self-Development, 2013

Master Driver Trainer, 2013

Antiterrorism Officer Course, 2013

Combat Lifesaver Course, 2013

Protective Services Training, 2013

Master Fitness Trainer Course, 2013

Equal Opportunity Leader Course, 2013

Conventional Physical Security/Crime Prevention, 2013

Fundamentals of Personnel Recovery Course (PR 102) 2012

Contracting Officer’s Representative, 2010

Ethics Training, 2010

Senior Leader Course, 2010

Mobile Retention Training, 2007

Total Army Retention, 2007

Advanced Leader’s Course, 2007

Basic Instructor Training, 2007

Drill Sergeant School, 2006

Combatives Level 1, 2006


MP Corps Regimental Affiliation


Additional Information:

Currently hold an active Top Secret security clearance w/ Special Compartmented Information, updated 02/2014.

Currently working towards Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Anticipated completion date: May 2018.


Multitalented and experienced Security Officer and Law Enforcement professional 25 years of progressively broader experience in working in operational and physical security, training, and personnel leadership in supervisory positions of increasing responsibility and in a variety of operational scenarios. Natural leader with a record of building and strengthening organizational security and intelligence capability and delivering results in a variety of challenging assignments. Managed multiple projects, met tight deadlines, and obtained quality results. Provide exceptional training, mentoring, coaching, and support to clients and colleagues. Stand ready to apply knowledge and previously acquired skills in the same. Managed multiple projects, met tight deadlines, and obtained quality results. Significant mentoring, advising, training, and coaching experience to superiors, subordinates, and peers.


*Dedicated Security Officer, Operations, and Law Enforcement professional, trainer, and mentor who thrives in a fast-paced and demanding work environment and possesses expert knowledge to assist others. Actively sought out for advice as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in multiple organizations.

*Highly skilled in managing workflow in multiple scenarios while constantly focusing on improving processes, concepts, and procedures.

*Demonstrated initiative in developing and implementing policy, process, or product improvements.

*Established effective relationships with host nation and coalition contacts and providing positive contributions with little or no direction.

*Ensured safeguarding of human and material resources against fraud, waste, and abuse.

*Demonstrated SME in knowledge of intelligence, security, and Force Protection.

*Provided advice and mentoring on intelligence collection and analysis, investigations, operations, and personal protective services to organizational leadership.

*Extremely adaptable to mission changes and their collateral effects, to include making immediate and logical decisions for uninterrupted mission continuance and development of contingency plans.

*Possess a strategic and far-reaching vision by looking at the current scenario, visualizing its direction, and planning accordingly.

*Ensure all organizational personnel have a safe and conducive environment in which to train by identifying potential risks and mitigating them, as needed.


Retention NCO, Force Protection NCO, 2001-2006

Squad Leader, Desk Sergeant, 1999-2000; 2001-2006


Bronze Star Medal

Meritorious Service Medal

Army Commendation Medal (6 awards)

Army Achievement Medal (7 awards)

Valorous Unit Award

Meritorious Unit Citation

Army Good Conduct Medal (6 awards)

National Defense Service Medal (2 awards)

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Afghanistan Campaign Medal (w/ Campaign Star)

Global War on Terrorism Service

Armed Forces Service Medal

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon (3 awards)

Army Service Ribbon

Overseas Service Ribbon (4 awards)

NATO Medal (2 awards)

Certificates of Achievement (8 awards)

Drill Sergeant Identification Badge

Combat Action Badge

Air Assault Badge

Driver Mechanic’s Badge

Marksmanship Qualification Badge - Pistol

Marksmanship Qualification Badge - Rifle







Justin R. Foley

U.S Army



Miguel A. Engle

U.S Army

Chief Warrant Officer 3


James L. Bryant

U.S Army

Command Sergeant Major


Mathew J. Selvaggio

U.S Army

Sergeant Major


Ronald F. Hilaire

U.S Army

Sergeant Major

337-***-**** Indicates professional reference

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